LeBron James CALLED OUT By Patrick Beverley Over NBA Return & Dwight Howard Sitting Out Season! 

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LeBron James CALLED OUT By Patrick Beverley Over NBA Return & Dwight Howard Sitting Out Season! Hoopers say what y’all want. If King James said he hooping. We all hooping. Not Personal only BUSINESS
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Jun 15, 2020




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phatbudda69 6 months ago
This narrative that the NBA needs to not continue because of protesting of police brutality is silly. Racism is going to show it's ugly head if LeBron or KD are playing or not. You lose your voice when an athlete is not playing. Guys, the fight against racism and police brutality is important for our society, but sports allow us to see the betterment of ourselves working together. Players can donate their time, money, and voices to an audience that can learn something and be entertaining at the same time. We can chew gum and walk at the same time.
Jethro Ty
Jethro Ty 7 months ago
I be just watching these videos to hear your "and I'm out"
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 7 months ago
Goddamn that block tho
Snicky G
Snicky G 7 months ago
This is off subject..... Did you notice when AD fell into the lap of that fan, that ignorant fool James could not stand the fact that AD was getting a little attention that he wasn't getting so narcissist James ran over and also fell into that fan's lap! If I didn't detest that sorry soul James so much, I would feel sorry for him. He truly is a pathetic human being! Sick!
DaBeast xx
DaBeast xx 7 months ago
Dwight don’t sit out😞😢
Silent Priest
Silent Priest 7 months ago
Lebron just wants to come back vs everyone else cause he knows this is his best chance to win cause a lot of NBA stars are wanting to sit
Al Ma
Al Ma 7 months ago
Sir Truth Hunter
Sir Truth Hunter 7 months ago
His message is not cryptic, stay woke says hes sneak dissing. If that wasn't in there then we could say its respect instead
Alix C
Alix C 7 months ago
Look! the only reason lebron wants nba to resume it is because he wants and desperate to win a champ so they can put him back to the g.o.a.t conversation.
Anthony Gamer
Anthony Gamer 7 months ago
Hopefully NBA will start to finally settle the champion for 2020 - #imAnAvidBasketballFan #ABFplayersWithStatue
RAIMON LEWIS 7 months ago
1:30 bro keep it real he smoked that
Quentin Kupenga
Quentin Kupenga 7 months ago
Kylie ain't winning shit he mad cause he can't go with his team in the bubble stfu Kyrie
NateNate Honey
NateNate Honey 7 months ago
Fuck LeBron. But that's y'all GOAT 😂
Hikidun M
Hikidun M 7 months ago
Playing hoops shouldn't stop unity or anyone from being woke - miss me with the b/s or click(effing)bait.
Terrell Maryland
Terrell Maryland 7 months ago
The message is self explanatory!! U makin confusion.. Smh.. Find something better to do than to spew this garbage
Your Father
Your Father 7 months ago
This is bull shit they have a job too and play the game. It's your job
Give me more Head
Give me more Head 7 months ago
If people can't decipher your bullshit tweet, don't send it.
Phenomenal BasketballTV ph
Mga idol pabisita channel ko! "The Next Terence Romeo of NCAA?!!!" Uploaded na. Hulaan nyo nalang kung sino:) Salamat!
Jj W
Jj W 7 months ago
He means he's with Lebron
Chrystian 7 months ago
Of course he’s exposing Queen James. The NBA is his bitch and nobody has the balls to go against him. No wonder why James been so quiet, he don’t want to takes sides but he already has with his silence. James don’t care about the BLM protest nor Covid, he just follows his own selfish agenda.
Shift HunchoTv
Shift HunchoTv 7 months ago
Dumbass. You can’t see pat bev is siding with lebron?
Nathan Locke
Nathan Locke 7 months ago
Systematic racism
Sleevelesshoove Eyyy
Lecommisioner is desperate to get a ring fast😂😂😂
Sleevelesshoove Eyyy
Willy Wonka yep!!! His clearly thinking about himself and fuck the black lived matter movement protest... he could care less, his rich his famous, his a legend in the making... and his the king 🤴 all he thinks about is his legacy and that rings... his desperate chasing mj to be the 🐐... and if the other superstars wont play and its an easy ring for him..
William Elam
William Elam 7 months ago
Exactly. Samething I said. He wanna play so he can get an easy ring with another super team cause he know if the season gets cancelled that’s another year down the drain. I bet if he had the lakers team from his first year he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to start the season. This championship will have an asterisk beside whoever wins
Aren Moore
Aren Moore 7 months ago
It’s not cryptic. He said “business not personal”... meaning whatever beef they had in the past he’s saying Bron is the leader of the players and they’ll do what he thinks is best.
