Lakers Rumors: JaVale McGee Leaving Los Angeles? Carmelo Anthony Signing? + Luol Deng Contract News 

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The Lakers offseason is going to be a relatively quiet one, but JaVale McGee could be a free agent. JaVale McGee recently sold his house in Los Angeles and many are beginning to speculate that the Lakers’ starting big man could be leaving the Lakers in free agency. JaVale McGee started alongside Anthony Davis in all 68 games that he played in in 2020.
Carmelo Anthony is a free agent this offseason. The Lakers do not have a lot of cap space this summer, but they could use their veteran’s minimum contract on Carmelo Anthony as a rotation piece off the bench. Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James have a close relationship and could be reunited when Melo hits free agency again this summer.
Luol Deng was signed to a giant contract in 2016 with the Lakers, and the team is still paying that off. Over the next three years, Luol Deng is owed $15 million. The Lakers have applied for an exception that would take his money off of their books and open up about $5 million in cap space for this offseason, the 2021 offseason and the 2022 offseason.
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Oct 20, 2020




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Lakers Rumors & News
Would you want Carmelo Anthony on the Lakers?
Philemon Teke
Philemon Teke 12 days ago
If he agrees to come off the bench and play 20 to 25 minutes per game.
Campo Elias Pérez
Campo Elias Pérez 12 days ago
Pisa Thongsonlone
Pisa Thongsonlone 26 days ago
Nope nope nope nope nope nope. Hell nope
DevonCND Española
Oh No! Whiteside or bring back Zubac is much better.
Hhh zzz
Hhh zzz Month ago
Tavis Keats
Tavis Keats 2 hours ago
Derrick Caractet
cm zam gaming
cm zam gaming 13 days ago
I think james would pick tristan thompson additional to laker line up
Edwin Cepeda
Edwin Cepeda 25 days ago
Is this true or bull crap we need melo
Agnes Pettway
Agnes Pettway 28 days ago
Agnes Pettway
Agnes Pettway 28 days ago
Edwin Cepeda
Edwin Cepeda 28 days ago
Melo needs a ring now so the Lakers will be good fit
Dr. J.J. Spinner
Dr. J.J. Spinner 28 days ago
DH he is consistent and not injury prone with no limitations.
F430 Ferrari
F430 Ferrari 29 days ago
No Carmelo.
Asani Jacobs
Asani Jacobs 29 days ago
I don’t wanna melo. He’s not a winning player
Ivan Rivera
Ivan Rivera Month ago
Rob Sacre
Ivan Rivera
Ivan Rivera Month ago
Xavier Henry
Emilio Quintana
Emilio Quintana Month ago
Melo doing better that D h from the Lakers.
Antonio Robles
Antonio Robles Month ago
D1g1tal 0rb1t
D1g1tal 0rb1t Month ago
Geoffrey Cushing-Murray
They bring up Melo for low information fans who don’t know who players like Robert Covington are.
Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard Month ago
I believe howard will join the warriors and hope my lakers bring cousins if healthy.#MikeNice #TheLakeShow
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis Month ago
Dam i hope melo sign to lakers
John Howe
John Howe Month ago
Rondo leaving. More money he deserves for sho. With that said. 2 options for PG. If we went trade CP3 it would take our team. Plus it would commit fiancial suicide. 1st option DRose trade Javale M and Kuzma 2 2nd rd for DRose. Sign CWood in free agency. 2nd option. DGreen, Kuzma for DSchroeder and Terrence Ferguson. Sign NNoel in FA vet min back up DHoward. Sign Gallinari. He has made it clear that he wants his next contract to be a chip. Coming off bench he a younger player scoring assassin. You have Schroeder Incredible playing PG young fast extremely talented and can D up. Noel young big extremely talented knock down D rebounder blocker and can shoot. Ferguson D and scoring. DRose is very close to AD. AD wants him you get him. AD is Lakers future.
We Need Derrick Rose. D Rose is a heck of a player. He will dominate the paint, with his style of play
Asani Jacobs
Asani Jacobs 29 days ago
No we don’t need him. We have the 2 paint dominate players in Bron and ad, that would just mess up the flow of our offense. With Bron and Ad who can do everything we just need 3 and d players. It’s that simple.
