LeBron James Can't Stop Laughing After Embarrassing Himself Trying To Save Ball! Lakers vs Wizards 

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LeBron James Can't Stop Laughing After Embarrassing Himself Trying To Save Ball! Lakers vs Wizards July 28, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 28, 2020




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Comments 100   
Joy 4 months ago
the Angel Enigma
the Angel Enigma 5 months ago
Nah I love this guy 😂😂😂
Accident Gamer
Accident Gamer 5 months ago
Leave JR alone
Oliver Moran
Oliver Moran 5 months ago
Fuck Lebron and Fuck China!
Zach Champagne
Zach Champagne 5 months ago
Labron Should Darken his beard. Or trim it Down so You can't Notice grey Spot. But it just seems he's imbracing aging.
Michael Madrid
Michael Madrid 5 months ago
Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards 5 months ago
I don't think that's embaracing
Dy Entertainment
Dy Entertainment 5 months ago
dis man lbj got his raw toes out
10K Subs With Only One Video Challenge
I Can't wait till Lebron Say, "KOBE!, this is FOR YOU!"
P Money
P Money 5 months ago
LeBron really tried to save the ball like it was a final second game winning shot
DJ Ownage
DJ Ownage 5 months ago
Do a video on Khamzat Chimaev please
Brent Williams
Brent Williams 5 months ago
Lou will 😭💯
BakemonoShiz 5 months ago
one of his teammates was watchin the reply like "YO BRUH! LOOKITYO FEETS!!"
Divine Fools Club
Divine Fools Club 5 months ago
God bless the NBA...one of the shining parts of the US at this point
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply 5 months ago
almost pulled his groin again
Johnny CaponeVLOGS
Johnny CaponeVLOGS 5 months ago
Honestly at this point I’m unsubscribing from this guy he really thinks he knows everything happening in the king mind everything he kind of sounds stupid now honestly
Lxving Jake
Lxving Jake 5 months ago
Ojeezy316 5 months ago
The most pointless video ever 😂
Daily Eats
Daily Eats 5 months ago
Bruh... stop trying so hard. U sound like a duck being choked
Clapp Shvttt6
Clapp Shvttt6 5 months ago
Finally something on US-first to watch
Sodko 5 months ago
Seriously fuck u and your stupid channel. Stop hating JR omg u will never be good as him. Fucking noob trash talker
xvdiggy xvdiggy
xvdiggy xvdiggy 5 months ago
he need to get rid of that grey 😭
Kawaii伝説 5 months ago
Are those basketball grounds made especially for the Covid-19 ?
Justin Tran
Justin Tran 5 months ago
And he gets a career ending injury because if this
Jacquez Hankel
Jacquez Hankel 5 months ago
@CliveNBAParody please react to this video us-first.info/player/video/gKt4p39pc2hrrpM.html
Michael T
Michael T 5 months ago
Lebron should be embarrassed that he has butt hair on his head 🤣🤣
home9dog2blue 5 months ago
JR didn't need to "save the ball" in game 1. He needed to SCORE THE BALL 💀💀💀💀💀
home9dog2blue 5 months ago
Say "That's a good pick" DO IT FOR THE CULTURE DAMNIT 😒
Adrian Duran
Adrian Duran 5 months ago
Can anybody explain to me what's all this game's are about I thought for sure today on the 30th was their first game anybody???
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo 5 months ago
How is this embarrassing????? I don’t get it??? Embarrassing??? Really
Zeke El
Zeke El 5 months ago
Bro u be disrespectful asf to jr like he didn’t fuck up just one time Other than that he really elite
Odie B
Odie B 5 months ago
Love the vids.. hate your voice
AA’ 07
AA’ 07 5 months ago
Bro jr Smith can’t live without LeBron he always following him first the cavs now the Lakers smh 😂🏀
THREEZUS 5 months ago
Lebron is the one who got jr on both teams
incipidsigninsetup 5 months ago
There is 10s of millions of dollars on the line in the NBA bubble. Of course Lou got caught, he was being professionally tailed.
Henry Orta
Henry Orta 5 months ago
Why is the narrator talking like that
Dreamwake 5 months ago
This guy sounds like a Canadian from the ghetto Scarborough
Emeka Nwankwo
Emeka Nwankwo 5 months ago
That last shot was cold
DaIndieGodFather 5 months ago
It’s nice to see Lebron just having fun. I know he loves Cleveland but I’m sure he was stressed asl
KadenTalksSports 5 months ago
Lou will went to a strip club that he goes to a lot he goes there for the food. I thought this was covered already
AJgaming 5 months ago
Them dirty ass toes
jcasim2010 5 months ago
Major mess up. Dude is gets millions to play the game and it is game time! Finally the drought is over and there aren’t many games left in the session. Question is, who is gonna step up to the lakers in the final stretch?
Fine Supplements
Fine Supplements 5 months ago
This is the happiest I ever seen Lebron. It must be nice knowing you have a guarantee ring on the way.
Cho Chang
Cho Chang 5 months ago
They way they lost to the raps idk
THREEZUS 5 months ago
I’m going to remember this comment for better or worse.
Floyd Farmer jr
Floyd Farmer jr 5 months ago
The info about Lou Will is wrong
X Geta
X Geta 5 months ago
stop talking
riles !
riles ! 5 months ago
mans must’ve forgot who javale mcgee was to think he embarrassed himself the most 😭
Tits McGhee
Tits McGhee 5 months ago
How the fk was that funny at all??
