Last to Sink Wins $10,000 - 2HYPE DIY BOAT CHALLENGE! 

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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 100   
Tommy Steelman
Tommy Steelman 5 hours ago
James and Zack “We named it after Kobe for work ethic” “We should good build ethic” Boat fell apart and then they repaired it after time was up Half their salary was on food
Cohen _
Cohen _ 2 days ago
22:45 did zack just say n word??
Sportfection Slimefection
Reaxtion 4
Reaxtion 4 3 days ago
Matthew Holle
Matthew Holle 3 days ago
If you like you will have a good day🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Joseph Baca
Joseph Baca 5 days ago
mad guy 5678
mad guy 5678 8 days ago
Cash and jesse made a good table
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 9 days ago
Jesus is king 👑
plankton 9 days ago
Cash and Jesse should've named their boat ship o nasty
Bryce Ferguson
Bryce Ferguson 9 days ago
I was dying laughing seeing Cash get on the boat with a life jacket in 5ft deep pool 🤣🤣
Hirsh Patel
Hirsh Patel 9 days ago
Do this again please @Jesser
Hunter Swartz
Hunter Swartz 10 days ago
The employee was so proud of working for Home Depot
Enzo Reginelli
Enzo Reginelli 11 days ago
Can cash not swim?????
Martin D Johnson
Martin D Johnson 12 days ago
The defiant knee hemperly hate because pen astonishingly continue astride a thundering hen. necessary, picayune timbale
Gangsta Monkey
Gangsta Monkey 12 days ago
Most sus video on 2hype
Teri Joyner
Teri Joyner 13 days ago
thats rind
Konstantinos Skenderis
Rip mopis face after that
Lulu The Rottweiler
Alec the goat
Lulu The Rottweiler
Daisy Hernandez
Daisy Hernandez 16 days ago
The wiry congo analogously fix because bagpipe proximately mourn atop a skillful anteater. null, abiding raincoat
Marisa Kirsch
Marisa Kirsch 18 days ago
Go Cheezit 😀😃😄😁😆
Dh Dheg
Dh Dheg 18 days ago
“Better looking” -Zack have you seen jiedel no bottom teeth looking head
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
lob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
lob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
lob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
zlob gamelob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
zlob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
zlob gamelob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
zlob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
zlob game
air_puma YT
air_puma YT 18 days ago
Jack Edmunds
Jack Edmunds 19 days ago
How did james go on zacks team
Bobmalone1527 22 days ago
The first thing jeidel did when he got out of the water was complain he is such a sore loser
Chrislovesindy 23 days ago
You guys should do a part 2
fake_Mrbeast 2000
fake_Mrbeast 2000 27 days ago
Did you. Here the n Ward
Destiny Tusani
Destiny Tusani 29 days ago
Why did cash where a life jacket in a swimming pool does he even know how to swim like if you agree
jayfrmdaburg 09
jayfrmdaburg 09 Month ago
Does cash kno he’s like a foot or 2 taller than the water
jayfrmdaburg 09
jayfrmdaburg 09 Month ago
Im still team cheezit🔥💪🏽
Happy Banana
Happy Banana Month ago
LKris: LET THAT CHEZIT ROCK Me: heck yeah
Adxlizer Month ago
I jut clocked cash was wearing a lifeguard 😂
Aidan Steffensmeier
Yall NEED to do another one of these I'm dying🤣🤣🤣
TheOnlyStay Month ago
better times
WIZEツ Month ago
17:26 lol
Joe Seiler
Joe Seiler Month ago
Who’s here after the drama😔
Landon Thompson (Student)
rip mamba at sea
Ogdannii Month ago
Why did cash have a life jacket
Anonymous *
Anonymous * Month ago
27:04 the feet 🤢🤢
Sara Munk
Sara Munk Month ago
good boat
Eric Anthony Canlas
Nasty bucket! LOL 😂
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer Month ago
Todd needs to be in 2hype
Devan Duvall
Devan Duvall Month ago
Need more
Nick John
Nick John Month ago
One of the best 2hype videos ever Who agrees with me? If you agree drop a like.
Celestine Jordan
Lebron. James. Lakers. Zack. Sorry
Celestine Jordan
Team Boat The. Mamba. The King.
Celestine Jordan
Team.zack.win. Buy Lakers. Jersey. Lebron. James. Kobe. Bryant. Kyle. Kuzma. Anthony Davis.
Celestine Jordan
Team Zack win. Room. Lakers.
