LeBron James Opposes Kyrie Irving Canceling NBA Season Return! 

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LeBron James Opposes Kyrie Irving Canceling NBA Season Return! LeBron James leading pushback against Kyrie Irving’s NBA restart stand because LeBron James wants to resume and finish the NBA Season.
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Jun 13, 2020




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Izudin Mesan
Izudin Mesan 6 months ago
if american sports in general resume, the preassure for politicians will fade and the systematic racism will stay the same; its a fact! no matter what lebron or kyre are saying
Tianna Hill
Tianna Hill 6 months ago
I’m with Kyrie
ricky roach
ricky roach 7 months ago
So he just wants people to keep talking without doing anything
Rambo Ali
Rambo Ali 7 months ago
No the real winners will be the racist owners smh
Gucci mecci
Gucci mecci 7 months ago
Wayne Lim
Wayne Lim 7 months ago
Everyone should stop hating on Kyrie. All of you just want some basketball to watch. All of you just wants to watch people play basketball like they are your puppets for your entertainment, well not really though but you get my point. Stop being selfish, Kyrie is just doing the right thing, he is just concerned for the racism and that stuff. Like seriously, imagine what if your favorite team's star doesn't want to play and that team had the chance to be champions with that star but since he didn't play. Its all gone
Demair77 7 months ago
I dont really care for kyrie but he's absolutely right on this right now
Phenomenal BasketballTV ph
Mga idol pabisita channel ko! "The Next Terence Romeo of NCAA?!!!" Uploaded na. Hulaan nyo nalang kung sino:) Salamat!
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres 7 months ago
These guys are in contact. If your working place is ready to operate you need to go work.
MachineSim 7 months ago
Think kyrie and some people forget sports is what gives you your platform to speak. If you dont have your platform, you're just like everyone else. Maybe try using it effectively, if you have it.
Zain Rees
Zain Rees 7 months ago
i agree with lou
Tyrel Douglas
Tyrel Douglas 7 months ago
At this point if you wanna play then play if not then don’t 🤷🏾‍♂️ not rocket science
Adonis Keef
Adonis Keef 7 months ago
During a pandemic and a stand against racial oppression Kyrie is using his platform to not allow the media to use their image in a way to distract us from a reality that is very important right now. Lebron James has played in this league for 17 years , gone to the finals 9 times and won 3 championships. You mean to tell me during that this time of crisis in our country your already great career as a basketball player is that important? Kyrie is being made out to be the villain. At the end of the day Lebron might donate a lot of money and build schools and all of that but he puts his greed over all of us and it shows. If it came down to fighting for social justice or chasing another pointless title he’s picking the latter every time. LEBRON JAMES WOULD RATHER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP AND MAKE THE WHITE MAN BILLIONS THAN SACRIFICE HIS LEGACY FOR THE BETTER OF THE PEOPLE!
Southsidedb AZ
Southsidedb AZ 7 months ago
Kyrie fan but nets ain’t goin to playoffs anyways let bron get his 4 dammit
Pat Mar
Pat Mar 7 months ago
the cops should go on strike across america, this is outrageous, shut up and dribble
Narcotique Designs
Narcotique Designs 7 months ago
So what if its lebron’s last chance to get a ring u guys r hilarious for saying it like it’s a diss to him. Get that ring king
anjwaunb 7 months ago
I'm with lebron and kyrie need to sit his whining self down u dont wanna play then quit like u always do BLM is a joke and nothing going to change because at the end of the day we have to change are minds and the way we treat each other period. This country is not going to change because we protest and slow up everybody money that's stupid
Ben’s Art
Ben’s Art 7 months ago
As long as humans exist, there will be some form of oppression, racism etc the current world system is founded on aspects of the two behaviours, Humans need to Transcend this system and become truely free
Eli Bell
Eli Bell 7 months ago
List the facts a week ago Kylie just vote to play. And he just changed his mind. Lebron hasn’t said anything since the vote.
Richard Robles
Richard Robles 7 months ago
No I'm good I don't want no sports from any sellouts
Ingemar Kenyatta
Ingemar Kenyatta 7 months ago
Stay in the streets. Let the KKK watch the NBA this year
Josh LaPine
Josh LaPine 7 months ago
So should I not go back to work cuz I will be to focused on my 9-5 job and not the current issues????
colton magan
colton magan 7 months ago
You can protest and still watch a basket ball game lmao we need positivity and sports back it will also give the players a bigger platform
FRANCES JOHN DOE 7 months ago
I think NBA players should boycott because the like is not a black owned league, if black lives matter, then we should own America because the copper color race dominates the world as far as population. Boycott is necessary!!!!
