Lakers SHOCKED BY HEAT FORCING GAME 6 After Morris & Danny Green Chokes! Lakers vs Heat Game Game 5 

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Lakers SHOCKED BY HEAT FORCING GAME 6 After Morris & Danny Green Chokes! Lakers vs Heat Game Game 5 October 9, 2019-20 NBA Finals
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Oct 9, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jonathan Saint Simon
Yo he had me dying when he started saying Danny Green builds houses with all the bricks he be shooting
Casual Jear
Casual Jear 2 months ago
I feel like you should had mentioned Bam’s missed open dunks. Quite depressing to see in that game than Morris and Green messing up lol
Venus 3 months ago
Who else came here after Lakers won the 2020 NBA Finals in Game 6? #ForKobe
Boom Bitchisthewave
Boom Bitchisthewave 3 months ago
They should of gave it to Caruso
Benoto Chikhe
Benoto Chikhe 3 months ago
Jr Morris🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dennis Quiah
Dennis Quiah 3 months ago
Omg I had nightmares of this lebron if u lose 3-1 lead ur Trash
NoobPlayZ Productions
So are the lakers out? How many games till someone wins the championship?
•League• Stealer
Lakers champ
2k mobile
2k mobile 3 months ago
I love how Clive show everybody respect that play on the,court
JBH Gaming
JBH Gaming 3 months ago
Morris throw a lob to kobe
35 HUSSLE 3 months ago
35 HUSSLE 3 months ago
Anytime you want to build a house call 1-800 DANNY BRICKS😂🤣🤣
Stary Harry
Stary Harry 3 months ago
He didn't see AD was out of balance that's all.
Kiran S
Kiran S 3 months ago
JR Morris 😂
juanieboi 3 months ago
"Don't give me hope" -Me 2020
Edward Abraham III
Edward Abraham III 3 months ago
Hahhahahahahahah lipbron
Dhe m's
Dhe m's 3 months ago
Those who are proud will lose the game
Jq Antimano
Jq Antimano 3 months ago
If LBJ is really that great why didn't he take the last shot. The most important shot in that game. He proclaimed himself the "Greatest Of All Time" if he really is that great then why he always relying on his teammates when the game is on the line.. do you think MJ or KOBE will pass the ball when their in that situation...
Ghosts 141
Ghosts 141 3 months ago
Bro what’s up with your voice it sounds wired
KHALID TV Official
KHALID TV Official 3 months ago
giannis narrating the video
Yudm Yt
Yudm Yt 3 months ago
As far as im concerned Miami won the finals already
Floyd_Gaming 3 months ago
Jr 2.0😂
The Real Donald Trump
WHAT IF the Heat beat the Lakers in game 7? 😁😈
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey 3 months ago
Banana Bayou he is really good
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey 3 months ago
Westley Viau
Westley Viau 3 months ago
Heat in 7 no love lost for laker tears
Mitchell Campion
Mitchell Campion 3 months ago
>"If you take the shot and miss we'll live with it" >continues to call out Danny Green for missing the shot
Isaak Newtone
Isaak Newtone 3 months ago
It’s simple. The more games they play in the finals, the more money they make. They’d make less if it was 4-0, it’s obvious.
The Real Donald Trump
if the NBA was smart they would get the REFS to force a game 7. Than again they did all that Black Lies Matter bullshit which only led to tanking in the amount of viewers....
n o
n o 3 months ago
Excuseees lmao
kingexpert2 3 months ago
They couldn’t have given the ball to lebron he had to kick it out and if I was the defence I’ll be looking at bron g fuck the ball
Mike C
Mike C 3 months ago
Lmao Jr smith in disguise
Dan Balares
Dan Balares 3 months ago
Popovich once said that "LeBron knows what he's doing since he (LeBron) understand the game than anyone of you (pointing to reporters). Any decision he makes on the floor, he knows it and he make it happen." Passing to Green was one of those decision (since he's the one open). But the problem is, the one who's open is the one shooting bricks. Morris' case, on the other hand, is much worse compare to LeBron's decision or on Green's brick shot. LeBron was open on his right for a possible 3 but decided to make a pass to AD which is heavily guarded on the paint. So, here are the "what if's": 1. LeBron attacked the rim (hit or miss) 2. Green made the shot 3. Morris passes to AD and got the ball (hit or miss) 4. Morris passes to LeBron, took the shot (hit or miss).
Childish Burrito
Childish Burrito 3 months ago
No one is shocked. The heat played well. Good job heat.
flandre scarlet
flandre scarlet 3 months ago
cmon now, get d rose for the next season, lakers need someone who has balls to take the last shot
Le Nguyen
Le Nguyen 3 months ago
What happened to the 2K parodies???