Rider Laho
Rider Laho 5 months ago
This guys trying to be Chris Smoove and tbh he’s not doing too bad
Gbone 5 months ago
Skip: The chosen one became the frozen one
Sheree Wilkins
Sheree Wilkins 5 months ago
You Lakers hater
jbugg 5 months ago
1:07 wow look at Danny Green puttin in that work!
Pmf Lawrence
Pmf Lawrence 5 months ago
If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar 5 months ago
My guy just wanted to see some a$$ cheeks 😂 we live and we learn
Don Ruga
Don Ruga 5 months ago
Every time he knows the camera on him he go extra
Joshua Sauls
Joshua Sauls 5 months ago
Bro jr is a walking bucket when he wanna be he was pulling that bitch
JZ600 5 months ago
Lou should be fkin banned from the nba. You cant jeopardize the entire league and the millions of fans that are relying on the nba for some entertainment during these shtty times
SealTeamRick 5 months ago
Apparently a Lou Williams "insider".
Jack man
Jack man 5 months ago
But Jr did save the ball in game 1 and didn’t turn it over so wtf this dude talking bout?
1motorcitychop 5 months ago
Everytime I hear you I picture the guy from that 70's show 🤣😂🤣😂
Kyle J
Kyle J 5 months ago
What is this? The NBA season is back?
Livingstone Germain
Livingstone Germain 5 months ago
Why do you sound like gangstalicious from boondocks
Qyree Hicks
Qyree Hicks 5 months ago
Pat Needham
Pat Needham 5 months ago
Who else agrees that CliveNBAParody is the GOAT of outtros : "And I'm out"
Bread 'N Budda
Bread 'N Budda 5 months ago
They said Lou Will left to go get some "HotWings" whatever that means
SALTY_ EYEZ 5 months ago
And I’m out
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 5 months ago
UncleBron does what uncle does like an uncle. It aint that funny at all. Just try so hard to promote him like a fun guy. MVP Kawhi is fun guy terminator.
Luis Medrano
Luis Medrano 5 months ago
This guy voice is annoying tbh
Jo 5 months ago
Lou Williams went to a funeral too
Levi Weltin
Levi Weltin 5 months ago
Jr. Smiff 0:34
Dr.snow 5 months ago
Still the Kid from Akron
insaane 5 months ago
I can already see the memes rolling in...
Anda 42
Anda 42 5 months ago
Didn't Lou Wills grandfather died and he went after that to Magic City?
Memories 365
Memories 365 5 months ago
The Baabule lol
Dado VaLiDe
Dado VaLiDe 5 months ago
LeBron suck he is 3 for 8 idk he is on goat conversation
virusyete 5 months ago
Everyone: HAHA THATS FUNNY. Me: What??? JR Smith is on the Lakers???
Elijah McElroy
Elijah McElroy 5 months ago
Where is this man from?? His accent always gets me craccin up 😂😂😂
Q Vl
Q Vl 5 months ago
Titties over titles
City M
City M 5 months ago
This channel be REACHINGGGG
President C4
President C4 5 months ago
Lol JR didn't even turn the ball over in that playoff game
Craig Rand
Craig Rand 5 months ago
Everytime I see J.R. take that last 3 I get upset he ain't get that call for the and 1. But then I remember what he did to Lebron & I say to myself he deserved to not get that call.
Lucifer 04
Lucifer 04 5 months ago
Your just bluffing 🙄 lebron is showing js... and Lou did that and that ... Lou went there to get his favorite meal no less no more ... there is a meal in that club with his name on so ... you want like and support we got it ... just don’t do it with bulshit talk
Bokz Gaming
Bokz Gaming 5 months ago
that is not embarassing
TheTruth 5 months ago
This nigga dry snitchin
J G P 5 months ago
Clive sounds like that asian kid who thinks they black
Pipedupgods Gk
Pipedupgods Gk 5 months ago
Clive watches lebron so much he talks shit about him
Mr Matthew F1
Mr Matthew F1 5 months ago
Lou Williams Makes JR Smith look....
Wayne Claremont
Wayne Claremont 5 months ago
Paid for by the Chinese. Lebron is a Deep State puppet. He loves China more than the USA.
Im only watching ur post i aint watching no official nba videos because they're taking money from china
Nah. Lou Williams is a grown man. The nba is stoopid for that. What he does outside the bubble ia none of their business. SIMPLE
Zyptic 5 months ago
How was that even funny? Lebron's humor is awful
irGuilty 5 months ago
Man this dude voice annoying af
jbugg 5 months ago
Derek Harper made almost the same mistake as JR. Derek also dribbled out the clock in a 1984 playoffs game they were losing. But JR did it in a finals game lol
pururut 5 months ago
2 days later and he's still laughing
Johnny Barber
Johnny Barber 5 months ago
Yeah I do understand that gentleman club sells food🤦🏾‍♂️
Dreambig listen to my mixtapes
All teams are dumb for not picking up rj
big baller squad bbs
This dude voice so cringy
LEONOR APALE 5 months ago
LeBron James, best ever endorser who makes Nike' goes woke and goes broke. Let Bron, try to win the next Olympic gold. Hope the Joker smash your ass up by then.
Highlight Films
Highlight Films 5 months ago
LeBron almost got injured not even playing😂
sh2345 5 months ago
Clive my dude what's with this cryptic messaging in the description 警告:視頻禁止轉載!!! 警告:視頻禁止轉載!!!
Santiago Biker
Santiago Biker 5 months ago
Apparently Lebron forgot that they have a barber in the bubble. He really doesn’t want to cut that gray beard 🤣
King DaveO
King DaveO 5 months ago
Still talking bout Jr from years ago. Btw he did save the ball
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