LeBron James Turns Into Playoff Bron & Destroys Entire Trail Blazers! Lakers vs Trail Blazers Game 3 

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LeBron James Turns Into Playoff Bron & Destroys Entire Trail Blazers! Lakers vs Trail Blazers Game 3 August 22, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Aug 22, 2020




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Comments 100   
Clover Hills
Clover Hills 4 months ago
Playoff LeBron is barely make it to the finals and then get his ass beat for the championship.🤣😭
Among Zaxy
Among Zaxy 4 months ago
Lebron is wack he stupid
Worst Nightmare
Worst Nightmare 4 months ago
Flopping mode activated Lebitch Lequeeny Lebum Leflop Lebeautiful for the win and he CHOKED!
LeBron James
LeBron James 4 months ago
Yo voice trash
Chris Hiles
Chris Hiles 4 months ago
Now he wants to shut the playoffs down. Big Baby Bron storms out of meeting because he can't bully his was to a win with NBA owners. I guess he needs to learn how to activate Negotiation Mode
CallmeDuke 15
CallmeDuke 15 4 months ago
Some people dont realize that lebron could drop 50 points every game if he had to but he knows hes a little old so hes tryna take it easy on his self
J H 4 months ago
He is 100% getting a title this year
Mario Cousins
Mario Cousins 4 months ago
I hate this guys voice and pronunciation. Ruining the entire video
Icy Hott
Icy Hott 4 months ago
Only took how many games for it to turn on
Menta Bell
Menta Bell 5 months ago
Ur voice makes me sick
Chessbox09 5 months ago
Did Lillard really think he was going to dunk that over AD?
Bao Ng
Bao Ng 5 months ago
man your voice is so exciting, it makes me sleepy
Potato Unboxes
Potato Unboxes 5 months ago
Repent and believe the Gospel! Jesus loves u
Hoody Live
Hoody Live 5 months ago
He is back ladies and gents
KHALID TV Official
KHALID TV Official 5 months ago
lakers-heat in the finals
KyleTheOtaku 5 months ago
Darion Chiestder
Darion Chiestder 5 months ago
Moma there goes that man
InfiniteCaliber 5 months ago
And pg went full pandemic mode
KYS Mf 5 months ago
I’ve been watching for months and just noticed bro almost got 2 mil subs 😭
Arnav Vivek
Arnav Vivek 5 months ago
Good to see him back
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
Damn My Nigga Clive that’s too much Brick Guard😂🤣🤣
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
AD it ain’t dame time it’s LAKESHOW💯✊🏾❤️👊🏾💪🏾💪🏾
İdris Beyazyürek
İdris Beyazyürek 5 months ago
Frances Mirp
Frances Mirp 5 months ago
LiquiD DiuqiL
LiquiD DiuqiL 5 months ago
Playoff lebron has lost more finals than anyone In NBA history. #911
UMUT A 5 months ago
Warrior Poet
Warrior Poet 5 months ago
"He don't miss those" Missed the layup before that one but AD cleaned up the mess...
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez 5 months ago
I just don’t know man.. lakers really not looking like the lake show from before the break. lebron and AD balled out for sure, but the blazers have played some trash games recently and still kept game 3 close. rockets might be a nightmare matchup for the lakers, especially if games boil down to 3pt battles. and you gotta know harden’s getting to the line any time the laker’s bigs even breath on him. i see the rockets taking it in 6, maybe 7
6969 subs with no videos
Dude your my favorite guy to impersonate ... especially when you say “LeBronnn Jamess “ 😂
Ram 5 months ago
LeHaters you suck!
Lucas Sweeten
Lucas Sweeten 5 months ago
I already know its always cash 💸
nOT tHEE 5 months ago
Stop betting against LeBron you dumb asses for 20 years already
Kxle Stieben
Kxle Stieben 5 months ago
Refs sold the game. Clive a bronsexual. The free throw difference tells it all. Unsubscribed from yo stupid ass.
