Lakers Destroy Nuggets In Game 1! Lakers vs Nuggets Game 1 2020 NBA Playoffs Conference Finals 

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Lakers Destroy Nuggets In Game 1! Lakers vs Nuggets Game 1 2020 NBA Playoffs September 18, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Sep 18, 2020




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Momo Camara
Momo Camara 3 months ago
4-1 NO CAP
itsbamzy 3 months ago
Most Valuable Player = Someone who can make their teammate exponentially better and also themselves. Not just someone who can put up a crazy amount of points and cross people up . No-disrespect my opinion
Milutin ITC
Milutin ITC 4 months ago
Refs destroyed the Nuggets
Team console
Team console 4 months ago
Lebron should have won mvp
RegularThings by regular Guy
3-1 from the clippers and before that series against Utah
Jay Belafonte
Jay Belafonte 4 months ago
The Bucks were playing a bunch of nobodies in the East. Best record in the NBA should have come with a * on it
Juan Calcanat
Juan Calcanat 4 months ago
Giannis didn't deserve it.
Darren Garibay
Darren Garibay 4 months ago
I say I wanted lakers vs nuggets because I know that we would destroy them and I don’t have to stress by game winners against the clippers. That’s what I think.
CuhrfyCool5 4 months ago
Clippers weren’t gonna do much against the lakers George was playing like trash and Kawhi got one highlight...the one finger block 😭🤦‍♂️😂
CuhrfyCool5 4 months ago
My man Lebron was passing at least 💪
Ricky Vall3y Reid
Ricky Vall3y Reid 4 months ago
Starving for some nuggets 😂💀
Freddy Gomez Thinks Too Much
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Albert Enriquez
Albert Enriquez 4 months ago
Honestly: Jimmy butler should win MVP
Givemetheopals 4 months ago
Lebron should been mvp and Anthony Davis should be dpoy
Givemetheopals 4 months ago
His voice satisfies me lol
Dequaan Snell
Dequaan Snell 4 months ago
Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor 4 months ago
The Lakers are already up 3-1 (regular season)
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza 4 months ago
Lakers suck if the Rockets played Tyson Lakers would be out
Duwaan Clark
Duwaan Clark 4 months ago
We would of just beat they ass more an bring him out the hole with ad. No bigg man in the paint still nothing you can do
Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott 4 months ago
We better win tomorrow dak needa feed me more
Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott 4 months ago
Lets go lebron they ain't choking
MrDrizzy 4 months ago
Refs call everything against the nuggets they really want the Lakers to win 🤦🏾
MrDrizzy 4 months ago
They didn't destroy them the nuggets lost by 12
DJROMAXTION S 4 months ago
u darn right on that broooo i dont care about nuggets but mannnnnnnnnn when they hit that ssjnugget gohan mode its a rappp grab lebron in mid air and be like get to the ship lol nowww this is the team zion needs to be on for real oh they would be ultra beast even the old golden state would have problems !!! get over it LMAO its the playoffs lol ur gonna most likely see nuggets vs heat but we all want lakers vs heat the all star match up
FlexGodKvng 4 months ago
LeBron should’ve won the mvp because he playing like a mvp at his age and he’s been the Better player this season than Giannis
yo miixツ
yo miixツ 4 months ago
spacex69 4 months ago
I miss the parodies
MankeM 4 months ago
Dripward 4 months ago
Bronny forgot to send the IG video to close friends only
tintman831 4 months ago
More like the refs destroyed the Nuggets. 31 free throws in the first half!?
Madelaine Ramos
Madelaine Ramos 4 months ago
Ofcourse lebron is the real mvp he got robbed
Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed 4 months ago
Lebelt James ballin
Arnav Vivek
Arnav Vivek 4 months ago
Tbh I wasn’t surprised the nuggets made the wcf I’m just surprised they came back from a 3-1 deficit twice in the same playoffs.
moussst 560
moussst 560 4 months ago
Lakers 🔥🔥🔥🔥
style stunner55
style stunner55 4 months ago
Lakers in 6
D_ M_Rose_2008
D_ M_Rose_2008 4 months ago
Where that reaction vid of Bronny smoking that good stuff 🚬🤤
Bartholomew Kuma
Bartholomew Kuma 4 months ago
even denver fans wanted to see the lakers vs the clippers... damn..
Joe Vann Paulo Lapasa
Your voice is weird RN
Accented Indian
Accented Indian 4 months ago
Ive officially lost interest in the nba. SIMPLE
anrie 4 months ago
Another Dull Gold "Whooops" I mean Dull MVP.
Anthony Evans
Anthony Evans 4 months ago
Im so done with i wanted lakers vs clippers they lost and didnt make it they are eliminated and that means they are irrelevant
Domagoj Gregurić
Domagoj Gregurić 4 months ago
Bron is the mvp
Larossy 4 months ago
Watch when we expect Lakers vs Celtics in the finals but it nuggets vs heat, I’ll cry 😂😂
Damian Presha
Damian Presha 4 months ago
Not happening
Xanderrey Bretana
Xanderrey Bretana 4 months ago
Giannis doesn't deserve mvp
celine dayap
celine dayap 4 months ago
Lebron is the real MVP
P. Dot
P. Dot 4 months ago
Laker Fans should be happy Paul George didn't come to the Lakers...can yall imaging lebron dealing with playoff p.
OoF EriC
OoF EriC 4 months ago
AD for MVP
ADE 1 TV 4 months ago
This is Lebrons chip to win this one is easy with the clippers out of the way
Renz Carlo Salanga
Renz Carlo Salanga 4 months ago
starving some nuggets 😝
CLARKSTER PRØ XD 4 months ago
Anthony Davis hungry for some nuggets HAHAHA 😂☠️
jeu open
jeu open 4 months ago
Nice Nug. Are the best team for warm up!!
