Lakers Trade Danny Green For Dennis Schroder! 2021 NBA Free Agency 

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Lakers Trade Danny Green For Dennis Schroder! 2021 NBA Free Agency
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Nov 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Neas Dube
Neas Dube 24 days ago
Jesus, why you roasting the man so hard dawg DAMN!!!
GamerNemesisX Month ago
I miss the parodies
J Moneystaxz
J Moneystaxz Month ago
This dude don’t even make parodies any more
Daeshaun Fuller
Daeshaun Fuller 2 months ago
danny green is a capable player one bad playoff doesn't determine it and he is a three time champ
35 HUSSLE 2 months ago
Danny Green can build a whole city by himself 😂🤣🤣
35 HUSSLE 2 months ago
Danny Green can easily hack a real estate market 😂🤣🤣
EzRobot7 2 months ago
Now he’s on the Sixers
COF The CFO 2 months ago
Oh shit I had to pause it. Nigga you wildin 😂😂😂
Essame Ewane
Essame Ewane 2 months ago
Legm has done it again
Darian Brown
Darian Brown 2 months ago
Jesus is Lord. Repent and believe the Gospel. God loves you so much and wants to give you life... More abundant!
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 months ago
Ohhh so we’re getting him for free
mikeel23 2 months ago
He didn’t shoot well but his defense contributed to the lakers winning the chip.
Dr. Donrì
Dr. Donrì 2 months ago
Das rite.. Danni can go... He did not perform nor produce this year.. Massive disappointment.. Da Lake show runnin 2 da chip!!! Everi year.. Somebodi stop 'em!! Lol... Danni gotta get wit it r get lost.. U kno... i knew the moment was gonna present itself, in the clutch, for Danni 2 come thru.. Hell.. I even talked about it to mi peers in convo... I told them.. "Danni was acquired because he hits big shots when the game was on the on the line.. On da big stage... Jus wait.. His tyme to shine will come.." Ya.. It came n went.. That was his one tyme to come thru for the entire year.. He blows it.. Could have cost 'em da chip.. Danni needs to get on his shooting drills & situation practice... Until then his the lack there of will show in his game.. He has the potential to do it.. He vetted & proven.. He earned that.. Raaaspect... He jus has to reactivate it...
Christopher Anderson
Good trade for sure
Sébastien Larivière
Danny green was a good defender and shot good from 3pt all season he was part of the championship
That Onekid
That Onekid 2 months ago
Cp3 punching the air rn
littleclay 2 months ago
dumb ass
Abdourahman Diallo
Abdourahman Diallo 2 months ago
Just shoot da bricks and you could build your own house!!😭😭😭
Wimwimwimwim 2 months ago
Danny been inconsistent at making threes last season but don't say that he's been carried by bron and the lakers cause he's defese and sneaky plays was a plus for the lakers
zymbol ogy
zymbol ogy 2 months ago
As a hawks fan I’m mad excited for him
Giancarlo Lemus
Giancarlo Lemus 2 months ago
send kcp and kuz to SA and keep caruso and Horton-Tucker with Schroder like what they did with rondo, kcp, and green.
Mr.WiltGaming 2 months ago
I miss SAS Danny Green no one could hate on him he was a demon
Ben Neufeld
Ben Neufeld 2 months ago
Bro thanks for the uploads, love your content keep it up!
Astronaut Apparel
Astronaut Apparel 2 months ago
Man Danny Green was an X factor in many games.
Callum Brown
Callum Brown 2 months ago
It's a good move for both but Lakers need keep KCP solid two way players are hard to come by these days
Vincefrom PH
Vincefrom PH 2 months ago
Okc made a bad decision
David Pasca
David Pasca 2 months ago
As a thunder fan I must say all the trades they have done disgust me and it’s painful
YvngDon official
YvngDon official 2 months ago
They should trade kyle Kuzma he was doing worse
BABY_ENVY GAMING 2 months ago
Lakers only won cecause they cried to the commissioner to win
Gabe Grein
Gabe Grein 2 months ago
that was a terrible trade for OKC
Danny Green don’t give a damn, he already got ringss
Brow Ming
Brow Ming 2 months ago
Thunder are stupid
Strikee kage
Strikee kage 2 months ago
Nice move laker
Mark Borres
Mark Borres 2 months ago
you know why lebron got danny green in the first place. Because hes an elite 3pt shooter. Check his average. He played bad these finals, but doesn't mean hes a bad shooter. He's a 34%pct 3pt shooter this playoffs and played some good D. And a career 40% 3pt shooter. Integral part of Spurs and Raptors during their championship run. Schroder is PG scorer, not an elite 3pt shooter. I think lebron needed him as a backup PG
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer 2 months ago
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple.
