LeBron James Takes Lakers To Conference Finals In Game 5 vs Rockets! Lakers vs Rockets Game 5 

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LeBron James Takes Lakers To Conference Finals In Game 5 vs Rockets! Lakers vs Rockets Game 5 September 13, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Sep 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
doofenshmirtz 3 months ago
Russell westbrick
BR33CH HD 4 months ago
Sometimes lebron just stumbles straight from a rebound all the way to a layup like a moving truck 😂
Adrián BC
Adrián BC 4 months ago
And u were right Nuggets finally CAME back with an incredible win
DJROMAXTION S 4 months ago
russel west brick LMAO
GlizzyPower :D
GlizzyPower :D 4 months ago
1:39 little did he know...
SuperMario bro
SuperMario bro 4 months ago
I pick the clippers
Oswaldo Duran Amaya
Oswaldo Duran Amaya 4 months ago
Lebron Jaames :v
2k YoungBoy
2k YoungBoy 4 months ago
The nuggets DID beat the clippers lol
Aaron David
Aaron David 4 months ago
Welp Surprise it is DENVER vs LAKERS
hung trinh
hung trinh 4 months ago
Fuck the Clippers
Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell 4 months ago
The NBA is relevant this year? I thought they all were too busy protesting with BLM. RIP sports in 2020
Jason Parmer
Jason Parmer 4 months ago
This guy was a role model to millions until he made some poor choices in comments last week...went from hero to zero over night....Michael Jordan wouldnt turn his back to 70% of his nation.....why did Lebron?#AllLivesMatter....I'm a soldier and I am a Veteran and I would stick my life on the line for my country...but many in my country hate me for being a white man...and Lebron just fueled that hate...Great...Thanks Man...God Bless...
DjBacto 4 months ago
nuggets came back!
Ezra Kelly
Ezra Kelly 4 months ago
Bruh Nuggets coming
Pavel Borizovski
Pavel Borizovski 4 months ago
Tebatsi Mubita
Tebatsi Mubita 4 months ago
Im watching this after knowing the clippers got they ass beat. Whats the new true finals now?
Harvey Tomas
Harvey Tomas 4 months ago
Whos here after the flippers choked?😂
Bishop Emmanuel david
Well talking about the LA vs LA finals aged well....
Cooltigerkook 4 months ago
Bro king James was crazy the way he made that touch down
Debi Mishra
Debi Mishra 4 months ago
Not only LeBron..you should give credit to ad , rondo & other teammates tooo
Tyrone Johnson Jr
Tyrone Johnson Jr 4 months ago
Hey guys. Can you please watch my new US-first video on Alex Caruso being underrated? I just started my youtube and I just want to improve. Thank you us-first.info/player/video/b7t5q4-boZyTipM.html
zah De
zah De 4 months ago
Aka Russel wasbreak 🤣
Brian 4 months ago
As if lebron is carrying the team lol everyone contributes in this game Media : LEBRON CARRY THE TEAM ANTHONY DAVIS IS NOTHING LOL
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez 4 months ago
Now James Harden can travel
scuppo 4 months ago
This’s an asterisk
Dnyse Dnyse
Dnyse Dnyse 4 months ago
well the rockets had skyrocketed out of the playoff bubble lol 😅😂😂 talking about confidence being Skyrocketed after the game 1 win😂😂😂 take that 4-1 #LAKERS💪
TheNamesDitto 4 months ago
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
Chuck’s guarantee screwed over the Clippers lmao 😂
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
We’ll see
Black Cupid
Black Cupid 4 months ago
A.k.a rusell wesbrick😂😂😂
Fethi Bencherki
Fethi Bencherki 4 months ago
İ wanna see kawhi guarding LeBron .
Campy Gaming
Campy Gaming 4 months ago
I'm still rooting for the nuggets
Royal Me
Royal Me 4 months ago
Kawhi will close out tonight
Žan Dolenc
Žan Dolenc 4 months ago
I got clippers in 6 vs lakers
DubChaeng 4 months ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, if the lakers and celtics go against each other in the finals, it'll be the first time they reach the finals since 2010 😳😳
Wyoxking 4 months ago
Clippers in 6
J J 4 months ago
Come on they had to continue this bubble cause of lebron because next year competition will be tough
reem only
reem only 4 months ago
I don't think Russ will ever get a chip 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
user 75
user 75 4 months ago
aka Russell Westbrick
Burbxry_Snowzy 4 months ago
Remember after game 1 where Rockets fans said that Rockets will win in 6
Benny G
Benny G 4 months ago
Charles Barkley's fat ass said the Blazers would win the first round when they were up 1-0
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 4 months ago
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Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz 4 months ago
No murder, fight or destroy in the title? Whats going on Clive?
