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Lakers SHOCKED BY ANTHONY DAVIS GAME WINNER VS NUGGETS IN GAME 2! Lakers vs Nuggets September 21, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Sep 20, 2020




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Comments 100   
RANGER CEO 3 months ago
0:03 rondo does not care what
Random User
Random User 3 months ago
The most clickbait title ever...... SHOCKED????
Jay Ding
Jay Ding 3 months ago
Bronny was smoking on the nuggets pack make me laugh a lot lol
Christian Mox
Christian Mox 3 months ago
Rondo was like: Aight we won 😐
Pmf Lawrence
Pmf Lawrence 3 months ago
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Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 3 months ago
BraulioxDify 3 months ago
I starting to think that james and caruso are secretly best friends
TheStrangers 4 months ago
He travelled
Aman Dixit
Aman Dixit 4 months ago
Man JR seriously need to chill his ass
Nic T
Nic T 4 months ago
It's going to 77777777777777777777
Julio Guerra
Julio Guerra 4 months ago
Why does everyone that be talking on these videos... they are always annoying
pi cruise
pi cruise 4 months ago
hey Clive, where is your video of game 3? You busy when your team loses? I thought so. You a Cavs fan not so long ago? I thought so too. :-)
Cooltigerkook 4 months ago
Real Kings of la
First Last
First Last 4 months ago
Miguel Ángel Díaz
Miguel Ángel Díaz 4 months ago
Fantastica jugada final qué nunca olvidaré.
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson 4 months ago
Superstars take the last shot!
That’s the mamba jerseys, I’m telling u🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💛💜
Dissle ATL
Dissle ATL 4 months ago
1:19 the hell U talking bout. Looking like MJ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hell naaaaaaaaaah
Micah Israel
Micah Israel 4 months ago
Bro so funny
km_1911 4 months ago
I like how Rondo doesn’t react one bit. He’s just like “on to game three.”
axcell gorriceta
axcell gorriceta 4 months ago
Champion Lakers
can I have a sub I won’t sub back
Lol why rando not happy
itsampofcourse 4 months ago
That was one pretty shot
Brenton :D
Brenton :D 4 months ago
Hmm.. i just have a feeling lakers are gonna get told tho..
Logan K
Logan K 4 months ago
LeBron is gonna be after Bronny like the NBA Finals😂😂😂
Kry RSPS 4 months ago
Yelling Kobe just don’t hit the same no more
LIAM Carter S
LIAM Carter S 4 months ago
Anthony Davis in his prime, pulling up !!
Elvis Perez
Elvis Perez 4 months ago
Jraci 4 months ago
jr boutta get a free ring lmaooo
PhantomMatrix 4 months ago
That's called the WTF move! 😂1:35
Adrian Valdez
Adrian Valdez 4 months ago
Lakers starting to look like Golden State nothing but Sell Outs
Patrick Edouard
Patrick Edouard 4 months ago
I love this Narrator he’s the funniest Narrator on youtube
Remmo Rabaya
Remmo Rabaya 4 months ago
That Davis flying knee got Horton-Tucker KOed
glennlscott 4 months ago
The Lakers bench is sooooo funny. McGee and all the bench warmers just clownin'.
Rose Oakley
Rose Oakley 4 months ago
“Look at the hairstyle.” Best highlight commentary
Robrtfit For life
Robrtfit For life 4 months ago
AD almost end that guy life in the bench 😂😭🤣
Acen Gaming
Acen Gaming 4 months ago
Jr smith the best cheerleader of the game.
thaddeus kiser
thaddeus kiser 4 months ago
Watched 3 seconds of video and left because I couldn’t stand how his voice.
Andrew Chester
Andrew Chester 4 months ago
“Look at the new hair style, how can he lose?” 😂😂
Anarchee 4 months ago
Davis really took Khawi’s hair do just to show him how he should have played against the Nuggets.
Arkynist 4 months ago
The clippers realize this ain't the clippers we ain't playing the clippers
Craigin Diaz
Craigin Diaz 4 months ago
Thanks for the vid CLIVE. Really the first video of the day and tdy is my birthday. Thanks Clive for making me laugh every damn time of the week🙏🏼🙏🏼
quebono100 4 months ago
How to get a license for NBA footage?
Agus Pratama
Agus Pratama 4 months ago
Man i was afraid laker losing in those jerseys
John Ibechem
John Ibechem 4 months ago
i saw zackttg in the top of the row
Wisemann 4 months ago
Even after that, I can't say Lakers won this series already. A cornered Nuggets is more dangerous than a Clipper.
sponge bob
sponge bob 4 months ago
cesu 4 months ago
Nobody gonna talk about PJ Dozier smacking the ball off the court after the game-winner by Anthony Davis?
Momula101 4 months ago
"Playing with a new hairstyle how can he lose" u so corny that's y I keep watching lol
Happy Turtle
Happy Turtle 4 months ago
AD : i'm not a fun guy but i'm the guy baby what it do aha aha ha !
Andreas Sanchez
Andreas Sanchez 4 months ago
Man i love LeBron since 15 Years but i Love the Nuggets after the Clippers so! I love Jokic and Murray
SALTY_ EYEZ 4 months ago
And I’m out
Steven N.
Steven N. 4 months ago
Clive be playing video games during these nba games. I'm glad sports new saves highlights for him.
