LeBron James Checks On Luka Doncic After Scary Injury On Hard Fall! Lakers vs Mavericks 

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LeBron James Checks On Luka Doncic After Scary Injury On Hard Fall! Lakers vs Mavericks December 29, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Dec 29, 2019




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Comments 100   
Ryan B
Ryan B 2 days ago
He didn’t even hit his head luckily 1:21
Chewey 3 days ago
wow thats soo loud like dam
Beatus Carus
Beatus Carus 4 days ago
I just saw Kobe... Man!..
Hien Nguy Thi Anh
I didn’t realise it was 1 year ago until I saw Kobe
Charles Volz
Charles Volz 5 days ago
Luca jumped wrong
Angelbert Martinez Loyloy
Omgy. Thats so ouch
Bunet ToveraPadilla
Kobe and Gigi. Always 💘 our angels
ricky j
ricky j 13 days ago
Drystick 18 days ago
January's Own94
January's Own94 18 days ago
0:48 My Whole Stomachhh dropped
TTVSWAGKID 19 days ago
0:48 just broke my heart
Peter Parkour
Peter Parkour 22 days ago
I came here to see good sportsmanship. Wasn't prepared for Kobe and Gigi. RIP ❤️
Ghnb Trcv
Ghnb Trcv 23 days ago
Kobe didn't even flinch from that, he is such a gangster
Liza Chan
Liza Chan 29 days ago
Lebron james s bad
ace matitu
ace matitu Month ago
Big call. Foul of the century. Thats how soft this generation is
Leah Ann
Leah Ann Month ago
I feel sad, when i saw kobe and gigi,,,😔
respect for luka nasty fall
lethalfatality Month ago
Team lebron always trying to mug luka 🙈
Wolxx Gaming
Wolxx Gaming Month ago
IAMALEO Music Month ago
Smart luka he moved his leg mid hair to avoid injury
Lee A. Decker
Lee A. Decker Month ago
#RIPKobeBryant #RIPGGBryant
Orlando Lugo
Orlando Lugo Month ago
He try so hard to score even risk himself ..that guy is a legend
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer Month ago
When I saw Kobe I was like true legend
Bruno Month ago
balkan power
FoxLazzr Gaming
FoxLazzr Gaming Month ago
0:49 Kobe i miss him so much T^T
Stacey y sus Pollitos
I really didn’t expect Kobe to be in it 💔
Sujeewa Pitiwaduge
Sujeewa Pitiwaduge 2 months ago
Kobe loved this guy cos he stood up
1986 2 months ago
Lyka is from europe. He takes a page out the soccer book. Oversell every foul. In other words hes a flopper. Not saying this wasnt a hard foul. But hes known to flop. Here in america or at least to nba fans that shit dont go
Weedz420 2 months ago
"That was just a nice clean foul"
Vyse 2021
Vyse 2021 2 months ago
A lot of ppl checked on him 😒
Rashida Timbilla
Rashida Timbilla 2 months ago
Zdeno Chara
George Maatouk
George Maatouk 2 months ago
What a sportsman!!!
Professional Watcher
Damn...I saw Kobe and Gigi and instantly got triggered. #RIP
Lilo _stitch
Lilo _stitch 2 months ago
Desmond Foster
Desmond Foster 2 months ago
All I noticed was Kobe and Gianna in the crowd 💙🙏🏿
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson 2 months ago
Did u hear it
Plane models Collector And spotter
Lebron james checks up on luka 5 million views. Lebron heads to the bathroom 78 million views
J M 2 months ago
Too many feels in this video
Knight hood
Knight hood 2 months ago
Old heads this league is soft why is lebron checking if he is okay Jordan would've never
johnlord De mesa
johnlord De mesa 2 months ago
Fuck u Dwight Howard
Elijah Josaphat
Elijah Josaphat 2 months ago
0:14 Everybody Nd they momma there to check on him “Lebron right there to check on him”
typical gamer
typical gamer 2 months ago
I hate when people Starrrrrrrrrrr applauding wtf are they happy shitttttt whats wrong jajajjaaj
Stealthy Pantherz
Stealthy Pantherz 2 months ago
0:49 shed a tear
Vung Guite
Vung Guite 2 months ago
My names on the short name DAL is my name
Toussaint Hart
Toussaint Hart 2 months ago
Allen Iverson takes those falls almost Every game.
Young clan
Young clan 2 months ago
It was a foul he grabbed his face and pulled his head back
The FlashofLife
The FlashofLife 2 months ago
Damn near cried. Seeing my cuz again.
Zyaire Jones
Zyaire Jones 2 months ago
Kobe was there too, R.I.P. to the Black mamba and GiGi Unbelievable
Arianna McCarthy
Arianna McCarthy 2 months ago
Dwight Howard is soft
alan y
alan y 3 months ago
Howard too powerful
Mark Alonzo
Mark Alonzo 3 months ago
Makes me sad asf we won’t ever see another Kobe Bron and Luka interaction
The Guy
The Guy 3 months ago
Don’t worry guys he was just doing the Nate Robinson challenge
Brock Ferguson
Brock Ferguson 3 months ago
seeing kobe is just different now RIP kobe and everyone else
Mamba Productions
Mamba Productions 3 months ago
0:50 for god sake whyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭
Mia TMNT 3 months ago
Right after diangelo
Nevin Dylan bro
Nevin Dylan bro 3 months ago
I did not see it
Vanessa Colz
Vanessa Colz 3 months ago
You okay baby?