Choji Choji Pam
Choji Choji Pam 4 months ago
This is ridiculous. What do you mean LeBron took Lakers to the conference finals? The Lakers has been on a super team creation this year after LeBron couldn't even make the playoffs in his first year finals. Who did they not bring. Kawhi Leonard took the Raptors to the finals last year that's the only major change in their lineup. The super team made it to the finals eventually and now you come up with headline that puts them under shadow? This is just ridiculous and I m a Lakers fan
Coach Carter
Coach Carter 4 months ago
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy 4 months ago
Weastbrick with 10 points😂 where he gonna Land for Next season?
Neilbert Millar
Neilbert Millar 4 months ago
AKA WestBrick 🤣🤣🤣
OsK VIRDIST 4 months ago
Bet nuggets win
dem eter
dem eter 4 months ago
Lebron haters: east is weak 😂😂
Sidney Johnny
Sidney Johnny 4 months ago
Haters are hurting right now that lakers heading to the WCF, sit back relax and enjoy the ride fools..
sand k
sand k 4 months ago
LeBron ain’t the goat
Nacho! 4 months ago
Lebron >>> James!!!
NoCap KB
NoCap KB 4 months ago
Will they get the chip tho
Jaskirat Singh
Jaskirat Singh 4 months ago
I am a big Lebron fan... But come on clive... Make videos on other topics too... Most of ur videos are on lebron only
Strappy Coco
Strappy Coco 4 months ago
kobe up in heaven would be proud of ya'll ❤️
Maestro7 4 months ago
AKA Russell “Westbrick”
Culture zeitgeist
Culture zeitgeist 4 months ago
Yeah LeBron took the West when the West best players retired. LOL
Culture zeitgeist
Culture zeitgeist 4 months ago
@Micah like I said, because there are already no other superstars because they all retired..now wake up 😉
Culture zeitgeist
Culture zeitgeist 4 months ago
Your so called "GOAT" flops and travels most of the time. Acting like a GM who trades teamates and asks for All-Star teamates to win a chip.
Culture zeitgeist
Culture zeitgeist 4 months ago
@Rennis Dodman are you okay?
Rennis Dodman
Rennis Dodman 4 months ago
u really want Lebron to cure covid, stop global warming, fly to the moon, come back and win the chip? 3-6, 3-6, 3-6...yea yea. Losing record but the crew still puts Lebron in the goat conversation?? because they watch the game instead of reading numbers on paper like fake fans who know nothing about basketball and only watch ESPN and read social media to find stuff to talk about. lebron can put up 51 points and take olympics team warriors overtime by himself and people still say "hE sTiLl LoSt" like b*tch, who wouldnt lose?
Zeo Vinci
Zeo Vinci 4 months ago
Redtan Sonyeondan
Redtan Sonyeondan 4 months ago
he never left
David 4 months ago
NBA been fixing Lakers vs Clippers for ratings since playoffs started. and I bet even the players on the other teams are on it since they all get their salaries from ratings (views).
Pure_VR 4 months ago
Hustle Mathias
Hustle Mathias 4 months ago
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod 4 months ago
Clive just think lakers goin make the finals before the conference finals even start
Pete OMO
Pete OMO 4 months ago
YTEurope HDGaming
YTEurope HDGaming 4 months ago
Westbrook: "They better double me" Also Westbrook: had 10 points I love Russ, he's one of my favourite players, but you can't say "they better double me" while being down 29 and scoring only 10pts🤣
Osas 4 months ago
Facts Russ is not 100% coming from his Quad injury, something is off
Osas 4 months ago
Kris Moberson Hakeem got two rings when MJ was away, fuck Hakeem then right Lmaoo
Osas 4 months ago
Kris Moberson lmaoo still did it, cry him a river
Hoop Productions
Hoop Productions 4 months ago
Chima Ogbonnaya he’s right tho
Chima Ogbonnaya
Chima Ogbonnaya 4 months ago
@Kris Moberson hater
Christopher Scott-Hill
im going for the celtics
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel
Lebron James Deserves To Be The Season Mvp In My Own Opinion
capri corn
capri corn 4 months ago
@CameronJDub how do you base it hy what?
capri corn
capri corn 4 months ago
@CameronJDub really???????? HAHAHAHAHAHAH come on man stop playing
CameronJDub 4 months ago
capri corn Because AD has been the best player on the lakers IMO.
capri corn
capri corn 4 months ago
@CameronJDub and why is that?
CameronJDub 4 months ago
MattDog lol He isn’t tho.