ANKH MIC 4 months ago
Wtf plumlee
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 4 months ago
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Cameron Mahaffey
Cameron Mahaffey 4 months ago
That travel thooooo 👀
Joshua Stoned
Joshua Stoned 4 months ago
JR would dribble it out.
Richard Dizon
Richard Dizon 4 months ago
MrCliveNBAParody please make another video highlighting Talen Horton-Tucker fall aftrer get hit by his own teammate, man, that was so funny. All-day long. 😂😂😂
PTG 4 months ago
What is this commentary lol
Will Tyrrell
Will Tyrrell 4 months ago
Clive u the goat my guy. Best US-firstr on youtube
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel
Lakers In 4 Chicken Nuggets Going To Sweep 🧹 This Nuggets Team
Punch Line
Punch Line 4 months ago
Don't mind the travel. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Carylos Pepese
Carylos Pepese 4 months ago
Go down as one of the best buzzer beater shots
inder singh
inder singh 4 months ago
Hey Clive i am eagerly waiting for your new parody as AD hits the game winning shot just like kyrie do in Cleveland
Goat 4 months ago
Yo what happen to J.R Smith man hated Cleveland cuz he got no minites
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett 4 months ago
Yooooo...AD with-that game-winning, @Chris Smoove "SP-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHHHH"!! 👀
Lewor Smiley
Lewor Smiley 4 months ago
Caruso, he’s the 🐐🤣👊
Burgs Productions
Burgs Productions 4 months ago
Its boring without warriors on the playoff :(
Naz YT
Naz YT 4 months ago
*Literally 99% won’t see this : Your amazing and wonderful, stay safe during this rough times🥰*
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 4 months ago
"He made a business decision." LMao
KfreshTV 4 months ago
Who gets green releases like AD?
KfreshTV 4 months ago
KfreshTV 4 months ago
AD almost sent that one dude to God
DrinkMoWater 4 months ago
Nuggets pack and cIppers pal ❤️😂
Alex Ball
Alex Ball 4 months ago
Nuggets in 7...I AM CALLING IT
jerry wielzen
jerry wielzen 4 months ago
If you're watching closely you can see that 2 guys were holdong lebron think that he wil get the schot. And the ball get to ad. It shows that lebron is dangerous
The Bayolsh
The Bayolsh 4 months ago
Alex Caruso, the Goat.
Ron Figg
Ron Figg 4 months ago
The Lakers hating Clippers bandwagon is missing! Send out an APB! 😂
Just(Not)Me 4 months ago
"Look at the bew hairstyle...how can he lose?!"
jdelgado216 4 months ago
Carusso :math at 9 and hooping by 6
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 4 months ago
Lakers shocked Bron Dong got no MVP voted. Lakers shocked Bron Dong got his pant shipped. LMAO.
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty 4 months ago
Plumlee had to double team the MVP...why would he follow a wide open AD after Playoff P told him that's a bad shot anyway
shadow_of_darkness 4 months ago
lakers are built different
Deonte 4 months ago
Mang Didge
Mang Didge 4 months ago
Yep Lakers looking good in this game
Elijah Porter
Elijah Porter 4 months ago
Who is the light skin dude with the burgundy shoes and braids that keeps falling and trying to be in the huddle when AD makes that shot. Hilarious if y’all can spot him.
All Might
All Might 4 months ago
Giannis brother really bout to win a ring before him
John Bradley
John Bradley 4 months ago
lmfao that was some cheese
First Emperor
First Emperor 4 months ago
Wtf hahaha
ILike Waffles
ILike Waffles 4 months ago
Darnell Rowell
Darnell Rowell 4 months ago
How u think Thanksgiving gne go this year 😂🤣😂
You’re seeing this comment for a reason
What an amazing realization
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall 4 months ago
He traveled!!!!!! He needed to bounce the ball one time. It’s called a drop step. Missed call by the refs.
Hersh Mihayal
Hersh Mihayal 4 months ago
Zippitty22 4 months ago
When the Lakers won, LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers were all like, "FUCK YEAH, CHINA! CHINA HATES BLACK PEOPLE! YEEEAAAH BLM! WOO!! WE WON!" ...or something like that.
allan sosa
allan sosa 4 months ago
rondo..walk like a boss😂
Paul Prejean
Paul Prejean 4 months ago
That was hella traveling.
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza 4 months ago
Ad sucks
YASHWANTH NAIDU 4 months ago
Caruso the “white bald GOAT 🐐”
Jeff Zhou
Jeff Zhou 4 months ago
I really thought the joker bullied it before AD’s game winner.
Why so Serious?
Why so Serious? 4 months ago
2:24 that dude just slammed in to a wall haha
Zay Pettiford
Zay Pettiford 4 months ago
"he got like 30 points bullying Anthony Davis" 😂😂😂😂 Bro this man is hilarious
Trump24 4 months ago
If lebron keeps this up he won’t win finals mvp
??????? 4 months ago
I swear whenever the lakers wear the kobe jersey they play like kobe
Da Cleva 1
Da Cleva 1 4 months ago
Plumlee should've just stayed with AD, I don't why he wanted to switch 🤦🏿‍♂ 🤦🏿‍♂🤦🏿‍♂
ma3bnetchR 4 months ago
Jr Smith is the best bench support 💜