LeBron James Shuts Down Kyle Lowry Who Destroys Entire Lakers! Lakers vs Raptors 

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LeBron James Shuts Down Kyle Lowry Who Destroys Entire Lakers! Lakers vs Raptors August 1, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 1, 2020




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Comments 100   
SkinnyBoyGriff 5 months ago
Bro LeBron blocked it so hard that he deflated some of the ball 😂😂😂
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
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Realtor Credit
Realtor Credit 5 months ago
P 21
P 21 5 months ago
Lowry Angeles Lakers
EnvyMari 5 months ago
🤷🏽‍♂️ lakers in four
brinkmanshaun 5 months ago
Raptors win.. We the North!
MACH VIBE PROJECT 5 months ago
These lebron fans are so delusional
Worst voice ever...
zooallow 1025
zooallow 1025 5 months ago
Who cares . Half your audience is gone. Why even play anymore. Its sad for tge young kids that wanted the same opportunity as lebum.
Jaime Pérez
Jaime Pérez 5 months ago
Hummm... Let me get this straight... Lakers lost in that awful way; that I think is a horrible loss and you remark Lebron’s block? How many points do you think a block is worth? The basket doesn’t count if it doesn’t go in... They lost the game, with a double block in that particular play... And you know something? I don’t know If that block means more that a simple block and nothing more. The real message is what the score shows.
c3tr4 5 months ago
China league looking pretty boring these days.
erfansvideos 5 months ago
It don’t matter who you shut down or how much highlights you have if you don’t win, it don’t matter. They still think this guy the goat?
Evan Zois
Evan Zois 5 months ago
Where was this all star weekend smh
Da Ali G
Da Ali G 5 months ago
Y'all think DeMar going back after this season
Shiela Ortiz
Shiela Ortiz 5 months ago
This moment was like when iguodala tries to make easy 2 points over Jr Smith
Joe Freeman
Joe Freeman 5 months ago
HOF Chase down
John apple
John apple 5 months ago
I acknowledge Toronto is legit contender in the east, but danmm this was a straight up embarrassing performance by the lakers. Rockets have really been the biggest surprise in the West so far.
Xotwod 5 months ago
Honestly they should just have it like they’re hooping in the gym no crowd audio necessary. Can be as fun or competitive as they see fit
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos 5 months ago
Lmao first time I watched one of his vids his I thought his voice was so annoying now it’s just grown on me
Javier Lara
Javier Lara 5 months ago
Let me get this straight. Lebron has one good block, gets faced a couple of times by Lowry in this clip, the Raptors WIN, but Lebron shuts down Lowry. This is absurd.
Jose Jose
Jose Jose 5 months ago
When did this dude quit doing 2k videos
Angelo23 5 months ago
LeBron leaved cleveland and then cleveland is as strong as a g league team Kawhi leaves the raptors and then the raptors are a top 2 seed. Being valuable isnt all about stats its about the impact you give to your team.
Jim Edington
Jim Edington 5 months ago
I don’t think the crowd is real.
big chees3
big chees3 5 months ago
Keep kissing lebron's ass with that title why dont you🤣🤣 videos are shit btw
Ziv_Zulander 5 months ago
1 weakside block and that was it. Lol
Adam Li
Adam Li 5 months ago
bye trash bros
Edward Hardy
Edward Hardy 5 months ago
Haters gotta keep hating the Raps it just fuels them...
Bennett De Savoye
Bennett De Savoye 5 months ago
It ain’t lebronto anymore fam, this ain’t 2017 they champions now
Oprah30 5 months ago
Lakers are frauds.. lebron is trash. He should go home and watch mjs last dance documentary... knowing hes not mike. -23 is lebron 3-6 in finals swept twice, stat padder. Trash.
I1shot4killsI 5 months ago
i can tell lebron is not trying his hardest
Daren Hinds Lagasca
Daren Hinds Lagasca 5 months ago
Yall are dumb ,at the time Toronto was only up by 4 when lebron shut lowry down. Then Lowry proceeded to go to work
Reiji Sato
Reiji Sato 5 months ago
raptors looking good now
sam thomas
sam thomas 5 months ago
Commentary is cringe
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 5 months ago
Yo clide one game does take the name away from three years
TROLL GAMING 5 months ago
bounce back when lbj 4-0 the raptors in east finals
KjAy WingSquad
KjAy WingSquad 5 months ago
Lowry tired of ppl saying he don’t do shit 😂
Martyn Schmidt
Martyn Schmidt 5 months ago
You make the worst clickbait titles lol. Bron had 1 chasedown block on him while Lowry dropped a 30piece on his head 😑
Anthony Rosati
Anthony Rosati 5 months ago
So Lowry finished the game with 33pts 14reb 6a and the win and the narrative is still about LeBron ? Yall petty
Jay Myers
Jay Myers 5 months ago
What a stupid title . His team Lost and it wasn’t even as competitive as the score shown
kaleb A.
kaleb A. 5 months ago
Bro the title😭😭😭
Rice Bryce
Rice Bryce 5 months ago
This some bootleg Chris Smoove highlight video and the commentary just doesn't hit at all...
