Last Night in the City... | GRAND THEFT EEZY II #3 

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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
King X
King X 6 hours ago
berleezy should of gotten a little beard on and get some plastic surgery XD
Alex White
Alex White Day ago
I love that sample when they got pulled over😆
Nya Raquel
Nya Raquel Day ago
I love that Pg really be getting into it with everybody 🤣😭😭
Leana Day ago
i just love this series
RAFLA16 Day ago
The intro:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sharif Hassan
5051 song 🔥
Jake Portolese
12:08 I can hear the “back off me dude” 😂
The Moby Thicc
The Moby Thicc 2 days ago
What rp server is this
MajiTooToxic 2 days ago
what server is this
Nikki James
Nikki James 2 days ago
Idky but I feel like Mathias like a double agent or something
HeyItsIce 2 days ago
please domt tell me this the last gta rp
Spirit Of GG
Spirit Of GG 3 days ago
why was this nigga justin dancing while on the phone to store music😭 we need these episodes weekly at least 😞
LB XIII 3 days ago
7:50 Ol General Grievous looking ahh 😂😭💯 #EZZYGANG
Azarias Soto
Azarias Soto 3 days ago
Yo what's the song @14:16?
MalRulesAll 3 days ago
Yessssssirrrrr 🤟🔥🔥🔥 I missed grand Theft eezy 🤟
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 4 days ago
15:11 song?
hawkeye 420
hawkeye 420 4 days ago
15:10 any1 know where 1 can find this beat?
Ezekiel Ben Israel
Xochitl Nunez
Xochitl Nunez 4 days ago
25:21 the way he just walks away lmao
Asaph Franks
Asaph Franks 4 days ago
I just binged all of the grand theft eezy episodes...I'm hooked
Seki Thinks Too Much For His Own Good
berlezzy character looks like afro senju on asparagus and salmon only diet...
Daniel Neely
Daniel Neely 5 days ago
"Hell Yeah, street meat!"
Tariq Michael
Tariq Michael 5 days ago
What was that UnderTale beat @14:14?
Tariq Michael
Tariq Michael 5 days ago
Never mind. Johnny Ghosst did his thing with that berleezy freestyle
Sorb Reezi
Sorb Reezi 5 days ago
do niggas really ride around roleplaying cops in gta servers? and niggas dont just cap them immediately?
Gideon 5 days ago
how'd you grow shorter through changing your clothes? lmao
dark219fuel 5 days ago
One day some fool going to run up on yall and smoke yall no cap
Antonio Almeida
Antonio Almeida 5 days ago
Bro what happened to Rico yall used to play gta with him
keith 5 days ago
Berleezy gonna make Ed pull a Walter White I bet in the end of all this
metri 6 days ago
i need that song that was playing at 22:42
Khabari Johnson
Khabari Johnson 6 days ago
So glad berleezy came back with GTA
hayden jarman
hayden jarman 6 days ago
Why does this version of GTA look different than on the PS4? How are they able to pick up bodies and reload behind the back????
Amari Richardson
Amari Richardson 6 days ago
I need this song yoo 😭🔥🔥 18:47
Ary 6 days ago
Everyone’s voice fits their character.
GROWN AZZ KIDS 6 days ago
Me getting hyped cause everyone showed up for the last episode in the city. Like OKAAAYYYYY!
Vice Versa
Vice Versa 6 days ago
Yo that theme song is AMAZING WHO TF ON THE TRACK
Twonno 128
Twonno 128 6 days ago
Drop more
Terrance Harris
Terrance Harris 6 days ago
what server is this
Nicholas Vas
Nicholas Vas 6 days ago
busting bus big bus busting big bank from my....
Maile 7 days ago
Lee speedin back into the club while mathias is talkin all serious has me ROLLINGGGGG
TSB l The Slim Beauty
PG be putting bass in his voice at the most random moments..... 😭 yknowww?
Oni Wrld
Oni Wrld 7 days ago
Ima need to know that song at 14:35 👀
Sisters4life 222
Sisters4life 222 7 days ago
What gta is this????
Carlitosway 7 days ago
15:10 that song tho🔥🔥
Goofy Nely
Goofy Nely 7 days ago
When ed was practicing dancing before he went in the club and he played his 50/51 song i was mad hyped
DarickThaGawd 7 days ago
Berleezy Bro, this is fire but you would have much better rp in different cities that actaully rp more than BigCity. Better economy, better community, more things to do to get people to stop just sitting a around at legion and not going on around like its their actual life. Just think about it bro
DarickThaGawd 7 days ago
Love this man Berleezy.... PAUSEEEEEE!
NOBODY 7 days ago
Does anyone want to start a party for GTA RP?