big chungly
big chungly 2 months ago
Noo dennis didnt wanna even leave
Joe Ramos
Joe Ramos 2 months ago
Fuck yes! Did you see this guy play in the playoffs ! Way worth the trade
Krilax2k 2 months ago
What bout Kyle kuzma he need to get traded
killahcrossova 2 months ago
Looool this guy!! Brick city
God 2 months ago
I’m lmao😭😭😂😂
Financial Charles
Financial Charles 2 months ago
Danny green was key in the raptors finals but with the lakers he was garbage
EndSource Gaming
EndSource Gaming 2 months ago
Funny man, he got traded before Dudley 🤣✌️
easy metro
easy metro 2 months ago
Man misses 1 shot and everyone hates him abd bullies him for it 😭 its funny but i feel bad
Lul Nuke
Lul Nuke 2 months ago
Bro he an asshole raise his nose up to fans and shit karma won this battle. Always remain humble.
Jérémy B
Jérémy B 2 months ago
People forget it's a team sport, when a team loses or win they always put it on 1 or 2 players.
Gozilla 2 months ago
savage xD Green would fit to Dallas though
A1Eyeso 2 months ago
I'd take DeMar over Dennis so I would have keep Danny longer
Kev 2 months ago
Danny can build you a house with the bricks he be shooting
NaastyNaate 2 months ago
Great pickup low key
Cesar Redfield
Cesar Redfield 2 months ago
legend says Danny Green build the brick house for the three little pigs
Charlie Guwop
Charlie Guwop 2 months ago
I almost forgot why I hate the NBA and everyone involved with it. The dumbass people who report on it or cover it. Danny Green has 3 rings, carried or not carried. How does Danny Green have 3 rings? I'm glad you asked because he is a premier wing defender and he can shoot 3s. He had a rough season in LA , I'll admit that but for this clown to talk about Danny Green like this is ridiculous. This channel with it's fake subs. The channel has over a million subs but every video only has about 20k views.
Moi H.M.
Moi H.M. 2 months ago
thunderdan 27
thunderdan 27 2 months ago
Franklin Starks
Franklin Starks 2 months ago
Danny Green thinks he’s Big Meech
Steezy dc
Steezy dc 2 months ago
Danny Green is trash. Idk how he’s still in the NBA. He’s been carried on every team he’s ever been apart of. He’s a Stephen Curry wannabe.
Kwame Tabiri
Kwame Tabiri 2 months ago
Oh please, stop with this Danny Green got carried to a championship nonsense. With comments like that you sound like you know nothing about basketball and you're just making videos for jokes.
Nightmare XIZ
Nightmare XIZ 2 months ago
Nigga you salty
giannis antetokoumpo's son
RJ WRLD 2 months ago
Imma call Danny green for a house lol
R B 2 months ago
the league is full of danny greens, why heck, lebron has been one himself
Manaf Abdulghani
Manaf Abdulghani 2 months ago
J R Smith can finally get some sleep
R2KXNG 2 months ago
They could have traded anybody else not Danny for Dennis.
