Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak 

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Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak
What is the only thing that Tucker likes more than chimken??? JUICY STEAK! Tucker CANNOT resist! He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with a delicious hot off the grill steak.
Will he pass the ultimate test?
What was your favorite part?
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Feb 12, 2021




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Comments 99   
Mysterious Writer
Mysterious Writer 14 minutes ago
skid mark mcgee HAD ME ROLLINGGGGGG
FBI 30 minutes ago
The king has returned
Harshi Shah
Harshi Shah Hour ago
I am thinking of naming my puppy buddy tucker tudzyn ... the name is so unique😁😊😇💙
ً 2 hours ago
Tucker takes after his mom in being good looking
cate burke
cate burke 3 hours ago
is this a steak commercial or a montange:)😂😂😂
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez 3 hours ago
tuckers reaction to steak: MUST RESIST tuckers reaction to chimken: HEKK LINDA IM EATING IT
Ravi Shingh
Ravi Shingh 3 hours ago
when you will post your next video I am waiting from many weeks please make and post a new video at least of 50 secs but please post
Ros S
Ros S 3 hours ago
How cute 😀
overthemoonflorist 4 hours ago
What is this breed..I see Labradors and they have no hair just muscles and this doggoo has good amount of hair...Which is this breed in lab?
Amayra Kanotra
Amayra Kanotra 4 hours ago
Soooooooooooooooooooo cute dog
Suspicious girl
Suspicious girl 4 hours ago
What’s your name?? Lol
Catalina Orangefeather
Yesss tuckerr
Catalina Orangefeather
Ya’ll hit 3 M!
Zoli 5 hours ago
Leaving Tucker alone with that was not a miSTAKE!
Victoria S
Victoria S 5 hours ago
I need to know where to get collars like this! They are beautiful!!!
Tamsyn Grant
Tamsyn Grant 5 hours ago
2:58 howww does he eat of a fork like that! 💕💕
Clint eastwood
Clint eastwood 5 hours ago
good boy
Thirdy Camacho
Thirdy Camacho 6 hours ago
tucker is a legend i want him to live very long like my pet duck edit: tucker has 9 more years to live
Andrei Luchian
Andrei Luchian 7 hours ago
I’m not first I’m not last But when I see tucker I click fast
Lina’s Life
Lina’s Life 7 hours ago
Is it just me or did she just put raw meat directly on her table for over 5 seconds
UltimateGaming Kaiju
Tell Tucker he's a good boi and give him some more stek and chimkin
Tim Gaban
Tim Gaban 8 hours ago
i like tucker's jokes its funny and silly now i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aubrey The beginner
When is ur next video
KrissyRose Animallover2021
Post a new video please
Trish Anderson
Trish Anderson 9 hours ago
Oh my gosh im so hungry Linda 2021
Danijela Orlic
Danijela Orlic 9 hours ago
This is mY question for tucker:why do you tucker dont like tree of doom
TheSpencer channel
TheSpencer channel 9 hours ago
Zakiyyah Khan
Zakiyyah Khan 12 hours ago
jayden ferrer
jayden ferrer 14 hours ago
That steak look good do
Ava Machado
Ava Machado 14 hours ago
How many times has she forgotten to wipe that he has to tell her 😂
•FNAF__ OWL• 14 hours ago
You should make a song about Tucker!
Princess plays Royal
Dis dog is the cutest dog in the world
Sadhana Muthukumar
Sadhana Muthukumar 16 hours ago
Do a video about Tucker reacting to bubbles!
• Paige icehill •
How could 1.6k people dislike this. Tucker is probably one of the cutest dogs ever 🥺🥰
Not Toaster
Not Toaster 17 hours ago
My dad eats a steak in 12 mini compared to Tucker
Dia Perumandla
Dia Perumandla 17 hours ago
Me would have ain't it and blamed on pillow
Anna Geertsema
Anna Geertsema 17 hours ago
Could u post daily I need more videos
Natalie's Castle Playtime
I wish I had a dog like him😭😭😭😭😭 but his dead from January 2021
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 18 hours ago
That 1.6k disliked where jealous because of the steak
Nathaly Duran
Nathaly Duran 18 hours ago
hOw dO yOu kNoW wHaT yOur dOg sAyS :C
Nora L
Nora L 18 hours ago
Does he like beans??? If he likes butts then he likes beans too.
sal clapz
sal clapz 20 hours ago
One time I left for 10 seconds and my dog got on the table and ate a whole steak 10 minutes later the whole thing came up
May Plays
May Plays 20 hours ago
Tuck is so cute! Your also so pretty, I’m jealous.. 😂
Master Productions
Master Productions 21 hour ago
I would've seen the plate on the floor if I did that to my dog
Yuvraj Mittar
Yuvraj Mittar 21 hour ago
Dose anyone like kids?
