LeBron James Shocked Trail Blazers Win Game 1! Lakers vs Trail Blazers Game 1 2020 NBA Playoffs 

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LeBron James Shocked Trail Blazers Win Game 1! Lakers vs Trail Blazers Game 1 August 19, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Aug 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 4 months ago
I like how instead of admiring the blazers you started off with dame time but then said why the lakers lost making it all about the lakers and not blaming lebron for his bricks in the second half
Joy 4 months ago
That double flop 👯‍♂️🤣🤣
Wally & Abucks Tv
Wally & Abucks Tv 4 months ago
Nah you too funny
Robert Likesdonuts
Robert Likesdonuts 5 months ago
Danny brick
Pratik Lawghon
Pratik Lawghon 5 months ago
Where is Rondo we need him
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Is LeBron Shocked the Trail Blazers won or Did Lebron Shock the Trail Blazers and won
Potato Aim
Potato Aim 5 months ago
100th dislike lol. I liked the video just wanted to be the 100rh dislike to make it even
King Leung, RA, LEED AP
They won game 1? I thought Portland did? I am confused...
Wil low
Wil low 5 months ago
Lebron james spokesman for the ccp
GeorgéNothim 5 months ago
Danny green will invest while getting paid playing bball and building houses
GBG SHAWN 5 months ago
Make Parodies again 😂😂😂
jorge ruiz
jorge ruiz 5 months ago
I hope the lakers lose , woke asses trying to tell people who to vote for I hope They lose the next game !
The Painter
The Painter 5 months ago
Lebron is focused on politics that's why
vlone envyzzz
vlone envyzzz 5 months ago
Im better than LeBron
vlone envyzzz
vlone envyzzz 5 months ago
I'm the mvp😃
vlone envyzzz
vlone envyzzz 5 months ago
I'm so good 😃
TULLA THOMAS 5 months ago
This guy was so funny 😂
Elijah Alvarez
Elijah Alvarez 5 months ago
Guard dame wit bron
christopher kettler
christopher kettler 5 months ago
People talk about bron making his teamates better but his team didnt do shit....they should slow the game down pound it iinside and blitz dame
J M 5 months ago
I think tom hanks in trouble 🤣🤣
Sejo Botonjic
Sejo Botonjic 5 months ago
Ima tell u guys right now like i said 10 dayz before. Blazers make the finals and DAME gonna be finals MVP!!!! I will bet money on IT tomorrow... at least a 100 bucks 🤙🤙. Call me crazy! But the whole year was crazy till now, so why should they dont get to da finals. Y'all feel me
Sejo Botonjic
Sejo Botonjic 5 months ago
KCP whit a insane tripple Single 🤣🤣🤙🤙
Mark Parrish
Mark Parrish 5 months ago
Lakers go get swept! 😂
Vu Tran
Vu Tran 5 months ago
If KCP keeps playing like that they’re gonna start calling him Lonzo 2
Sebastian Diaz
Sebastian Diaz 5 months ago
This man is a bronsexual
Javin Romero
Javin Romero 5 months ago
I swear i thought kuzma and caruso at 0:51 they in sync when they stud up
YETI 5 months ago
If the Lakers win game 2, they still have a chance. If the Blazers win game 2, issa wrap.
John Wick
John Wick 5 months ago
It’d be funny if the Lakers lost the series
Yan Sen Lu
Yan Sen Lu 5 months ago
Who has Danny Green’s number?
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel 5 months ago
Good Job Blazers make it sweep!
zooallow 1025
zooallow 1025 5 months ago
To bad they put that trash on the court and nobody watching .
D Bo
D Bo 5 months ago
23-16-17 is bananas!! That’s not just alright he will figure it out. His team let him down. He nearly had a triple double all in the 20s.
Squiddy Jamzzz
Squiddy Jamzzz 5 months ago
"Danny building houses" lol
BOSSMxN305 5 months ago
0:50 😂 why is that so funny to me
Austin Krueger
Austin Krueger 5 months ago
16 assists. Shit’s nuts
Mingyuan Jing
Mingyuan Jing 5 months ago
Chris smoove wannable
Benjamin Sudlow
Benjamin Sudlow 5 months ago
This dudes way too funny
Michael Fuiava
Michael Fuiava 5 months ago
But the Lakers are still in the playoffs
X90_BLESS 5 months ago
LBJ had the best stats in the game...A.D. big let down ...