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 4 months ago
And Clive quit making excuses talking bout Bron made it out the west that we all doubted him that we said he can’t make it out the west first of all he’s getting carried second of all he was tampering begging to get AD and third of all the West ain’t even the toughest conference now Bron came way too late KD ain’t in the Warriors no more Kawhi left the spurs Howard left the Rockets Grizzlies are no more Lob City Clippers are no longer a thing Mavericks no longer has Dirk and those boys OKC ain’t a thing no more so wtf are you talking about? Stop sucking this man the best team in the West is the Clippers rn other than that the West is Trash
Yuki Kuramochi
Yuki Kuramochi 4 months ago
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 4 months ago
I can’t believe it Danny green had 14 points this is as crazy as wilt scoring 100 points in a game
Peter Yeshvasun
Peter Yeshvasun 4 months ago
The way he scored em to he was confident
Peter Yeshvasun
Peter Yeshvasun 4 months ago
He’s heating up
King Clampz
King Clampz 4 months ago
Michael Jordan 🤣
Nhantastic 4 months ago
Danny Green had 14 points
I'll Shiv you.
I'll Shiv you. 4 months ago
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 4 months ago
Ofc Clive gonna say something about lebron bro most of the time AD been carrying him and if Lakers win the chip i wouldn’t be shock if AD win Finals MVP because all you Bronsexuals be talking about is Bron Bron Bron like he carrying everybody when he’s not it’s been all AD in the Bubble but you Bronsexuals have a history discrediting the real best player on the team
Elton Grigley
Elton Grigley 4 months ago
Dumbass comment
Augusto Gambarte
Augusto Gambarte 4 months ago
They are not even in the NBA finals and you re already saying AD is going to diserve the award over Lebron, I think you re just salty man. I hope they win, and if AD plays like this on the finals I for sure want him to get the MVP, but hating like this in advance is pointless
daniel226 4 months ago
I’m having doubts about the clippers. I originally had clippers beating Lakers. The lakers had been getting better every game. If I’m a clipper fan, I’m questing my confidence in Paul George, Lou Williams, and Montrez. Their inconsistent and haven’t performed in a few games.
James j
James j 4 months ago
@lil nug he said..if he was a clippers fan
maaz 4 months ago
Clips in 5
maaz 4 months ago
@Elton Grigley all about matchups
Elton Grigley
Elton Grigley 4 months ago
Lmao they cant even beat the nuggets in 5... Stay off the crack
Elijah Porter
Elijah Porter 4 months ago
Lebron got all the Lakers blocking shots, from Kuz to Caruso.
NBArtv 4 months ago
Lebron is so good at figuring out the opponent's defense
Chasses H&M
Chasses H&M 4 months ago
YES LEBRON IS GOOD, us-first.info/player/video/j8eEqWqig6BkqJ8.html
Jc Orbe
Jc Orbe 4 months ago
Benefits of having a photographic memory
Lei Aldwin Aquinde
Lei Aldwin Aquinde 4 months ago
He literally gives game 1 just to read every move they make
Marvelous1 4 months ago
Hell walk all over you
JUSTDO IT 4 months ago
At least your not a hater
Naz YT
Naz YT 4 months ago
*Literally 99% won’t see this: Your amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend 😌😌😌🥰*
Extermnate 4 months ago
Russell Westbrick 😂😂
JLopez 4 months ago
Another playoff year another bounce out of the playoffs for us. What else is new 🤷🏻‍♂️
Angelo Guerrero
Angelo Guerrero 4 months ago
Angelo Guerrero
Angelo Guerrero 4 months ago
Geo Max
Geo Max 4 months ago
westbrick make shot dang looking like u live in brickcity
Pro Synthesizer
Pro Synthesizer 4 months ago
Face reveal at 2m subs
Random Games
Random Games 4 months ago
Lebron is scared of the warriors we know this
F A R 4 months ago
Not without durant
YASHWANTH NAIDU 4 months ago
i think next season it going to be a one hell of an fire season
The Potato J
The Potato J 4 months ago
cudi is the best
The Potato J
The Potato J 4 months ago
Marcus Blackson
Marcus Blackson 4 months ago
U be saying this every video or some other things and it gets likes....lol we know u have alts liking ur comments
Robal Marhay
Robal Marhay 4 months ago
Man as a rockets and Raptors fan these round of the playoffs have been hard to watch
Ramani&Ace kings
Ramani&Ace kings 4 months ago
West Asian Levantine
westbrook acts like an angry black female
Ram_Infinite 4 months ago
xCaptxCrunchx 4 months ago
Houston we have a Problem! It's The Lake Show!
