Lakers Get Marc Gasol & Montrezl Harrell, Trade JaVale McGee To Cavs! 2021 NBA Free Agency 

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Lakers Get Marc Gasol & Montrezl Harrell, Trade JaVale McGee To Cavs! 2021 NBA Free Agency
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Nov 22, 2020




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Comments 100   
Lambo Month ago
Danny 🧱 green
Dooley Month ago
LMFAOOOO Danny brick green 😂😂😂
NBA Claws
NBA Claws Month ago
*But Kuzma stays? Smh*
Ighamu Tuccu
Ighamu Tuccu Month ago
Danny brick green 🔥😂
Jimmie Mcdonald
Jimmie Mcdonald Month ago
We'll the lakers made a good choice
Palmiguel Month ago
Make parodies again please a lot more what if’s in the league now
Palmiguel Month ago
I love your nba news but your parodies separated you from the rest
Marvin Month ago
Mark my word its gonna big upset for my fav lakers!
Neil Gabion
Neil Gabion Month ago
the Lakers may win another Championship. but the question is, will LeBron be able to win without these new additional players? guess not. He needs all the best players around him just to secure a win, otherwise, he will have his "legacy" tainted.
TSMx4AM Tenzing
TSMx4AM Tenzing Month ago
tripleggewyt Month ago
they have no good guard
wong cj
wong cj Month ago
Javale and kuzma just too lazy to train at off-season look at their muscle mass! Lazy people will kick out by leGM
Gabriel Waggoner
I hope this is a good thing
Boy Boy
Boy Boy Month ago
Luh-Gee-Em, back at it again with the offseason moves.
6familyfirst Month ago
Russ & Giannis gotta team up. Clippers(If PG stays or not) /Nets. Those starting 5 beat Lakers in 5 ALL DAY, just gotta have a bench. Mia/Hou/Knicks other options
Ayden Cole
Ayden Cole Month ago
Ima miss javale💛💜💜💛 #lakeshow
VoltZ Month ago
Who's their PG
alexander cruz
alexander cruz Month ago
Fake bitch fuck you have a good time
Bfns 23
Bfns 23 Month ago
Lakers should sign Dewayne Dedmon as the backup C to let Trez play exclusively PF off the bench. Hes another big body that can stretch the floor as well. Pistons just waived him also so Lakers can pick him up vet min
Eyad Ramadan
Eyad Ramadan Month ago
It's looking like clips winning WCF
Anand Srinivasan
Damn lakers gonna repeat
peezer77 Month ago
Lakers gonna start snatching people lunches😂😂😂
Dog World Online
I'll miss Javale's & Dwight's energy and personalities. They did well. But Gasol & Harrell is a HUGE upgrade. I wish they kept Rondo. That'll hurt. True Floor General. Probably future coach. They could still use a 3 Point Specialist and a guard who runs the offense at a high level. Other than that, Lakers are looking GOOOD.
Zeke Anime
Zeke Anime Month ago
Damn, why javale 💜💛 of people!?
Matrix815jct Month ago
I miss the 2k with Clive
peanuts. world
peanuts. world Month ago
danny brick green😭😭😭
Sir Truth Hunter
Lol guys, we're losing our freedoms as we speak 🙈
Sir Truth Hunter
"They traded Danny Bric.. Green" 🤭
zombie_ Month ago
HA! keep gasol
I'm gonna miss wes Mathews from the bucks
I'm going to miss Javale and why TF him and not kuz
Jiro Abacahin
Jiro Abacahin Month ago
Why javale
Moses D
Moses D Month ago
Didn't he say before that he'll never play for the Lakers for what they did to his brother?!
que paso que paso
Shit javale's gone????!!!! Even though he have some shaqtin a fool clip.. i like the guy playing in Lakers.
Zach Dylann Buensuceso
UR RIGHT BRO JAVALE shouldn't got traded
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph Month ago
Imagine Lakers getting Giannis. 🔥
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Month ago
Mamba out
- Mazil -
- Mazil - Month ago
Javale McGee and Rajan Rondo will forever be missed. We can't take Rondos playmaking skills and leadership for granted. Javale McGee was becoming a trademark entertainer at lakers!
RickyJ YT
RickyJ YT Month ago
What the 😳marc?
Andre Fane
Andre Fane Month ago
Bro I'm going to miss rajon rondo and McGee man let's go but at least we're going to be able to do this go on Lakers like if you agree
max mr.awesome
max mr.awesome Month ago
Le gm back at it
Liopp Month ago
and what yo ass talkin about brick green man he was on target so many times..
Liopp Month ago
I think Javale was really dominant in the paint. If he would have played a bit more there would have been sick highlights..
