LeBron James Destroys Entire Rockets & James Harden With Block In Game 3! Lakers vs Rockets 

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LeBron James Destroys Entire Rockets & James Harden With Block In Game 3! Lakers vs Rockets Game 3 September 9, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Sep 8, 2020




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Comments 100   
Tracy Glover
Tracy Glover 3 months ago
Inopportune bad plays at untimely moments
Joyce Mesa
Joyce Mesa 3 months ago
Why does James Harden always look fat?
Goergia Post
Goergia Post 4 months ago
Lot of people actually don't recognize Dr. kwaloe on you tube has got the genital herpes cure
Eahoops 07
Eahoops 07 4 months ago
Bro you use Chris smooze videos stop using other people videos YOU ARE FAKE GET A LIFE
james snorlax
james snorlax 4 months ago
"James Harden seein' what true defense is like...." Daaaaang lit
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez 4 months ago
The USA can’t see your next video
Courtney White
Courtney White 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂bro chill on the comentary
Shawn shakur
Shawn shakur 4 months ago
i dont trust the barber still XD
Dien Auto
Dien Auto 4 months ago
Bla bla bla sometimes people forget who this guy Lebron James is. When he retires people will understand the chance they had to watch him. Fan since 2002.
omar facey
omar facey 4 months ago
James just got harden
Jaya Seelan
Jaya Seelan 4 months ago
Thanks God
Leo Lion
Leo Lion 4 months ago
James Harden manages to look confident and confused at the same time.
George Monterde
George Monterde 4 months ago
Too good too strong, two points
M C 4 months ago
Say it with your chest you sound like a bitch
Brandon Johnston
Brandon Johnston 4 months ago
Pulling Up!!!
Roy Wu
Roy Wu 4 months ago
james is better
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 4 months ago
James is better
jr the sauce gawd
jr the sauce gawd 4 months ago
Where the parodies
SimperZ 4 months ago
Is this Chris smoove brother?
Tim Macky
Tim Macky 4 months ago
LJ is better than HJ 😂
The Hylife Show
The Hylife Show 4 months ago
I think James is better than James 😂🤣
Cyle Kong
Cyle Kong 4 months ago
James is better⚡👍
Vinnie Huish
Vinnie Huish 4 months ago
Been viewing your title inputs for a year now.. Completely stopped watching your videos months ago of course due to you have absolutely no life talking about basketball all day and the nonsensical fact void politics rhatt has infected the hobby.. But my point is... Learn how to type in English for once. Its been over a year and you're still as illiterate as you were when you began this channel.
35 HUSSLE 4 months ago
Right now I need a fade cause I don’t trust barbers 😂🤣🤣
Teemu Sintonen
Teemu Sintonen 4 months ago
Respect Rondo! 🏀🔥
TheGamingBoy40 4 months ago
The commentary on this was priceless. Who is the better James
Maestro7 4 months ago
Lakers 2020 prove there a better team out there #forkobe
Kingsley XII
Kingsley XII 4 months ago
This nigga gonna lose it when lebro.. I mean lakers win the championship
KingReaperGamer 99
KingReaperGamer 99 4 months ago
Tbh I dont care much for witch team wins I just want to see them against Miami.
mindaugux 4 months ago
block by James! - this is such an iconic phrase.
crxsir121 4 months ago
LeBrondo duo getting it done👌👌
baselol 4 months ago
" OHHH BLOCK BY JAMES " finals recreation ahahaha
iceking 240
iceking 240 4 months ago
“Harden finally seeing what true defense looks like” honestly rondo has always been a high iq pg
Ronald De Vera
Ronald De Vera 4 months ago
Look at that coast to coast run by lebron before the dunk. He is going faster than AD at full speed lmao. Damn what a bullet train.
Momin A.
Momin A. 4 months ago
Jzn 4
Jzn 4 4 months ago
0:45 that vert could have been higher if the board didnt obstuct Lebron
Xolela Femela
Xolela Femela 4 months ago
Between James and James, James is better.
SilentTremor 4 months ago
Edward Coleman
Edward Coleman 4 months ago
Regular season = James Harden Playoffs/Finals = LeBron James It’s settled 😁 👏🏽
Arclight 00
Arclight 00 4 months ago
James harden finally seeing what true defense looks like 😂😂😂😂
Jusiah Aquino
Jusiah Aquino 4 months ago
I liked this dude when he made the funny ass parodies when Kyrie used to always say “first ever championship” and when Kevin Durant used to always start off a sentence with “oh my god” and he always related everything to him leaving Russell Westbrook😂. Man I used to always watch this dude’s parodies as a freshmen in high school now I hardly watch Clive anymore. I miss the parodies a lot and don’t get me wrong Clive still making good content but imo the parodies were his best.
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao 4 months ago
Lefraud..USADA is shuting their eyes.. using the creme... very obvious
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
Back @ it
Stings 4 months ago
They have a nice starting 5 if Bradley was here. Danny Green Ain’t shit
Stings 4 months ago
James is better
Derek Keyes
Derek Keyes 4 months ago
shelby swarey
shelby swarey 4 months ago
LeBron is the Goat.