Bob Narama
Bob Narama 3 months ago
They came cocky and they got beat by Jimmy Bucket....
Oscar 3 months ago
CTFU at "he be out there building a house with all the bricks he's shooting"
Unpopular Popular Opinion
You complain that he passed to AD and should have just taken the shot. Had he taken the shot, your complain that he didn't pass to AD. Morris makes the shot and you still complained that he took the shot. Dude, STFU.
Johan818 3 months ago
Bruh, they went with Danny green to shoot? LeBron was wide open when Morris had the ball, smh why they get this foo.
Jaden Wyatt
Jaden Wyatt 3 months ago
Face reveal
The Gaming
The Gaming 3 months ago
2:05 there's 2option Pass to lebron or danny but he pass to davis🤷‍♂️ danny and lebron is open🤷‍♂️
Saftiawan Wawan
Saftiawan Wawan 3 months ago
Why Jimmie Butler who 1vs 1 with Markieff Morris? where is AD?
Shubham bisht
Shubham bisht 3 months ago
Shubham bisht
Shubham bisht 3 months ago
Shubham bisht
Shubham bisht 3 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/rtqvo5qph4R_eok.html Pls watch
Callop2 3 months ago
"JR MORRIS" 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez 3 months ago
“He be out there building a house” I’m fucking dead☠️
Billy Smith
Billy Smith 3 months ago
Lebron had the ball but had 4 people on him. He made the right play you can’t ask for any more
Reynaldo Sanchez
Reynaldo Sanchez 3 months ago
Bro KCP was open too Maybe Danny could’ve passed it to him and he would’ve made the three lmao
Juice Wavy
Juice Wavy 3 months ago
Robin Weber
Robin Weber 3 months ago
You're normally funny but you just sounds like a salty hater this time. Be best
jake mitchell
jake mitchell 3 months ago
Danny green? Nah his name Danny white. Danny smothered. Danny poor shot selection, Danny very late, Danny the dope dealer with all them bricks
Osama Abdi
Osama Abdi 3 months ago
Everybody talking about lakers this and that, give Jimmy Buckets the respect he deserves for showing up BIG!
TBP Zatch
TBP Zatch 3 months ago
Can you return to nba 2k
Salomo 3 months ago
Change the title to refs force game 6... because their calls were bs and fully in favour of the heat. Jimmy actually held dwight with 2 arms!! To bring him down. No ejection? No flagrant? Jimmy goes inside green looks at him FOUL.. adebayo throws it out Heat ball. LA Equalise points ... hmmm lets review it first. Lebron gets hit by 4 defenders... offensive foul. Cant penalty strength. But as a fan go investigate those reforees and fans riot.
Jerryorantex 2319
Jerryorantex 2319 3 months ago
I really hope the heat beat the Lakers. I’m sorry but I’m just not a Lakers fan.
Antwaan Douglas
Antwaan Douglas 3 months ago
It’s not even Danny green fault it’s Morris fault he throws the ball out of bounce
goodvibrations6 3 months ago
JR Smith in disguise :D
Rhonda Wilson
Rhonda Wilson 3 months ago
LeBron James made the RIGHT decision!!!!!! Danny Green was W.I.D.E. OPEN! He should have made that shot! LeBron can't and shouldn't have to do everything! Those mother fuckers get a check TOO!!!!!!!
john senter
john senter 3 months ago
Jr Morris 🤣🤣🤣💀
Naz YT
Naz YT 3 months ago
*Literally 99% won’t see this: Your amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend 💙🖤❤️*
Yushi Wang
Yushi Wang 3 months ago
"shoulda given it to Lebron for an iso or something" bruh they did but Lebron got met in the paint by the whole heat team.
Eric 3 months ago
Im soooooo mad im lauging at morris doing that and green missing the three
NBA25 KING 3 months ago
Danny Green played good for the heat 🔥
Art World
Art World 3 months ago
If i was Lakers head coach i would have beat the shit out of Morris
2kplaymaking sharp
2kplaymaking sharp 3 months ago
lost in mamba jerseys🥺 if kobe was still alive he would not like this
leechlakesfinest !
leechlakesfinest ! 3 months ago
Lakers in 6
Rich Mack
Rich Mack 3 months ago
You know if Heat win in 7 Clive will be all: “Ooh snap, it’s the Miami Nuggets over here going Super Sayian cuz they were down 3-1”
Odd1Out 3 months ago
You sound just like giannis bruh I’m trippin
fishergaming34 2005
fishergaming34 2005 3 months ago
I hope the Lakers choek a 3-1 lead
sisco2da 3 months ago
Clives jokes are getting too corny...