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 7 months ago
I wonder if KD was healthy would he be saying the same thing
Tevin Chan
Tevin Chan 7 months ago
Lebron wanna go play so the white man can make a $$$ off his head betting against him. 😂😂😂 lebron aint worried about y’all. That nigga tasted the white guys money and liked it.
Richie Munoz
Richie Munoz 7 months ago
LBJ is smart...he senses this will be his last and final title...let him play..we don't want any weak excuses y he didn't win just 1 more...he will b fine with title of mini goat
Ali Shah
Ali Shah 7 months ago
Right now its not about if whether or not Lebron can inspire social change its about keeping the conversation about BLM and police brutality. Lebron can make a difference and he's doing but right now its not the time. As soon NBA resumes the people will start getting distracted and the protests will lose momentum. They should hold out until solid police reforms are introduced. Its more about Lebron and his ability to give back. He can open 10 schools it still wouldn't matter if black people are continued being killed in police encounters. Lebron just wants to get the ring. I love Lebron but he needs to stand for his people.
fingersonfire4gh 7 months ago
I find it funny how a man who’s injured anyways AND who’s team won’t make it to playoffs anyways is against the season restart. YOU WONT EVEN BE PLAYING KYRIE WHY DOES IT MATTER?!?
Fuenf Null
Fuenf Null 7 months ago
Well Kyrie also thinks the earth is flat so...
Clay 7 months ago
I will also say this, and think on this. The NBA has invested tens of billions of dollars into the NBA. They will begin to hire whites and other races because they cannot afford to take the chance of hiring black men who are going to strike every time a black man is killed in America.
Toyama Isbest.
Toyama Isbest. 7 months ago
It’s not about colors it’s about fuck the police
KuroBushi 7 months ago
Lol 90% of the NBA players are millionaires what Austin mean rookie contracts are like 3mil or is that for lottery picks I think Zion is getting 6mil?
KuroBushi 7 months ago
We have Corona going on and people want NBA back I love basketball like there is no tomorrow but come on now why we risking shit
eadekolu 7 months ago
No how about you players have the FUCKING MONEY TO HELP THESE PEOPLE by finding them there own system
kramer911 7 months ago
kyrie is a spoiled crybaby and anyone who wouldnt want to play. Imagine making MILLIONS to play a game and you find a way to complain
Meta Human
Meta Human 7 months ago
Lebron the asshole so eager to play for he wants all of the glory and disregarding everyone's health and minds.
Silenttuber PJ24
Silenttuber PJ24 7 months ago
NBa shouldn't come back until racism ends and that's how NBA ended forever
Bluecreeper 7 months ago
I just miss ur content
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 7 months ago
If we took all black people from all sports and started our own leagues, that only we could watch, think about how exciting the NBA and NFL would be then. We are the flavor!! Cancel all that, we don't need distractions, we need to be in this space. Distractions got us here!
Brenden Killough
Brenden Killough 7 months ago
NBA players nowadays are so fucking spoiled!!
Unpopular Popular Opinion
I really wanted to see the NBA finish out, but Kyrie made a good point. I think they should sit this one out. We are too easily distracted. People will want to go home to watch the game, rather than march and protest. Rest up, take part in social justice, and get ready for next season.
JaVaughan 7 months ago
They should keep playing and raising money for the black community
mduduzi ncube
mduduzi ncube 7 months ago
NBA should come back
Solokey 7 months ago
LBJ is a puppet.
