LaMelo Ball IMPRESSES Dwyane Wade After Dropping 18 Points vs Magic! Hornets vs Magic 

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LaMelo Ball Impresses Dwyane Wade After Dropping 18 Points vs Magic! Hornets vs Magic December 17, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Dec 17, 2020




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Comments 100   
Vure TV
Vure TV 6 days ago
Lonzo Ball is Summer League MVP. not Pre Season MVP. LMFAO
DEKU BISH 29 days ago
Bro you need to delete your US-first your voice is so annoying
Batman 29 days ago
Dwane Wade would give lamelo ball 9.5/10
-Maxten Month ago
why do you ALWAYS have to all caps one word in the title? "SICK!!"
kevin caballero
kevin caballero Month ago
what’s with this family’s jumpshot?ugly af
somi park
somi park Month ago
somi park
somi park Month ago
somi park
somi park Month ago
이혼과정에 ㅋㅋ견찰7007명 옴
somi park
somi park Month ago
짜장면집과연계 견찰 짜장면
Fly Eagles Fly!
Fly Eagles Fly! Month ago
nothing wrong with him hyping up a young player.....
somi park
somi park Month ago
somi park
somi park Month ago
일하세요 일
Jarrod 41
Jarrod 41 Month ago
0:07 perfectly in sync 🔥
Casual_DropoutYT 29 days ago
@Jarrod 41 yes sir
Jarrod 41
Jarrod 41 29 days ago
@Casual_DropoutYT caught you offguard didnt i
Casual_DropoutYT 29 days ago
Yo wtf😂
Gabriel Waggoner
Tbh. Lonzo is a solid pass first, 3 and D PG. they don’t make em like that no more. Wake up. 💤
xfadedgamerz Month ago
The rising stars all star game gonna be lit
Bradd Audron
Bradd Audron Month ago
He trash! Cole Anthony way better!
GB bTd
GB bTd Month ago
No its not. Mark my words🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕
Stephan C
Stephan C Month ago
this is different Lonozo was playing against of rookies, but Lamelo play against NBA player who has multiple years in the league
Shorty McShort
Shorty McShort Month ago
I think jimmy butler and bam adebayo could be hardens Jordan and pippen. Trade him to Miami
Ushh Ushh P
Ushh Ushh P Month ago
Wade not a good judge ask Aaron Gordon 🤣🤣 off the bat with the lol
Carl Stokes
Carl Stokes Month ago
Lamelo IS a problem for the following reasons: 1) 6'7" and can run the point and start a break 2) ALREADY has professional experience so the stage is NOT foreign to him. A lot of rookies didn't even have a full and competitive collegiate season last year. 3) He runs the pick N Roll quite nicely as a Rookie 4) He UNDERSTANDS that Feeding his team will go a long ways The rest of his game will improve - Defense, Shooting, decision making.
Everywhere Month ago
Bruh your voice is hilarious it’s like Trump smoked a joint & held a NBA rant press conference
Majd Al-Kohlnai
Majd Al-Kohlnai Month ago
bring back the parodies please!!!
Iso God Jae
Iso God Jae Month ago
Johnny Month ago
If there ever was a reason why Harden never made it to the finals, not studying tape is a good reason why. Just look back at all the greats who've been to multiple finals. What do they all have in common?
paul smith
paul smith Month ago
Hornets headed to the playoffs it’s our #2021 season
Cardenas, Rome G.
Idk if this is about Ball or dissing Wade. lmao
juan twotree
juan twotree Month ago
Lamelo with Hornets. Me: so... Hornets not in New Orleans anymore? 😂
Brandon Johnston
Man where are the voiceover videos at? Did you stop doing them?
Zaxqs Month ago
I suggest if they start Lamelo Ball so he can have experience getting the most important role on the team so during the whole season he will be able to adjust and be more efficient.
Grammar Police -
Since he has time why doesn't he see his son Xavier? These black athlete's cherry picking which kids they want to raise.
Special Effexxx
Special Effexxx Month ago
Special Effexxx
Special Effexxx Month ago
You just lost all your credibility saying preseason when it was the Summer League
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain Month ago
just being fair i personally dont like ur accent please let ur mouth speak and shut ur nostril before recording
fabiodragon13 Month ago
Nah but he has potential to be a problem, I think that's what Wade is trying to say. Dude could be a real problem, don't sleep on him
Wrathッ Month ago
I actually never seen James Harden shoot at the corner
Ciz C
Ciz C Month ago
You can’t compare this man to his brother. He will have a better career than Lonzo if he stay healthy. Just happy to see these young dudes making it.
CPDaChosen 1
CPDaChosen 1 Month ago
Who miss his 2K content but the company is ass😔
Ghostpepper 510
Ghostpepper 510 Month ago
Lamelo for ROY
Lil Izzy
Lil Izzy Month ago
You should make more 2k vids
Squanch Wanch
Squanch Wanch Month ago
louville314 Month ago
Hey what up @clivenbaparody... Jus out of curiosity, are u still doing the parodies? I remember u usta so them and I remember ppl complaining about it but I always thought it was pretty neat since u hav such a unique voice... I guess I'm jus wondering if u ever thought about mayb making a 2nd channel so u still do that or is that pretty much a wrap
Latest Sierra Leone Music 🇸🇱
This guy sees the floor very well, if he changes that ugly shot, he will be a serious problem. Hes feel for the game nice
Disenyong Pangmasa
lamelo is better than the newly drafted. he will be unguardable one he got confidence.
Latest Sierra Leone Music 🇸🇱
And change that shot
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns
The magic lol
MitsukiSAGE Month ago
Sometimes I really do question your basketball knowledge my guy
FireBen31 Month ago
Good sh- I meant "Good Stuff LaMelo."