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Month ago
The Lakers are more scary
Banana Phone
Banana Phone Month ago
Grizzlies taking it next year
CHILL TV Month ago
I miss the parody pls create a parody in nba 2k21 next gen
Hlelokuhle Masuku
Danny 'Brick' Green 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The 3 tricksters
If marc can sell the raps, he'll definitely sell the lakers w his fatass
Shannos 17
Shannos 17 Month ago
We going for the 3PEAT BABYYYY!!!🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾👑
ShoGanta Month ago
rondo and javale gone is a big deal imo, they both big part on the old championship team rondo in particular
Stephen Curry Fanclub
Clive when you gonna do another parody
Stephen Curry Fanclub
Why they call him Danny brick😂
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza Month ago
Born isn’t winning another ring he can add cp3 and that won’t happen if he dose then that’s his last year winning 1 the nets can stop them and the bucs can to
Teanemy Month ago
Goodbye McGee😔👋
youngkingfray Month ago
AD not gonna be back that’s why they getting big man
diunatiu Month ago
nets will do it
Certified DevK
Certified DevK Month ago
“14u players and taking it to go” love when he says these things
Royal Me
Royal Me Month ago
Trade Kuz and KCP for James Harden.
Bigotón Bigotón
Whos gonna defend joker?!
Bigotón Bigotón
Bro gasol sucks
kushal khaitan
kushal khaitan Month ago
Trade Kuzma for Bogdan somehow get him
Berty Wicaksono
Berty Wicaksono Month ago
Shit how about bald mamba is he traded to football team
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason Month ago
Its sad so much of the championship squad is being moved out.....and in this special kobe year too....Dwight, javale, and rondo are especially painful
SoLveZ Month ago
I don’t think they’ll repeat or three peat it doesn’t seem like it to me.
God Bless You
God Bless You Month ago
Bet you said they werent winning title last year, shut up
Teeteu P
Teeteu P Month ago
Luh GM Danny brick Green; Danny Red
iLikeChotas Month ago
Lakers 4-peat
Shmurda Hat
Shmurda Hat Month ago
Rip Laker vlogs :/
Eazy Fvcking E
Eazy Fvcking E Month ago
yup L for the Lakers
Akerlexic 1226
Akerlexic 1226 Month ago
Marc for McGee is kinda stupid
Isaac Layow
Isaac Layow Month ago
RIP Javale! He went from best team in the league to one of the worst teams in the league
NFL Nation
NFL Nation Month ago
I can’t stand the lakers worst fans in the league lebron kinda ruined basketball
Tustam Custom
Tustam Custom Month ago
They gotta trade McGee 😭
Zinx? Month ago
Please make 2k videos again
Simple video's
Simple video's Month ago
It is difficult to play with new team members.
Melonie Lendor
Melonie Lendor Month ago
NOOO JAVAL we gonna miss you
Melonie Lendor
Melonie Lendor Month ago
NOOO JAVAL we gonna miss you
Soul Relaxation
Soul Relaxation Month ago
WHY?!! i think what happened to bulls before is happening now in LAKERS. shiiiiitttt
We still don't have any knockdown shooters and our defense is not as strong especially in the paint.
Daps R.
Daps R. Month ago
Lakers been doing it right this year with all these moves. King Bron is ready to tango past all these teams to reach yet another ring!!! Back2back babyyyy Mamba is looking down and blessing us. But man..Kobe I wish you was here to witness greatness
benhurzz Month ago
1:15 “Lebron making them smoove moves... Shout out to Smoove” 😂😂😂
Personal opinion: mcgee> gasol
Daniel Queiroz
Daniel Queiroz Month ago
I believe they traded javale and dwight because of the playoffs. Sad to see them go still
Jake Hero
Jake Hero Month ago
Danny Brick Green🤣🤣
Pepe Billete
Pepe Billete Month ago
mcgee was terrible lol how quick ppl forget
Rowen Corpuz
Rowen Corpuz Month ago
game over!😎😎😎👌👌👌
ryan0190 ryan0190
Why did we get rid of serge rip
Samuel Betterson
Why Javale
Aries Hipolito
Aries Hipolito Month ago
LeBron you said is legm but when LeBron is done you're done too bro you have no content so accept it
Aries Hipolito
Aries Hipolito Month ago
You're the one who said their championship is not count you're an diot you deserve to dislike by others
Im going to miss Javale Mcgee Vlog with the Lakers😭😭😭
Marwane M
Marwane M Month ago
Gsw 2.0
To_The_ArKade73 Month ago
can they at least get rid of dudley
Raf Meister
Raf Meister Month ago
Respect from one of the best commentators to the great commentator chris smoove
Izzy Nica
Izzy Nica Month ago
Gasol is too old. Didnt want him to stay on the raptors. Respect him for what he did but im Glad hes gone.
Janshiful Month ago
He is good enough for RS minutes and productive scoring. Unlike Howard and McGee, Gasol has range and can hits three. His viability in PO is irrelevant because Lakers best PO lineup has AD on center.
Aashwit Kumar
Aashwit Kumar Month ago
Dutchman Month ago
They should have freed Kevin Love, he deservers te be on a contending team
Remember this guy used to say lakers didn't deserve the win the bubble and deleted the video? Smoove will always be better than you
wolftmfg Month ago
Goodbye Clippers 👋
Alvini Vault
Alvini Vault Month ago
Boogie is better than gasol
TYP Freshman
TYP Freshman Month ago
Javale is better than a washed Marc gosal that was a bad trade
RiZCEŃ 26 Month ago
Now if giannis join to warriors and marc join the lakers with lebron this will be hard match