Nassone Nunes
Nassone Nunes 7 months ago
Let's just face it , the NBA is losing money, like any other company they're just trying to make money.
hard knocklife
hard knocklife 7 months ago
Also let's not forget how many people will be employed again when the season resumes. I bet alot of them will be minority people as well. It's more than JUST sports
Christopher Saechao
Christopher Saechao 7 months ago
austin rivers tripping. nba superstars been gettin paid millions for a few decades already, so how much systemic injustices did they resolve with all that money so far? i'm not talking about charities, foundations, and donations. i'm talking about an effort to make actual systemic change. kyrie proposed the idea of a players owned league.. that might sound bad in the short term.. but imagine it in the long term. players would have autonomy over their careers and the would be "player owned league". players wouldn't have to worry about shady ass trades and contract negotiations and what not. it won't be perfect ofc, but there is power within that idea of deviating from a white owned league and creating their own. and plus, if the nba resumes it wouldn't be just a distraction it would be a HUGE distraction to the movement of the protests! it could definitely lose momentum austin rivers... think about it, for the first time in history, all 50 states protested within a same day... that speaks volumes for the urgency of the people.
corey bkguy
corey bkguy 7 months ago
Let's Play ball. while continuing to fight for our rights .players can even use the nba to further spread our message .
SR Gator
SR Gator 7 months ago
Ned Morales
Ned Morales 7 months ago
Fuck Kyrie Irving he gets paid to play basketball he should pay basketball if he wants to protest or use his celebrity as a platform do it when you're not working! I hate when these bums and get all this attention and don't even want to do their job!
The Pleasant Judge
The Pleasant Judge 7 months ago
I wasn't expecting the comment section to be sarcastic like this😂
SDSW TV 7 months ago
Noam Chomsky talks about how sport is used to distract people, time, money and energy away from real issues. I love basketball, but he's right. They have to cancel the season. The NBA and franchises can afford to give out pay checks either way this year.
Anthony Jimenez
Anthony Jimenez 7 months ago
No matter what you do racism will never end. That’s a sad reality but some people were raised like this. The NBA served as a distraction from everything and that’s what makes it so good. The rioters and looters are making the protestors look wrong, which is the same for cops, some cops are bad but that shouldn’t affect the way others see cops as a whole. At this point are they fighting to end racism or bring up black people? There is a difference. It’s either all lives matter or black lives matter. And also what is this ‘equality’ colored people are fighting for? How does one treat someone as an equal? How are they inferior? Or what makes them feel inferior?
tasos moulios
tasos moulios 7 months ago
Kyrie is injured and generally they should punish players and cut their salaries completely if they don't show up to work which is basketball. This way everyone will be in Orlando.
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim 7 months ago
Idea from Kyrie is good, is time for All NBA star to come out statements on racists problem, u want to wait until end of season and no one will border on you
MrPresidential 7 months ago
This is some bullshit. Man up.
Jedrick Dañas
Jedrick Dañas 7 months ago
LeBron thinks he can win championship lol😂
mac ferris
mac ferris 7 months ago
By resuming the nba, we could put all this social injustice stuff in the spotlight more than it already is... the nba return will be huge and would be the perfect stage for all these problems going on🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Machemedzet 7 months ago
yes we miss NBA
Charlie Hatem
Charlie Hatem 7 months ago
Why don’t Lebron and Stephen Jackson talk about it together. Especially since Lebron feels that other athletes don’t get what kap was kneeling for. We don’t need a distraction in a critical time that will become part of our history.
CASTRO45ACP 7 months ago
I'm just stating facts, speaking out against racism is great and we should, oppression though? People of color haven't been oppressed for quite some time, the elite billionaires and government oppress us all regardless of skin color.
Maxim Ciobanu
Maxim Ciobanu 7 months ago
Is there actually one person on the earth that thinks kyrie is a likable person
Francisco Sosa
Francisco Sosa 7 months ago
Bro the movement is so much bigger than basketball. Let them play and use your platforms to boost the message.
ZayTM 7 months ago
Lebron is just greedy
Freddylouz 101
Freddylouz 101 7 months ago
Bring it back
Ravi Silva
Ravi Silva 7 months ago
im with kyrie
Earl D
Earl D 7 months ago
Let them play. If anything basketball is a GLOBAL stage for calls to reform. Show the world we are actually United States
Repent &Trust NJesus
They should come together and find s way to do both.
RodieTo Woke
RodieTo Woke 7 months ago
Omfg what does that have to do with basketball stfu with all this blm Nd covid BS let’s hoop GOD DAMNN🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Liborio Morales
Liborio Morales 7 months ago
You guys do you realize that all that money being donated to the “BLM” is going to the Democrats 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Bill Somebody
Bill Somebody 7 months ago
I feel like Kyrie's just gone down hill since 2016. He wants to be the go to guy, but teams need more than very nice layups.
