LeBron James Catches Dwight Howard Impersonating Shannon Sharpe With Anthony Davis! 

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LeBron James Catches Dwight Howard Impersonating Shannon Sharpe With Anthony Davis!
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Jul 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
Niners 21
Niners 21 13 days ago
Impersonation sounds like trash
Rachelle Hoofe
Rachelle Hoofe 15 days ago
Love this guy
88ntil 23 days ago
They pulled up thinking it was really skip lol
Zubair Abbasi
Zubair Abbasi Month ago
At this moment Lebron said we trading this dude.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Man I’m gonna miss him 😭
1Leggo9my9Eggo2 2 months ago
He didn’t sound like Shannon at all to me....I don’t know about anyone else
Ravishing Slick
Ravishing Slick 2 months ago
AYO!!! us-first.info/player/video/nauHZ4SYZKtmop8.html
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 3 months ago
ill C
ill C 3 months ago
When LB (M)J catches Dwight impersonating SKIEUUUP, That's how it became personal !😂
Look at bron man
Look at bron man 3 months ago
who’s watching this again after lakers brought that ting home
Dylan Lucero
Dylan Lucero 3 months ago
nice imporsonate bro.dwigth
Thechoosenone 984
Thechoosenone 984 3 months ago
Nah bro Dwight is wild 😂😂😂😂😂
Joshua Gudiel
Joshua Gudiel 3 months ago
He is an NBA champion now 😭😭🙏🏻
Mark pat Joe bill dinosaur
Bron was bout to say something till Dwight laughed😂
Robo 4 months ago
SOUR_PURP 5 months ago
UnexpectedWonder 6 months ago
Rarshi Bond
Rarshi Bond 6 months ago
The Kaaaangg of Akkkkron!
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman 6 months ago
We so need a LeBron and Skip sit down 😭
Boy Bit-s Victoria
Boy Bit-s Victoria 6 months ago
That's a really good impression
nuno Lo
nuno Lo 6 months ago
Dont do that skip LOL
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 6 months ago
His hair gets worse everytime I see him.
Casual_DropoutYT 6 months ago
Dwight looking like famous dex with that hair
Elijah Scarboro
Elijah Scarboro 6 months ago
They need a chef in that bubble
Ray Haz
Ray Haz 6 months ago
where the highlights
Pablo Morataya
Pablo Morataya 6 months ago
When Dwight said “Skip” LeBron walk away like if he’s Voldemort lol
K E N D R I C K 6 months ago
That breakfast look hard to eat
Shiven Pathuri
Shiven Pathuri 6 months ago
I just have a feeling lebron doesn’t like javale
Dos & Kutta By The CO-VID Bar
“You know I like swisher sweets” 😂😂
Phil Lau
Phil Lau 6 months ago
dude zero commentary and still funny af
Jonathan Wendell
Jonathan Wendell 6 months ago
That was damn funny, props Dwight !
SupermanSJG 6 months ago
Can someone take those hot Cheetos off dwights head
SupermanSJG 6 months ago
Dwight got hot Cheetos on his head
John Greenwood
John Greenwood 6 months ago
Yo goofy ass better be ready
ronnie lewis
ronnie lewis 6 months ago
He impersonates better than he plays basketball
huh what
huh what 6 months ago
Dwight a fruit cake
FIH Le PRO 6 months ago
LMAO, killing me bruh.
Ro 6 months ago
this was actually pretty funny
Trump supporter
Trump supporter 6 months ago
Oppressed black millionaires
Jay Raider
Jay Raider 6 months ago
This is LeShannon Sharpe I don't care if the fan boys come for me😭🤣 No need to reply to it🤣😭
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark 6 months ago
Killin it.
James Fralick
James Fralick 6 months ago
this is scary accerate
erick aranguren
erick aranguren 6 months ago
Ya gonna skip the finals ring this year watch it
Gregor Ayling
Gregor Ayling 6 months ago
This is great 😂😂
Marvin Graham
Marvin Graham 6 months ago
Even Howard can tell Shannon is a lebron lover , y u think he have no kids r wife . EVEN A GIRL
YungNando 6 months ago
Can't hate on Dwight .... Cus Kobe always wanted Dwight to play like shaq and win rings also
JSeriesRacing 6 months ago
😂😂😂 love Dwight
SupA Cocky MUSIC
SupA Cocky MUSIC 6 months ago
Jamie Fox did it better
KAHLESSA The Deeva The jaded green pill
That hair tho ! Interesting
大陶導演 6 months ago
In all the lebron sightings in the bubble vlogs, lebron is always hanging with AD and nobody else lol
Praying Takes Time
Praying Takes Time 6 months ago
I like “switzer sweets” 😂
Fox 6 months ago
Who was there when LeBron was like this 🙌.........?
Steven Washington
Steven Washington 6 months ago
Kawhi just took Lebron's breakfast tray and stared him down afterwards...then just walked away.