3minecraft 32
3minecraft 32 4 months ago
naww, i think James is better
Johnny Brown
Johnny Brown 4 months ago
Really i think they let laker will to celebrate kobe
NooBooCoop 4 months ago
The virus is looking beatable my guy
Ali zayd
Ali zayd 4 months ago
do the rap game 6 match its dang
CuhrfyCool5 4 months ago
Ken Pedrera
Ken Pedrera 4 months ago
Kun nanalo ang rockets sasabihin d umubra pagkahalimaw n lebron hahah ayos
Mut Len Yea
Mut Len Yea 4 months ago
well, i think james is better than james
kaaimea mckee
kaaimea mckee 4 months ago
James finally seeing what true D looks like 😂 fuckn guy
wuttTHEheckler 4 months ago
Somebody, Somewhere, at Sometime (either now or in the near future) will have a baby boy and will name him LeBron James Harden. That little boy will grow up to be an accountant. ..🐿️
Hunned Proof Productions
Stop it!! He had a good first half. Where was he in the second? LeBricks. Laying bricks. That’s what he was doing.
SALTY_ EYEZ 4 months ago
And I’m out
Camden Smith
Camden Smith 4 months ago
So I’m not tryna offend anyone so PLEASE don’t take this wrong. Im bouta be brutally honest so please don’t make this a big deal... James is better than James😳😱😵
【LoPo Bunny】
【LoPo Bunny】 4 months ago
James vs James
Arnav Vivek
Arnav Vivek 4 months ago
James is definitely better than James but you could make a good argument for James but in my opinion James is superior to James
_ Chris
_ Chris 4 months ago
This is what my ass gets giving up on the lakers missed out a good game or maybe I’m the one giving them bad luck I’ll just stop watching.
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 4 months ago
“Cry LeBron a river” 😭😭😭
BRANDON 013 4 months ago
0:45😂🤣 Who's Better James Or James
Powered Productions
Powered Productions 4 months ago
TuniiFR 4 months ago
0:32 good travel by bron
The boss krish Suri
The boss krish Suri 4 months ago
@Greg A I don’t know what I did to you man like back off and I’m not a kid I’m 38 years old and I know that he does travel some times but like calm yourself and I’m not calling anyone a hater
The boss krish Suri
The boss krish Suri 4 months ago
@Greg A he is the best in the nba right now you guys are just haters no offence Greg but I’m talking mostly to viper
The boss krish Suri
The boss krish Suri 4 months ago
Are you good
WICHAN P.R. 4 months ago
Lebron una máquina que jugó las 4 entradas y buen estado físico es el King de la NBA.
EndSource Gaming
EndSource Gaming 4 months ago
Video still narrated by: *Giannis*
Sebhu Buni1
Sebhu Buni1 4 months ago
austin rivers giving iggy vibes
Mr Blue
Mr Blue 4 months ago
4 blocks? That's crax
treno guerrero
treno guerrero 4 months ago
This felt so good to see, it’s time for lebron to take over and carry his sorry ass teammates to conference finals
Kevin 4 months ago
Lebron’s nasty...sick blocks
Heartbreak Boy 💔
Heartbreak Boy 💔 4 months ago
Rondo was going off no kizzy 🔥💯
Supaa Gitt
Supaa Gitt 4 months ago
That should be his name... LeBron "BLOCKING" James 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
T-series Sucks
T-series Sucks 4 months ago
I like james
Sebastian Wiebke
Sebastian Wiebke 4 months ago
I cant hear his Voice.. 🤮
jayare yeeaah
jayare yeeaah 4 months ago
James harden like..yeah I can’t do none of that😂😂especially the defense it’s to much hard work
Mark Yongbi
Mark Yongbi 4 months ago
LeBron is 35 lol
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis 4 months ago
Lake show💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 GG✊🏿✊🏿
Guardian Bowling
Guardian Bowling 4 months ago
James has better offense, but James has better defense
King Slayer
King Slayer 4 months ago
This is MJ every playoff game
dionysis e
dionysis e 4 months ago
- Oh block by James. Lebron James with the rejection... - Wow.
dionysis e
dionysis e 4 months ago
James is much better than James
Peewee Campa
Peewee Campa 4 months ago
James harden : easy floater LeBron james : hell no get that out of here
Broke Guy
Broke Guy 4 months ago
James is better than James.
David Webb
David Webb 4 months ago
James says I'm the better James
Akeem Thomas
Akeem Thomas 4 months ago
Lebron James Harden
geriallo 4 months ago
Gu gu.
Puipuia a.k.a HotSpurt
This guy feels like he's running out of air 🤦‍♂️
Jeff Demavivas Campilan
Lebron James Harden is better.
H4VOCJDYT 4 months ago
* yo look! It's Lebron "BLOCKING" JAMES ! *
Bryan 1224
Bryan 1224 4 months ago
James is better than james though
Thanos 4 months ago
I just wanna see Lakers vs celtics in the finals 😩
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis 4 months ago
We just might!!!!
Shaun Caruna
Shaun Caruna 4 months ago
Win the championship and do this for Mamba!
Lance C24
Lance C24 4 months ago
Yo make parody videos on nba 2k21 like lebron hairline
LJG 4 months ago
sgnjr3 4 months ago
It seems like the Lebron spin is the most iconic move in NBA history. You know he is going to spin and there is nothing you can do about it.
music lmao
music lmao 4 months ago
Who better james or James im weak 😂
Aston Quan
Aston Quan 4 months ago
James is the better James 😔 why even ask wtf 😂😂😂