Last to Stop Touching Evil Fountain of Truth Wins Challenge 

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First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!" Next Matt and Rebecca created "Prom the Music Video Challenge in 24 Hours!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying Yes To Evil Daniel for 24 Hours Challenge." Now the Game Master Network needs to protect the fountain and do what the game master says. It will be like a last to leave the fountain wins challenge. If Daniel's plan to hack the fountain works then we can save it. Rick Noah is being high level sus and we don't know if we can trust him. Do you think this giant plan will work? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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May 3, 2021




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Game Master Network
Can't believe the app price has been lowered! Go get it if you haven't yet!
Mario Sebastian
Mario Sebastian 8 days ago
Yes Do not trust Rick Noah
Ellissa Jones
Ellissa Jones 9 days ago
I think Rick Noah is an RHS member 🤔
natalia maldonado
@Ashley Beyer saying I don’t trust Rick Noah
Layla Williams
Layla Williams 9 days ago
Ric nowa threw it
Victoria Mendez
Victoria Mendez 9 days ago
Rick Noah threw the chord
Josephine Gyau
Josephine Gyau 6 minutes ago
wenn Daniel was talking and wenn daniel wasent looking
Josephine Gyau
Josephine Gyau 9 minutes ago
dont trust rick noah he threw the cord
Tania Casimiro
Tania Casimiro 8 hours ago
yes green
Alexandrina Ciorici
Alexandrina Ciorici 10 hours ago
0:23 matt not caring
Christopher Everett
Christopher Everett 12 hours ago
He is a villain do not trust him ever again
Christopher Everett
Christopher Everett 12 hours ago
Don't trust Rick Noah
Christopher Everett
Christopher Everett 12 hours ago
Don't trust with Noah
Iza gamer
Iza gamer 12 hours ago
rik nova is ar red hudt
Lil Williams
Lil Williams 13 hours ago
I think Rick Noah is working with the RHS Because it looked it like it was a green mask under the RHS Costume
Terri Freepartner
Terri Freepartner 14 hours ago
the cameraman was wearing green and in one of your videos rich noah showed the RHS his eyes and the RHS got cared and said hi boss and took him to hide his secret
Ashley Villarreal
Ashley Villarreal 14 hours ago
Guys I saw Rick Noah throw it somewhere check in the trees and bushes
Emma and Lily
Emma and Lily 16 hours ago
Please don’t be mad at me that I can’t download the game master network app because my tablet is having problems with downloading apps and I don’t what to damage anything
Emma and Lily
Emma and Lily 16 hours ago
P.S. so sorry 😞 I promise I would if I could
Emma and Lily
Emma and Lily 16 hours ago
On the app
Filippas verden
Filippas verden 16 hours ago
Rick Noah cant be trusted
Wyatt Guy
Wyatt Guy 17 hours ago
Rick Noah is working with The RHS 🧩
Wyatt Guy
Wyatt Guy 17 hours ago
Rebecca don’t leave the game master network🧩
Kathryn Marett Whitworth
Rick Noah thrown the charger and heard Maddies's vishion and sabotsh it
Jayden Smeltzer
Jayden Smeltzer 20 hours ago
Rick Noah threw one of the pieces it was the charger
Mic Mic Vlog
Mic Mic Vlog 22 hours ago
The youtuber Naleena
Rick Noah can't be trusted as he threw that connecter away
The youtuber Naleena
Rick Noah was also spying on Maddie when she was telling her vision
Rhodora Pestaño
Rock Noah might be a RHS cause before the intro I saw an RHS that has a green t shirt sticking out of the outfit so plz don't trust Rich Noah
Kausar Mohd fadzil
Don't care rig noah is bed
Kausar Mohd fadzil
Don ,t care rig noah
Charli’s Gaming
Just so you know Rick Noah threw the charger and he works with the rhs
Evelynn Irwin
rick Noah hard maddies vision
Evelynn Irwin
the rhs was Waring green
Latasha Goodwin
you can not trust rick Noah he through the phone charger thing so the fountain would not work
Abrar Siddiqui
Rick Noah threw the phone cord
Jolynn Nikol Galvan
Maxvision was Rebecca to you have a Matt says that he wants his vision was to have a great day
Izabella Wright
Rick Noah was watching maddie telling us her vision
Megan Staub
Megan Staub Day ago
Don’t trust Rick. Noah
jongrat thananet
Ric Noah's a lies he's a rhs
blossom K
blossom K Day ago
Ricky Noah can’t be trusted bc he works for KP and RHS and he threw the cord in the bush
blossom K
blossom K Day ago
And Ricky Noah was on the top of the fence when Maddie was talking
DashDogPlays Day ago
Did anyone else notice that one of the rhs had a green undershirt? It looked like Rick Noah’s!