Dae Da Don
Dae Da Don 3 months ago
Then don’t watch the vids u dumb bitch
Bo Anderson
Bo Anderson 3 months ago
The Refs literally gave this game away to the Heat with that horrible call when Jimmy Bulter, pulled up on A.D.. The Lakers, must to "play harder" and not make any critical mistake at all..
Bobby A
Bobby A 3 months ago
You mean the kcp flop.😂😂
Sawamura Eijun
Sawamura Eijun 3 months ago
The difference between lebron and the other big stars is that he prefers to make the best play for the team with his teammates, than just play them all alone. In the last play literally the 5 of Miami defended him and green was the best option being alone, if he couldn't put it in, what the hell are you going to do?
J lucas
J lucas 3 months ago
There was only seconds left of course they going to guard like that
S P Y D A M A N 3 months ago
because it's all a business… I knew from the beginning that they were going to extend this seven games especially after Miami beat Boston... it's all controlled.... in the elites and bigwigs already know who's going to win it because they've got there money on it. they could've easily had big bad strong LeBron James bowl his way down to the hoop for an easy lay up but instead kick it out for a three pointer when all they needed was a basket… That's what you can see it's a business
Mortal Reminder
Mortal Reminder 3 months ago
Danny brick the 3rd highest paid laker.
Alexander Jaco Allegra
Butler is a chump, doesn’t deserve shit. Lakers won that fucking game
choncho2585 3 months ago
Jordan would never
instrumentalist Jade
Watch the last play here us-first.info/player/video/atF8gIaTcqSsaJM.html
Next Dreamer
Next Dreamer 3 months ago
Orlando Junior
Orlando Junior 3 months ago
Danny green keep missing since he arrive at Lakers but at Raptors he couldn't miss
Jerry 3 months ago
lebron drives all game against 2 or 3 defenders and score or foul, but doesnt do it at the end. dude is still scared to go to the line.
XtremeDominance 1
XtremeDominance 1 3 months ago
Danny Green built the bubble with all of the bricks he shot
KOLO KOY 3 months ago
Thanks to uncle Morris ain't getting a belt today : bronny
Based jaguar
Based jaguar 3 months ago
This might sound weird but I like his voice
ElijahHeyokaNobody ?
nba gotta keep people interested and fix games. all about that $$$
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator 3 months ago
And to lose with the mamba jersey on too SMH...
BLACK PANTHER 3 months ago
Danny is a paid actor hired by bronny don't worry lakeshow in 6
SBG _ 3 months ago
Damn literally just realized they lost in the mamba jerseys. Shit that was a cool run. Mamba Jerseys was like a final form. Anyways Trade Danny Green and have a good day
Aanhek Kumar Ray
Aanhek Kumar Ray 3 months ago
Tbh the mistake by Morris is not as bad as JR, you can clearly see him try to pass the ball to AD, but he couldn't execute it correctly, it was a clumsy turnover more than anything else
Game Creator
Game Creator 3 months ago
Jr Morris lmao
Nguyen Nghia
Nguyen Nghia 3 months ago
when you take clutch shot . if u hit u become hero . if not full of shit
ThreeCreators 3 months ago
They did goto Lebron for iso. It’s right in the footage lmao. The entire heat collapsed on Lebron and at the last second when Lebron realized no foul would be called after getting heavily bumped, he kicked it to a shooter who couldn’t be more wide open. Y’all blind lmaoooo.
A. J
A. J 3 months ago
The next jr hahahahahha
HICH AMO 3 months ago
Jr Morris
Miko Fidel
Miko Fidel 3 months ago
0:01 jr morris😂😂😂
anrie 3 months ago
Don't miss any shot in 1st quarter. Im looking forward for DG nervous breakdown in game6. Lakers have to make their own shot but they are not confidence except for the two super star.
Sindhu Partomo
Sindhu Partomo 3 months ago
Losers always blame teammates. Winners DEVELOP their teammates
Ponce Arnel
Ponce Arnel 3 months ago
Did they choke or your just blaming them,hahahahaha....
Adham Atwa
Adham Atwa 3 months ago
The only people that get rings if the lakers win is lebron and ad are the only people that deserve rings
Ayman Lyoubi
Ayman Lyoubi 3 months ago
Man, if green misses just a few other threes he wld have enough bricks to build another court to practice his deep throws by himself.
Rovic Arsua
Rovic Arsua 3 months ago
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15,000 subs with no videos
Ik for a fact that LeBron aint passing shit next game If the situation will be the same as it was this game..
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Views 3.6M