LeBron James Returns & Jr Smith Debut With Dion Waiters On Lakers! Lakers vs Mavericks 

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LeBron James Returns & Jr Smith Debut With Dion Waiters On Lakers! Lakers vs Mavericks July 23, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
Muhammad Latif
Muhammad Latif 5 months ago
Any1 here cuz of dion waiters vs jr smith when they 2 were in cleveland and miami
Muhammad Latif
Muhammad Latif 5 months ago
Any1 here cuz of dion waiters vs jr smith when they 2 were in cleveland and miami
Sam Welsh
Sam Welsh 5 months ago
lebron's starting to age
Dekwon Wilson
Dekwon Wilson 5 months ago
Just delete your channel ...🤣 you said 4 points when it was really 5
Cleveland we the best
All yall on here is dum ass fuck his 34 dum ass
Midnight Ninja
Midnight Ninja 5 months ago
LeBron and the tale of two Jr's lol
Zay The Clown
Zay The Clown 5 months ago
Yk brons like 50 now 😭😭😭😭
Jayden 6 months ago
dat boy Luka is taaaannnnnn
Kwena Tsotetsi
Kwena Tsotetsi 6 months ago
AD he dont miss like he dont miss the Pelicans😂😂
R L 6 months ago
NBA where 35 yo is old?
Eternal atake
Eternal atake 6 months ago
The way you talk in your videos is so hilarious XD
Koning Willemfonds
Koning Willemfonds 6 months ago
Where was JR in this video? Srry if i didn't see it
Salah Ahmed
Salah Ahmed 6 months ago
Your Clickbait is annoying
richard mata
richard mata 6 months ago
Lebron after a bounce pass to Mcgee be like, " focus the camera on me man , i made a good bounce pass or else I gonna trade you 😂" attention seeker.
guitarhaus 6 months ago
LeBron moreless has a "superstar" team, it's more like the "Dream Team" years ago and the damn guy still can't win !!!! .....I would think he would be completely embarrassed as he proclaims himself as the GOAT !!!! ...what a joke. I could think of four or five guys from the past lakers that were more talented than him by far.......
David Pallen
David Pallen 6 months ago
Idk y but it feels like summer league
Tyler Marcum
Tyler Marcum 6 months ago
Mans said LeBron is like 50 when he’s 35
EnvyMeKid 6 months ago
Man he dyed it grey lol
Wing Zero
Wing Zero 6 months ago
LeBron "The Grey" is out here!
luvvChristian 6 months ago
Jr henny
BoricuaFlavored 6 months ago
Leflop favorite scapegoat/yes man has now joined the team.
Atiba Gaskin
Atiba Gaskin 6 months ago
Lebron is still a beast! Crazy! AB is most definitely doing his thing!
TheLirJEt86 6 months ago
Lmao, I love also how Lebron aged 50 years in 1 highlight. Age is just a number to sit down you 50 brah, in 2 ticks! Lmao.
TheLirJEt86 6 months ago
Hey man, first off, really nice video .. he don’t miss, like he don’t miss the pelicans? Lmao. That was good. But don’t go at the king brah, I’m that age and got grays and feel gr8 lmao. Last thing, not every 3 is a pull up or pull out. Most of those were spot up 3s, pull up 3s are in transition. Just for future reference. Great video man. Waiters/Caruso/Pope have to play really really well to win chip. Let’s hope
michig911 6 months ago
Grey beard? He is still the Man U silly ass niqqa 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hunter Kurapika
Hunter Kurapika 6 months ago
I hope lakers not win playoffs
Brandon Perry
Brandon Perry 6 months ago
LeBron was tired?...STOP IT!!!
cloud9 kayden
cloud9 kayden 6 months ago
Seth is cold af
Kobe Leonard
Kobe Leonard 6 months ago
Can you just show video without talking. Thank you
home9dog2blue 6 months ago
Aye man can u do us this HUGE favor just for the fans?...........Say "That's a good pick" 😏
edwin Hunnet
edwin Hunnet 6 months ago
You’re funny dog! 😂
Ha 6 months ago
I hate your voice
Parak Crizaldo
Parak Crizaldo 6 months ago
If Clive have said "look at Curry man" then Im ok to die now
freddy Flores
freddy Flores 6 months ago
Bro your accent annoying af
Unknown Assailant
Unknown Assailant 6 months ago
Seth Curry me when i simulate on 2k but my team was losing so i hopped on to catch up
Deranged 28
Deranged 28 6 months ago
What’s the background music ?
