LeBron James Honors Kobe Bryant With Lakers Destroys Blazers In Game 4! Lakers vs Trail Blazers 

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LeBron James Honors Kobe Bryant With Lakers Destroys Blazers In Game 4! Lakers vs Trail Blazers August 24, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Aug 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
jeeperscriminy 4 months ago
Jordan can"t do that
Dylan Marcum
Dylan Marcum 4 months ago
A.D. a beast even tho I'm a Timberwolves fan
al3st0r 4 months ago
Is this Giannis? This what you do during your off time huh? Love it bro.
Vlone Troop Geo
Vlone Troop Geo 4 months ago
"you better make that shot" 😂
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 4 months ago
us-first.info Guys this channel does sports highlights around the world please go and subscribe to his channel he's been grinding hard and please watch ads for support he just needs a little bit more money for better content I personally really enjoy his content and his other channel you can find In his home page and go to channels and you'll find it thank you for your attention.😊
King cold raven has Spoken
So when are we going to get those Parody’s
Matheus Burgo
Matheus Burgo 4 months ago
Bro keep doing these videos, they are great
Clif Black
Clif Black 4 months ago
Kelvin drake what is the name of the beat ?
Please don't mind my really long name, thank you.
You know the haters still have something to say
WWE Finisher
WWE Finisher 4 months ago
There is 1% chance of you to read this comment, but may God bless you and your family.
Favour Innokens
Favour Innokens 4 months ago
Guy stop speaking your voice makes me skip the video asf
Henry Kropp
Henry Kropp 4 months ago
That’s why he’s the GOAT 🐐
Sophia Barrell
Sophia Barrell 4 months ago
1:16 travel? No hate to lebron... just sayin
Sophia Barrell
Sophia Barrell 4 months ago
Mr Banks true haha
TN2 _
TN2 _ 4 months ago
Most Nba players travel referees rarely call for travels anymore
Ray Haz
Ray Haz 4 months ago
Yo Clive why didn’t you post any video about boycott
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 4 months ago
Bro you not going even make a video about the boycott?
i Fake
i Fake 4 months ago
Ref didn't notice Lebron James did a traveling at 1:16 Play at ×25 speed and count its step🤭it takes 4
Koko Love
Koko Love 4 months ago
yurasarang 4 months ago
Bron srsly need to wear that 8-24 Kobe jersey before game from now on
J.P Sportzz
J.P Sportzz 4 months ago
The English language never has been Clive's strength...
TheOgfizzle 4 months ago
1:12 travel
Angelo Lubrin
Angelo Lubrin 4 months ago
Lebron won't miss that shot But we do miss kobe💛💜🤧
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 4 months ago
And now the NBA will honor Kobe Bryant, my hero, by refusing play playoff games...who the fuck do they think they're hurting? You think opponents of BLM give a flying fuck if they don't play....they are destroying the NBA and their careers, self-destructive to the max...cmon bruh
-_- 4 months ago
do more 2k parody again
Loyca Mars Highlights
Did y’all see that the score was 24-8....Mamba spirit was definitely in the building.🙏🏾
Kevin Talley
Kevin Talley 4 months ago
“Lebron stepping back pulling up looking like luka dontic” 😂😂
Seems Legit
Seems Legit 4 months ago
All lives matter
Pesos Playz
Pesos Playz 4 months ago
Bro why your voice so annoying
VA QUALITY 4 months ago
We need Clive voice to replace Siri/Alexa voice.
William Wallace
William Wallace 4 months ago
the content is ok but when you speak.. I hardly bare to finish video. This is the first I watched till its end. Maybe its bcause it s a short one.