Gurjeet Brar
Gurjeet Brar Day ago
Maddie Rick Noah is spying on Maddies memory
Gurjeet Brar
Gurjeet Brar Day ago
ZamFam do not trust Rick Noah he threw the charger thing it is in the branches of your tree does anyone agree
Manuel Duarte
don't trust rick noah he through the phone charger so dannel couldn't pertect the fountain of truth rick noah is a RHS
Lamia Jarallah
When Maddie said her vision Rick Noah was peeking and I think he was peeking add all of you
Lamia Jarallah
Richnor through the power cord like Daniel said he throws it in the bush see in the video and then you will see it and one day the game master
*Kawaii Girl Here* *KG*
Rick Noah can’t be trusted he is working with the rhs
Rick Noah is the one with Who throw the charger and you know always spying on you will you are single visit
Brianna Sunshine
Rich Noah Was spying on Maddie when she was telling game master network when she was telling us what she had to do for the fat off of youth
meggan carter
One of the red hood spies are Rick noa
Dowattie Somar
Tqpesn Xjusblgsjmcatjn💖❤️🌹
Dowattie Somar
Tqpesn 20k
Indiah Kooner
Rick Noah through the cord
Charlie K
Charlie K Day ago
rebecca rick noah was lisening to every ones vision
NSK BTW Day ago
Rick Noah will get kicked out
charl d'amelio
Rick noah was a rhs
Karina Kibarian
Rick noah is the one you cant trust
You can't trust him
Rick noah is a rhs
shahid Alsubeie
No he take the charger into it away either👿👿👿
Tyaile Jones
Tyaile Jones Day ago
Rick Noah is super sus
Dejah Eniya
Dejah Eniya Day ago
the Rhs was wearing green
Dejah Eniya
Dejah Eniya Day ago
Rick noah needs a lie detector test
berry twins
berry twins Day ago
Wait do you guys realize that agent r liked Maddie then robbie rob liked Maddie and then now Rick Noah likes her they all like Maddie they all start with r and they are friends with Matt and Rebecca hmm
Gan Gan
Gan Gan Day ago
Rick Noah Cannot be trusted at all. Be carefull!
Varsha Madhwani
Varsha Madhwani 2 days ago
Maddie Rick noah saw what you was saying your
Lola Flored
Lola Flored 2 days ago
The guy in the green shirt he was looking at Maddie's interview
Shibina Pradosh
Shibina Pradosh 2 days ago
Rick noah is a rhs
Raman Pathak
Raman Pathak 2 days ago
Rick Noah peeked and heard your vision
Franchesca Doval
Franchesca Doval 2 days ago
Rick Noah knows Maddie's vision he spyed
Juana Gomez
Juana Gomez 2 days ago
You cen not trast rec noua. He es a rachs
Emma Raymond
Emma Raymond 2 days ago
Not alex
Not alex 2 days ago
Angelina Shirley
Angelina Shirley 2 days ago
Rick Noah threw the cord
Moises Reyes Cruz
green No Gm
Zaniyah Snowden
Zaniyah Snowden 2 days ago
I have chickens at my house
Blossom's And Lilly's
Maximiliano Villagomez Farias
Rik noa so Marid vishin
Stream man
Stream man 2 days ago
Thee rhs kidnapped rick Noah and send 1 of rhs to steal fountain of truth
Nena Chavez
Nena Chavez 2 days ago
holy. the. cob. gin. is. sus😤
Tory Troyer
Tory Troyer 2 days ago
Rick can't be trusted!!!!!!
Louis DiCostanzo
Louis DiCostanzo 2 days ago
•pillow_ froggie•
Rick Noah was spying on maddie when she was telling her vision
이종태 2 days ago
Rick noah is one of the rhs and he throw something
Hayleigh Harding
Hayleigh Harding 2 days ago
Ruck Noah through the charger cord into the bushes he is so sus
Britney ebanks
Britney ebanks 2 days ago
Rick Noah is the one that can’t be trusted he was one the RHS that was trying to take the fountain of truth
Yaiden Beaver
Yaiden Beaver 2 days ago
Rick Noah can not be trusted
Mowahida Basil
Mowahida Basil 2 days ago
Rick Noah can't be trusted he threw the cord when Daniel wasn't looking
Whitney Statham
Whitney Statham 2 days ago
Rick know is the are you chess
Its funneh
Its funneh 2 days ago
rick Noah sus
Ana Silvestre
Ana Silvestre 2 days ago
At 6:21 Rick Noah was talking about his grandma. Was that Cayous grandma?!?
Aubri Rineheart
Aubri Rineheart 2 days ago
Mckenzie Brinegar
Rick Noa was one of the RHS
Zainab Hussain
Zainab Hussain 2 days ago
I saw an rhs and inside i saw a green shirt and who wears a green shirt rick noah so rick noahbis working with rhs
yah gurl niqua
yah gurl niqua 2 days ago
It was Rick's Noah cuz he's always wearing green and he all and he's working for the rhs
purple norris
purple norris 2 days ago
You can't trust Rick Noah he is working with kingpin and he was spying on you guys when you were telling your visions. And he was the one who threw the cable into the bush and there is someone or something in Rebecca's closet
Tri'Near Young
Tri'Near Young 2 days ago
Rick noa can’t be trusted he threw the cord in the bushes
BadkidLindsey 2 days ago
rick noah is totally working with the rhs
Emily and Lexi
Emily and Lexi 2 days ago
One of the Rhs had green and it was Rick noah
Saba M
Saba M 2 days ago
No offense but Maddie is boy crazy
thareallayla .d
thareallayla .d 2 days ago
Rich Noah is so SUS bc he threw the phone charger 🔌
kielan Cummings
kielan Cummings 2 days ago
Rick Noah is a part of the red hood spys
Oliver 2 days ago
Game master can we have a face reaveal
Ama Appiah
Ama Appiah 2 days ago
Rick Noah is with the RHS Maddie's suspicions are right
Eddie Meek
Eddie Meek 2 days ago
Rick Noah is very SUS. He is working with the Rhs. DON'T TRUST HIM
Pinkstyle 2 days ago
Pinkstyle 2 days ago
Rick Noah threw the cord!
isi pisi playz
isi pisi playz 2 days ago
Rick noah is part of dhe RHS
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Wario - SNL
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