Kyrie Irving Burns Sage In Boston Return Before Game vs Celtics! Nets vs Celtics 

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Kyrie Irving Burns Sage In Boston Return Before Game vs Celtics! Nets vs Celtics December 18, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Dec 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
supermax /up north records/untouchable ent
Lol look like he disrespecting Boston garden 😂🤣😂🤣
Shockwave 117
Shockwave 117 9 days ago
Fake ass Celtic
TheOfficialCeez 16 days ago
He just bless the Celtics 🧍🏽‍♂️
gucciram61 27 days ago
Kyrie doing some voodoo shit 🥲🥲🥲
Patricia Halliman
Patricia Halliman 27 days ago
That's witch craft.
LiquiD DiuqiL
LiquiD DiuqiL 28 days ago
He is such a weirdo. Flat earth life.
AJ the little pro
AJ the little pro 28 days ago
That was a good thing
Harper Crespi
Harper Crespi 28 days ago
That's a fire Hazard ÷)
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar 28 days ago
There would be no need for the sage if he wasn't playing...
ocsjc24 29 days ago
Phil Jackson would have loved him
ararebreed jones
ararebreed jones 29 days ago
He weird
KuroBushi 29 days ago
Weird ass ritual
Y. S
Y. S 29 days ago
No now kyrie ,is in the final.
Gustav_A_Verdade 29 days ago
Xamã's Ritual... this do not work...
Rachmad Hidayat
Rachmad Hidayat 29 days ago
It's working already!! Tatum can thank Kyrie for his buzzer beater.
Monte_6'8 270Lbs. Actor
Mike Tyson: "Have you ever taken the toad"? 🎭🤣
IBE Bangs One word
IBE Bangs One word 29 days ago
He think they will win this year , lol the one that told u that eat ur money for nothing mr lol work hard that all not burning shits pls
Marc Molleja
Marc Molleja Month ago
Kyre "Black Magic" Irving
Cyrus Farsi
Cyrus Farsi Month ago
Is he for real
Nikolas NunnFears
and he thinks the earth is flat too this nigga 🤦🏽‍♂️
James Ford
James Ford Month ago
r4nd0m us3r
r4nd0m us3r Month ago
Stay off the drugs kids
Eric Peraza
Eric Peraza Month ago
Xy Montage
Xy Montage Month ago
Katol ang orasyon
Larmy Vallot Jr
Larmy Vallot Jr Month ago
Kryie never talks to the media no cap
Diogo Miguel Miguel
That is one fucked up in the head human being that takes himself way too seriously.
Arsenal4Lyf Month ago
Why he do that?
Noah2timesx Carr
Only OGs remember green like draymond
poljackph Month ago
Anti covid
Joseph Moreau
Joseph Moreau Month ago
He's just mad that the celtics are better without him
jr one
jr one Month ago
will Month ago
He’s so weird! He will end up in psychiatric ward!
Hispanic PANiC
Hispanic PANiC Month ago
Maybe kyrie should be working on his work ethic to stay healthy for a full season and help his team be successful. Laziest superstar in the league, overrated. #FOH bruh
Yash Shah
Yash Shah Month ago
Seriously, what's wrong with this guy?
MJ Retuita
MJ Retuita Month ago
I'm not haters of Mr. Irving just saying that is a demonic ritual
Yoshi da kid
Yoshi da kid Month ago
Lol, this guy.
ReplayPH Month ago
Kyrie so extra man
Jkgoodman 13
Jkgoodman 13 Month ago
I bet kyrie and nle choppa have there powers rn
R Taylor
R Taylor Month ago
Too dramatic
iamteamyou Month ago
WTF Wrong Wit this Man!?!?!?!?
Seneca Ball
Seneca Ball Month ago
Kyrie a real one, really knows his culture medicine just like all us natives and he is no stranger to this native life because remember his standing rock shoes. Those shoes were inspired by his tribe which is called standing rock.🔥🔥🔥🏀🏀🏀
M K.
M K. Month ago
He´s astonishingly stupid. Unbelievable.
trevor smith
trevor smith Month ago
that will go well with some roast chicken
airkuna Month ago
Why is this good??? Maybe he farted so stinky..
RockSteady67 Month ago
dog that been my pre-game ritual for a hot minute fam
Ayman Ali
Ayman Ali Month ago
Frank Month ago
Yall stay hatin on him for what?
Nick Neumann
Nick Neumann Month ago
Somebody got a link from the beat?
KodiaksTV Month ago
He use to say the earth is flat too he’s an idiot
Šaljo Month ago
I mean, if you ask me, it looks as if Kyrie was also burning something else besides sage
Kingpen Games
Kingpen Games Month ago
The earth is flat
Hugo Fürst
Hugo Fürst Month ago
uhm, well....yeah I mean ... I mean just maybe all those dribble moves and fakes took a toll on his brain...
cris longo
cris longo Month ago
My boy needs help
Jerard Paul Tulod
Kyrie thought he was a native American. Them old native Americans burning sages also thought the earth was flat.
