Lakers Take 3-1 Lead vs Rockets In Game 4! Lakers vs Rockets Game 4 2020 NBA Playoffs 

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Lakers Take 3-1 Lead vs Rockets In Game 4! Lakers vs Rockets Game 4 2020 NBA Playoffs September 10, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Sep 10, 2020




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Ryan Bangs
Ryan Bangs 4 months ago
Ramón Del Angel
Ramón Del Angel 4 months ago
I’m waiting the video talking about the comeback of Denver and clippers
Isnur Asgar
Isnur Asgar 4 months ago
Bru don't judge a book by it cover I thought clipper and Laker gonna face the finals ha? And I am out
Olivier Grenier
Olivier Grenier 4 months ago
Imma be honest, he’s the GOAT 😂😂
Trill Money
Trill Money 4 months ago
Only ogs can remember the parody’s
Roy .kimm1
Roy .kimm1 4 months ago
Curry watching this “THIS IS PAYBACK”
Dan 4 months ago
You might be daniel house but this isn't your house. Lol
Anodyne Hipster Influencer
Whgaf tho?
Quashaun Hunter
Quashaun Hunter 4 months ago
Bro yo commentary be killin me😂😂
Tray 4 months ago
I remember when he used to play 2K aw... good times
Karaoke Entertaintment
Don't matter who wins as long as Harden never wins it.
35 HUSSLE 4 months ago
This the Bubble Shawty but this is my Daniel House😂🤣🤣
35 HUSSLE 4 months ago
Speaking of big player Pause😂🤣🤣
goodvibrations6 4 months ago
Well, 8 min left, Lakers by 21, 40 sec left, Lakers by only 5... hmhmhm
klevdavful 4 months ago
Hey nothing wrong with bringing in a chick inside the bubble what else is he going to do knowing you're going to lose this series may as well dig here hole and produce more bubbles in it.
Jacky You
Jacky You 4 months ago
You are funny dude for being sarcastic but not offensive LOL!!!
AC Oh Yeah!
AC Oh Yeah! 4 months ago
is house the scape goat?
Ray Haz
Ray Haz 4 months ago
Post a video about the games today
Cerilo naive
Cerilo naive 4 months ago
Daniel house win!!win!!
Harryfic 4 months ago
1:18 I thought he said "He's one of the toilet defenders"
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 4 months ago
You might be Daniel House But this ain’t yo HOUSE!!! 😂
Sid Tay
Sid Tay 4 months ago
Rockets have 2 mvps i dont want to hear no excuses
Bts suck
Bts suck 4 months ago
0:10 now turn on subtitles
ALen 4 months ago
U might be daniel house but this aint yo house 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Daalezz walkthrough
Daalezz walkthrough 4 months ago
Anyone else wanna punch this dude in his face every time he makes a corny ass joke
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger 4 months ago
threehundredandthrityseventh, yall aren't quick enough
HyJuxC 4 months ago
im calling it. lakers at celtics in finals
GGreviews 4 months ago
Bruh I’m just waiting for the lebron 18’s to arrive 🔥🔥
kountree kat
kountree kat 4 months ago
Lebron = kd
Tanveer Singh
Tanveer Singh 4 months ago
actually LeBron = the G.O.A.T
5677cghh person
5677cghh person 4 months ago
Great vid😂😂😂
Asian Jesus
Asian Jesus 4 months ago
“You might be Danial House, but this ain’t your house” the nba
B Selman
B Selman 4 months ago
No... the rockets are going to lose because Playoff Rondo is better than Westbrook and Harden. They SUCK
Zane Obaid
Zane Obaid 4 months ago
NBA is so soft and pathetic. Bitch shit
bmdizel 4 months ago
I want LA to win but they should’ve let that dude slide with the whole situation with that girl
BLACK PANTHER 4 months ago
Fabio Mara
Fabio Mara 4 months ago
Lebron is not the goat
Tanveer Singh
Tanveer Singh 4 months ago
Random Person
Random Person 4 months ago
Cant believe this guy is apparently black it doesn't match his voice lol
Random Person
Random Person 4 months ago
@elbe Mahadi yes he sounds black because he has that "black guy accent" if you know what i mean
elbe Mahadi
elbe Mahadi 4 months ago
Daheck he definitely sounds black
Dea Rox
Dea Rox 4 months ago
Welp, if/when the rockets lose the series, i hope the booty was worth it Danuel House.
