Lawyer uses Zoom filter by mistake - 'I'm not a cat' - BBC News 

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A lawyer appearing before a judge at a virtual court case via Zoom appeared on screen as a cat - after not realising a filter was switched on.
Rod Ponton was 'feline' fine as he entered the zoom call held in Texas, but should've 'paws-ed' before switching his camera on.
Rod's child had used the computer before him and left a cat filter on. Fur-real!
Trying to avoid a 'cat-astrophe', Judge Roy Ferguson quickly gave Mr Ponton a heads-up that he had appeared on the chat as a white fluffy kitten.
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Feb 10, 2021




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Jon Jensen
Jon Jensen 41 minute ago
Fuck Rod Ponton. Scumbag. reason.com/2021/02/10/zoom-cat-lawyer-rod-ponton-used-federal-agents-to-torment-former-lover-drug-raids-bogus-charges/
Julia Misura
Julia Misura 5 hours ago
Idk y’all, him trying to clarify that he isn’t a cat makes him very sus if you ask me
Enclave_dude 9 hours ago
this isn't news, its filler
Sylphadora 10 hours ago
Oh, so this is where the quote is coming from 😂
Tarun Vijay
Tarun Vijay 13 hours ago
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 14 hours ago
This is how the great cat insurrection begins.
H. Nguyen
H. Nguyen 15 hours ago
It’s not the guys that’s funny, the reaction of the other lawyers is classic.
tastytea Time
tastytea Time 16 hours ago
Im suprised to see that the comment section isnt bombed with ace attorney fans
Pommie bears
Pommie bears 17 hours ago
Awwww....I think it’s so innocent, it’s cute!
pete saws
pete saws Day ago
Let me tell you, I respect the hell out of this guy for taking this now infamous moment and allowing himself to be the punchline of many jokes. Just rolling with the punches. If I ever get into legal trouble deep in the heart of Texas, I'm calling this guy first!!
The Illegitimate President
But how'd you come up with the whole "I'm not a cat"? That's what made it a classic, cos that's exactly what a cat masquerading as a human would say.
Ed D
Ed D Day ago
The judge is corpsing 🤣
CrystalMV Day ago
"I'm not a cat" yes, you are. Just because you "identify" as a human, that doesn't change who you are, because facts don't care about your feelings. This leftist agenda disgusts me, it has gone way too far.
Two Onions
Two Onions Day ago
Never hire a cat lawyer; a dog will always work pro-bone-o. I am so sorry...
Princess Lisa Marie
I love how he frantically had to reassure them that he was not a cat
Whiskey And Mojo
😂 this is my most loved video ever! It’s just priceless in every aspect...
Meiji Marts
Meiji Marts Day ago
"I'm prepared to go forward with it"
Rafa Towers
Rafa Towers Day ago
best words
Joshua W
Joshua W Day ago
"It just happened after I left the waiting room" why can't he just admit that he was playing with filters while in the waiting room and then panicked and forgot how to close them. I wouldn't be ashamed
Canned_ Fish
Canned_ Fish Day ago
The way its eyeballs moves scares me
SlashTheWeasel 2 days ago
Everyone involved in that meeting handled it with grace, dignity and made the world laugh. Loved it.
KJ Taylor
KJ Taylor 2 days ago
That was no mistake 😂
Yolmar Gabriel
Yolmar Gabriel 2 days ago
"I'm not a cat"
Adam Nunya
Adam Nunya 3 days ago
Well dag gum, that looney fortune teller wasnt as crazy as i thought
ScorgonJon2k 3 days ago
Where's the video itself?
SilverMoon192 3 days ago
0:46 The reaction of the other man looking at first down it's priceless when he heard the "cat" saying "I'm here live. I'm not a cat." 😂
aa 3 days ago
"I'm not a cat" (while purring)
HYDRA Agent X1 Sentinel AI Phase 0 Avenger
Plot twist: It was a PR move to get more attention on the topic.
