LaMelo Ball Drafted By Hornets In 2020 NBA Draft! 

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LaMelo Ball Drafted By Hornets In 2020 NBA Draft! 2020 NBA Draft
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Nov 18, 2020




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Hasan A.
Hasan A. Month ago
kid is going to have to get to the weight room. He's lighter than the shortest guy in the league (Isaiah Thomas)
Akhil Palanivelu
"We know he's that third wheel that broke off the car a long time ago" 😂😂 this man funny
he is mad acrobatic like...Kyrie? DA FUQ ADDA HERE
73NGaming tv Mobile Legends
La Melo rookie of the the year 20-21 season. Doncic MVP 20-21 season. Mavs vs lakers west con finals. Lakers vs 76ers Finals. Lakers champs 4-0. Finals MVP is AD. Im from the future. ps. i forgot to.mention Mavd vs Lakers go for 6 games.
Professor Facts
Professor Facts 2 months ago
🔥Michael Jordan’s sons didn’t live up to be as talented as him so viewing lavar’s sons being as talented or even more talented than Lavar brings up another prediction of respect and impression from Michael Jordan, this is box office must watch tv as soon as the 🐝 Hornets play their season game. All eyes will be on Lamelo to see if he lives up to the hype or fails miserably.
siCko M
siCko M 2 months ago
Man shut the fuck up with the father already god damn okay we all no that bs report on what you know. Not what you think!!!
Sim Thiara
Sim Thiara 2 months ago
Is LaMelo a big liability on defense?
thomas the dank engine
Ay what happened to liangelo???
Deniscio W
Deniscio W 2 months ago
You say Kyrie 😂 never
Happy Singh
Happy Singh 2 months ago
He only did it for the 1 v 1 😂
6bDorotea 2 months ago
*GUYS!!! its mind blowing!!* *shoutout to Sacramento Kings JUST IMAGINE!* if only VLADE DIVAC'S THINKING/MENTALITY IS SAME LIKE MJ THEN 2years ago, KINGS HAVE A PLAYER WITH a CALIBER LIKE LUKA! Lol *Vladè didnt draft Luka JUST BECAUSE HE HATES LUKA'S FREAKING FATHER 😂 😂 tell me im wrong kings fans*
M S 2 months ago
melo cannot shoot, dafaq u talkin about. i actually saw him play in Australia, his shooting mechanics are not great. but given his crazy skills, I have no doubt he can develop into a good shooter IN FUTURE. looking forward to seeing it
NationJJ 2 months ago
When your third wheel falls off it's one was already missing 😭
pururut 2 months ago
If I were MJ I'll bench him forever 'til Lavar beg for playing time 🤣
Brian Ruff
Brian Ruff 2 months ago
And that’s when MJ took it personally
DuckBoy 2 months ago
“Lavar Ball has no choice but to 1v1 Michael Jordan”😂😂
Lewei Wang
Lewei Wang 2 months ago
MJ: It became personal to me
KingUman30 2 months ago
who misses the parodies?
I feel like lamelo hasn’t really been hopping and we all will see the true Lamelo come 2021 season.
R N 2 months ago
He took it personal
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza 2 months ago
They needed james wiseman and james wiseman is better than melo
Mr Fohunnid
Mr Fohunnid 2 months ago
gelo is on the thunder g league team, and i can see him getting a chance to play on the actual team
_ Chris
_ Chris 2 months ago
Can we appreciate Lavar Ball hustle despite him getting hate he’ll still goes out his way to make bread. The guy always believed in his son’s.
Musix 2 months ago
For sure he might be goofy and getting hate but he does make a good dad.
Eleazar Huerta
Eleazar Huerta 2 months ago
We will finally see Lavar vs MJ can't wait!!!
Trina Muhammad
Trina Muhammad 2 months ago
I think that boy go get babyed he to small 6'9 190
AJE23 2 months ago
Bruh MJ also drafted kwame brown with the 1st pick before..MJ as an owner has been pretty shitty
Franklin Mejia
Franklin Mejia 2 months ago
Lowkey MJ probably only drafted lamelo so he could 1v1 Lavar balls
Certified Jerome
Certified Jerome 2 months ago
How much money those he make ❗️
Donovan Ngelale
Donovan Ngelale 2 months ago
Lavar smiling when melo got drafted but in his mind he pissed
Rigby the Johnny
Rigby the Johnny 2 months ago
I think MJ will make Lamelo even more stupid than he already is. He's gonna woop his ass
Joshua 2 months ago
Our boy all grown up now. Respect! 💯
Ayush Rajput
Ayush Rajput 2 months ago
My name is Jordan ,Lamelo jordan
Miquel Àngel Oliver
You guys all know that MJ doesn't care about Lamelo. MJ just wants to play that 1 on 1...