Celestine Jordan
Cash. Lakers. Hat.
qt Joel
qt Joel Month ago
Look at cashes face at 32:14 bruh
Daksh Thakur
Daksh Thakur Month ago
I LOVED IT 😍😍😍😍😍
Be Rad
Be Rad Month ago
The Cheezit is goated
James Lebron
James Lebron Month ago
I am so sad that cash cant swim i feel so bad
Jax Blalock
Jax Blalock Month ago
Cash “ahhh.. I screwed it to the floor
L2 Jxmes
L2 Jxmes Month ago
I died when I saw cash fall in the water and then he looked like he was having a seizer trying to get out 🤣😂🐐
Sam Pollack
Sam Pollack 2 months ago
this video us absolutely hilarious!
Zaylan Ligon
Zaylan Ligon 2 months ago
Zack was lieing
Zak Shields
Zak Shields 2 months ago
2hype da best
Coleboss 21
Coleboss 21 2 months ago
The mamba boat sunk just like the real mambas helicopter
Basketball god 10
Basketball god 10 2 months ago
Cash don’t like being in water but more the half of his body is made with water
Sean Williams
Sean Williams 2 months ago
Pedro Nunez
Pedro Nunez 2 months ago
Pedro Nunez
Pedro Nunez 2 months ago
Ghostpepper 510
Ghostpepper 510 2 months ago
Bruh cash cant swim 😂🤣🤣🤣
Willdebeast 2 months ago
Why can’t 2hype seem happy like this behind the scenes and not just when the camera is on
Pasta Sauce Gaming
Well, unfortunately that's how life works. Life is never perfect, and the ppl we look up to on the internet are humans too, and they make mistakes. Unfortunately, not everyone sees that. To most ppl, celebrities are perfect ppl when they have their own lives to live too.
Jhael The Cuh
Jhael The Cuh 2 months ago
Zack and james went down like kobe and his helicopter 🚁
Ugly King
Ugly King 2 months ago
childish ass nigga
Avi Cardon
Avi Cardon 2 months ago
bruh thats so messed up tf
Monica Morgan
Monica Morgan 2 months ago
The parched piccolo additionly dream because quince multivariately flower lest a open club. omniscient, careless room
ItsNot Ashlyn
ItsNot Ashlyn 2 months ago
32:14 cash looks terrified
Adrian Estevez
Adrian Estevez 2 months ago
my man Zack was jacking that glue
Vu Nha Truc
Vu Nha Truc 2 months ago
The wealthy spear mechanistically attempt because ship really buzz beside a irritating meter. alike, adorable weasel
Will Serong
Will Serong 2 months ago
If you think about it. This is a very under rated channel.
Mr. Chit
Mr. Chit 2 months ago
32:23 when jesser said the N word 😳
Adam Albarati
Adam Albarati 2 months ago
The quarrelsome crown explicitly heap because thursday markedly look underneath a domineering step-brother. mellow, fancy meat
Qluixy 2 months ago
Big white boat I got a big white van with kids in it
Charlie Olsen
Charlie Olsen 2 months ago
Cody McLaughlin
Cody McLaughlin 2 months ago
I can’t believe none of them got PVC pipe.... BAFFLING
John Hatts
John Hatts 2 months ago
Google PAW Patrol the Google PAW Patrol ice skates dad in the picture back and the couch show I'm straight I'm right and you're straight and right breast car drive Danielle
Dshank 2 months ago
Haaa Cash was panicked when he hit that water LOL
Dshank 2 months ago
Screwed it to the floor.
haq469leq ;pip'feb
haq469leq ;pip'feb 2 months ago
The symptomatic butcher alternatively rule because berry conceivably knot after a best lier. bright, mushy scarf
Zayn Davis
Zayn Davis 2 months ago
John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth 2 months ago
Zack: "We're smarter, more intelligent"
ExoSniper 2 months ago
Human Centipede lol🤣🤣🤣25:44
NEXUS LEGEND 2 months ago
Its fun to watch the whole video
Nn Re
Nn Re 2 months ago
I knew as soon as I saw cash with the drill that he was going to do that on the floor bruh
ExoSniper 2 months ago
23:05 Underrated Beat
GoDz_pulsee 3 months ago
Nathan Mims
Nathan Mims 3 months ago
It's true. - Editor 1965 - 2019
Veshaun Bell
Veshaun Bell 3 months ago
Let that cheezit rock
TKKE Crew 3 months ago
Team cheezit
JaydenTube 110
JaydenTube 110 3 months ago
More like a submarine instead of a boat!!!!
Ball out TreyZ Roberts
Cash and jesser win 100 💯
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