H4VOCJDYT 4 months ago
rondo gave me kyrie vibes when he was lobbing off the glass to bron
francis yan
francis yan 4 months ago
I Think lakers will be the champ just what the nba really want to happen
francis yan
francis yan 4 months ago
I Think lakers will be the champ just what the nba like
Jsasi Complex
Jsasi Complex 4 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 this is my Daniel house
MB 4 months ago
Sry but Daniel who ?
MJ Oireb
MJ Oireb 4 months ago
I think this video is all about Daniel House 😂
JEREMIAH Walton 4 months ago
First Lou Williams at Magic Coty and now Daniel House
Clive is bullshit. He didn't know what he is saying. Fucking asshole.
SRT 4 months ago
Anyone know why Jr smith javelle McGee and Howard aren’t playing ?
Oliver TheFookin Queen
Lakers going small against Rockets
Toms Rinnegan
Toms Rinnegan 4 months ago
Its all about strategy..just it
kuYaKikz yT
kuYaKikz yT 4 months ago
House 2020
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis 4 months ago
Lake show💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Robrob Padilla
Robrob Padilla 4 months ago
Lakers bench is too deep. They obviously prepare this season to secure championship. Damn too smart.
Adrianne Cooper
Adrianne Cooper 4 months ago
Dannnngggg!!! Not focus!!😂😂😂
Amari Aaron
Amari Aaron 4 months ago
All imma say house is a hell of a scapegoat rn
g8[ 4 months ago
The Lakers if anything arent big at all rn lol. They havents played Dwight or Javale, because houston is small ball. Do you even watch the game clive? Lol
Crab Rocket
Crab Rocket 4 months ago
Think he means Lakers has that option, Houston doesnt
IU 4 months ago
Rondo giving an alley oop off the backboard to LBJ in the playoffs hahahahahaha
Lebron James
Lebron James 4 months ago
I got scared af😂
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 4 months ago
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lakers will win in game 5
anrie 4 months ago
1:16 even an f16 could land in there
Harrel Evangelista
Harrel Evangelista 4 months ago
Lakers about to blow a 3-1 lead
BLACK PANTHER 4 months ago
😂 funny
DJ NANDOZ 4 months ago
Harden doesnt play defense
No Flex Zone
No Flex Zone 4 months ago
Westbrick in the wrong sport. Would have been an elite wide receiver
Eddie Cash
Eddie Cash 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂 funny video
i2ay 4 months ago
Nick Young told on him. But he was just kidding.
Smile 4 months ago
Snitch hotlineee
Carly Edwards ✓
Carly Edwards ✓ 4 months ago
“This the bubble shorty, but this my Daniel House.” 😂😂😂
Marcus Black
Marcus Black 4 months ago
This isn’t funny
P05TPWN3D 4 months ago
@SHE BELONG TO THE STREETS! calling a dude a simp and then saying no hate is both redundant and obnoxious af
Cartier 4 months ago
Alexander Demas it’s a fucking guy dumbass. He uses this profile picture and name to get likes idiot 🤦🏽‍♂️
@Alexander Demas bruh grow up Don't be superficial and a simp No hate bro just reminding you
Yhung Dagger
Yhung Dagger 4 months ago
@Alexander Demas simp
Mervin Parallag
Mervin Parallag 4 months ago
Quit talking!!!! Ur so annoying!!!!