Sofia Freitas
Sofia Freitas 21 hour ago
If I left my dog alone with a steak like that she wouldn’t even wait for me to leave she would start licking it as soon as it got into her range. And she would probably eat the entire thing.
RoxiDog19 22 hours ago
I loves thats foofs
Ayla’s Life
Did tucker die? I was so sad when i searched it up
Red Night
Red Night Day ago
I wish my dog was this well trained
Hunter Sorth
Hunter Sorth Day ago
Is Pearl Dead?
7B 06 Atharva Shetye
Linda was looking cute and beautiful 😍 today 😍😍❤️❤️🔥🔥😘
Rash x Tigry
Rash x Tigry Day ago
did something happend to tucker I haven’t saw you publicaré another video
C h l o e F r e s c h I
TUCKER ITS BEEN 3 weeks we miss you fren 💜💜
Max GameZ
Max GameZ Day ago
Jennifer Matthews
Trixxii Day ago
His birthday is 2 days before mine 😂
Dr.Blixxx DrBliz
Awwwww tucker! You big baby 👶 he must really love food it’s adorable.
Cxrsqd Day ago
Sooo cuteeeeeee
Rose Princess
My last name is McGee
Katsuki Clevenger
My dog would never wait even 1 second haha, also your videos are so well done it’s amazing!! I make dog videos too they are great to make
Julia Oglaza-Schofield
When next vid coming out? Im bored watching different people ¬.¬
Ayla Karayannis
It is concerning how fast my dogs milo and Roscoe in hail pepperoni
Riley O'Hara
Riley O'Hara Day ago
3:17 what the hell
A Smort Cute Dog
How dare she torture my frend
Synک Day ago
everyone During covid 19: I'M BORED Tucker: Hold My owner
Team33 Day ago
that woman needs a good screw instead of torturing dogs. It's her way of replacing the missing love by "controlling" dogs.
Tadhg Allen
Tadhg Allen Day ago
He's sitting there like: To eat or not to eat. Eat=yummy, but given out to. Not eat=no yummy, but good boy.
Tiyon Baret
Tiyon Baret Day ago
“Not even gonna look” Looks at it “Crap”
Tara Singh Sandhu
These are the people who would die fr Tucker’s sense of humour. V
Black Senpaii
What type dog is he?
marzipan Day ago
@loay Amira Mhm
loay Amira
loay Amira Day ago
golden retriever/labrador
marzipan Day ago
And golden labrodore bro
marzipan Day ago
marzipan Day ago
YT butterkeksz
valaki magyar?
Jenefer Ombao
Tuke will not eat the stake becuse linda is is still popin in tolit and tuker is the good boi
Dereon's Music vlogs
There is a dog translation app. You should try it on Tucker.
Iconic Editz
Iconic Editz Day ago
𝗧𝗯𝗵 𝗜’𝗺 𝗵𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗿𝘆 𝗿𝗻 𝗮𝗳𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝘄𝗮𝘁𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀...
Narayan Swamy Chandu sanju
We can't wait for ur next vedio
Jerry Wilson
Jerry Wilson Day ago
Make more videos with tucker because there always so good
vinod vinu
vinod vinu Day ago
Hy Linda what's your insta I'd just love u girl 😍😘
Citex22 Day ago
Citex22 Day ago
Citex22 Day ago
Citex22 Day ago
AllAbout AviationAndCars
Its cool cuz u guys live in Michigan just like me I live in Michigan
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan Day ago
This is me when I have steak
Bao and Pix
Bao and Pix Day ago
That steak looks so good! Also made my dogs a steak dish ^^ Love you Tucker! Thank you for the vibez~
Amy Harthausen
I accualy named my golden retriever after tucker now there is two
Howard Lake
Howard Lake Day ago
I can remember as a child, my Labrador's face from the garden. 'Why am I here?' She ate a whole joint of beef with the string. Wolfed it down in seconds 😂
Maisy Liddiard
Fun fact : your not watching this on full screen!
Day ago
My dog always knows when it’s my dinner time so whenever it is my dog Sits on my feet and gives me puppy eyes and if I don’t give her food she will start to whine aNd iT mAkE mE fEeL sO guiLtY
Day ago
I once left my dog with Runny egg and I wanted to see if she would eat it or not so I left the room and when i I came back the egg was gone and my dog had Egg yolk all over her mouth and then she pretended that she had did nothing.
Fluffy Hamster
Pure Evil...
The Seeker
The Seeker 2 days ago
Bowties are cool
itsxEmy 2 days ago
I’m going to ask my Mom if I can get some Tucker merch🥺
Neil White
Neil White 2 days ago