Rye Bread
Rye Bread 6 months ago
He took his lunch money too
Jordan Jenkins
Jordan Jenkins 6 months ago
What would be hilarious is if LeBron joined and impersonated Skip criticizing King James!
Raphael Cardoso
Raphael Cardoso 6 months ago
He saved my nba2k finals with his 3, i love him
PdoubleEWdoubleE 6 months ago
LeShannon Sharpe is wayyyyyy louder and prouder than that😂
Zae Brown
Zae Brown 6 months ago
Its rare to catch Lebron in the Bubble.
Wesley Belcher
Wesley Belcher 6 months ago
Love Dwight, and I was so happy that he got to correct his Lakers legacy. Still amazed we got this legend for the low.
A.T X 6 months ago
Remember when y’all called Dwight ass ?
stephenson aman
stephenson aman 6 months ago
Dwight is going to retire with the #Lakers glad to see him happy again! #LakeShow 🟪🟨🟪🟨
MVR B. Free
MVR B. Free 6 months ago
Donald Toney
Donald Toney 6 months ago
All 3 of em gay
FLYYY 2x 6 months ago
Dwight Gotta Get That Ring For Kobe And LA To Mend Relationship..
Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota 6 months ago
This man has been such a crybaby bitch his entire career I can't even take him seriously anymore whether he is joking around or not
Dekari Rivers
Dekari Rivers 6 months ago
“And you know I like swisher sweets now” 😂
CurrencyGuru 6 months ago
Video Game cheats
Video Game cheats 6 months ago
Wait thought u couldn’t go live from the bubble thought that’s what jr smith got in trouble
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 6 months ago
Brian REE
Brian REE 6 months ago
that's f**** hilarious !
ST 6 months ago
You look silly. Why Kg hate you
Derryck NBA Kid
Derryck NBA Kid 6 months ago
D Davis
D Davis 6 months ago
Lmao. We'll see if he gets a pass from LeBron after that comment but it was funny as phuck 🤗
Brian SR
Brian SR 6 months ago
I remember his Stan Van Gundy impersonation before. 🤣🤣🤣
gxuled 6 months ago
0:02 he sound like a bitch lol
Sup Bro
Sup Bro 6 months ago
He changed so much
roxanne charles
roxanne charles 6 months ago
Clippers in 7!!!!
Faisal Kabir
Faisal Kabir 6 months ago
Where is this guys voice ? The channel guys voice
Carl David Sanvictores
Kamusta A.D
Nightmare XIZ
Nightmare XIZ 6 months ago
Gideon Micah Peters
Gideon Micah Peters 6 months ago
lol sunday service in the back
Lil Man
Lil Man 6 months ago
This funny af
shady from the block
Shannon must have his heart broken seeing lebron laughing like that.
ToneDef Marmalade
ToneDef Marmalade 6 months ago
He retweeted it with laughing emojis 😂
yellow skinned hypebeast
It's true in the 4th with jr hennything is possible. you can walk out with a buzzer beater Or Broken Hand
Ethan Enriquez
Ethan Enriquez 6 months ago
But aye that Weezy Trukfit 🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Daly
Joshua Daly 6 months ago
That’s a dope ass shirt
animeboy 421
animeboy 421 6 months ago
Dwight insta lives r so blessed
Squanch Wanch
Squanch Wanch 6 months ago
That hair is not gay AT ALL ;)
Kulwinder Chere
Kulwinder Chere 6 months ago
Make parodys they are funny
Funny Video
Funny Video 6 months ago
Cindy Bañadera
Cindy Bañadera 6 months ago
Haha crazy guy!!
Cyberpunk 6 months ago
I always wonder how these super stars ego take it, when Dwight used to be on the level of fame as Lebron and AD then fell to an average player status. Do Lebron and AD still treat him the same? The other super star look down in a way to Dwight?
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior 6 months ago
Hell no LeBron respect tf outta Dwight he literally stopped a Kobe vs LeBron finals & made LeBron so mad that he didn't shake his hand after he knocked the cavs out
King Gemini
King Gemini 6 months ago
Is he eating Mikey mouse pancakes🤣
Ariel RayDragan
Ariel RayDragan 6 months ago
They bullied him into playing😂😂😂
Roguewrrior56 6 months ago
Dwight is a clown 😂😂😂
Militarize 6 months ago
Lebron doesn't even like Shannon
Shane G
Shane G 6 months ago
Dwight so bad at impressions
Mark Rodrigue
Mark Rodrigue 6 months ago
To do the shannon sharp impression you simply have to say the name "SKIP"every 5 to 10 words.. its easy..
Joshua Owolabi
Joshua Owolabi 6 months ago
Poots Plasencia
Poots Plasencia 6 months ago
Bron about to release Howard thinking his telling skip there gameplans and rotations
Thotty DaGod
Thotty DaGod 6 months ago
People really hated on Dwight Howard for being in a good mood