LeBron James Gets Schooled By Jamal Murray's Michael Jordan Layup In Game 4! Lakers vs Nuggets 

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LeBron James Gets Schooled By Jamal Murray's Michael Jordan Layup In Game 4! Lakers vs Nuggets September 24, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Sep 24, 2020




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adnan šahinpašić
adnan šahinpašić 3 months ago
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Green Nicotine
Green Nicotine 3 months ago
😆Say hi Le'Bron!😁😎
Dadasha 3 months ago
@clivenbaparody FUCK OFF!
Vill Amore Padayhag
Vill Amore Padayhag 3 months ago
Lots of talent
HudsonTD777 3 months ago
Krishiv Bajaj
Krishiv Bajaj 3 months ago
Calm down Jamal don’t pull out the 9
MissMailer 3 months ago
MICHAEL JORDAN would be proud!
Discoloured 3 months ago
I remember clive was funny before no? No hate but, something feels off
Rick Cistrunk
Rick Cistrunk 3 months ago
I'm sorry to say but that layup was better than my
big papi
big papi 3 months ago
Your SOUND is painful to hear
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 3 months ago
So satisfied seeing it.
D Rob
D Rob 3 months ago
Wow 1 shot and they at home now so who cares..
J 3 months ago
danthegoat13❶ 3 months ago
Bruh what I gotta do to get in that crowd
Drozeler 3 months ago
And still people thinks lebron is the goat
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 3 months ago
Murray Owned LeBron with that move that he Couldn't even make 😂🤣😂
Brill Saint
Brill Saint 3 months ago
you not only make great videos, you make me smile. Micheal Jordan was at Murray's House!!
No they cannot come back anymore.. 😂
Juanjose Adorno Crespo
Talk now mdf!!
Exotic Legend
Exotic Legend 3 months ago
? I don't understand they Beat Them? Ethier Way LOL
Momo Camara
Momo Camara 3 months ago
Venus 3 months ago
*LAL Win Series 4-1*
Momo Camara
Momo Camara 3 months ago
陈一峰 3 months ago
1, Jordan did this in almost every game. 2, Jordan landed smoothly after layup.
Franklakers 3 months ago
This layout looks even better than MJ, Cuz lebron was way up, while jordan tbh would of made it even if he didn switch hand
master of disaster
master of disaster 3 months ago
88 Jordan would have dunked it
William Stone
William Stone 3 months ago
Damn imagine if my was still playin tho in his prime
Alexander Jaco Allegra
DJG Reacts
DJG Reacts 3 months ago
No come back hell no bro 😎
Demetric Brown
Demetric Brown 3 months ago
Can u make more 2k parody
Jamison Payne
Jamison Payne 3 months ago
They gotta call on the 3-1 comeback gods
ojaswit luthra
ojaswit luthra 3 months ago
That 4DReplay shit is crazy
JRTom 10
JRTom 10 3 months ago
Nuggets coming back. Remember that
JCL Systems
JCL Systems 3 months ago
All they have to do is 3 things: 1) Box out after Every shot goes up. 2) Jokic gotta get his shot going! 3) Everyone else that gets an open look.... KNOCK IT DOWN!! They do that... NUGGETS IN 7!!
Antonio S
Antonio S 3 months ago
if lakers win the championship, it will purely be honorary to Kobe, but that will be Lebrons last career title.
Darkest Berrios
Darkest Berrios 3 months ago
Hell no they going to lost denver
Short Shorts Films
Short Shorts Films 3 months ago
And took the L.
Arcani336 3 months ago
Senghor Samuel
Senghor Samuel 3 months ago
Senghor Samuel
Senghor Samuel 3 months ago
for people who are losing their memory like you. there is nothing to say
Senghor Samuel
Senghor Samuel 3 months ago
Keviya Hoops
Keviya Hoops 3 months ago
Game 7 baby
Jordan Colon
Jordan Colon 3 months ago
As a neutral and non bias in this series, I have Lakers in 7
Caruso v Herro Rondo = 2 Paul = 0
KOTS 3 months ago
The Ref be chilling tho
MrRainman007 3 months ago
Divine Divination Device
So Jamal Murray turned into a top 5 point guard over night...
Captaine Steve Boulet Boulet
Move of the year for me!
Rip kobe
Rip kobe 3 months ago
Terrence Woodard
Terrence Woodard 3 months ago
One of the most disrespectfully underrated players in the league. When he's on 🔥.... there's not enough water in the Pacific ocean to put him out 💯💯
Its LOL 3 months ago
I think Jamal is tied with Brandon Ingram for most improved playet
Erson Velasco
Erson Velasco 3 months ago
This shot is the jelliest of all the jellies this season. I still applaud the tenacity of J. Murray.. 👊😜👍
LC Devon
LC Devon 3 months ago
If the nuggets need to get joker faster and better defense so he can clamp up AD but nuggets in 7
PR0GRAM3D NYC 3 months ago
Bro if the nuggets beat the Lakers 3 straight that would be absurd
Jamis Mirs
Jamis Mirs 3 months ago
This clearly states that, Lebron, in Jordan era is Trash.
Ojeezy316 3 months ago
This dude voice lol
Effects Master
Effects Master 3 months ago
for the laker kobe bron then jm become mj
O'Neil 3 months ago
Lmao "JM not MJ" 😂
Brian McHerron
Brian McHerron 3 months ago
"Lebrone was like MJ is that you?" 😂
Team Nike
Team Nike 3 months ago
Kentucky Gang!
