LeBron James Bullies Tyler Herro & Gets Revenge For His Mean Mug! Lakers vs Heat Game 4 

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LeBron James Bullies Tyler Herro & Gets Revenge For His Mean Mug! Lakers vs Heat Game 4 2020 NBA Finals October 6, 2020 NBA Season
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Oct 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
Woot Exclusive
He tried to draw a foul. 🤣🤣
OG Original Grandma
How does this channel have 1.9 mill subs? Such an annoying commentator
JENNYHMU 11 days ago
damn u did baby goat wrong 😭
배롬멜 21 day ago
0:10😂 never gets old😂 that's what you get when you mean mug looking like sheen from jimmy neutron😂
J Kay
J Kay 24 days ago
This sounds like a Napoleon Dynamite character doing a NBA commentary
JACOB VIKI 25 days ago
This guys voice is so boring
Lol 😂
Lenard Lumawag
Lenard Lumawag Month ago
Andy Romero
Andy Romero Month ago
Revenge bru this ant no kill and death thing its basketball
Harambe Da Gorilla
Herro is next, but bron had to remind him hes the present, hes done this playoff shit for 20 years, he said not yet youngblood, you know im still king
Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman Month ago
herro next u think? wouldnt get any recognition on the knicks. RJ was better in reg
Ken Lim
Ken Lim Month ago
Lol as usual Lebron charging but refs ain’t gonna call it 😂 😂
SahKun Month ago
Lebron like who the f are you making my face kiddo hahhaa
Mike Abe Opinions
L.A the best team now.
Ifeanyi Ogali
Ifeanyi Ogali Month ago
Black people always talking about racism but they are they the most racist I've seen since i moved to America and I'm black
Kevelya Koppa
Kevelya Koppa Month ago
That was an offensive foul LeBron screaming cuz he’s happy he got away with shoving baby goat if heat were healthy they would’ve won in 7
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Month ago
Dr.Dan1! Month ago
Imagine someone subscribing to this trash channel. Whack AF.
psn_repsup psn_phukdapolice
Lmfao don't do this if your not ready foooooo this lol
Tawup Flash
Tawup Flash 2 months ago
LeBron haters should be greatfull that this league is soft now. Couse LeBron would do that to the Spurs and Warriors 😂😂😂😂
Andy 2 months ago
why are you whispering
Trikki Clips
Trikki Clips 2 months ago
Lebron shows lil boy Herro how its done
Alex Quinonez
Alex Quinonez 2 months ago
Go eat a steak Tyler Herro
AG 2 months ago
oh shut up
Ernest Chiong
Ernest Chiong 2 months ago
That kid is nothing compare to LBJ.
autistic blobfishes
autistic blobfishes 2 months ago
But right here like this like this LeBron over here dunk
autistic blobfishes
autistic blobfishes 2 months ago
Like this
J poison
J poison 2 months ago
This guy voice is annoying af
Lil Blue
Lil Blue 2 months ago
Lmao all the LeBron dick riders out here
Rasict_babns 2 months ago
Slurk 2 months ago
260lbs 6'9 sf that is stronger than most centres and faster than most guards. Tyler can't do anything im sorry.
Jose Alfonso Terrero
Offensive foul, flagrant foul, could had hurt that guy.
Jonathan Phillips
Jonathan Phillips 3 months ago
That’s a foul
J.P Sportzz
J.P Sportzz 3 months ago
That was a foul. Let’s not talk about that though!
kizzle97 3 months ago
I smell fanboy... it’s a strong scent. Also have you every played ball before? Something tells me you haven’t 😬
Al Bal
Al Bal 3 months ago
When a rookie thinks he is a match for the king... bam!!!... hit the floor
Uzziel Villano Quibuyen
i live for this commentary
TTV Maria
TTV Maria 3 months ago
LeBron was dunkinging
9megir 3 months ago
Namnamnam namnamnam hanhamham (is your nose open?)
Time Traveling Old Man
Tyler Herro looks like a 16 year old Tik Tok user lol
CoolestKID gaming
CoolestKID gaming 3 months ago
Lebron blah blah blah Tyler blah blah blah jimmy butler blah blah blah
CoolestKID gaming
CoolestKID gaming 3 months ago
Lakers 2020 champs
Raphael Martinez
Raphael Martinez 3 months ago
Am I the only one that sees and considers that Tyler is trying to sell a charge on that play?
jose santos
jose santos 3 months ago
Oh my Herro.
The HOWARD 3 months ago
Then fast fwd Friday he got revenge against lebron same move but no dunk they called a charge 🙄😤🖕🏾
Orestis Fikos
Orestis Fikos 3 months ago
What a voice....
Jesse Labreche
Jesse Labreche 3 months ago
lol pullin’ up caash ~
G S 3 months ago
This dude sounds hella funny 😆 it started like this and ended like this.
Jesse Labreche
Jesse Labreche 3 months ago
I feel like he lives with his parents, and records these at like 2am - quietly.
James Pfiske
James Pfiske 3 months ago
These fake Lebron fans only watch highlights and think they know his game lol! He has the worst handles of all time.
James Pfiske
James Pfiske 3 months ago
Sooooooo nobody is ever gonna call an offensive foul on the dirtiest player in the game (Lebron James)
Jimtoot Busain
Jimtoot Busain 3 months ago
Jeffrey Laverman
Jeffrey Laverman 3 months ago
Looks like an offensive foul.