Rovin Sanchez
Rovin Sanchez 2 months ago
He should change his name to danny bricks
MikeMekell 2 months ago
Let’s go D-Schroeder! I can’t wait 😉
Samurai Dj
Samurai Dj 2 months ago
Danny green just shoot a couple a bricks and you got yourself a house
Dhdnsnsns Xbdn
Dhdnsnsns Xbdn 2 months ago
Dennis is exactly what they need he’s a top 15 guard in the league I believe danny green couldn’t shoot to save his own spot on the roster lol
Calle 67
Calle 67 2 months ago
Dennis ist ein weiteres „LeBron James Championship“ Puzzleteil 5️⃣!!! Schöne Grüße aus Braunschweig 😉 Many greetings from Brunswick, Germany 😉
Colin Cha
Colin Cha 2 months ago
Danny the Builder
edna diego
edna diego 2 months ago
lebrojln needs 3 pointer
Steven lazar
Steven lazar 2 months ago
In my opinion maybe they should get Chris Paul too with Dennis schroder 😁
Seo Plays
Seo Plays 2 months ago
I think by the trade deadline Danny green would be gone
ALEXANDER AMADO 2 months ago
This shits funny
The Noble King
The Noble King 2 months ago
Chilll bro!!😭😂😂😂
Draive GT
Draive GT 2 months ago
bootleg version of rondo
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 2 months ago
This is the off brand chris smoove
Jomjo Tv
Jomjo Tv 2 months ago
shrouder and rondo 💪
KelGhu 2 months ago
I prefer when you're not hating. Unsubscribing
Jae Palmer
Jae Palmer 2 months ago
0:16 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
izzy 2600
izzy 2600 2 months ago
broooo don't dis Danny that way man, put some respect in his name.. review playoff footage man, he be missin shots but the championship caliber mindset that he has surely didn't write im off... just review the footage see how his efforts spoke. he be missin shots but the rebound effort he does was championship caliber
ChromeXVII 2 months ago
If Danny Green have a bounce back season then this would not be a bad move but if not then i dont know what the thunder staff have done
Daps R.
Daps R. 2 months ago
Rondo to the Pelicans would be a shout uno
Arzhy Manan
Arzhy Manan 2 months ago
All comment about Danny's mistakes...Remember, he is the champions, and who the hell are you???
Guchu Mbogo
Guchu Mbogo 2 months ago
All he has to do is shoot bricks......daaamn 😭😂😂
Romel Gonzales
Romel Gonzales 2 months ago
If Danny Green shoot the 3s in the finals, he would not be traded to the Thunder 🤦‍♂️
Re3e3e3e3e3 2 months ago
Remember when Danny Green was good?
Hahahakdog Doglord
Hahahakdog Doglord 2 months ago
Back to back champ DG now thunder will win the finals 🤦
Samuel Du
Samuel Du 2 months ago
G H 2 months ago
i really dont know if schroder is an upgrade to danny "bricks" green though. green's defense was actually pretty good the entire year
Patrick Torres
Patrick Torres 2 months ago
Sure he's a downgrade in terms of a defender, but I definitely trust him to knock down more clutch shots than Danny bricks, also u gotta remember, there's a good chance rondo leaves so this is someone that can take play making responsibilities off of bron from time to time
Aashwit Kumar
Aashwit Kumar 2 months ago
Your voice is too bad
Tarun Thakur
Tarun Thakur 2 months ago
Is it just me or the guy voicing this video sounds like Giannis🤨
New Age Cinematics
New Age Cinematics 2 months ago
Lebron traveled more than Frodo in lord of the rings
loud _pak
loud _pak 2 months ago
Who let this happen?
dhaval parmar
dhaval parmar 2 months ago
I like personally Green since he played for spurs But in laker nd james era he is not gud As a. Player wise Schroeder is better than green
dan61909 2 months ago
Why would OKC accept this deal lol they have a brain
Anaru A
Anaru A 2 months ago
This guy speaking cracks me up😂 and it’s true
Michel 2 months ago
perfect trade
BugattiDreams 2 months ago
Seen this coming. Danny boy was trash inna bubble lol
Nath Suphattrachaiphisit
But he already got 3 rings. MEH
Otix 2 months ago
Damn Lakers got a deal. Shroder always been super underrated
Chris Munoz - Mr. I Do Everything!
Danny Green kinda looks like Butthead😂
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao 2 months ago
LeBRon=LeFraud USaDA abd Nike is pritexting him. Testosterone ckeve
Small Worm
Small Worm 2 months ago
This ain't a good trade for the thunder bro... But as a Lakers fan i can't complain
danybeast92 2 months ago
Did someone put a gun to the OKC GM to say yes to this deal? Wtf was he thinking??
Schlatt gets fit
Schlatt gets fit