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson 4 months ago
Chasses H&M
Chasses H&M 4 months ago
JAMES IS JAMES JAJAJAJA us-first.info/player/video/j8eEqWqig6BkqJ8.html
Crying Jordan
Crying Jordan 4 months ago
I got James winning the championship this year
Jayson Kellowan
Jayson Kellowan 4 months ago
How dare you say James is better than James when clearly James is the superior James
Skyy 4 months ago
Lmfao 💀
saz19s8 4 months ago
Harden was on an island on his own. No help
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson 4 months ago
2012 Bron Beat Harden,Durant and Westbrook before they were MVPS....2020 Beat Russ and Harden after winning MVPS
Jazzy J
Jazzy J 4 months ago
@Pulling the Strings yo kid... Without pippen n his team.. Legends heard n saw that mj never won anything aftr their team dispersed 😂 don't joke with me
L Nickyz
L Nickyz 4 months ago
@Versatile Wolf where are u ... I'm waiting for chapter 2
Lei Aldwin Aquinde
Lei Aldwin Aquinde 4 months ago
@Madara Uchiha yes, because bron was injured most of the season, ingram haven't unlocked his potential, lonzo was playing horrible, only kuzma came swinging, but he wasn't enough, and he can't be considered a star player.
Lei Aldwin Aquinde
Lei Aldwin Aquinde 4 months ago
@1- 20 - 7 LG yet you're hating bron for having ad, smh bruh💀
Lei Aldwin Aquinde
Lei Aldwin Aquinde 4 months ago
@Versatile Wolf steph had klay and draymond, jordan had pippen and rodman, kobe had shaq, magic had kareem, kawhi had lowry and siakam. You can never win it all without help from your teammates, iverson never had a great teammate, that's why he never won a chip. It's a team game, hate on bron, but he succeeded with wade and bosh. Stop the hate and enjoy greatness, salty fan.
Kim kenn Pabriga
Kim kenn Pabriga 4 months ago
I love how LeBron and Harden hugging after the game! That's a sign of good sportsmanship!
Zigs Godina
Zigs Godina 4 months ago
@Zo Jirushi please don't do that as i have very different emotions towards them :D the name James in my head has absolutely nothing in common with the name James. Not a darn thing. Harden basically needs to become Jimmy Harden or something like that. Jayjay Harden
Zo Jirushi
Zo Jirushi 4 months ago
James and James one was bound to move onto the next round keeping the James name alive lol
K1ght 4 months ago
Houston need better players cu it’s just James and russel
SRT 4 months ago
If Danny green could play like this every game no team can stop the lakers
TheFakeDazz 4 months ago
We fans are all happy
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 4 months ago
imagine lebron take lakers to the finals in game 1 JR Smith: Lebron We Made It To The Finals Now Its Henny Time LeBron: Ah Sh--! Here We Go Again
Chasses H&M
Chasses H&M 4 months ago
check this video If you enjoy NBA
King Clampz
King Clampz 4 months ago
Diether Santos 🤣 💀
SacTownVet 4 months ago
JR playing garbage time minutes from here on out. U know it’s bad for him when the rook Talen is playing over him.
Rondo9prime 4 months ago
1v1 against alex caruso’s cousin.. us-first.info/player/video/mKl5dop5p62VZ6c.html
Rfp 4 months ago
Noah Strawn
Noah Strawn 4 months ago
Bang bang!
Christian Ingram
Christian Ingram 4 months ago
They came back vs the Jazz
trending videos
trending videos 4 months ago
Legoat when to work
Craigin Diaz
Craigin Diaz 4 months ago
Henry Dal
Henry Dal 4 months ago
Finally a game where Danny came to play it’s a good thing he’s showing up at the right time.
Fanatix 4 months ago
And all be hating me for saying d green is important for this team...
Kxng Kxng
Kxng Kxng 4 months ago
Rondo9prime 4 months ago
1v1 against alex caruso’s cousin.. us-first.info/player/video/mKl5dop5p62VZ6c.html
love god
love god 4 months ago
Bro I said the same thing
Ur stoopid Af
Ur stoopid Af 4 months ago
Isaiah Thomas i feel u but close out games are hard
Jay Billz
Jay Billz 4 months ago
Rockets pathetic, Clippers will get the job done
Jay Billz
Jay Billz 4 months ago
Nor Priest
Nor Priest 4 months ago
@deon brinson there are 2 more games. If you think Clippers can't win one, you suck
xCaptxCrunchx 4 months ago
you just dont learn do you?
deon brinson
deon brinson 4 months ago
They gotta finish the nuggets first lol
Gubba_Man 4 months ago
No views, 39 likes, 13 comments GANG
Liam Jairus Ona
Liam Jairus Ona 4 months ago
King James is lit!
King G3
King G3 4 months ago
U right 🚫🧢
Low Distortion
Low Distortion 4 months ago
Niggas clowned us game 1...looks like we're laughing now.
CamsWorld 4 months ago
Sooooo when’s that face reveal 🤔
CamsWorld 4 months ago
Shawn 824 I know someone told me
realOMNIslasher 4 months ago
bro y u give Gon a fade? 😂😂😂
The Potato J
The Potato J 4 months ago
search up calvin drake
Hall Of Famer
Hall Of Famer 4 months ago
Gon got waves 🤣🤣🤣