Ebot !
Ebot ! 5 months ago
The last time the lakers beat the raptors was Kobe’s last triple double and game against the raps. RIP
M V 5 months ago
Toronto in 4
Dee Harp
Dee Harp 5 months ago
They need to get rid of the fan thing. How are you going to have empty seats
IrishBloodJr 731
IrishBloodJr 731 5 months ago
Lebron trying to show that it’s still lebronto but Kyle Lowry has something to say about it as he shoots over Caruso you’re dumb lol he would be saying something about it if he shot over Lebron cause if I remember correctly Lebron embarrassed Lowry and made him a mini Jason Terry many times😂😂
Lancelot The Knight
Lancelot The Knight 5 months ago
But Kyle Lowry shut down the whole team. So seems fair to me.
Akinbobola 5 months ago
What idiot named this video?
Jack Knight
Jack Knight 5 months ago
The labrontos are getting it done!
Rocky B
Rocky B 5 months ago
Wtf is up with your title brah?
JET TV 5 months ago
SHUTDOWN????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Merica 5 months ago
Bro why you lying with this title. You work for ESPN???
Planting The North
Planting The North 5 months ago
Wisemann 5 months ago
Leonard leaving some of his Mojo on the Raptors roster. All of them improved after he left.
Daniel Negrin
Daniel Negrin 5 months ago
Believe it or not it's because lebron these boys played that hard. Thats what makes you a great he can bring the best out of anybody especially an opponent!!! #KingJames #LaLa
Luccab1995 5 months ago
The title makes zero sense 😂😂😂😂😂
Edy Moreno
Edy Moreno 5 months ago
Fucking Cap
Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall 5 months ago
shut the fuck up bro😭😭😂
Kenneth Bui
Kenneth Bui 5 months ago
Kyle Lowry pulling up, and you know he don’t miss just like how he doesn’t miss Kawhi and Demar
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 5 months ago
He misses Demar, maybe not as much on the court, but definitely off court. They were tight. Brothers,
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 5 months ago
Kenneth Bui him and kawhi was being teammates business wise otherwise kawhi wouldn’t went to the raptors. Even after the chip and left. Demar and Kyle was close. Kawhi and Kyle were associates
Kenneth Bui
Kenneth Bui 5 months ago
Lol ik he probably misses both of them cuz they were his homies but it was just a joke
Maurice Briscoe
Maurice Briscoe 5 months ago
@Deleted Videos I believe that. They been through the wars together and always had each other's back
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos 5 months ago
Maurice Briscoe lmao you do know Kyle and demar FaceTime like every week
Nomher Dela cruz
Nomher Dela cruz 5 months ago
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 5 months ago
That's exactly why uncleBron would never get worldwide recognition like MJ did. Title like this trying to sugar coat player like Bron would simply do more damage.
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 5 months ago
Stupid biased title like this deserved that many thumbdowns (over 90000+)
marcos jose martinez uribe
Your voice bothers me and that opening line sucked
ScuffedMike 5 months ago
Y’all remember when the raptors be beating the Cavs in the regular season but the minute the playoff hits LeBronto happens always!!!🔥🔥🔥
nono 5 months ago
Irrelevant comment. Raptors is not the same today neither the coaching staff. Stop living in the past dude.
K Losell
K Losell 5 months ago
Shouldnt the title be: "AD and Lebron combine for a slightly better night than Kyle Lowry while taking that L."?
julian posadas
julian posadas 5 months ago
Heart of a champion baby
Ernie Casarez
Ernie Casarez 5 months ago
This guys sound stupid asf rn
RMS Fabrications
RMS Fabrications 5 months ago
F the nba
Josh Farrington
Josh Farrington 5 months ago
Kyle Lowry just shot like no one else was on the floor and when someone like him gets that hot not even the Lakers can stop them
Chance Delgado
Chance Delgado 5 months ago
What about og defense
Shawn John
Shawn John 5 months ago
Lebron ran out of gas the rest of the game. Like Kobe said, "don't matter if you block me, i'm gonna come at you again next time."