Nestor Gorgonio
Nestor Gorgonio Month ago
carmelo is not a role player....he would just ruin the chemistry...he will not move around without the ball...
Lee Andrada
Lee Andrada Month ago
Too many videos about trade rumors and I'll believe it when its all said, signed and done.
Dah Real 1
Dah Real 1 Month ago
Dah Real 1
Dah Real 1 Month ago
sath yem
sath yem Month ago
Melo to the Lakers. No way
Jeff Chung
Jeff Chung Month ago
Bran Made Banz
Bran Made Banz Month ago
Fred Robert's look him up lol 😆....I win
moshediquel Month ago
Don’t nobody want that mess called Tristan Thompson
Anonymous 72
Anonymous 72 Month ago
id rather have a star PG/SG rather than acquiring carmelo. LBJ can do his position way better.
Rixon Long
Rixon Long Month ago
Xavier Henry
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez Month ago
CARMELO AAnthony 🥶
Earthy Sin
Earthy Sin Month ago
Plz don't get Carmelo if anything bring back Brandon ingram he had a great year the experience to get his game up surpassed kuzma quick swap pelicans will get a champion experience young dude in cuz n lakers well get Ingram future k.d trust. I said before I'll say it again.
Adryan Gray
Adryan Gray Month ago
Lakers should trade Rajon Rondo,Jared Dudley,Danny Green,Kostas Antetokounmpo, Javale McGee to the Clippers for Patrick Beverley, Terrance Mann,Amir Coffey,Marcus Morris, Montrezl Harrell...... Trade Quinn Cook,Alex Caruso, Taleen Jalee Horton-Tucker Kyle Kumza, Devontae Cacok,to the Thunder for CP3,Dennis Schroder,Danilo Gallinari, Nerlens Noel, Steven Adams......
dj spike
dj spike Month ago
B_wake24 JCWV
B_wake24 JCWV Month ago
Yeah he'd be perfect but he has to take a lower role. He could start but he has to take less minutes.
B_wake24 JCWV
B_wake24 JCWV Month ago
JM or DH.. Ill go DH though!
B_wake24 JCWV
B_wake24 JCWV Month ago
Honestly there's like 4 or 5 random a** players on the lakers team. Lol
damon grant
damon grant Month ago
Jose Guinto
Jose Guinto Month ago
Well the deng deal at the time he left most of us said ok f that we worry about that later after we win the title well here we are Now
Tom Coy
Tom Coy Month ago
Besus Leyva
Besus Leyva Month ago
Dh he’s a good fit
I think Booker will wear Lakers jersey...
Ρομέο GR
Ρομέο GR Month ago
JaVale and Howard are perfect role players that will do what they are asked to do, with low contracts , they are healthy and they are what AD needs to play how he prefers. So ,why let them go? Couzins may get injured the second day of training and his character is always under discussion Paul ....wonderful true point guard but age and contract to avoid Melo ....is he really necessary to these Lakers? I mean ....keep Kuz instead , make him work as much as possible and he can only get better.
Raymond Ford
Raymond Ford Month ago
Chris Mihm
Chris B
Chris B Month ago
Charles Mcclellan
No Derrick Rose rumors 🤔🤔🤔
icecoldhombre Month ago
Random Laker : Smush Parker
Tom Mchugh
Tom Mchugh Month ago
@JIMMY_CROWTHER Who do the cavs have to let go of in pursuit of kuz to improve our young core ?
miel lee
miel lee Month ago
No need of Carmelo...