Dom Dota
Dom Dota 7 months ago
Wtf are you talking about. Why you trying to make some drama out of nothing. All Patrick Beverley is saying. Is if Lebron said we're gonna hoop then that's what we're gonna do. Unfortunately Lebron is the only one out of all the goats that's still in the league and if he's ready to play ball then we should all be ready to play ball. And that's all Patrick is trying to say. Does noe exposing LeBron or the NBA culture. He's just trying to hoop.
dylan do
dylan do 7 months ago
you're stupid
Mr Sun Truth
Mr Sun Truth 7 months ago
His saying- James is apart of the deep state- the chosen one who runs the NBA
Bishop Powell
Bishop Powell 7 months ago
That boy knows about the deep state
Charles Marten
Charles Marten 7 months ago
Bro, if anything the man is showing respect. There's no diss or jab thrown. Basically, Pat is saying if the King says we play, we play. Simple. Do better with your content. Stop reaching.
Ernesto 484
Ernesto 484 7 months ago
White liberals want to manipulate nba players for their agenda
J D 7 months ago
who is pat bev?
Ya Bish
Ya Bish 7 months ago
Lebron has done more for the community than Beverley could dream of, smdh
Jonathan Kinsey
Jonathan Kinsey 7 months ago
Yo he's not even calling him out
Chris xO
Chris xO 7 months ago
Lebron litterally cant win....first he was the coach when he was carrying, then he was the GM when the Cavs decided to rebuild mid-season, now hes the Commissioner because he wants to play? Where was all this 'risk it all' and 'Championship for the people' energy in all those unarmed shootings on tape? Jamar Clark, Sam Dubose, Freddie Gray etc.? The stories behind those cases are just as disgusting as what happened to Floyd.
Snoopy 7 months ago
How the fuck is it cryptic? Are you challenged? My man said if LBJ wants to hoop we all hooping. He decides when we hoop. Ty type of channels is this
gee haha
gee haha 7 months ago
Here we go again blaming lbj
Moiz Velani
Moiz Velani 7 months ago
If Lou Williams says this I agree with him but when Kyrie says it it’s like stfu already.
Mauricio Pappatuti
Mauricio Pappatuti 7 months ago
Pat bev did not call lbj out wtf
Eleanor Carroll
Eleanor Carroll 7 months ago
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Sandrine Petit
Sandrine Petit 7 months ago
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Jefferey Klein
Jefferey Klein 7 months ago
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Margie Moulton
Margie Moulton 7 months ago
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patricia friend
patricia friend 7 months ago
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julien colin
julien colin 7 months ago
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A S.
A S. 7 months ago
You stupid af clive
theinsuranceguy101 7 months ago
If my company said it’s time to get back to work, I can either go back to work or quit. How’s that for crypticism
Forty Deuce
Forty Deuce 7 months ago
Yeah, basketball is more important than covid 19 and black men being lynched by the police. I like Lebron but when did his word become law?
J DMG 7 months ago
Jacob D. Hill
Jacob D. Hill 7 months ago
Go ahead and sit out make it easier for other teams to win
Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright 7 months ago
Do like Cube start your own league
Pat Nicholson
Pat Nicholson 7 months ago
Labron needs to keep his pie hole shut. Stop talking politics and who gives a f about his opinion. Stick with dunking the ball and save us all the shiz🤔
Alexander Chua
Alexander Chua 7 months ago
Hamidou Barry
Hamidou Barry 7 months ago
KingOcelotl 7 months ago
Historically, Kings have always been fascist. Is that the reason Pat is calling lebron james out deliberately as KingJames. Wish Pat had guts to clarify this ordeal.
Moses Sulph
Moses Sulph 7 months ago
Its is possible he is saying King James is the leader so if he sees it wise for the NBA to re-open he is with it, when he says stay awake basically saying players should stay in shape. As For KE of New York when did he ever care about any social movement, he simply know Lebron is getting Old and Lebron would have win this years championship so he would want the season to end.
O'lando Wilson
O'lando Wilson 7 months ago
If their are more important things than basketball, why did you make this video? Racism has been around forever and nothing people are doing now will change it. You can’t change people’s hearts. They have to want to change. Sports brings peoples together for real. Haven’t you seen Remember the Titans?!
Geo Max
Geo Max 7 months ago
i'm on lebron side i just want basketball
palmapaulino 2328
palmapaulino 2328 7 months ago
Músic please
MLP 7 months ago
more BS Racist comments the fuck outta here with BLM Garbage...
C Bennett
C Bennett 7 months ago
Lebron got that type of power😂
m10Grizzly 7 months ago
Did they ever say the lakers players who had coronavirus
Nightmare XIZ
Nightmare XIZ 7 months ago
Lebron let’s bring back the season Kyrie lebron stfu let racism end then Lebron racism will never end
A. B.
A. B. 7 months ago
UR_AL_SHOOK_UP 7 months ago
Hahaha racism nigha this aint the 1900s dumb pussy ..reported for lies
KlicClacJR 7 months ago
Clickbait level 9000000000000
Sasa Sese
Sasa Sese 7 months ago
He is saying basically the LeBron is the NBA if LeBron don't wanna play no body wil watch the NBA
Spencer West
Spencer West 7 months ago
Good Point I never thought about that tweet from both sides. I thought Bev was supporting Lebron but that’s kinda out of character for him. 🤷🏽‍♂️ maybe it was shade after all
Jared Peterson
Jared Peterson 7 months ago
Honestly LBJ wants to resume playing just to win a championship to add to his career. Pretty selfish with everything going on in the world right now.
jiujitsujedi 7 months ago
That call on A.D Was weak ass fuck!!!!