VJ Jr.
VJ Jr. 6 months ago
00:59 lebron isnt like 50 hes actually 35
Fac31ess 6 months ago
"how he don't miss the pelicans" 😭 I'm crying
fpsfreak 6 months ago
Feels weird af.no crowd.oy good thing is no camera guys so alot of room
I hate the devil
I hate the devil 6 months ago
Lakers wont win
Fish Juice
Fish Juice 6 months ago
Yo that nigga Bron aged 😹
Welcome To My World
Welcome To My World 6 months ago
We know LeBron is like 50 now 😂😂😂😂😂
Salamander 6 months ago
after playing 2k so long everyone i see shooting i’m like we’re his meter???
Brian Jordan
Brian Jordan 6 months ago
Welcome back FAM
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 6 months ago
If Bobans pulling up like that. It’s a wrap for the whole league.
Crypto Island
Crypto Island 6 months ago
Lebron goin grey i see
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 6 months ago
LeBron tryna look like like a semi Santa Claus
NubMan101 6 months ago
Grey beard lebron gotta be a different breed
pietrek230 6 months ago
Lebron James go learn some history mayby you have many but you are stupid like shue from left foot
freddy zamaripa
freddy zamaripa 6 months ago
laBUM travels and carries more than anyone ever. On that dunk he took 3 steps b4 half court. They never call him for anything
SALTY_ EYEZ 6 months ago
Seth curry looking like steph curry, lol
Prince Diamond
Prince Diamond 6 months ago
Your voice is annoying bruh tlk regular
Brandon Arita
Brandon Arita 6 months ago
Lebron's like 50 now lmao
meech RYLES
meech RYLES 6 months ago
Scrimmage 🤣😂😅 I'm done
Zo 2x
Zo 2x 6 months ago
Aos niggas wanna ball out since there’s no crowd 🤣
MrFinisher111 6 months ago
Bro, 1st of all Bron is 35, 2nd of all, maybe read it 1st, then say it,
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki 6 months ago
LeBron staring at camera, been studying the oh Simpson tapes
Jerryorantex 2319
Jerryorantex 2319 6 months ago
Damn lebron is getting old 😔
Depressed EaglesFan
Depressed EaglesFan 6 months ago
Look at curry man teaching his brother how to shoot better such an inspiration
Kenny Davinci
Kenny Davinci 6 months ago
Old man James 👑
Rycardo ric city S
Rycardo ric city S 6 months ago
Steph curry lookin like steph curry ...ohhhh lol
DaReal DamienPrince
DaReal DamienPrince 6 months ago
Bruh 😂😂 find a better way to end yo vids 🤣🤣 you killing me here
Nightmare XIZ
Nightmare XIZ 6 months ago
Henny good - Jr Smith
Bruhmoment 6 months ago
I’ll send you money bro or something
Bruhmoment 6 months ago
Clive I’m not gonna tell you again one skit pls
Kiet Do
Kiet Do 6 months ago
Why do you talk like a baby?
Luke Samerson
Luke Samerson 6 months ago
I'm here for the comments and man I wasn't disappointed 😂😂🤣🤣
Damian Calvaresi
Damian Calvaresi 6 months ago
If this comment gets 100 likes I’ll buy a jr Smith lakers jersey
Michael Dawodu
Michael Dawodu 6 months ago
I feel like who ever wins the chip it’s won’t be as glorified because of what’s happening like watch is the lakers win watch some fans not respect it because it was during COVID 19
Senor Dinero
Senor Dinero 5 months ago
Okay skip lol Anthony Davis already said he wanted to play for LA with out Lebron saying anything and last time I checked we all know why PG went to the clippers lol nobody wants to just openly play for them ha. Everyone recruits everyone now KD and kyrie recruited each other to Brooklyn so stop it lol
Fine Supplements
Fine Supplements 5 months ago
pj dinero No, it doesn’t count because Lebron has to recruit half the whole NBA to his team to get it done. He also reached out to Kyrie, Kawhi, and Ginnias to join him too. MJ would never do that, he rather beat his competition.
