LeBron James Disrespects Small Grizzlies After Clutch Shot! Lakers vs Grizzlies 

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LeBron James Disrespects Small Grizzlies After Clutch Shot! Lakers vs Grizzlies January 5, 2021 NBA Season
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Jan 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Lincoln Cowell
Lincoln Cowell 12 days ago
When he blocks Kyrie who is lying on the floor he should say “ what’s more flat you or the earth”
Brek Erickson
Brek Erickson 13 days ago
The only reason I ever even click these links is to hear dude's voice say the words "he's pulling up, cash!"
Chronichael NIERVES
Small gummy bear 🐻
Krillinbekillin 14 days ago
Id do the same thing if I was 6,8
Z - Mane
Z - Mane 14 days ago
In sports taunting your opponent is NOT disrespectful ..... except against brady lol
MemphisMade JB901
MemphisMade JB901 14 days ago
Not my cityyyy😭
Mase 08
Mase 08 14 days ago
Lebron too bald
Igreenforclipz 15 days ago
I thought it said small glizzys
Moshr G
Moshr G 16 days ago
Hate LeBron
pururut 16 days ago
what's the final score? almost beaten by the puppies
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner 16 days ago
I hate this guys voice still
KrayJ Songz
KrayJ Songz 17 days ago
Lakers still lost so ... Yeah
Slayer-33 17 days ago
Meow Woof Rawr
RJ Boston
RJ Boston 17 days ago
That’s Dennis Schroeder not kcp
LeBron James
LeBron James 17 days ago
I’m really the 🐐
Drvpz 24
Drvpz 24 17 days ago
Imagine creating a super team to beat a team with no star on court by 2 and talk trash
Ryan Rangel
Ryan Rangel 17 days ago
Tf KCP????
Bad Vibes Forever
Bad Vibes Forever 17 days ago
Imagine Ja did not get injured and played
Criri Eididi
Criri Eididi 17 days ago
What happened to his 2k skits
Nucka 17 days ago
Oj Carido
Oj Carido 18 days ago
But remember when he got his ass beat by the small ball Gsw back in 2015😂.. (Im not a hater, im just sayin.)
Amauris’ Wax World
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 18 days ago
“He’s so old but he’s still cold” -Clive 2021
LeBron James
LeBron James 18 days ago
I will always beat the teddy bears, LETS GO LAKER NATION
LeBron James
LeBron James 18 days ago
Fun fact: Marcus Johnson, Kyle Lowry, Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Giannis Akumpo, Cash prod., Julius Randle, and DeMar DeRozan are the same person and he has 40+ accounts, he comments on his own comments and likes his own comments with his 40+ accounts, what a loser 😂😂😂👌🏾
LeBron James
LeBron James 18 days ago
Fun fact: Marcus Johnson, Kyle Lowry, Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Giannis Akumpo, Cash prod., Julius Randle, and DeMar DeRozan are the same person and he has 40+ accounts, he comments on his own comments and likes his own comments with his 40+ accounts, what a loser 😂😂😂😂👌🏾
Nintendude Gaming
Nintendude Gaming 18 days ago
I mean, calling that shot "clutch" when you're up by 3 and there's still over a minute left is a stretch.
Marcos Donoso
Marcos Donoso 17 days ago
Its kind of clutch its more of a clutch basket in the sense that it put them up an extra possession so they can't tie it up from one basket
LU E GI 18 days ago
Every vid I'm waiting to hear 🤑💰
Action Taker
Action Taker 18 days ago
Lebron disrespected him because he kinda disrespected him too
Jayden Jefferson
Jayden Jefferson 18 days ago
Bro Clive is a fuckn bronsexual and a kyrie hater half of his post are about bron post some harden games he rlly the best player in the world and that’s facts
The Face of america
No hate, luv yur vids but that was schroder not kcp
BABY_ENVY GAMING 18 days ago
And still cried to the commissioner just to win a championship still trash af
Covid19 is COMMUNISM
So glad you're a Trump supporter
Jack Preston
Jack Preston 18 days ago
I guess he forgot what a cub is.
n1kkolasz 18 days ago
I think its not being disrespectful. I think the most suitable definition of that is F.A.C.T.S.
Jong jong
Jong jong 18 days ago
1:23 kcp! you sure bruh?! 😅
natertater “/
natertater “/ 18 days ago
Grizzlys didn’t have ja or jjj tho
Sicario Rd
Sicario Rd 18 days ago
I love it bc that nigga a trash talker 😂😂🤣🤣
Quinn Griffiths
Quinn Griffiths 18 days ago
Ollld but coooldd
CavzZ 18 days ago
1:25 Where's KCP?
izone shorts
izone shorts 18 days ago
Dude sounds like someone is pointing a gun on him making him to speed reàd.
