Lakers Sign JR Smith To Replace Avery Bradley In NBA Season Restart! 

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Lakers Sign JR Smith To Replace Avery Bradley In NBA Season Restart! Free agent guard J.R. Smith and the Lakers are working through final steps of a deal today and he will be added to roster for the Orlando restart
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Jun 29, 2020




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Dino Caprice
Dino Caprice 6 months ago
Lebron gone lose that one stranded hair on his head how nice
Momo 3106
Momo 3106 6 months ago
Jr whatcha doing your better not be drinking or smokeing😂😂😅
Cael 6 months ago
Bro is it just me or is this guys voice so irritating
Kaan Kurt Güneş
Kaan Kurt Güneş 6 months ago
Jr comin to la to smoke with D O double G
T K 6 months ago
Voice annoying afffffff
iHeso Melo
iHeso Melo 6 months ago
Meanwhile Lebron signs to the Warriors 😭
Sugarist0 6 months ago
Jr: we meet again Lebron: seems like a nice time to retire
Brent F. Fetalvero
Brent F. Fetalvero 6 months ago
if Jr smith joined the lakers they will be the best team in the nba.
Majin Oozaru
Majin Oozaru 6 months ago
Henny JR Smith lol
Casey Martin
Casey Martin 6 months ago
what a joke lmao. He's literally going to choke in big situations like he always does. Lebron can't keep bringing the same people to a team lmao.
Justin Samson
Justin Samson 6 months ago
The meme team
Oj Carido
Oj Carido 6 months ago
Derrick Harris
Derrick Harris 6 months ago
They've finally become the Cavaliers West. OMG NO 😣 !👎
Oj Simpson My dad
Oj Simpson My dad 6 months ago
“Nah I’m playing around that’s not even funny” 😂😂😂
Crimson 6 months ago
Goat Three
Goat Three 6 months ago
Bring parodies back bro
Rarest Form
Rarest Form 6 months ago
JR Smith is only on the Lakers to be used as an asset next season in trades
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 6 months ago
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Yusrifan Pratama
Yusrifan Pratama 6 months ago
Its Henney time....
Kelp city
Kelp city 6 months ago
Aww shit here we go again
It’s Disaster
It’s Disaster 6 months ago
Oh my god, i honestly hate jr smith. I used to be a cavs fan before i lost interest in basketball and i could not stand him
Justin Tran
Justin Tran 6 months ago
well there goes the hope of Lakers winning this year, why does LeBron keep wanting old players to play with him?
David Elias
David Elias 6 months ago
LeBron James punching the air right now🤣
Yhtoo 6 months ago
Willie Roland
Willie Roland 6 months ago
Imagine it’s finals game 7 and it’s tied wit the final seconds and Jr gets the rebound runs to the three point line and knocks down the three
stephan jackson
stephan jackson 6 months ago
He got a super team in my bron voice😂🤣
Ka Ming Ho
Ka Ming Ho 6 months ago
I dunno. JR and KCP are going to fight over the starting position.
vinkata 6 months ago
JR deserves a remediation...
Alexander Chua
Alexander Chua 6 months ago
Better bench JR Smith! If JR Smith runs the ball, all Lakers on the floor should and must tackle him to the ground!
Taren Gibson
Taren Gibson 6 months ago
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor 6 months ago
Is this really happening? Like Lebron broke his hand in the finals because of Jr lol
Adrianne Cooper
Adrianne Cooper 6 months ago
big fan Crawford
big fan Crawford 6 months ago
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Paul Prejean
Paul Prejean 6 months ago
Playoff Rondo is a myth. Celtics came back in that series due to Eddie House.
Paul Prejean
Paul Prejean 6 months ago
They should have gotten Sir Dom Pointer.
ZG_ X 6 months ago
OVER AVERYYYY?????? WHAAAAA wowoooooooww i likeeee
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven 6 months ago
Corona virus lives matter
Eclips3Epidemics 6 months ago
Jr was already training with the lakers...
D3K! 6 months ago
Miguel Arvizu
Miguel Arvizu 6 months ago
If they do that forget about Lakers championship
Nicholaus Bell
Nicholaus Bell 6 months ago
If he plays like himself in New York this will work out
Johan Suarez
Johan Suarez 6 months ago
lebrons mad
Auriel Roxas
Auriel Roxas 6 months ago
Avery bradley is a better fit for lakers because he is a great ball defender and good playmaker . Jr smith can only shoot better than avery bradley but has no defense ..
Super Seng
Super Seng 6 months ago
JayPlaysXX Games
JayPlaysXX Games 6 months ago
Lakers are officially winning the ginals
JayPlaysXX Games
JayPlaysXX Games 6 months ago
Marcin Kiersnowski
Marcin Kiersnowski 6 months ago
This channel is not even funny anymore. It’s wack as fuck
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 6 months ago
The Woj back at it
Mark Mallorca
Mark Mallorca 6 months ago
I swear if they lose this playoffs, JR Smith will get all the hate.
d v
d v 6 months ago
Why they sign this dude. Didn't LeBron leave the Cavs because they were a shitty team and he hated his teammates. Jr Smith included
thedeafgenius 6 months ago
Don't forget fact that they are going to allow players to drink and smoke/snort at Disney and they sign this dude?