MOE SAVAGE 3 months ago
I’m sorry but did you not see lebron locking Jamal Murray down the whole 4th quarter the tittle needs to be “lebron gets layed on by Jamal Murray then get locked down by lebron”
pratik 3 months ago
For LeBrons defence ,that was great defence but wow could have predicted Jamal doing that
Ralph Lemuel
Ralph Lemuel 3 months ago
Mj? Seriously? More like kyrie irving 🤣 stop using MJ for a shitty comparison
Ralph Lemuel
Ralph Lemuel 3 months ago
Ponzio and mj grabs the ball with one hand
Ralph Lemuel
Ralph Lemuel 3 months ago
Ponzio except that mj switch hands
Moon 3 months ago
That's literally a mj layup look up any video of mj doing layups and that will be there
Piru Luv
Piru Luv 3 months ago
"Mj is that you"👀
Enrique Riveral
Enrique Riveral 3 months ago
Noah Cardona
Noah Cardona 3 months ago
no lakers gonna win
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony 3 months ago
If murray did that to lebron, just imagine what could Jordan do to him.
Javier Arredondo
Javier Arredondo 3 months ago
If the nuggets win this next one its over for the lakers
Eugene hofmann
Eugene hofmann 3 months ago
Kuzma defense is so weak
wwefan1120 3 months ago
LeBron like ; MJ is that you? 😂😂
Vision_Snipz YT
Vision_Snipz YT 3 months ago
Bruh it was all fun and games till Jamal actually pulled out the 9😂
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 3 months ago
Ngl he might have been able to throw it down on his head...
Unknown guy
Unknown guy 3 months ago
MJ : That's when I took it personal
213– BeeRow
213– BeeRow 3 months ago
Yeah I love my Lakers and hope they win the chip but I really rather them to win this one , this Denver team is special championship material for sure at the moment.... AD is questionable for 5 so we will see :(
M N 3 months ago
It tells you Murray doesn't have left hand on the court
solomontrump 3 months ago
Lebron fouled Murray on multiple drives to the basket and his cult is calling it a lockdown yall sound so dumb yall are STOOPID
Heck Poxy
Heck Poxy 3 months ago
Craigin Diaz
Craigin Diaz 3 months ago
Lakers in 5💛💜
Juan Pinedo
Juan Pinedo 3 months ago
thats cool but who won?
Juan Pinedo
Juan Pinedo 3 months ago
@Moon yes sir Mr lincoln
Moon 3 months ago
The video isn't about who won it's a highlight of Jamal murray stop hating
martinez mark
martinez mark 3 months ago
wow jamal murray superstar now
That Nicka
That Nicka 3 months ago
Dude is outrageous
Yabai Desu
Yabai Desu 3 months ago
Watch how how thr nuggets gonna get blown out
Jonathan Muro
Jonathan Muro 3 months ago
No one was talking about Jamal Murray last season and he has a couple good games now all of a sudden this man is hype. He’s trash ! Won’t hear from him or the nuggets next season.
big pun
big pun 3 months ago
oh!! lets go HOME!!
FLYYY 2x 3 months ago
M+J=JM 🔥
Hidden Wrld
Hidden Wrld 3 months ago
This guys voice holy
o xablau
o xablau 3 months ago
Q voz forçada da porra hahahah
Mark Anthony Smith
Mark Anthony Smith 3 months ago
That was a great move but LBJ didn't get schooled
Abraham Tokhli
Abraham Tokhli 3 months ago
I think they will comeback only is jockick doesn’t get in foul trouble
rohdz TV
rohdz TV 3 months ago
This is why lebron can't beat mj 1 on 1, mj will eat him alive
Urull Duldung
Urull Duldung 3 months ago
This one was the most beautiful lay up I've ever saw. Never saw something like that in a basketball game live. That's Kobe Jordan Iverson style. Wow
Warren Ingersoll
Warren Ingersoll 3 months ago
Jamal Murray's the next D-rose. (Please stay healty).
DaRedEyeJedi808 A.M.P
Its done
CuhrfyCool5 3 months ago
They ain’t comin back it’s all for Kobe 😭💪
phil gonzalez
phil gonzalez 3 months ago
The Owner’s won’t allow the nuggets to come back. It’s in the best financial interest for Lakers vs Heat. Then Lakers Sweep to make a point. Owners run that shit💯
Rink Patel
Rink Patel 3 months ago
Mj the goat
Jeff 3 months ago
This will probably be the easiest finals of LeBrons career. Similar to when it was heat vs thunder.
Orlando Medrano
Orlando Medrano 3 months ago
I don’t see the nuggets coming back 3-1 against the lakers
Akshat Bora
Akshat Bora 3 months ago
i like chris smoove more
Cho Chang
Cho Chang 3 months ago
Nuggets win game 5 then ad will step up score 35+ and lakers on to finals
Luis Bonilla
Luis Bonilla 3 months ago
lakers taking it home come on now. ..
Brent Williams
Brent Williams 3 months ago
NBA is rigged
Lebron Secret Service
What’s your location Clive? We just wanna have a chat about the title.
Luis Magundayao
Luis Magundayao 3 months ago
murray is doing everything . hes shinging this year .
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