John Doe
John Doe 18 days ago
Michele 18 days ago
This boomer is getting cringer everyday
Kobe 18 days ago
that's what you get when you disrespect lebron
LeBron James
LeBron James 18 days ago
Gonna teach him a lesson 👌
FeedTheSteeZ 18 days ago
bruhh that wasn't KCP.. that was DS
Red Five
Red Five 19 days ago
This game was booty. We need to step it up. Can't let Lebron and AD win all our games for us
JohnRey Pines
JohnRey Pines 19 days ago
Clive: "He's old, but COLD" 🔥🔥🔥
KTC12490 19 days ago
Bruh thats not kcp lol 1:25
Boy Calamitous
Boy Calamitous 19 days ago
1:25 it's Schroeder not kcp but it's alright your voice is on fire
Dwayne Wright
Dwayne Wright 19 days ago
Ja wasn’t even even playing and they almost lost 😂😂☠️💀💀
king moddz
king moddz 19 days ago
Voice of KD ohh my gaad
k Malawi Kingz
k Malawi Kingz 19 days ago
James is so shitty
T1 Rockk Reactions
T1 Rockk Reactions 19 days ago
blame dillon brooks doing all that show boating lol
Willie Bateman
Willie Bateman 19 days ago
The king is here son👑
RaYmAn Jr
RaYmAn Jr 19 days ago
He sounds like giannis ???
James Bernardino
James Bernardino 19 days ago
Lol he said kcp but its schroder
James Edwards
James Edwards 19 days ago
They need to pay you to speak broooo
Boateng Emmanuel
Boateng Emmanuel 19 days ago
"He's old but he's still cold" 😂
Insane CRAZE
Insane CRAZE 19 days ago
He's old but too cold haha
roytooshort 19 days ago
How good is lebron when he can't switch organizations and flip over the whole roster and replace them with superstars?
Jihyo 19 days ago
Thats not a disrepect, its a payback against brooks on taunting him
Joshu Verser
Joshu Verser 19 days ago
Mark with with the sick pass
LuciousIII 19 days ago
He’s old but still cold!
Rey Failden Montecillo
Hey bro KCP didn't play thats Dennis 😅😅😅
Энди Панда
Bugaga they are realy small
Mauricio Escalona C.
Thats why everybody hates lebron
Pizza Man
Pizza Man 19 days ago
Stupid brooks was bad mouthing LeBron
Luis CH
Luis CH 19 days ago
1:24 I didn't know KCP played last night 🤣🤣
Michael Dawodu
Michael Dawodu 19 days ago
Imagine Lebron turns back to Miami heat Lebron for this season
Nintendude Gaming
Nintendude Gaming 18 days ago
He'd choke and lose in 6 to the Mavericks?
fishergaming34 2005
The Grizzlies would have won if morant played they only lost by two they puppy's but gave a hell of a fight
tutu s
tutu s 19 days ago
1:55 he's recruiting JA.. 😱
Li-An 19 days ago
MJ dropped 50 @ 40 yo!
CBaez13 19 days ago
It’s not clutch when there is no audience and it’s against a piece of trash team at the beginning of the season...
FIRESOUL X 19 days ago
Disrespectful all the way.
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson 19 days ago
Im glad I don't watch the man who is destroying the NBA. I miss Micheal
Travis Anderson
Travis Anderson 19 days ago
I don't is this dude Black or white or Chinese talking 🤔 dude voice funny af.😂
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson 19 days ago
He only won by two
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson 19 days ago
The liberals that support him should be so mad right now for toxic masculinity. Where are they? F wokeness and lebron
TrueOmxrYT 19 days ago
this dude is chris smooves little brother lol
Jeremiah Booc
Jeremiah Booc 19 days ago
He's 36.... Like seriously
Taiga Fujino
Taiga Fujino 19 days ago
They kept it so close without having ja. Wow.
alex legere
alex legere 19 days ago
fuck lebron james been in too many holes to disrespect anyone. we will not listen to anything he has to say as his racism is so apparent go fuck yourself james, i'm sure many others have.
Green Mamba
Green Mamba 19 days ago
Why this fool sound like stinky, from house party
detective putin
detective putin 19 days ago
Hey clive why do you sound like Giannis
SH Ace
SH Ace 19 days ago
SH Ace
SH Ace 18 days ago
yea mb got carried away with the word goat
Damo Maher
Damo Maher 18 days ago
@Nintendude Gaming Karem 3 Lebron 2 and Jordan 1
Nintendude Gaming
Nintendude Gaming 18 days ago
He's not the GOAT kid. He just the best you've seen. Jordan accomplished more in fewer years. So did Kareem.
Damo Maher
Damo Maher 19 days ago
LeBron and Anthony Davis are gonna average more points as the season continues
Adelino Vieirinha
Adelino Vieirinha 19 days ago
1:24 not kcp dog! 😀 Good analysis though.
iiMvp_Starr. MM
iiMvp_Starr. MM 19 days ago
but walking out the court before the game ends is just not right like😐
Kaden Phillips
Kaden Phillips 19 days ago
Crazy to think he’s usually the oldest guy on the court every game😂
AI THE GOAT 19 days ago
1:26 *Schröder 😂
abcd34545 19 days ago
Bruh called them puppies, not even Cubs 😂
Capital Goofing
Capital Goofing 19 days ago
Yo Clive parody why are your videos never clear
Zi Solo
Zi Solo 19 days ago
He is old but, *still cold*
kakha 19 days ago
That’s rude,
Eman Agomuo
Eman Agomuo 19 days ago
The Grizzlies actually played good they didn't lose by that only 2 points but when LA play other teams the other team end up losing by a lot or winning
Eli Bert
Eli Bert 19 days ago
Superstar but luck of respect,, lol
Sweet Revenge Lebron. HAHAHA
Wewen Manahan
Wewen Manahan 19 days ago
1:25 kcp in the paint???
Elvis Caballero
Elvis Caballero 19 days ago
Bruh KCP wasnt there
Kaiyana Julye
Kaiyana Julye 19 days ago
"Finally got someone i could say damn he can make that shot to