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme 6 months ago
Watch jr Smith gonna choke and mess up the lakers chemistry I can already tell fine with me lakers need to lose anyways
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme 6 months ago
I have a feeling lakers lost their chance to win with him on the roster lol
Alexander Ludi
Alexander Ludi 6 months ago
Yes! Henny thing is possible
nanoloopbandit 6 months ago
JR is highly slept on
Patrick Kendall
Patrick Kendall 6 months ago
Lol, “if he messes up, Lebron’s personally gonna take JR outside the bubble and feed him to the virus” I nearly choked on my chocolate milk..
Christian Echaluce
Christian Echaluce 6 months ago
Yow you always said the jr beef Have you not move on about dat?
Moses Sulph
Moses Sulph 6 months ago
The Lakers should never act the fool and replace Avery Bradly, This would be a foolish decision. Yes the Lakers should sign him but not to replace Bradly, Jr. should come off the bench in the second squad
Tim Macky
Tim Macky 6 months ago
Liswin George
Liswin George 6 months ago
LeBron is the real deal here. He don't forget his squad.
Gus Ari7
Gus Ari7 6 months ago
Please sign howard
Nick Young
Nick Young 6 months ago
Russel Hernan
Russel Hernan 6 months ago
Avery Bradley defensive player, outside shooter to Jr Smith choker.
TheNamesDitto 6 months ago
God this is gonna be so fucking wild
JLM 333
JLM 333 6 months ago
Foolish !!!
Nayef Abdullah
Nayef Abdullah 6 months ago
He’s going to get higher then the Burj Khalifa
Derek Keyes
Derek Keyes 6 months ago
They traded avery barely dam 👀🥶
Deadmanlyndon 6 months ago
This effing sucks
pi cruise
pi cruise 6 months ago
The lakers signed an escape goat if everything fails again.
NOOB GAMINGTO 6 months ago
It does not sound good
bālal 2021
bālal 2021 6 months ago
Jr gave bron a bj
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 6 months ago
Lebron: Ah Shit Here We Go Again!
Arneezy r
Arneezy r 6 months ago
Get that Henny ready! 🥃
gd131 6 months ago
Talk about ruining LBJ's legacy.. twice. damn.
Carlos Galindo
Carlos Galindo 6 months ago
Didn’t he make a video with JR on the Lakers as a joke 😂😂😂
Xavier Mayfield
Xavier Mayfield 6 months ago
Where the parody
Arclight 00
Arclight 00 6 months ago
jOjO 6 months ago
Did kuzma get traded?
Zaire Francis
Zaire Francis 6 months ago
LAL Game 7 Jr smith hits 40 ft jumper buzzer beater. LAC gets knocked off game 7.
TB TB 6 months ago
JR dont even like henny lmao
Hygeia Igar
Hygeia Igar 6 months ago
Amari Aaron
Amari Aaron 6 months ago
Don’t care who wins , just want to see decent basketball
mightdai 6 months ago
Honestly JR is a great player, he just can’t seem to get many highlights
Bayek 6 months ago
We all know that JR is a great player. He's just always drunk and high these days
mustafe 6 months ago
he gonna pull up to the wrong LA team when he arrives
Herick Vital
Herick Vital 6 months ago
Lebron james has left the chat
Jere Navarrete
Jere Navarrete 6 months ago
I swear if smith chokes on the finals or something Lebron gonna kill him
Tav the beast 15
Tav the beast 15 6 months ago
This man never fails to make me laugh😂😂😂
Paradoxine 6 months ago
Well it's his choice to join the Lakers since *'hennything is possible'*
Brad Warfe
Brad Warfe 6 months ago
I don’t think they are looking for JR to be an offensive machine. They really need him to replace the defense Avery Bradley provided. JR is a good defender and almost always guarded the opposing teams best scorer. The offense he can bring is just an added bonus. Avery Bradley averaged 9 points a game. I think JR Smith can definitely do that on offense. He is a good replacement for Avery Bradley. He will also fit in quicker than just about anyone else since he has played alongside Lebron for years. I think it’s a great move. I hope he is able to prove some people wrong in the process. and earn himself another contract next year.
Andrew Lowe
Andrew Lowe 6 months ago
This commentary is gold. 😂
Yoltzin Rogel Cruz
Yoltzin Rogel Cruz 6 months ago
Wouldn’t it be smarter to sign Isaiah Thomas
Bayek 6 months ago
He's a great player but not for lakers lol
Andre Grossett
Andre Grossett 6 months ago
Reunited feel so good LeBron and JR Smith reunited.... 😂😂😂
Rambo Moore
Rambo Moore 6 months ago
Who had these stats per 36 minutes the last season he played? 23pts, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 blks & 2 stls? Give up? DEMARCUS COUSINS! Insanely underrated! He was on a team with scorers like Durant, Curry and Thompson yet still managed 23 points per 36 minutes. People think he somehow sucks now cuz his per game stats dropped so much.... BUT ONLY because his minutes dropped!
Bayek 6 months ago
Stfu we all know Cousins is great but the dude is injured
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 6 months ago
what? JR Smith? hold my cup noodle soup....don't spill it. I can't wait to see the last second free throw. JR...go get the rebound and run the ball....hahaha
SALTY_ EYEZ 6 months ago
Jr “henny” Smith
dasheem carson
dasheem carson 6 months ago
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis 6 months ago
Lets get it💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 Lake show💯💯💯💯💯💯
DBG Sollidrot
DBG Sollidrot 6 months ago
Lakers:We Signed Henny God JR Smith To Replace Avery Bradley. The Remaining Teams Chances Of Winning Vs. Lakers:*ADIOS*
Aint nobody exited to watch this. Im only watching ur videos for highlights
Dean Becenti
Dean Becenti 6 months ago
Why won't you bring back the parodies!!