Ben Cogar
Ben Cogar 4 months ago
Lakers and Jazz
Jamal Warren
Jamal Warren 4 months ago
Super sayian mode🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Antix
Anthony Antix 4 months ago
LeBron should've won
Nathan o
Nathan o 4 months ago
He came out starving for some nuggets LMAO... I gotta see this dudes face bruh
Bron Rage
Bron Rage 4 months ago
LeBron Got robbed for the MVP again
Eduardo Rivas
Eduardo Rivas 4 months ago
Chris Smoove wannabe
jay mercado
jay mercado 4 months ago
at least 70 - 31 man
YTEurope HDGaming
YTEurope HDGaming 4 months ago
If the Clippers made it to the WCF with the way they played, they would've gotten swept, no cap.
Shrek Doubt
Shrek Doubt 4 months ago
they better sweep the nugs or go 2-2 because if they went down 3-1 they go god mode and win the series
johnny chatman
johnny chatman 4 months ago
Put some respect on our name type spanking 😂😂 Lakers 👊 Nation 💜💛💯 that's game bruh huh
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 4 months ago
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Mpho Edward
Mpho Edward 4 months ago
Thanks for the wise words @claudiu
gerson reyes
gerson reyes 4 months ago
Bro no one cares about the clippers
Roderick Blair
Roderick Blair 4 months ago
Lakers vs Clippers
Raphael Galindez
Raphael Galindez 4 months ago
Lebron wasn't even trying tonight but they still got the w
square maru
square maru 4 months ago
16 votes is too low. Lebron should have got at least of the half of the votes. Dumb system for MVP.
Mikyeil Dunham
Mikyeil Dunham 4 months ago
Imagine saying giannis deserved mvp over bron😂
ankit mitra
ankit mitra 4 months ago
Lakers vs bucks would have been the ideal series. King vs Mvp. The real Mvp shines through🔥🔥
Peter 4 months ago
Lebron should get MVP for F sake man ...
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett 4 months ago
Lakers vs. Clippers would've been good. But I'm curious to see how #THIS series turns out. 👊🏾
Childish Burrito
Childish Burrito 4 months ago
Lakers ain't the Clippers bro. But I feel what you say
Machiavelli 4 months ago
Giannis is a bitch
Machiavelli 4 months ago
Bron got robbed
Alec M
Alec M 4 months ago
Weird that the only mvp candidate playing is LBJ and yet the losers get the award.
Mekhi Schwartz
Mekhi Schwartz 4 months ago
Nuggets gonna take it all
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis 4 months ago
Lake show💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
StoicAuritra СтоикАури
Denvers has made such situation that even after dominating win like this I am feeling scared as Lakers fan
Euro Fam
Euro Fam 4 months ago
Lakers should’ve just lost game 1 🤦‍♂️In that way the Gentle Men Sweep Lakers are activated.
Gursharan singh
Gursharan singh 4 months ago
Lebron is pissed and now he is activating Finals mode
Dahmean Zavala
Dahmean Zavala 4 months ago
Kristian Krastanov
Kristian Krastanov 4 months ago
super saiyan mode is not enough against playoff Rondo
Cooltigerkook 4 months ago
La v la
zoku 4 months ago
I predict lakers win the finals. Like if u agree 👇🏾
Ana Capa
Ana Capa 4 months ago
spare games until. 3-1 for Denver
Nikko Andrei C. Gepayo
Lebron should be the mvp
Random Videos 2002
Random Videos 2002 4 months ago
LeBron should get mvp and I want want Denver vs lakers cause easy win
Lil Dangle
Lil Dangle 4 months ago
Yannis?? come on haha
Not Danny
Not Danny 4 months ago
DeepYn Side
DeepYn Side 4 months ago
I learn a lot from this guy, i learned that the nba is just all about the L.A. and lebron, mad respect.. im woke now..
Aaron paul Bonzo
Aaron paul Bonzo 4 months ago
THis is ALL FOR KOBE ♥️💖🙏😇
xgsvzcjgsv rhavgagad
nuggets may pull out the impossible in the finals everyone go beast mode
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia 4 months ago
LMAFOOOOOO go to sleeepp guys .
LollipopPlayz 4 months ago
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 4 months ago
Bronny gonna get a virtual Spanking
SportsTime Philippines!
wubongG 4 months ago
Starving for some nuggets lol cmu
Nieves Malana
Nieves Malana 4 months ago
Nahh. I dont think what will happen on clippers will happen on lakers even if it goes down to 3-1. Lebron aint gon have 16pts and Ad aint gon have 8pts like kawhi and paul george to pay respect for kobe😂
Junaid Soudagar
Junaid Soudagar 4 months ago
I suppose they forgot the real meaning of MVP which is the Most Valuable Player and a player is most valued to his team when he tends to make his teammates better in every aspect and comes up big whenever needed to do so and I think MVP is not the one who stacks up stats and still the team is not benefitted enough. Like if you agree!
Tecno 4 months ago
Bu Bu but.. We wanted the Lakers v The Clippers lol. Well to bad. The clippers are trash.
I'll Shiv you.
I'll Shiv you. 4 months ago
Just some guy without a mask
Davis trying to be a 7 foot Iverson with that braids with headband 😑
Ghost Ridah AK47
Ghost Ridah AK47 4 months ago
That last shot with lebron and AD on the bench should definitely be on a poster. Shows how happy they are playing together.