Lk Muni
Lk Muni 2 months ago
If Gelo makes it too Lavar is the Goat
Rez 2 months ago
His college team was better than the Hornets lol 😂
גלעד וייס
גלעד וייס 2 months ago
Horents,i understand that you want to play with 1v5...😂😂😂😂
saz19s8 2 months ago
Lamelo gonna disown his dad just like Lonzo did. MJ is his new dad
Itumeleng Pila
Itumeleng Pila 2 months ago
are you guys sure that CliveNBAParody is not Giannis?
lexy Daniel
lexy Daniel 2 months ago
Why do I feel...or does anyone feel like Jordan is going to end lamelo nba career in the first season..
Roy Diaz I
Roy Diaz I 2 months ago
Mj's checkmate👍👍👍
Damn man. It feels weird not being able to see the draft
Goncalo Almeida
Goncalo Almeida 2 months ago
You know you sum special when mj picks you
Alex Quinonez
Alex Quinonez 2 months ago
Jordan just wants to finally meet Lavar and go 1 on 1.
shinn kun
shinn kun 2 months ago
Jenny Grapert
Jenny Grapert 2 months ago
Did anyone realize when lamelo ball got third pick and it showed all the reactions from his side it didn't really look like everyone was happy especially his dad
Akko is my Daughter
Akko is my Daughter 2 months ago
I think michael jordan did it as a message to lavar ball that his balls are bigger
Dev Mufasa boy multi-talented
That voice is so annoying
AUmarcus 2 months ago
6'7"....must've been that good aussie food.
Okoli Ryan
Okoli Ryan 2 months ago
Lavar too much for Jordan, he got no backbone
kykingz78 2 months ago
I hate posting on click bait but this will be a bigger bust than jay Williams
b 2 months ago
LOL this kid bout to get the kwame brown treatment 2.0
COF The CFO 2 months ago
Lavar about to start pitching ideas . “ Ah Mike you got a minute !“
Quachaun Washington
Quachaun Washington 2 months ago
Yes finally lamelo ball getting drafted and I know that I been watching lamelo ball since he was in high school
Faris Azim
Faris Azim 2 months ago
If you try to focus on the guy with long beard in this video starting from 1:27, you just can't, he's too elusive XD hahahah
im trajic
im trajic 2 months ago
he shot 25% frm 3 😬
reem only
reem only 2 months ago
What if jordan drafted him just to play his dad 1v1 😂
Moe Fawkah
Moe Fawkah 2 months ago
...It's already in the ditch! 💀
Raihan 2 months ago
rip career
Uy, Lloyd Zyan Ramos
During LaMelo's sophomore year: *Lavar enters Jordan's office* Yow mike let's do it again last year is not my year. I would probably beat you this time jordan: not this again
Christopher Goodman
Christopher Goodman 2 months ago
I think Lamill would grow faster with Golden State cause I think of mellow with a plate but a mellow will play a lot and he will get better in two years from now when he hits the ceiling he will be an all star
Fasih-ul-Hassan Taqvi
Reporter: *How do you feel about drafting Melo* MJ: *Well first of all, I took it personally*
Nyc made Trey
Nyc made Trey 2 months ago
I have seen a video from u Since Kyrie Irvin video.
Labryant Truitt
Labryant Truitt 2 months ago
The clippers need somebody the alright but they need a point guard
Never Quit
Never Quit 2 months ago
How is jordan going to ensure lamelo is a killer when his own team is not good, they haven't made playoffs since 2016 + have never won a NBA Finals game ...
OTJ-armon _
OTJ-armon _ 2 months ago
You don’t do parodys anymore?????