BR Month ago
Yo' if Wade was great at judging, his son would still being a boy.
Fernan Month ago
That's a personal foul
Malchi Flournoy
Malchi Flournoy Month ago
First game melo get saucy you to melo son
tristen scott
tristen scott Month ago
James harden was at lil baby birthday party with honey buns🤣
JJ reacts
JJ reacts Month ago
imagine all of the ball family goes to the nba just to be busts
ImBeany -_-
ImBeany -_- Month ago
Plz don’t start sucking this man off like ESPN an sc
Dwade was not talking about his points when he said melo is gonna be a problem he is talking about his passing ability
Gill Ambrose
Gill Ambrose Month ago
How does this dude have 1.8 mil subscribers? I'm starting my own channel lol
Brandon Johnston
because of his voiceover nba videos. That shit is hilarious but he hasn't done them in awhile...Not sure why he is trying to be Chris Smoove now.
Elinah Dorotthy
Elinah Dorotthy Month ago
Make kryrie Irving video
Justin Chapman
Justin Chapman Month ago
Homie, Harden won't be with the Rockets come playoff time lol he don't care about chemistry or trust with Wall or Cousins. But once he gets traded Harden will lock in and be that example like he has been for the past 8 years.
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones Month ago
Jesse Ordonez
Jesse Ordonez Month ago
James Harden is working really hard to look like a 60yo homeless man.
I think lavar was right. He should play with Lonzo imagine how good That team would be
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee Month ago
Yeah this preseason does feel like a summer league at best. So I get you bro
meech RYLES
meech RYLES Month ago
Way to early real season about to start let's wait and see
miguel rodriguez
You speak like a 7 yesr old kid
Ajani tv
Ajani tv Month ago
why you talk like that
The OG S&S Show
The OG S&S Show Month ago
The funniest podcast ever us-first.info/more/Jm9YpGLE03Q1y3jIhOGm_Q
Initially JB
Initially JB Month ago
Lamelo got confidence I can’t wait to see him in Charlotte in live action
Eddie goodtips
Eddie goodtips Month ago
You are a hater
MrSugardove Month ago
Lonzo a good player.... you don't know basketball tho..... melo a beast
Valtryek Gaming
Valtryek Gaming Month ago
Lamelo injured Gordon Hayward he said he wanted to shine
Beckett Leather Goods
Do y’all think Lamelo should fix his form or leave it as-is?
Nhial Ngang
Nhial Ngang Month ago
bruh why does everybody care that he scored 18 points my first game i ever played i had more he didnt even play lebron i expect better
HamburgVideos77 Month ago
lonzo won summer league you bozo
JayQuan Quick
JayQuan Quick Month ago
Naw bro..he different remember he played overseas wit grown men..that experience alone is gonna make him better then lonzo
wolftmfg Month ago
Harden is not a Champion
FTW Locks
FTW Locks Month ago
2:00 somebody been listening yo kp nd Steven a smith🤣🤣
Mr Fry
Mr Fry Month ago
Please throw hayward immediately, lamelo he need playing time. See the result.
layzie G
layzie G Month ago
Clive the type of nigga to push his glasses and rub his nose then reshuffle papers for his notes
jamie cumbee
jamie cumbee Month ago
If you ask d wade if lamelo was with the Miami 🔥, he's already a all star! That's how good a judge he is.
Dave Month ago
That voice though. 😬
Wolf Fortress
Wolf Fortress Month ago
Okay Dave🙃
Marco Diaz de Rivera
Legend has it that Dwayne Wade still giving 9s
Shinra Tensei
Shinra Tensei Month ago
Joker. K
Shinra Tensei
Shinra Tensei Month ago
don ice
don ice Month ago
Who's the number 1 pick and how is he doing?
xD Month ago
DWade is not the best judge,ask Aaron Gordon hahahaha
abc40000 Month ago
Lonzo is clearly better than LaMelo
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza Month ago
If harden had a pick and roll partner like draymond green he would have 10 rings
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza Month ago
Melo is overrated good 4th best rookie but overrated
Krontex Month ago
Ayella Balmoi Brian
The way nba community digest statistics is a problem. 1st game he had 0pts,10reb,4asst but for context how many minutes did he play? This is important. We shouldn't always try to paint a negative picture. Stats should be middle ground. Let the people taking it in decide.
claudiu radu
claudiu radu Month ago
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Darm Bains
Darm Bains Month ago
Bro Lamello is better then lonzo
Alexander Gallop
But his field goal not reach 50 percent
majklson15 Month ago
Lavar should have taught his guys how to shoot. Their shooting mechanics are awful. No wonder they are bricking. Lavar Brick, not Ball!
Dank Hill
Dank Hill Month ago
Harden still faded from baby’s bd party
Hussain Nasser
Hussain Nasser Month ago
Pretty dumb take there at the end buddy
Barney Month ago
Building bricks out of all the houses lol
Hoegurt Month ago
There isn’t an mvp for preseason, what are ya talking bout dawg
Stefan The Best
Stefan The Best Month ago
He meant summer league’s MVP
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez Month ago
He's gonna be a good player....dont comment to much on any Players but he has it....hes really exited to be there.he love the game....LAKERS STILL TAKING IT .
zoku Month ago
Lmfaoo my guy said he’s not the best judge ask Aaron 💀
Isaiah Calderon
Isaiah Calderon Month ago
Thumbs down I hate the way you talk bro but like what you gotta say
just a guy
just a guy Month ago
Thats pretty inefficient
Making Batteries
Making Batteries