Chris Beach
Chris Beach 4 months ago
How did Daniel House bring a woman into the bubble, when she was the one inside the bubble testing players? Hes a dumbass either way he should have waited until after game 5 then he could have took her to his House.
wandi 4 months ago
"babe wake up, Clive just posted"
Bonasera Productions
I don’t think House would make a big difference. This was a big question for the Rockets coming in. Their biggest weakness is going up against guys like Davis and Porzingis. Bigs who can shoot. Idk y they traded Capela so quickly.
Jonathan Muro
Jonathan Muro 4 months ago
It doesn’t matter if they had danuel house
ProGamer Video
ProGamer Video 4 months ago
Yeah it does hes a decent defender on Lebron
Swvgyrr 4 months ago
" imma use protection on protection cause she clean 😂"
Youngboy_uzi_Kodak 4 months ago
Yessir Lakers in 5
Sports Gaming Network
Bro the alley oop at Tue end of the game was lit
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 4 months ago
Ofc the Bronsexual would speak up
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
Respects to Clive
gk'93 4 months ago
Bro that was hilarious 😂😂😂😂 "this is my Daniel house" 😂😂 he got caught by kissing n telling I bet
Wagner Filho
Wagner Filho 4 months ago
"Speaking of a player that's big" I was sure that u were gonna talk about the GOAT Caruso
comp hezi
comp hezi 4 months ago
good game by da lakers
YASHWANTH NAIDU 4 months ago
Guys I have one doubt? Is nba rigging western conference for lal vs lac at western finals
elbe Mahadi
elbe Mahadi 4 months ago
You know what was rigged 2002 WCF and 2001 ecf
Pierre Corley
Pierre Corley 4 months ago
@Azhan Ahmed thats possible too. Thats why i said the 66 ritual which stands for 6-6. But you may be right as well. Either way its all scripted.
Pierre Corley
Pierre Corley 4 months ago
@D Thomas no cause if he won 8 there would be nothing to talk about. Most people know the nba is scripted. This is a proven fact. At the end of lebron career that conversation will change cause if they continue the 66 ritual for him he will be 6-6 in the finals. Lakers will 3peat. Or if not that bron will end his career with at least 6 rings. Im just saying i didnt learn of this until 2016 when the cavs beat the warriors. And yes lebron has been chosen to surpass mj as the new Goat. That has always been the plan for him.
D Thomas
D Thomas 4 months ago
Pierre Corley if the nba was scripted Lebron would have 8 championships by now. Since they market him as Greater than MJ but what do I know
Pierre Corley
Pierre Corley 4 months ago
Of course the nba is scripted. Has been for decades
Craigin Diaz
Craigin Diaz 4 months ago
Westbrook really shooting bricks even when the Lakers let him shoot😂👎🏼
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson 4 months ago
“Use Protection with Protection”😂
Benjamin Shimwa
Benjamin Shimwa 4 months ago
Wsp friend 🤙🏿🤙🏿
Craigin Diaz
Craigin Diaz 4 months ago
Clive your a fucking legend, you voice and words make the videos better, thanks g for the content and keep on grinding💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏼
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson 4 months ago
We all Knew LakersVsClippers would happen🤷🏾‍♂️ can’t say we all knew the east😂
Buster 4 months ago
Basketball 4 months ago
@LeGoat James yes he is
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 4 months ago
@Alexander Demas kawhi aint better
Alexander Demas
Alexander Demas 4 months ago
AntDa juiceman MVP dosen't mean best player in the league if that was the case lebron should have double digit amounts of mvps lebron kd Kawhi are all better then Giannis.
I am a kid
I am a kid 4 months ago
@AntDa Juiceman best player in the league doesnt lose in 5 to the heat LMAOOO
Shane King
Shane King 4 months ago
What the fuck is Tucker doing?