Mark Sepeda
Mark Sepeda Month ago
Bryan cook
Adryan Gray
Adryan Gray Month ago
If Javale McGee leaves the Lakers & doesn't sign De'Marcus back then trade for Clint Capela,Steven Adams, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor,Tristian Thompson,Derrick Favors, Serge Ibaka, Thompson,Andre Drummond, I feel like Javale McGee would be a good fit for Celtics,Rockets,Heat,Nets, Clippers,Knicks, Pelicans,Raptors,
mysticman776 Month ago
mysticman776 Month ago
Mike Muscala (random player)
vtownboxingfan Month ago
Random Laker: Mike Smrek (1987-88)
HOPE RDC Month ago
Verni De la cruz
DH is better back
AncientttimeZ Month ago
Amelia Bower
Amelia Bower Month ago
la neet to go get van fleet
Ayrro Ghannt
Ayrro Ghannt Month ago
Shannon Brown
kcuse315 tck
kcuse315 tck Month ago
Melo staying in Portland if does go anywhere it's going to be to the Knicks
Shakir Reddick
Shakir Reddick Month ago
Melo would be a teacher for Kyle kuzuma
Tim Williams
Tim Williams Month ago
Shakir Reddick
Shakir Reddick Month ago
Garvin Felix
Garvin Felix Month ago
Shakir Reddick
Shakir Reddick Month ago
Brian Cook
ASAPxAGERA Month ago
Random Laker: Dennis Rodman.
King Beatific
King Beatific Month ago
marshall parker
marshall parker Month ago
Isaiah Thomas
marshall parker
marshall parker Month ago
Melo is literally perfect peice. When Brons sitting Melo can go to work
Keith Shields
Keith Shields Month ago
Bring, Boogie,Back.... BBB.
james Pickering
james Pickering Month ago
Give us cp3
Max F
Max F Month ago
melo and d rose both deserve rings if im being honest, but can they both coexist on the lakers? who knows
Jonathan Walter
Jonathan Walter Month ago
Dj mbenga
Lilbari_23 V
Lilbari_23 V Month ago
Ron artest
Mark Frederick Penaroyo
Lakers must get Kenneth Faried...
The Goat
The Goat Month ago
6:00 JM
MrMusicMan438 Month ago
Random Lakers would say is Isaiah Thomas
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Month ago
Samaki walker
Marven Bautista Ernacio
No need anthony to lakers
Jello Dumlao
Jello Dumlao Month ago
Carmelo will ruin the great chemistry of lbj and ad...lakers dont need him.hes just an iso player..lakers are about teamwork
Nikki & Tom Wallace
Noel Felix. And Dwight Howard. That is the best scenario. I love Melo, I love Syracuse, but Melo would rather avg 20 and lose than play on Championship team. Lakers need to trade Green and Kuzma Lakers should draft Cassius Stanley. Him and THT learning under a championship environment, getting LBJ’s work ethic. You could run those two defensively at someone all night. Young legs, cheap contracts.
Kali Boi247
Kali Boi247 Month ago
Smush Parker
Joe Gonzalez
Joe Gonzalez Month ago
Galanari. Will be good for us.
Steve Martinez
Steve Martinez Month ago
Oh I hope not I like the man he may not be all that but you have to respect the man who puts in the work bumps and grinds and gives it his all
Tommy Jackson
Tommy Jackson Month ago
Robert Sacre; Travis Knight
robert evans
robert evans Month ago
Andrew goudelock
최현 정
최현 정 Month ago
Nba players who i want to win even one nba ring Dwight Howard ✔ Derrick Rose Carmelo Anthony Vince Carter (retired)
Abdulmoiz 5522
Abdulmoiz 5522 Month ago
U not gonna add Chris Paul, James Harden, Joakim Noah, Giannis, Demarcus Cousins, Paul George, Russel Westbrook on that list?
3456567654 4455
3456567654 4455 Month ago
Marquis Robertson
Tristan Thompson
Marquis Robertson
Demarcus Cousins and Dwight Howard
flymingo the fittest
The man said Plumlee???? 😭😭😭😭😭
Thomas Dean
Thomas Dean Month ago
If the Lakers bring Carmelo Anthony in its over Lebron AD and Melo that is a Dream team.
outhereq1 Month ago
Sign andre drumming to the vet min
Jay ar Sed
Jay ar Sed Month ago
Jay ar Sed
Jay ar Sed Month ago
Peter Dixon
Peter Dixon Month ago
1:46 my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
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I'm a Mobile Game