Michael Liggins
Michael Liggins 5 months ago
Danny doing his job defending
YOEJ 5 months ago
Dame time is not enough for the king 👑 mode
ynjay 5 months ago
Mae Mae
Mae Mae 5 months ago
And there would still be haters. Go Lebron! 🐐
Code World Entertainment
UNC Shay bout to have a field day tomorrow goat mask and everything skiiiip skip don't do that lol 🤣😂🤣
mindaugux 5 months ago
38fuckinf points. Bron ain't no choke when it comes to business
Ravel L. Ananta
Ravel L. Ananta 5 months ago
Lol LeBron is def one of the best probably on the same level of Jordan and Kobe (SKILLWISE, not ACHIEVEMENTWISE so better shut yer mouth before putting something nonsense under my comment), and some of them still said LeBron is overrated lmao 😂
Folded Arms Fitness
Folded Arms Fitness 5 months ago
LeBron goat activism
D A 5 months ago
Why they wont give JR more minutes, I’ll take him over danny green😭🤦🏾‍♂️
Yonis Abdillahi
Yonis Abdillahi 5 months ago
MJ against with janitors and pizza delivery guys.
Yonis Abdillahi
Yonis Abdillahi 5 months ago
LeBron the Goat
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 5 months ago
Brick guard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 5 months ago
He fresh out the Hyperbolic Time Chamber 💪😤😭🔥🐐💯
Wiz Breezy
Wiz Breezy 5 months ago
This dude is too funny. Lol
d1 thirsty
d1 thirsty 5 months ago
ayyy bruh
d1 thirsty
d1 thirsty 5 months ago
why you delete that video for??
jpaulglobal 5 months ago
Syed M
Syed M 5 months ago
Ah back to Clive nba parody voice not the other voice
MajorrBison 5 months ago
Who don't like cash?
Brad Sersion
Brad Sersion 5 months ago
I always love the breakdown commentary on these videos! Thanks for sharing
Janari Lorence legaspi
Benny Ynneb
Benny Ynneb 5 months ago
Lakers suck
Above The Clouds
Above The Clouds 5 months ago
Playoff Clive activated 💯 😤
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 months ago
“Playoff Bron Activated” Yessir
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 months ago
Clive said it
Michael G
Michael G 5 months ago
I always wonder if someone made the same content as him but with another voice 🤔
Farpy 5 months ago
It reminds me of kuroko no basket with some characters being in the Zone
Gaisho 5 months ago
1:14 - Your breathy “caaysh” made me laugh. That aside, Davis still looks like an alien.
Shmurda Hat
Shmurda Hat 5 months ago
And Lakers can do way better still. The weaponry don't sleep on them.
Bobby Joe Jr.
Bobby Joe Jr. 5 months ago
Honestly danny played fine last night. If he can play like that every night we'll be fine.
DJROMAXTION S 5 months ago
hey let me tell yall something alot of strong fighters are not in the game right now durand steph curry the g state squad if the nba trades and organizes the nba with all the returning players the nba will be one shit of a spectackle to watch shit throw globe trotters and the and 1 players on a team it would be amazing
Mushroom Clouds
Mushroom Clouds 5 months ago
Can we make a series called “Clive shit talking Danny Green” for every laker game that Clive makes a vid on
Everywhere Man
Everywhere Man 5 months ago
Fuck him doing 3 steps like how the fuck Zou stop tht
Everywhere Man
Everywhere Man 5 months ago
Lebron travels like alot
Azzan Khan
Azzan Khan 5 months ago
This man loves attacking Danny Green 😂
R N 5 months ago
8 turnovers...
Akeem K Miller
Akeem K Miller 5 months ago
When is parodies coming back
Threadpool Gam3s
Threadpool Gam3s 5 months ago
You know it is sad when we have to say "I hope we get playoff lebron".....lol.. Playoff lebron should be every game. Damn I miss Kobe.
DristTHD 5 months ago
Playoff bron activated
Trump supporter
Trump supporter 5 months ago
Lebron is better than Jordan, f you jordan fanboys
BlessedFN 5 months ago
Jordan S.
Jordan S. 5 months ago
Not sure what's more dumb... the guy narrating this video or the "clever" comments section...