Alfred Dangani
Alfred Dangani 4 months ago
Kyrie’s lay up, luka’s step back, and curry’s three... LBJ can do it all 👑
Angel Torres
Angel Torres 4 months ago
Your voice is annoying talk rite lol
DreKKoDre 4 months ago
When Lebron made that shot “Protecting the Brand” by Moneybagg started playing in my head💯💪🏽
qt Adrion
qt Adrion 4 months ago
R.i.p mamba💛💜
Jay Ugly
Jay Ugly 4 months ago
Melo and AD can shoot 2 like crazy
Son Taylor
Son Taylor 4 months ago
Lol don't listen to these guys hating on your voice 🤣 you sound like my boy from highschool on the soccer team
melvin barnett
melvin barnett 4 months ago
Ha he missed two shots he trash: sign Skip😁
ThomasPlays 2
ThomasPlays 2 4 months ago
When will he do parodies again
The Goats
The Goats 4 months ago
Who would have thought KCP would get the 8/24
iTOASTER 4 months ago
Kim Le Bron
Dev. 4 months ago
bron travelled tho
Yxng_Zømbie 4 months ago
Gather 1 2 Definitely a travel
MasterRyce 4 months ago
Lebron got the strong verga
Charlie Booker
Charlie Booker 5 months ago
When is this guy gonna start working as an ESPN commentator💪 that's all I'm sayin😎 great content!!
VICTOR VB 5 months ago
0:21 Kobe was there in the building. Check the scoreboard.
Lone Wolf Agent
Lone Wolf Agent 5 months ago
nice video but man you dont know what are you talking about,you really ruined everything
Yxng_Zømbie 4 months ago
Do better then
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
This is why King Goat James is the GREATEST Ever in sports and in NBA, haters will always try to talk shit about him, but they fail to realize his greatness and how dominant he is especially in the playoffs or finals, haters will say o he 3-6, but guess what Greatness doesn’t always have to do with losses, greatnesses is about how dominant and strong you are as a athlete to take over in a game, The Man brung 3 Chapionships to 2 teams and bout to be the first NBA Player to bring 4 Chapionships to 3 teams, Listen when it’s all said and done LeBron Goat James will retire with at least 6 or 7 Chapionships and the Jordan debate will end their LeBron when he retires 7 Chapionships Jordan 6, Bron can go Matstered Utra Instinct on anybody at anytime whether it’s regular season, playoffs or Finals. LeBron Haters stop hating or, King Goat James will go Materered Utra Instinct on You and end Your whole career or life end of story. KING GOAT JAMES IS VERY BEUTIFUL AND THE GREATEST EVER TO PLAY BASKETBALL OR SPORTS 💯❤️👏🏾👊🏾💪🏾✊🏾❤️
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
Pulling like Curry doing the Blazers Dirty😂🤣🤣💯✊🏾❤️💪🏾👏🏾👊🏾
tktakeflight 5 months ago
Y’all really thought they was gon loose with the Kobe jersey on
Exchange Migrate
Exchange Migrate 5 months ago
lebron only honors the mighty dollars from chinese nike
STANLEY Ndalilah Arthur Ndalilah
Bron doing it like Luka Doncic ....lol
Km glock10 223
Km glock10 223 5 months ago
That was hall of fame and a honnor for kobe
Matthew Chow
Matthew Chow 5 months ago
That’s savage tho
The Comedy Bros
The Comedy Bros 5 months ago
0:48 Would've been an insane highlight if he jammed it.
Chance Ives
Chance Ives 5 months ago
Last clip was a travel
Party Artie
Party Artie 5 months ago
Dimitri Mercier
Dimitri Mercier 5 months ago
At 1:15 still no sure how that's not a travel
Yxng_Zømbie 4 months ago
Gather 1 2
FNG 5 months ago
Lebron had to remind em who he is real quick.
D Thomas
D Thomas 5 months ago
LeLego James!
Y 33
Y 33 5 months ago
But no one talks about Playoff Refs 😎
Hector Ritualo
Hector Ritualo 5 months ago
It was an utter annihilation!
Subbing To Who Subs To Me?
To the 1% seeing this may god bless you 🙏and you succeed in everything you want in life💖
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 months ago
Those jerseys are very cool 💜🖤💛
Aware Phoenix
Aware Phoenix 5 months ago
The Blazers aren’t winning now Bron is in playoff mode
santi 5 months ago
Let’s be for real the best playoff games to watch are the lakers vs blazers and mavs and clippers
tacmon29 5 months ago
you better make that shot! 😂 funny
Shredded Parmesan
Shredded Parmesan 5 months ago
Bron really did the luka game winner step back ha
jencen blanco
jencen blanco 5 months ago
I dont like lebron. But this is what i expect from that guy.