RONzo 5 months ago
Lebron aint $&@#!!
pi cruise
pi cruise 5 months ago
Its more like it's the FANS of lebron who are more shocked than him.
James Fitzgerald Abad
For some reason, the 2020 portland trail blazers feels like the 2016 warriors or the 2007 we believe warriors
D T 5 months ago
Yeah people think it's game Lakers going home
Nicholas Pachirera
Nicholas Pachirera 5 months ago
That's very true...they might shock people if they stay focused and healthy
James Fitzgerald Abad
Weneed him 2016 in the warriors vs thunder series
Weneed him
Weneed him 5 months ago
2016? what? you mean 2015?
Luis Medrano
Luis Medrano 5 months ago
Your voice is annoying jesus
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 months ago
From Danny Green to Danny Brick 🧱
SSJ Noobie Gaming
SSJ Noobie Gaming 5 months ago
Lebron aint playoff mode..
Mr. Oneil
Mr. Oneil 5 months ago
I ain’t blaming no team it’s LeBron period y’all playing right into his hands passing passing passing like always when it’s his turn to step up he don’t want the blame so he passes relentlessly to have everyone say oh it’s the team no it’s him ..... take the dam shots LeBron !!!!
Zakashii Z
Zakashii Z 5 months ago
I’m a Kobe fan btw I agree with what your saying too tho bro
Zakashii Z
Zakashii Z 5 months ago
Mr. Oneil I’ll give ya that one that’s facts but Kobe has SKILL LeBron just relies on his body
Mr. Oneil
Mr. Oneil 5 months ago
He gets no pass from me old ain’t got nothing to do with it kobe hit 60 on the way out LeBron lacks that’s killers mode you speak of that’s it .
Zakashii Z
Zakashii Z 5 months ago
He needs to go into killer mode if he’s the king and let’s all realize this man is old now look at his beard he’s not Miami LeBron anymore
Mr. Oneil
Mr. Oneil 5 months ago
He needs to take over the game it’s that simple dude .
juan Fajardo
juan Fajardo 5 months ago
Los Angeles Chokers😂
vlone envyzzz
vlone envyzzz 5 months ago
Yes cuz me😉
PhantomMatrix 5 months ago
Those guys fell like dominoes! lol 0:50
Monte_6'8 270Lbs. Actor
Lebron cut the hair and you'll average 40 instantly!
Weneed him
Weneed him 5 months ago
he didn't cut it in 2018, so...
Lulupig 5 months ago
come on Danny I wanna see that green
Never Quit
Never Quit 5 months ago
Lebron was done. Hes not the same player. When they were losing w minutes left he was driving in for the layup instead of shooting or setting up 3's for his team. Very bad court iq cost them the dub. If he continues to play like this, lakers drowning 1st round. Danny green was also missing too much wtf.
Zakashii Z
Zakashii Z 5 months ago
Thank you I said the same thing he’s trying to be a slasher now instead of a playmaker
James Edwards
James Edwards 5 months ago
klank rank
klank rank 5 months ago
The Lakers have to much tallent to be losing to the trailblazers an y'all wanna say LBJ is better than MJ an y'all can't use the term LeBron needs help
TwiZteD Phsyco
TwiZteD Phsyco 5 months ago
My Lakers can’t go out like that
JP JA3R3L 5 months ago
Bruh all I want the Lakers to win for Kobe then I'm good
Zakashii Z
Zakashii Z 5 months ago
Same. But I hate bron he hops teams way too much at this point he is a groupie and nobody acknowledges how after he leaves a team he destroys their franchise for years like Heat just finally got decent again and Cleveland is flaming trash thanks to LeBitch
jsn23nc 5 months ago
Lebron shot the ball 20 times just to get 20 points. But they want to blame everyone else. Excuses smh
20th Century Fox Closing Logos
1-800-DannyGreenBrick 😂😂
Jobit Jobit
Jobit Jobit 5 months ago
He skipped the part when Lebron got blocked
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
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PAS PISKARALO- Tema 5 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/prR4d7B1mXuCi4U.html ❌
Exist 5 months ago
Bru Damian lookin like goku when he unlocked ultra instinct
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
My Nigga Clive is wrong for this😂🤣🤣
Cuck MaBallz
Cuck MaBallz 5 months ago
i don’t like your voice
Kirk Milner
Kirk Milner 5 months ago
Dry ass jokes to go wit that dry ass voice
Matthew Newberry
Matthew Newberry 5 months ago
Just here to ruin the 420 comments
Ruel Apas
Ruel Apas 5 months ago
It's already predict by Barkley. 🤣 🤣
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner 5 months ago
Martin Rodriguez
Martin Rodriguez 5 months ago
Yes they r!!!!!