Royal Me
Royal Me 5 months ago
You are more dumb than both of them
introducing 513
introducing 513 5 months ago
Wait so we just going overlook the amazing hops Damian has to jump damn near over a jumping AD
Hey !
Hey ! 5 months ago
I honestly can’t even watch lebron anymore. Every team he is on gets every call in the world. I don’t think Portland will win, but they would at least have a chance if the lakers didn’t shoot 6252711919922974 free throws. It’s so hard to watch when all lebron has to do is run and throw up some shot and get a call. The only way Portland can keep it close is if the hit most of their shots or if the lakers shoot poorly from the free throw.
Skield Guy
Skield Guy 5 months ago
Hapoy Birthday Kobe Bryant Mamba Forever 💜💛💜💛💜💛
Erin Mckain
Erin Mckain 5 months ago
Like I said Lakers in 5 that’s playoff lebron that’s form that you don’t mass with
Erin Mckain
Erin Mckain 4 months ago
Eric Wilson me too
Brian P.
Brian P. 5 months ago
CASH! lol
Anderson Reyes
Anderson Reyes 5 months ago
Did anybody else read the title of this video in this guys voice 😭😭
Trevor Summers
Trevor Summers 5 months ago
Now we just need “Playoff P” to activate.
Trevor Summers
Trevor Summers 5 months ago
Chidi Opara Mans is shooting like 33% from the field rn 😂. If they lose the series he gets all blame.
Chidi Opara
Chidi Opara 5 months ago
He did😂😂😂 I think they call him George Paul in the playoffs
Corey Jay
Corey Jay 5 months ago
Blazers in 7. Down with the super team.
Charlie 5 months ago
no one bron is the goat he top 5 tho
c.choudhry 5 months ago
Want all the haters to keep that energy #washedszn
Strohza 5 months ago
Too bad they are still gonna lose to the raptors
Strohza 5 months ago
Eric Wilson we’ll see
Richy G
Richy G 5 months ago
This lakers team is much better than lebrons cavs from 2-3 years ago that DESTROYED the raptors in the playoffs.. Lakers in 6
Francisco Orozco
Francisco Orozco 5 months ago
Bout time shit
GTB Flexerboi
GTB Flexerboi 5 months ago
Who you guys think gonna win the NBA Finals?? I got the lakers winning the whole thing
Inigo Bereziartu
Inigo Bereziartu 5 months ago
LeCaruso mode
#Truck The World#
#Truck The World# 5 months ago
"It ain't dame time right now, it's the lake show" lmao😂😂😂
#Truck The World#
#Truck The World# 5 months ago
@Alberto Santos 🖕🏾
Alberto Santos
Alberto Santos 5 months ago
Kingsley XII
Kingsley XII 5 months ago
Bruh dame need to chill. Mans trying to dunk on AD😂
Official 23ro
Official 23ro 4 months ago
Lol it was a madness!! I respect him for trying it though, would've gone down in history.
ZeroPreSSureDT 5 months ago
In a playoff game too smh
Wow 5 months ago
Why your last video w Doncic wasn't you chattin? Was disappointed fr
Muayad Mde
Muayad Mde 5 months ago
Are we all just gonna ignore the commentary when he said "cashh” on the 3 pt that lebron did 😂😂😂
1motorcitychop 5 months ago
That voice bro never gone get old but i love it no homo
Coco C
Coco C 5 months ago
Lebronosaurus James activated 💪🦕
Emmanuel Moseley
Emmanuel Moseley 5 months ago
Clives voice makes me fucking cry
Thomas Zedrick Villanueva
LeGoat.. He did Everything he can to Show kobe some respect😁
Otto 5 months ago
Love your vids, but please consider making them at least 3 minutes... So much amazing content from games being missed out on (I watch the games, a lot more story to tell man!) Always been my gripe with Smoove.
Umetl Khan
Umetl Khan 5 months ago
Wait 23 point 17 rebounds and 16 assist ain't good
StrayingwithHawk 5 months ago
0:54 when my boy Carugoat low-key pat his sidekick
brian ojwanga
brian ojwanga 5 months ago
Danny G tryna build the wall on Mexico with all them bricks smh, smh, smh, smh