Lyric X
Lyric X Month ago
Y'all be on the weirdest ish ever. What does burning sage supposed to do. The man puts out bad energy and burns sage to what? How bout putting good energy out there and see how that helps.
Jones Zyan
Jones Zyan Month ago
I don’t give two fucks what ever kyrie with im with a person needs people to support him ppl have feelings no matter there social status or how big they bank account is
smh Month ago
Kyrie into some weird things
Surojit Halder
Surojit Halder Month ago
Its about time for him to burn the stage.
Tory Beckford
Tory Beckford Month ago
Burn those haters spirits away lol
ofueru Month ago
What a disbelieving in God the almighty power that's a forbidden believe If he afraid of something he just has to put he faith in him
Nicholas Najibi
Nicholas Najibi Month ago
Omg I hate Kyrie Irving. He’s such a white girl
Karthik Month ago
Calm is good
The Black Renaissance
This not even his home arena ... this guy is mighty comfortable in somebody else house🤔
Anfernee Manansala
Fuck is this nigga doing lmao
BullyG Month ago
Biggest wack-a-doo in NBA history folks..........
Zerooo Twooo
Zerooo Twooo Month ago
Too much Anime...
Adeezl Month ago
lil hahmie is straight out the bayou roasting that sage.. I can't argue with it though.. guy's a legend.. go KI
messy Month ago
Gazer Irving
Justin Vazquez
Justin Vazquez Month ago
Kyrie... Illuminati confirmed.
Joy Month ago
Yeah...he’s crazy 🤦🏻‍♀️
Neprix Sisona
Neprix Sisona Month ago
FYI kyrie didnt look through the real reason what sage does, instead of getting spirits away, the smell atractts spirits. If im wrong pls inform me with precise details.
Henry Ösok
Henry Ösok Month ago
Atleast he is spiritual😂
Dallas Abernathy
This dude is as odd as they come.. I liked him as a rookie but as the years progressed he has shown his true colors... He makes me uncomfortable if that makes sense.
Jonathan Secapore
Kyrie knew that the celtics team was not cooperating to each other.
Will Legacy
Will Legacy Month ago
I wonder if he smokes the sage.....
JAX Jr Month ago
🤦🤦🤦🤦 I sense a J-Cat spirit!
gia mor
gia mor Month ago
I sure it sage.? He gonna bring out the dolly with needles next
flaco Month ago
RizzOnGod Month ago
Why is burning sage so weird to everyone, people do this all the time
Grievous Month ago
No wonder Kehlani cheated on this nigga
Jay B
Jay B Month ago
"the culture" is the reason why your people are still in captivity in a foreign land. Just because you've been here 400 years doesn't mean this is the home of your ancestors.
Nasser Ghannam
Nasser Ghannam Month ago
What is the instrumental called?
Thiordy Borgella
Rico Tracks
Rico Tracks Month ago
How the hell you burning sage in Boston to get rid of the negative energy, and you were the problem 😂😂😂
Artūrs Karlovičs
He is gonna burn his way to Huston before trade deadline if he keeps pulling this shit. I'm sure this is an eyebrow raiser in KD's books.
Ad Astra
Ad Astra Month ago
When you find out that you are 1% native american:
Jordan W
Jordan W Month ago
Ashes into the paua shell. Lol nz knows
badboy gamming and vloging
Dude so weird 😂😂
Hokage Obama
Hokage Obama Month ago
Kyrie a different breed 😭
Klayver Lima
Klayver Lima Month ago
👹🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️the ???
MrBoJangles Month ago
Haha the most Kyrie thing ever! He’s definitely been to a few festivals
arlindo Mafanda
arlindo Mafanda Month ago
I can’t for my man Shannon and Perkins for the really smoke 💨 to out😂😂😂
arlindo Mafanda
arlindo Mafanda Month ago
Kyrie putting some witchcraft on the upcoming chip but this won’t work in the king 🤴🏾 palace LBJ
Hoops Historian
Hoops Historian Month ago
What a superstitious dude... Sad.
FireBen31 Month ago
I got a question. Why was Kyrie burning SAGE all around the court in the first place?
Vrum's Adventures
I am pretty sure he just farted and needed something to cover it up.
Archie B Brown III
Twrite609 Month ago
There is nothing wrong with Sage your house I do. Kyrie this is not your damn house stop it 🤣
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno Month ago
Phil Jackson is proud today
A Stars Light
A Stars Light Month ago
We love our boy Kyrie
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Views 411K
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