George Paul
George Paul 3 days ago
This was a big brain move. He was distracting them with the filter
Yvonne 3 days ago
I love how the I would only presume the otber lawyer just so casually looks up and smiles and laughs to himself ever so quietly, lol! I bet hes thinking to himself "yeah, im going to win this case for sure", !
Tehreem Hassan
Tehreem Hassan 4 days ago
The video description just makes it better
Chris Citrino
Chris Citrino 4 days ago
It’s 2021 and he identifies as a 4 week old kitten 😺. Nothing to see here move along.
Cody Woolsey
Cody Woolsey 4 days ago
The fact he looks around to see if anybody believes he's not a cat is funny
Lisa Just Visiting
I think the other people in the meetings should have put cute animal filters on and shown solidarity
Anna 4 days ago
Sir, you have the perfect voice for this!! Glad you have a sense of humor so that we can feel free to laugh "with" you not at you!! Loved it, and have watched it many times! :)
Evan Schaffrath
Evan Schaffrath 4 days ago
You made my 2020 with the gato!! 🤣
Brillemeister 4 days ago
Let the record show that counsel is, indeed, a cat.
Banana Boat
Banana Boat 4 days ago
“I’m not an Cat” Sounds like an Cat would say.
Mary Cad
Mary Cad 4 days ago
I'm quite sure that the nice lawyer was not trying to insult cats when he wanted to make it clear he was not a feline.
-Infin¡te Chance-
Why is this still hilarious
cynthia jaworski
cynthia jaworski 5 days ago
U cat me up!!!
Diana Savage
Diana Savage 5 days ago
He's just so innocent when he says "I'm not a cat" I can't stop laughing help hahaha
Revelation Train
Revelation Train 5 days ago
Plot twist: Lawyer is a shapeshifter
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard 5 days ago
Give it a break peeps, the man sounds clearly stressed. But thanks for the comic relief. So glad this appeared in my recommendations. Priceless!
Ruth Curtis
Ruth Curtis 6 days ago
the judge had to blank his zoom feed because he was laughing too hard.
Ariel J
Ariel J 6 days ago
Cat : Shit, I forgot to put a human filter.
cyberneticdex69 6 days ago
u can't fake this :))))))
Tim Winchester
Tim Winchester 6 days ago
This is why voice actors get paid a grip.. Lmaooooo
Tim Winchester
Tim Winchester 6 days ago
He needs to run with this lol
Phillip Green
Phillip Green 7 days ago
It was not a zoom filter, it had something to do with the Dell laptop camera software. Geez BBC, get your facts straight, I expect more from you :-)
patience mtetwa
patience mtetwa 7 days ago
Watching this video honestly I never laughed so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ArcherDoesThings 7 days ago
7000th comment. Congrats.
eisen dieter
eisen dieter 7 days ago
hahaaaa 😂
Sam Garcia
Sam Garcia 7 days ago
There's actually no such things as reptilians. The elite are all just cats.
Google User
Google User 7 days ago
I want to pay him to tell cat stories.
Shahnaaz Laskar
Shahnaaz Laskar 7 days ago
LoL ...2021 court proceeding 😅🤣
Cuwo 7 days ago
This is gonna be on ur recommended
e e
e e 5 days ago
Zekie L
Zekie L 7 days ago
Hi verified person
Yasmin habibti
Yasmin habibti 8 days ago
God, I love this video!!!!!!
Cheeser The Crafter
Cat Without His Hat The judge can see that
Aspie Otaku
Aspie Otaku 8 days ago
Lawyer can get a new job as a voice actor for lawyer cat.