Judas Escariote
Judas Escariote 5 months ago
The title should be " Raptors shut down the lakers hahhaahahha
Galuh Aditya
Galuh Aditya 5 months ago
and LeBandwagon will say this just A scrimmage
Gabriel Luz
Gabriel Luz 5 months ago
U can stop crying now Lakers fanboy
Josh TaylorRVA
Josh TaylorRVA 5 months ago
What’s the name of that beat ?🔥🔥🔥
Pro Gamer51
Pro Gamer51 5 months ago
I don't know how did the Raptors beat rockets, trail blazers and now the lakers but got beaten by the suns? 🤔🤔🤔
TheBlackKnight 5 months ago
It balances out the universe.
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo 5 months ago
Bruh who the fuck titled this video?
shawn d
shawn d 5 months ago
Lebron James sucks i hope thay dont win it all.
williams ivy
williams ivy 5 months ago
Bron says I will go to Toronto next year, cause Toronto is cooler than California.
David Z
David Z 5 months ago
What’s up with your accent bro
Cash 5 months ago
Kyle Lowry is Underrated
Zombie 2135
Zombie 2135 5 months ago
Doesn’t matter literally a regular game playoffs they getting dropped pretty quickly depending on who they play
unboundxzackk 5 months ago
lol sthu ur mad.
Cameron Yourston
Cameron Yourston 5 months ago
You're voice is horrible how can anyone listen to you?
Paconovia 5 months ago
Wow thats a travel right threre at 1:09 by Van Vleet
Kishan Jagessar
Kishan Jagessar 5 months ago
Title makes no sense man stopped Lowry for one possession but still got out scored rebounded and assisted. How is that shutting him down.
- Jol2don -
- Jol2don - 5 months ago
Lakers beat clippers and the media acts like ad and bron unstoppable yet as soon as they lose it’s because they’re rusty. Not a raptors fan but they are the reigning champs don’t underestimate them.
TheAnax 11
TheAnax 11 5 months ago
You went silent for like 4 seconds 😂
Skillzx5 5 months ago
Lebron is going to say he lost because he’s oppressed lol
Skillzx5 5 months ago
dachicagoan lmao
Feed Me Right now
Feed Me Right now 5 months ago
Lakers take an ez L, Nice bias highlights tho lul
Sweet Girl***
Sweet Girl*** 5 months ago
good, subscribe guy ;)
frank 5 months ago
🔥💪🔥🔥 🔥us-first.info/player/video/r79ppH1mfq2Yq3E.html
LL24 5 months ago
Toronto finally beat Lebron. This ain’t nun!
Sweet Girl***
Sweet Girl*** 5 months ago
👑 😅 👋
Christopher Mayer
Christopher Mayer 5 months ago
Da hell with the headline? LBJ gets a block and a headline? Lowery basically single handedly destroyed the Fakers, I meant the Lakers.
Spencer Monteiro
Spencer Monteiro 5 months ago
Does he think if he repeats the same joke 3 times it will eventually be funny?
vildana9 5 months ago
Dude what’s wrong with ur voice
William Zapata
William Zapata 5 months ago
Danny Green was BRICK
Rowdy Wolfy
Rowdy Wolfy 5 months ago
I know the Raptors will probably gonna win the championship in back to back title or maybe Three Peat 🤷🏼 if this team keep playing like this if Kawhi Leonard did resign with the Raptors this season they gonna be a serious contender and can easily win the championship
Rowdy Wolfy
Rowdy Wolfy 5 months ago
The Raptors are not the only team that play this defense there some other team that play this defense like The Heat and The Bucks
jas 5 months ago
@Rowdy Wolfy I don't care about their record.. their defense is 14th for a reason. Toronto and Bucks have great defenders top to bottom.. Miami has a couple great defenders and average to below average defenders. There is no weaknesses defensively for the Raptors or Bucks
Rowdy Wolfy
Rowdy Wolfy 5 months ago
jasmena beori yes they are do you watch basketball or you just looking standing and record
jas 5 months ago
Miami is 14th in defense.. they're not on the level of Bucks or Raptors.
Urban Poizon
Urban Poizon 5 months ago
I thought by now you would have posted a video on TJ Warren's peformance last night. 20-29 and 9-12 from 3... 53 point night! Show the man some love!!