Yxng_Zømbie 4 months ago
Does it almost all the time but ok
Ram 5 months ago
Playoff Lebron > Pandemic P
Glenn McKnight
Glenn McKnight 5 months ago
TY 5 months ago
All lifes matter! Blue life matters!
Enrique Riveral
Enrique Riveral 5 months ago
dame time my ass
Enrique Riveral
Enrique Riveral 5 months ago
dame time my ass
Assassinx 14
Assassinx 14 5 months ago
Playoff LeBron is activated
Kairong Li
Kairong Li 5 months ago
Rip Kobe
witbis 5 months ago
Wtf is this title? Did you make it through kindergarten?
R Tri
R Tri 5 months ago
the is grammar in the title is *perfect*
FoRmEr OuTLaW84
FoRmEr OuTLaW84 5 months ago
"Lebron James Honors Kobe Bryant With Lakers Destroys Blazers"..... Proofreading: A Lost Art
Gabynez NeGron
Gabynez NeGron 5 months ago
"Lebron don't miss that shot but we do miss kibe" 4real dog :(
The Answer
The Answer 5 months ago
Not sure if Lebron pulled that one from Karl Anthony's Town or his grandma's house in Akron Ohio
Shine 23
Shine 23 5 months ago
I hate this I hope blazers catch up 😩
Zupełnie nikt
Zupełnie nikt 5 months ago
only lebron james honor him? i think all lakers. fuck your titles clive the parody
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao 5 months ago
LeFraud with riods in the veins! USADA WERE ARE YOU!
Swift Capital
Swift Capital 5 months ago
Yeah okay buddy 😂
IAMANDRES 5 months ago
"Looking like Luca doncic" Brons been doing that since since Luca was a kid lol
Berke Özata
Berke Özata 4 months ago
Aanhek Kumar Ray
Aanhek Kumar Ray 5 months ago
LeBron played with a lot of urgency, he wanted the w because of mamba day
PhantomMatrix 5 months ago
LeBron has that Kobe mentality in him!
J Chavez
J Chavez 5 months ago
KCP has been the X factor last 3 games
Chin Keat Yein Jewelx
I am so happy that Lakers keep winning the games to honoring Kobe Bryant, the Mamba Lakers Jersey looks so nice & LeBron James becomes the Top Scorer in Playoffs is really remarkable!
Azry Alriasi
Azry Alriasi 5 months ago
Yow i swear to god you have to try An audition on NBA commentators
Vyrez Beatz
Vyrez Beatz 5 months ago
Wasn't no way in hell he wasn't gonna show out
Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce 5 months ago
30 dislikes, clipper fans? Or gsw fans?
Corey S.
Corey S. 5 months ago
PH G 5 months ago
Even Danny greeen hit one
Galuh Aditya
Galuh Aditya 5 months ago
0:22 that's score tho😭
Johnriel Maglasang
Johnriel Maglasang 5 months ago
Dame on 3rd quarter down 20+ Lillard : Mom spaghetti.
Super Dad
Super Dad 5 months ago
Anyone noticed he travelled on the 3 pointer...c'mon ref!
Floppy. KS
Floppy. KS 5 months ago
He didnt, he did gather step or 0 step
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett 5 months ago
LeBron "...on X Games - mode..." 🤾🏾💨
Mixbass 5 months ago
Hilarious and lame how desperate the #nba is wanting the lakers to win this championship at all cost to sell more by using Kobe Bryant’s death and say the lakers were inspired and did for him... #lameNBA
Mixbass 5 months ago
1:17 4 STEPS..... not 3.... 4 STEPS.... absurd and hilarious how the referees never make the call against #LebronStepsJames
Yxng_Zømbie 4 months ago
Three points of a travel definitely would have changed this game where the blazers win
Chris L
Chris L 4 months ago
Lmao cry about it kid
tbhturbo 5 months ago
LeBron went crazy, right here blocked by James... Jeeez dude... Loool.... Still cant get over the fact, he`s a Puppet for them puppeteers on the left... Thats just ignorant and dumb...
Chino Albarracin
Chino Albarracin 5 months ago
The way this guy talk is like *being excited going outside knowing COVID still exist*
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Let's talk...
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