Ivanisonpc 3 months ago
When he fell down I was in the car then I saw the ambulance
aznxboix188 3 months ago
I just csnt with kobe and gigi
Didn’t see Lebron do anything but laugh. Kobe is the best part of this video. #ripmamba #ripgigi
Beastie 3 months ago
HEs SuCh A SaiNt
LeBronJamesfan#1 3 months ago
i teared up when i saw kobe and gigi
goatedtrebtw 3 months ago
0:49 damn I did not come here to be sad 😞
RolledBeyondTime 3 months ago
Rip Kobe and Gigi
Dank Memer69
Dank Memer69 3 months ago
Only og’s remember when he did 2k parodies
Rich Too Raw
Rich Too Raw 3 months ago
0:49 Kobe sitting there like “ I woulda punched his ass in the back of the head and kept it moving” 😂😂
Sathvik Bejjenki
Sathvik Bejjenki 3 months ago
This is why I love lebron he is so nice
Timotej Gartnar
Timotej Gartnar 3 months ago
lebron threats luka like his kid
Cyrel Sta Rita
Cyrel Sta Rita 3 months ago
0:49 Kobe and Gigi
BV 3 months ago
The head swinging back on the land is so scary
mnm addict
mnm addict 3 months ago
Last time we saw Kobe. Sad
mikal250 4 months ago
LBJ seems to really like this kid!
Ako'y isang Pinoy
Ako'y isang Pinoy 4 months ago
0:53 "there's a ton of respect lebron has for luka doncic" *Lebron laughing*
Mr Fry
Mr Fry 4 months ago
He didn't worried just checking only.
Lou The Legend!!
Lou The Legend!! 4 months ago
great sportsmanship by LeBron, RIP legend Kobe u will always be remembered!!
rezu 4 months ago
kobe 💔😣
Miya 1 top
Miya 1 top 4 months ago
Anthony Davis was there im his champ
Cryptaku 4 months ago
He hit the ground so hard AD and Kuzma felt it.
Devan Watkins
Devan Watkins 4 months ago
A month before Kobe and Gigi lost their lives💔
ThePhantasticFule 4 months ago
Crazy to think luka is not much older than I am and imagining if when I got a concussion Ballin that i open my eyes and see lebron over me concerned, I bet Luka felt really special
Benjy Claps
Benjy Claps 4 months ago
Last b-ball game Kobe watch
Mr. Maharlika
Mr. Maharlika 4 months ago
Dwight Howard just pushing him to the ground
Stevy loic
Stevy loic 4 months ago
Kobe man....😢
Korean Kiwi Guy
Korean Kiwi Guy 4 months ago
I miss Kobe
Alpresto 4 months ago
Jovel Azores
Jovel Azores 4 months ago
Kuzma can catch him..
Albert Baysa
Albert Baysa 4 months ago
0:48 this is the most hurtful thing in this video. R.I.P Kope 🐐❤
Marvin Odhiambo
Marvin Odhiambo 4 months ago
LeGM is definitely drafting him next season.
Palmer 4 months ago
Cuban is panicking during thar moment.
Jacobs Zy
Jacobs Zy 4 months ago
0:46 sportsmanship! Surrounded by white jerseys! Lakers as champs here already
Cheater- boohoo
Cheater- boohoo 4 months ago
Rip mamba and gigi
snooppp 4 months ago
The whole arena was shocked
Vitor Augusto
Vitor Augusto 5 months ago
INTL_SaucyBoot 5 months ago
Milos Varnicic
Milos Varnicic 5 months ago
Howard is an evil player and man
Jeremiah Coleman
Jeremiah Coleman 5 months ago
RIP Kobe and GiGi
Angel Pascual
Angel Pascual 5 months ago
This is one category that the league failed to consider in measuring the quality of the player, while it is true accidents do happen, but as a player one should know how to protect himself and fall with less injury. This separate the likes of MJ, And LBJ. They file up great stats because they were able to play good minutes in every game and every season. It is an ability players must develop. It's not only being brave, but being smart also and wise In any given situation. And leave the inevitable accidents to happen while those who can be avoided will be avoided due to sound judgment.
Smartest Idiot
Smartest Idiot 5 months ago
0:37 The joy of lakers fan seeing the star player of the opposing team get hurt
goatedtrebtw 3 months ago
Bro they clap when he got up 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
리사와 세훈의 아내
Lol it was not they just applause because of respect or sportmanship or luka is ok
Joyce Yap
Joyce Yap 5 months ago
See bron how he check luka,♥️
Kobe and GiGi in this video RIP
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