Jacob Gumbs
Jacob Gumbs 7 months ago
Coming from Patrick, you should know he is being sarcastic 🤦🏽‍♂️. The “#staywoke” says it all.
Marathon Mogul_
Marathon Mogul_ 7 months ago
Fucc the clippers #nobanners, LAKERS NATION! 🟣🟡
rudy vega
rudy vega 7 months ago
its not a cryptic message. its called double talk
YT Dat boi
YT Dat boi 7 months ago
When people don’t Lebron did get that ring for be the goat
Baby DooDoo
Baby DooDoo 7 months ago
This is why he’s the goat the gOAt
ProGamer809 7 months ago
Howard is soft.
Nicki Larsen
Nicki Larsen 7 months ago
P Beverly is in my mind telling us that we all listen to the king no matter what's going on in the world, "if king tells us to play we play, if he says let's get the world right first, then that's what we are going to do" We basically do what the king tells us without thinking further
江鹤 7 months ago
Whoever think Beverly isn’t being sarcastic are stupid
pblackjac 7 months ago
Returning to basketball would not be a distraction. It would be part of a healing process. They've earned this influence because they are athletes who are entertaining. Off the court, that influence can be used to keep the mission in mind. To get the messages out. To remind our people to educate themselves on their rights. To help those community leaders spread the word on rallies, or issues that are coming up that require public vote. There is so much that these stars can help accomplish off the court, because of what they have accomplished on it.
el nata
el nata 7 months ago
Fuck Patrick beverly like wtf that niga dont want for lebron to win a championship
TooLive NUNU
TooLive NUNU 7 months ago
He basically saying there is no point in debating Lebron gets his way point blank doesn’t take a rocket scientist bro
Paper Plat00n1
Paper Plat00n1 7 months ago
Beverly meant that sarcastically
Terron Anderson
Terron Anderson 7 months ago
Yo chill GSW will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Quepid 101
Quepid 101 7 months ago
This channel getting worse daily
O.A Stamp
O.A Stamp 7 months ago
BS half of them fools just scared of COVID
Ya Bish
Ya Bish 7 months ago
or dont want to be locked up in Orlando, fr bruh.
yrn kid
yrn kid 7 months ago
How is not playing basketball gonna help end racism?😂😂😂😂
Ernesto 484
Ernesto 484 7 months ago
ILLEST BiN I hate racism it sucks but sadly it will never end no matter what.
ILLEST BiN 7 months ago
yrn kid bring awareness and not distraction from what’s really going on in this world. You would only know if you are colored skin.
redd channel
redd channel 7 months ago
well i work for the rockets as stand lead but they said it's supposed to come back in 7-21 but they have healthy and not sick i want to go back but at the same i don't won't get sick lebron needs relax and play 2k20
jon GEE
jon GEE 7 months ago
Legend Man
Legend Man 7 months ago
Bev getting dunked on by the King and taking the chip for the Lakers this year gotta do it for Kobe
Cold Truth
Cold Truth 7 months ago
Quit twisting shit little boy
UrbanLovesDaLakers 7 months ago
No he's being sarcastic...saying whatever "King" James say, the league will follow suit and rule in his favor. Funny how fans dis Irving for what he stated, but forgot James stated he wasn't hooping with no fans in the stadium...and most of the fans, analysts agreed with him...but they have a problem with Irving...bunch of bias hypocrite
jordan williams
jordan williams 7 months ago
He just saying Lebron James got the juice 🧃
Noah Woodrum
Noah Woodrum 7 months ago
Bunch of entitled brats. Do your fucking job like everyone else.
I Mig I
I Mig I 7 months ago
If entertainment is a distraction right now then take a break off your social media, your game consoles, tv, etc... but don’t you think playing in the return could help talk abt the issue more. And also I thought that Trump signed police reform and y’all are still protesting. For what?
Herman Mickles
Herman Mickles 7 months ago
He saying Hell! y’all really goin be bitches and listen to lebrom
Koji BadCo
Koji BadCo 7 months ago
The “stay woke” part was the give away I know y have to b neutral for the sake of the video but come on mannnn
Jaime Garcia Reyes
Jaime Garcia Reyes 7 months ago
pet bev is annoying
jafar rl
jafar rl 7 months ago
Tf cryptic ??????
Aaron C
Aaron C 7 months ago
Unity of people😂😂😂 there rich they earned being rich I watched a white homeless guy get shot the other day and you see anyone protesting, African Americans are trying to win something that will never be won racism will always be alive people
Lawrence Robinson
Lawrence Robinson 7 months ago
Plain and simple two things can be true he saying if LeBron says they hooping then they hooping, Beverly is just telling the truth nothing personal 😂 lmfao
Jack Field
Jack Field 7 months ago
Ur voice is to annoying to be that stupid as well how have you got subs , he’s obviously calling him out
Jack Field
Jack Field 7 months ago
Ur voice is to annoying to be that stupid, he’s obviously calling him out