Michael Dawodu
Michael Dawodu 6 months ago
pj dinero 😂😂🤣🤣😂 SKIP is eager right now too rip him
Senor Dinero
Senor Dinero 6 months ago
Skip bout to have a field day if Lebron don’t win lol I think shanon sharpe might blow up on skip 🤣
Michael Dawodu
Michael Dawodu 6 months ago
pj dinero exactly and if he doesn’t he’s gonna be ridiculed for not winning with much less competition! Lmaoo he put himself in this corner lol the haters are anxious to get on him especially skiiiip
A LITTLE Finesse
A LITTLE Finesse 6 months ago
Aldo Reyes
Aldo Reyes 6 months ago
AD “we know he don’t miss like he don’t miss the pelicans” 😭😂
The Ant Gamer
The Ant Gamer 6 months ago
Flight boutta find some lotion 💀
Nathan OKOU
Nathan OKOU 6 months ago
Bonsoir Bonsoir Bonsoir p
Nathan OKOU
Nathan OKOU 6 months ago
Bonsoir Bonsoir Bonsoir po
Akshar Patel
Akshar Patel 6 months ago
pls do a face reveal?!?!?!
Sarfaraz 6 months ago
Bring back the parodys
Chinmaya Kothapalli
Chinmaya Kothapalli 6 months ago
I think Lebron spilled some grey paint on his beard..
Lebron King James
Lebron King James 6 months ago
I hate Jr but he is playing nice right now
Iggynatius Maxey
Iggynatius Maxey 6 months ago
So we ain’t gonna talk abt how Luka has been in the sun.
sinjonezp 6 months ago
Shanon sharpe “Old Grey Beard James gone drop Fiddy”
FrontoLeaf 6 months ago
Your voice pisses me off
mindaugux 6 months ago
They talkin like LeBron is some 60+ lol
Idea 86
Idea 86 6 months ago
Lebron trash ad is hot trash
J Shuttlesworth
J Shuttlesworth 6 months ago
yo based on your commentary you'd have no idea luka embarrassed the lakers
Li Jiaxiang Student
Li Jiaxiang Student 6 months ago
Yo James is getting old bro holy cow
Steven Ong
Steven Ong 6 months ago
Lebron's getting old huhu
Aymen Anisse Allache
The NBA is truly broken with 3pts and no defense all the time!
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax 6 months ago
That’s cause your fellow fans will complain about it being boring when they play good defense.
Carlos C
Carlos C 6 months ago
0 defense! Effortless NBA
Anthony Washington
Anthony Washington 6 months ago
So we just gonna pretend this dont look like some G-Leauge... C-19 got people can't even play lockdown Defense
ZPhenom 6 months ago
How tf do I watch the game
Leo Pare
Leo Pare 6 months ago
What they need is avery bradley's defence
suyog kharel
suyog kharel 6 months ago
Wtf fuck is wrong with your voice bruh 🤣🤣
Robrtfit For life
Robrtfit For life 6 months ago
Kyle Kuzma played like shit
Kast 6 months ago
Petition for Clive to make NBA Bubble parodies
Geno Erickson
Geno Erickson 6 months ago
I fucking hate your voice shut the fuck up you annoying snatch!
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 6 months ago
You guys are out here making theories why LeBron beard is grey talking about age or he dyed his beard or stress smh guys it’s obvious what’s going on here, LeBron clearly unlocked ultra instinct and the tint of grey is showing that he is at the omen phase , I know I’m a genius 🥱
Mark Rodrigue
Mark Rodrigue 6 months ago
I see Lebron looking like a Jewish Rabbi at a press conference
VoltZ 6 months ago
Seth Curry looking like Steph Curry LMAOO
Rizwana Islam
Rizwana Islam 6 months ago
Did anyone notice that lebron has white hair on his beard😂😂
Kabelo Maragelo
Kabelo Maragelo 6 months ago
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