Emerson Pilvera
Emerson Pilvera 3 months ago
A few momments later... m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=156384426128715&id=100052714761982
Richard Arroyo
Richard Arroyo 3 months ago
Lebron pushed his ass
tso theunique
tso theunique 3 months ago
That voice though
Peter Remulta
Peter Remulta 3 months ago
ST FU 3 months ago
Title is clickbait
Kye Park
Kye Park 3 months ago
Game 5, lebron once again gave up the ball for someone else when he had to score and lost. He gets lot of hate because he called himself a GOAT. GOAT my a$$
Dennis Deloach
Dennis Deloach 2 months ago
Its called self confidence
Kyle _
Kyle _ 3 months ago
LeBron got shit on
Cleanest Boi
Cleanest Boi 3 months ago
he took it like a champ wtf are you talking about?
nouvek 3 months ago
Herro: why u bully me? LeBron: why are you running?
jose Martinez
jose Martinez 3 months ago
Fuck lebron he is a fucking whinning flopping bully
Jorge Gallegos
Jorge Gallegos 3 months ago
Idc what anyone says this guys voice is weird 😂
Mike Amiri
Mike Amiri 3 months ago
Corny commentating
Péťa Šálek
Péťa Šálek 3 months ago
You are an idiot if you cheering Lakers
My Name is Chris
My Name is Chris 3 months ago
Did the Lakers set a world record for the most flops in a season
Jason Rozario
Jason Rozario 3 months ago
When ever Lakers beat the heat Clive would upload a vid in like 20 mins
Coris Anderson
Coris Anderson 3 months ago
Goes to to show you the refs don’t call offensive fouls on James like they should.
D C 3 months ago
He just swatted him off like a little kid !
Byron 3 months ago
LMAO “but he ended up on the floor” 💀💀💀
Saltdiscreet312 Fifa Gaming
Who does tyler herro think he is comapared to LeBron
FamousJayy 3 months ago
patrick meme face
patrick meme face 3 months ago
I bet all the dislikes are heat fans
Safani Liben
Safani Liben 3 months ago
What song do you use in your videos?
Canaanland Moors
Canaanland Moors 3 months ago
Wackest finals ever..nba2k live!!
loco mixer
loco mixer 3 months ago
this clip is just pure cringe
jover sabdola
jover sabdola 3 months ago
KCP much better than Kabrun 🤣🤣🤣
adnan saleh
adnan saleh 3 months ago
LeBron chill out his a rookie
Budz Sakuragi
Budz Sakuragi 3 months ago
Your voice sounds Tired😂 Maybe you are Flippers fan😂
Silvio B
Silvio B 3 months ago
Clear foul of Lebron on Tyler!!!
neil andrew ibañez
neil andrew ibañez 3 months ago
Dunsen Alvin
Dunsen Alvin 3 months ago
who will be the finals MVP? lebron or AD?
Rudy Rosales
Rudy Rosales 3 months ago
Lebrons leinitus 300 growl. Laker nation to herros blue steel look 😂
Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez 3 months ago
Tyler does that snarl when he beat his bros tanner and kyle at a game of 2k. Lil bihhh
Spawn Gab
Spawn Gab 3 months ago
Herro wasnt on james' level.. All hail the king!!
Payton no weaknesses Pritchard
Offense foul
Even Fontaine
Even Fontaine 3 months ago
Ohh men where u been?! Ive been missing your voice ! Nice to hear u back
Kell Kaname
Kell Kaname 3 months ago
Still can’t believe Kobe won’t be courtside in the flesh to see LA win the championship.. R.I.P Black Mamba 💯
Zenco 3 months ago
Coming from a Kentucky fan, tyler buddy, if you want to have your limbs past the age of 30, I recommend you stop smirking after hitting a game winner against lebron. He will make you cry. Please keep this in mind going forward, I let it slide bc its his first season and I assume lebron wanted his career to last more than a season aswell so he probably only gave him half power.
Zenco 3 months ago
Before some moron goes HEHE BRONSEXUAL LPSKFJDJJSJDJSJEWIU, its called appreciating him and respecting his greatness, yes there are better but only a few, yes others have had better careers, and whatever else you wanna say about him but after he retires you lebron haters are gonna go "bruh lebron was like uhhhh so good uhhhh" but in like a brain dead voice u know lol
Michael James
Michael James 3 months ago
Lakers winning it all .. Gotta win it for the great black mamba
Ray Sell
Ray Sell 3 months ago
3-1 and they wearing mamba jerseys they trynna end it Lakers on top
Lourdeson Michel
Lourdeson Michel 3 months ago
That's a damn foul
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez 3 months ago
Nba so rigged after kobes death. Such disrespect for kobe rigging the whole season 😏
Edudz Lucas
Edudz Lucas 3 months ago
Shame. Needed to ward off a kid to get a basket.
Ahmad Khalid
Ahmad Khalid 3 months ago
is that curry who's talking?
Von 3 months ago
Blatant Offensive foul. I don’t care who you are. You can’t extend your forearm like that
John Wick
John Wick 3 months ago
There will no longer be on-court political or social injustice messaging from next season, quoted by Adam Silver. They must be hurting pretty bad for him to say that.
Real X
Real X 3 months ago
Definitely Lebrom belong to Cobra Kai team. No mercy👊🏻
Coach King Rod
Coach King Rod 3 months ago
Lmaoo at Jimmy Butler making a business decision.
Taye Redding
Taye Redding 3 months ago
He flopped on purpose ☠☠☠
Kujio Gaming
Kujio Gaming 3 months ago
Tyler look like such a bitch boy bruh💀