Raizu -_-
Raizu -_- 8 days ago
is this the guy from soul?! big head berlin lookin biug
dawnpyro43 8 days ago
when he said 'what u mean?' at 6:07, i felt that
Knocturnal -_-
Knocturnal -_- 8 days ago
“Bro I don’t mess with his greasy a$$ shirt” 😂😂😭
CamrieNicole 8 days ago
I really cannot believe you have a cut that got your hairline sitting on top of your head. All that money and you out here like this lmaoooo
DeltaGC 8 days ago
Dwight Robinson
Dwight Robinson 8 days ago
“House on the hills walk in get killed”
Dwight Robinson
Dwight Robinson 8 days ago
This the boy from dope was bananas
EagleYT 8 days ago
berleezly left came back brought bangers but wth is corey?
TheZodiacGhost 8 days ago
14:33 whoever edited that part that was funny as fuck, what's the buss down song ?
TIARA FALETOI 8 days ago
Bussin Buss big BuSs - berlin 18:49
JazzieBeez 9 days ago
Damn cops being a problem even in GTA now??? wack af. Yall should come together and take em out all at once. Then the city is yalls
That intro was extra normal
KROWN COVERS 9 days ago
Jah The Giant
Jah The Giant 9 days ago
Adam Camara
Adam Camara 9 days ago
😂🔥"I needa get a nap like the people at the bar,ohh this beat go hard ,ezzy gang go hard"
SNOWMAN 9 days ago
Is this a mod or something, what is up with the unique movements and gamplay. Also I love the vids bro you really are the truth 🙌
Seray 9 days ago
8 Episodes and Edmond still doesn't have a Girl👀🤣
Q K 9 days ago
Them cutscenes be clean as hell
Shooter LG
Shooter LG 9 days ago
House on the hill!
kai k
kai k 9 days ago
kai k
kai k 9 days ago
PGs voice instantly makes me happy
Hulk En' Lee
Hulk En' Lee 9 days ago
We need a Grand Theft Eezy soundtrack
parasitoid cea
parasitoid cea 9 days ago
This intro CLEAN
Julia J
Julia J 9 days ago
This shit been boring without Rico
Wayne Thomas
Wayne Thomas 10 days ago
This series it's not as entertaining as it used to be the uploads is not consistent storyline is all over the place the dedication reminds me of all your recent content
Jayjay Mitchell
Jayjay Mitchell 10 days ago
38:44 - 38:47 38:51😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ynvgxjordan 10 days ago
Justin is in the pin bro rest in jail 😂😂
T3NKO 10 days ago
You should make a design that is a dollar sign n you in the middle but animated so not real life looking you know
T3NKO 10 days ago
Not dollar sign a dollar smh
dizzytoshi 10 days ago
Ana allah
Ana allah 10 days ago
Mayonnaise Mullen
blacknomad_ 10 days ago
eugh, the end of an ERA
He He
He He 10 days ago
Yo I can’t wait for the next one to drop. Anyone know when that will be?
MJB the Rapper
MJB the Rapper 10 days ago
Berleezy your free styling sucks STOP IT😭
CartierJay 10 days ago
this what I needed bro
Rachel Hough
Rachel Hough 10 days ago
It’s only been three days and I’m like...I need the next episode STAT! Thank you, love this series!
Communist Eggroll
Communist Eggroll 10 days ago
Edmond looking like the weekend with plastic surgery with that trim
coaonline 10 days ago
Is Bart braxxx from the rust vid? Also what’s his channel or twitch?
velly the activist
velly the activist 10 days ago
Bro get ya boy sum facial hair
isaiah claxton
isaiah claxton 10 days ago
Berrlezy that song was kinda trash I ain’t gonna hold u
Lavon Hicks
Lavon Hicks 10 days ago
Does Mathias got a US-first channel? I'm trying to see what he be up to
TRAYSTAYLIT 10 days ago
34:56 bro ain’t have to do Berlin like this 😂
I Have A Question
I Have A Question 10 days ago
he dont even like the ppl hes playing with lmao you can tell
Tazor 10 days ago
What's tht song at 4:07
Lynz B
Lynz B 10 days ago
"I mean, ya braids ARE tight" lmfaooooo
Marius Boss
Marius Boss 10 days ago
Just know that this was months ago but he took a while to edit. Oh i get why. *Justin is in Jail so that's why.* Also if this man Ed makes RP be like GTA Online with the MK2 and shit I'm gonna be mad. Dude talking shit that people looks like Griefers.
Marl-InC. 10 days ago
Eezy took a huge L, one diss and man is thinkin bout leavin the city😂😂😂😂😂
Muheet Rahman
Muheet Rahman 10 days ago
where is this man livestreaming? theres nothing on twtich?
daneil brown
daneil brown 10 days ago
“Isnt that like 50 mInUtEzzzz” im dying 😹😹
Camron Holte
Camron Holte 10 days ago
whats the song when they in the club?
saiki kusuo
saiki kusuo 10 days ago
"them braids are tight.." "So you want em to be LOOSE?!"
Jacobi Edwards
Jacobi Edwards 10 days ago
He made Ed look like Norbit 💀💀💀
Z4ckx Bl4ck
Z4ckx Bl4ck 11 days ago
First Last
First Last 11 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not Henderson saying "Kick him while he's down"