Lloyd Mims
Lloyd Mims 7 months ago
This like captain America civil war
Jai Edits
Jai Edits 7 months ago
Kyries right
mysterion 7 months ago
Kyrie: the earth is flat
schoolblitz 7 months ago
We cannot beat God. God creates pandemics and disasters to punish us. Dont ignore the pandemic. Oh, Lord mighty God.
Wayne Lim
Wayne Lim 7 months ago
Its so funny how everyone in the comments is tagging Kyrie with the "Flat-Earth guy" and "injured guy" tags. Like its all over the comments section but why would you not hesitately decide that the season should continue. I mean, there is chaos everywhere, think about the risks. Ya, maybe they cleaned the place up where they are going to stay and play but how about the way there? Their transportation all the way to Orlando? I don't want to risk anything for something that we all want because if we risk it then worse things might happen and the cases on NBA players would go back. This is just my opinion so don't go saying "You take the Flat-Earther's side?" Or something like that
schoolblitz 7 months ago
Cause there are so many little kids commenting from 6 year olds and on.
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook 7 months ago
Join my Side lol
The notorious
The notorious 7 months ago
If nba players feel that they should be out there protesting and joining rallys, then they should be an activist, they choose the wrong profession, they should waive their contract and start creating a anti racist party.
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme 7 months ago
We all know lebron only cares and thinking about getting that ring and scared that AD is leaving the lakers that’s why he so insist the nba returns he doesn’t care about anyone else it’s not like I’m on kyrie side but base on the current situation the world is at now you really think resuming the nba a good idea what happen if an nba player get sick and infected the moment they resume it can affect other nba players
schoolblitz 7 months ago
Absolutely. Kyrie knows this. That is why he is opposing Lebron.
Ken Tyler
Ken Tyler 7 months ago
Obsessed to win championship Houston and Lakers hahahaha
Mate Dicmo 1950
Mate Dicmo 1950 7 months ago
Black people are biggest racists. Case closed
Shaquita Brown
Shaquita Brown 7 months ago
No its to much going on
Little Papa_johns
Little Papa_johns 7 months ago
Why everybody talking about Kyrie but not Dwight he agreed with Kyrie
Little Papa_johns
Little Papa_johns 7 months ago
Kyrie and Lebron
Sleevelesshoove Eyyy
Lebron wanna play coz he thinks he can win a ring this year with anthony davis being healthy... and his getting old and scared of losing another chance to come close to mJ’s rings.., whatever you do lebron youll nvr be the 🐐 so stop chasing “chicagos ghost” big flopper whiner ¥?¥
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 7 months ago
Luka Doncic bout to take Kyrie’s Nike Signature Shoe Contract from him with the quickness. Kyrie can be another Jordan bitch
Heungsok Cha
Heungsok Cha 7 months ago
Kyrie opposes because there's nothing to gain. Lebron agrees cause there's something to win
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 7 months ago
Kyrie is afraid he is going to get blasted
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner 7 months ago
You don't give up living.You keep playing!
Christian James
Christian James 7 months ago
First things first. Lebron is chasing rings, he knows his time is running out, he also knows he is a great place to get that fourth ring.
MaeMae Denise
MaeMae Denise 7 months ago
Of course he knows he has a chance, when adam silver has him only playing the Bucks. All the power on the other side. What a set up for the diva.
Heel Blitz
Heel Blitz 7 months ago
Kyrie just doesn’t wanna get swept that’s why he doesn’t wanna play
Results 7 months ago
Kyrie didn’t want Bron to win a ring. I think he’s being petty and using virtue to get ppl to have his back
Skyy Orlando
Skyy Orlando 7 months ago
It’s just a game wtf we got real issues!!!!
N1ch0las jr_11
N1ch0las jr_11 7 months ago
Cornelius Carstarphen
Lebron is running outta time that’s why he want the return of the season he 35 how long y’all think he got🧐👀💯
Christopher Spence
Christopher Spence 7 months ago
I say no because of Everything that's going on right now Everything is a mess
Juan Ortega
Juan Ortega 7 months ago
Kyrie is just going about it the wrong way. All life’s matter!
Darwin Borge
Darwin Borge 7 months ago
Yes come back I agree with Austin rivers
Alex 7 months ago
Bro all they care about is money. They want to get paid but not play.