Cash 2 months ago
Lmfao when he said LiAngelo was the third wheel that broke off the car got meee
Igotbirdspigeons 2 months ago
Is it bad I didn’t know who tf the hornets were for a second
Felix Ortiz
Felix Ortiz 2 months ago
This looks like some shit taken from the Cobra Kai script.
Jayden Anderson
Jayden Anderson 2 months ago
Clive u need to get back the the parady for your channel
samp1117 P
samp1117 P 2 months ago
MJ is going to kick Lavar ass out of the building. waiting for so much drama from the Hornets
Jag 2 months ago
Did he just say lonzo might get drafted? Tf he talking bout
Likith Liki
Likith Liki 2 months ago
How it started- Lavaar vs Magic How it's going - Lavaar vs GOAT MJ Lavaar is evolving 😂
YKSB5 2 months ago
Nah lamelo ain't gonna live up to the hype. If you know anything about the league he played in here in Australia you know he played against aged players and usa rejects. MJ as anything beyond a player is embarrassing and historically one of the worst. He would rather cut new talent down due to his ego than help them be great.
Stephen 2 months ago
So he bought a team just to fuck up so.e players because of his ego?
George Tow
George Tow 2 months ago
LaMelo's the next MJ. Hornets be NBA Champion by 2025.
Jonathan 2 months ago
MJ took it personal and here we are lol
Tyrannosaurus Thunder
Lavar: My son is better than Jordan. Jordan: Imma end this kid's whole career in the first practice.
Frank J
Frank J 2 months ago
Lonzo Ball Lamelo Ball LiAngelo Ball Ball is used for the NBA game.
meme god
meme god 2 months ago
he had a twipple dabble
BigEye_chicken 2 months ago
I can't believe it, nooooo I want him on the Knicks
Hollis TheAlmighty_Great
I know we all wondering the same thing .... How in the actual FUCK did this NIGGA get drafted by the HORNETS😂😂😂 👀🧢💯
Smokn 2 months ago
What do you mean
Nice Guy
Nice Guy 2 months ago
An Jordan took it personal
S u b or I'll take it personally
We had to draft Lamelo. When Lavar said he could beat me 1 on 1, it became personal with me.
Mick v2t Shaw
Mick v2t Shaw 2 months ago
Jordan will have Melo calling him dad in front of Lavar
njuey 2 months ago
Lol the ditch 😂
stop lagging my boi
stop lagging my boi 2 months ago
But is MJ a good teacher
Chris Beach
Chris Beach 2 months ago
Kwame Brown was also selected by Michael Jordan... 😂
Danny Jones
Danny Jones 2 months ago
He's better than kwame Brown
Jay Mamba Jr
Jay Mamba Jr 2 months ago
LaMelo Ball is Gonna Be Something Special
Andre Wright
Andre Wright 2 months ago
Let's go Hornets!!
SmhOn Codm
SmhOn Codm 2 months ago
Melo to young to be in the NBA
Momo Camara
Momo Camara 2 months ago
kamiboy 2 months ago
Don’t compare to kyrie
Logan K
Logan K 2 months ago
Finally Charlotte isn't a nobody team anymore 😎😂😂
Logan K
Logan K 2 months ago
@YungZillis Yea I was pretty surprised too
YungZillis 2 months ago
@Logan K he already came back I’m just sad that Jrue Holiday got traded
Logan K
Logan K 2 months ago
@YungZillis ready for Zion's return this season
YungZillis 2 months ago
@Logan K New Orleans Pelicans I live in Mississippi
Logan K
Logan K 2 months ago
@YungZillis who is your team
G V 2 months ago
Ball's suck
MARQUISE X ELLIS 2 months ago
I hope lamelo doesn't have any problems like he did in high school
Andrew F
Andrew F 2 months ago
Lmaoo look at all the beta male broke haters hating on LaMelo. Lamar success as a father to potentially have 3/3 sons in the NBA is amazing and better than winning any amount of championship rings. That is true success as a father. This family will be wealthy for generations
thatfatguy 2 months ago
Looks like mj only drafted lamelo so he can whoop his ass on 1v 1 teach lavar a lesson
Gabriel Benavente
Gabriel Benavente 2 months ago
Love your vids
RapidFN 2 months ago
It cap the draft haven’t start 🧢🧢🧢
Lyric X
Lyric X 2 months ago
Neva Lost!
Angry Genius
Angry Genius 2 months ago
LAMElo ball