Abel Galang
Abel Galang 5 months ago
0:57 I laughed so hard haha
The “Green” mile, paved with bricks
Jamillah Dawson
Jamillah Dawson 5 months ago
Ekwee Macpeter
Ekwee Macpeter 5 months ago
This dude 😂😂😂😂😂
freddy zamaripa
freddy zamaripa 5 months ago
They got in trouble wen they signed labron and no 3pt shooters but green. laBUM takes up the whole paint and needs 3 shooters cause hes not a shooter. Mj n kobe needed bigs cause they played outside in
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao 5 months ago
Nesso DaP
Nesso DaP 5 months ago
Cali boy dame sum bout the the west mane
Xavier Mayfield
Xavier Mayfield 5 months ago
I was rooting for kcp I thought i'd see pistons kcp.
Abhinav Lahiri
Abhinav Lahiri 5 months ago
Who is kcp
Moh Izzud
Moh Izzud 5 months ago
this nigga narator is f*cking trash talking and his voice doesn't meaningful
Toby Tiger
Toby Tiger 5 months ago
they're in big trouble. if you can't shoot you can't win. Maybe it won't be an issue now, but it will as you go deeper into the playoffs
dyskover 5 months ago
Props to Whiteside and Nurkic.
Jay Gima
Jay Gima 5 months ago
lakers shot 15 percent from 3!!!!!!
GOAT ___
GOAT ___ 5 months ago
anyone else watching this guys videos just to hear his terrible roasts with that weird voice😂
Fresh 5 months ago
0:50 they killed there entire team
Amir Bryant
Amir Bryant 5 months ago
Go back to 2k skits since this is happening
Dae 5 months ago
I miss AB
L W 5 months ago
From LA, huge Kobe fan, was a Lebron fan until he got dumb and political. Hope Blazers win, go DL!!’n
Zakashii Z
Zakashii Z 5 months ago
Kobe> LeBron any day Kobe was laker for life. LeBron jumps teams when he takes Ls
Ramiro Perez
Ramiro Perez 5 months ago
Man I'm kinda pissed after danny and kcp missing everything
Aye Jay
Aye Jay 5 months ago
Bet money danny greens bullshit is gonna be in a bron documentary 15 year from now
Rajon rondo is the only one that can save the lakers
Sportsandgaming 5 months ago
Nobody Bearly game 1
This game was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 i watched it live. I wish they would stop showing thos me cringey fake crowd
Cerilo naive
Cerilo naive 5 months ago
Kcp and Caruso is trash!jr Smith and waiters is important!..
pullt 5 months ago
Dame time = Swept outta last two playoffs
Felipe Brandalesi
Felipe Brandalesi 5 months ago
0:50 that was a shaqtin for sure man😂
S R120
S R120 5 months ago
Shut up dude!!! You suck and your disgraceful blm basketball sucks!! No one cares. Can’t wait until they go out of business!
Young VTiller
Young VTiller 5 months ago
God Dame
Abeba Muluken
Abeba Muluken 5 months ago
why are bron haters so obssesed with him to follow every thing about him
Abeba Muluken
Abeba Muluken 5 months ago
I mean they doin there business
Zakashii Z
Zakashii Z 5 months ago
Blame espn they make this man seem like a god and when he messes up he gets crucified
Lucas Sweeten
Lucas Sweeten 5 months ago
1-800 build a brick 😂😅
Erratic 5 months ago
How Identical was that 😂
zYTHH 5 months ago
Calling Green? No one did shit last night besides AD and LeBron. And still AD missed a lot for what we are used to, if AD aint ballin' Lebron can not carry anymore alone. Lakers has no shooters..
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Views 3.6M