Jessica Louise
Jessica Louise 9 days ago
Piya Desai
Piya Desai 9 days ago
seriously amazed at how many feline puns BBC managed to fit into the description. doing God's work lol
C T 10 days ago
im not a cat, lies
Anton Nym
Anton Nym 10 days ago
They could turn this into a TV show. Have the real lawyer do the voice for that same cat. And he can do a judge Judy type of show. Where normal people appear before the cat to have their legal disputes adjudicated. Call it Cat court
X-ray_Channel 10 days ago
Yeah, sure Morgana
Eli Candy
Eli Candy 10 days ago
“I’m a cat judge, shut up and deal with it **Meowz**”
Rob Gray
Rob Gray 10 days ago
The guy in the top right doin his best to hold it in and look like General Lee.
Tiffany38 10 days ago
Funniest thing ever 🤣🤣
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox 11 days ago
holy crap, I'm going to pee myself....
Ryan Schram
Ryan Schram 11 days ago
I'm here live I'm not a cat...
Ryan Schram
Ryan Schram 11 days ago
Liz P
Liz P 11 days ago
Is it just me,, or did his voice suite him better as a cat😸
The Art
The Art 11 days ago
How did the others not pee themselves haha :D
That is exactly what a cat would say!!!
Alex Kok
Alex Kok 11 days ago
"I'm not a cat" "Activate the human filter". The cat lawyer said to his assistant secretly.
Amy Quinn
Amy Quinn 11 days ago
I'm not American, I'm British. And the nearest I've got to Texas is Ames, Iowa. (I always quite liked that, because my name is Amy and my best friends call me Ames...) But whether Mr Ponton is a nice man or not, that seems to be under debate, he still made me laugh. So thanks for that.
Grant Milburn
Grant Milburn 12 days ago
Case continues: Prosecution: Now this security cam footage shows the accused robbing a bank... Cat (Defense): Video footage is not always what it seems...
Caio Becker
Caio Becker 12 days ago
"Judge, I turned myself into a cat!"
Rodrigo Tassara
Rodrigo Tassara 12 days ago
They should do a zoom trial meeting where the lawyer has a cat filter and the accused has a rat filter
bubbasmith179 12 days ago
Best quote ever " I am not a cat "
Humgin1234 12 days ago
Catalina Negretti
Catalina Negretti 12 days ago
Wish the cat had went forward with the hearing, would have been a great day in court 🙂
Olympic-grade lurker
How are these people able to proceed with straight faces?
Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog 2 days ago
They used to it maybe? OR they slightly laugh.
G-MAN 12 days ago
C W 12 days ago
The man with glasses reminds me of Jeff Goldblum. I hope SNL make this a funny with Jeff actually in it. He’s just staring at the screen.
Damian1png 12 days ago
Look at my lawyer dawwwg i'm going to the jail
Michelle Crowley
Michelle Crowley 13 days ago
OMG.....that is hysterical :)
Prarthna Nanda
Prarthna Nanda 13 days ago
That's what a cat would say
Stuart Hollingsead
Stuart Hollingsead 13 days ago
In highschool dorm i was one of 4 guys getting ready for bed, and someone said or did something that set us off laughing, then someone farted from laughing to hard, which made us laugh harder, then someone started crying, so we laughed even harder. This video brought it all back.
hope guzman
hope guzman 13 days ago
Evan Zhou
Evan Zhou 13 days ago
The lawyer open his human filter
Extra Account
Extra Account 13 days ago
did the judge ask for permission before uploading?
King Moww
King Moww 13 days ago
bruh... where that 500$ at ?
mayo mayo
mayo mayo 13 days ago
Hriscu Cristian Ioan
Miss Robot :
Miss Robot : 13 days ago
I am Sure he knew it
stan owen
stan owen 13 days ago
Mr Ponton " I'm here live I'm not a cat." Judge "._. I can see that ._."
Lewku 14 days ago
your honor my client will not settle for anything less than a life time supply of whiskers, catnip, sand and scratching poles
Boba fett
Boba fett 14 days ago
Lawyer: i'm not a cat everyone: he is the cat
Nguyen Tan Dat
Nguyen Tan Dat 14 days ago
A smirk of the man above is a laughing ignition to me
N. L.
N. L. 14 days ago
Omg this is so hilarious 😂