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 4 months ago
Lakers in 5 🤣😤💯
Tai Adewoye
Tai Adewoye 4 months ago
“This the bubble shorty, but this my Daniel house”. Bro I’m dead
xgsvzcjgsv rhavgagad
This my daniel damn house
Jayden Roberts Holder
First Last
First Last 4 months ago
gk'93 4 months ago
That was hilarious 🤣😂
UninterruptedMo9 4 months ago
So we just gonna ignore that dunk by LeBron at the end 😂😂😂
UninterruptedMo9 4 months ago
Timothy Quiros Fax, that shit wasn’t necessary, but LeBron is just that goated 💪🏾
T Q 4 months ago
That pass was not a great decision by Rondo tbh lol. Fortunately Lebron has great awareness
Silkygod 4 months ago
pj tucker 0pts and assists 3 rebounds in 33 mins rondo 29 mins 10 rebounds 8 asstists 11pts
BLACK PANTHER 4 months ago
@Diamond don't even matter pj has played the whole season
Diamond 4 months ago
Lmao I don't even think you should compare them, Rondo has always been in a different league
Tai Adewoye
Tai Adewoye 4 months ago
“Speaking of a player that’s big. Pause” like bruh, he knew what he was sayin lmao
AncientLink IsGay
AncientLink IsGay 4 months ago
*LeBron James is the most overrated athlete in sports HISTORY. not even top 50 all time NBA player*
Uglovas Gaming
Uglovas Gaming 4 months ago
Man's on some special substance or something 😆
lekobe jordan
lekobe jordan 4 months ago
alright this guy drunk
Tobsi XI
Tobsi XI 4 months ago
@M AND Sits not about age its about mileage
M AND S 4 months ago
@Jaden Abdul-Rahim but lebron is a goat player
M AND S 4 months ago
@Jaden Abdul-Rahim mj would just saying
mindaugux 4 months ago
All video You talking about some lady...c'mon man, comment on the game, tell some jokes :/
RKA Tv 4 months ago
There so big JaVale and Dwight aren't even allowed to play.... That's crazy
Md Shanawaz
Md Shanawaz 4 months ago
Rested for playoffs!
AR JAY 4 months ago
They are reserved for Clips, houston doesn't have big man to match two towers
Baba 4 months ago
*Chris Tucker Voice* : “ Godamnnnnnnnnnnn “
RKA Tv 4 months ago
@raul menedez Houston doesn't have any big man so the Lakers think all they need is LeBron and AD.... It wouldn't be fair in shorter terms..
raul menedez
raul menedez 4 months ago
What the hell whyv
The Goat
The Goat 4 months ago
Lakers 3-1 cavs 3-1 who knows lebron might mess up
Flex Luthor
Flex Luthor 4 months ago
It feels soooooo good after everyone talkin all that shit after game one lakers in ✋
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez 4 months ago
There’s always excuses for the rockets it’s either the refs or an injured like just accept yalls loss😂
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger 4 months ago
whoah man, are you saying the rockets are sore losers? because I haven't noticed the rockets complaining at all
Carly Edwards ✓
Carly Edwards ✓ 4 months ago
Bruce Banner lakers r the most stacked u blind loser laker bandwagon
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner 4 months ago
Bro for real Lakers also missing avery Bradley and Dion waiters, Houston excusers
Gabriel Velez
Gabriel Velez 4 months ago
Lakers in 7 saying it rn
Jay Reid
Jay Reid 4 months ago
@Ayuub Nur oh my bad😅
Jay Reid
Jay Reid 4 months ago
Lakers in 5 or 6 fym
Dan Ocampo
Dan Ocampo 4 months ago
“Ima use protection with protection🤣🤣”
Jelani Bogle
Jelani Bogle 4 months ago
You should go back and watch his older videos.
Huda -
Huda - 4 months ago
when your so early that it says no views 43 likes
juronlee15 4 months ago
Oh no I’m having flashbacks to 2015-2016 finals
Eibot Horus
Eibot Horus 4 months ago
This looked way to easy for the Lakers.
Guacamole ____
Guacamole ____ 4 months ago
Guacamole ____
Guacamole ____ 4 months ago
@Carly Edwards ✓ I was Born in Los Angeles but raised in San antonio, I'll let you decide who the real idiot is💀
Carly Edwards ✓
Carly Edwards ✓ 4 months ago
Loser bandwagon
domine 11
domine 11 4 months ago