Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi 

Kylie Jenner
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In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at kyliecosmetics.com today at 3pm PST

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Nov 19, 2020




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Xenia Art
Xenia Art 3 hours ago
This baby has such a sweet soul, can't handle it 😍
spoon 3 hours ago
stormi is so polite!
Skap 101
Skap 101 3 hours ago
Ugh Stormi is the best. She is too pure for this world.
Mabonkor Jabateh
Mabonkor Jabateh 3 hours ago
How can you dislike this video? Stormi is the most polite child, too cute 🥺
Dia c
Dia c 3 hours ago
Need part 2 of Christmas cookies ❤
Kelly Kgopa
Kelly Kgopa 3 hours ago
Stormi is so cute 😘 Kylie looking good as always 🤩
Lia ni
Lia ni 3 hours ago
IloveUsomaaaccc stormy💕💕💕
Leslie Vela
Leslie Vela 3 hours ago
i love how she's being raised to be respectful and not a brat, so cute ❤️
Shraddha's Art Gallery
OtterLover28 3 hours ago
Stormi: "You're beautiful, I love you, mommy! Your're welcome..." Me: Was this in the script?
Menna Elshweikh
Menna Elshweikh 4 hours ago
wait have u guys notices that it doesn't say how many dislikes and likes the vid has
Menna Elshweikh
Menna Elshweikh 4 hours ago
3:56 the cutest thing I've ever seen
Ashu Mittu
Ashu Mittu 4 hours ago
Me:sees stromi in the thumbnail Aslo me: Click click click Sorry but it's so clear that Kylie get millions of view when she make videos with stromi cox everyone knows hw amazing stromi is...❤️
NINER EMPIRE 4 hours ago
Stormi will become so beatiful and will pro bully be a billionaire and have a reality show like her mom❤️✨
Giovanna Vitória
Giovanna Vitória 4 hours ago
The way Kylie takes care of Stormi, it’s different, she teaches Stormi lots and lots of things and this is adorable, because it’s very important that you know how to do the right things and with love, so Stormi must have a great education given by Kylie Kylie congratulations on the mother you are!😍✨💕👏
Ashu Mittu
Ashu Mittu 4 hours ago
When I get worst thoughts seeing Kardashians but here comes stromi who always makes me feel like I need to learn sm kindness respect nd hw to be polite cute n a beautiful soul at sm time Love this kid such an amazing bond b/w mom n daughter stromi is not lucky it's just Kylie that makes her a wonderful person no hate Kylie ❤️ But now I need a baby like stromi 😭
Vane Landaverde
Vane Landaverde 4 hours ago
Que vida la que tienen 😳... Encerio que genial!😳
뀨TV 0
뀨TV 0 4 hours ago
Sol Martinez
Sol Martinez 4 hours ago
stormi is so adorable, it melts me inside 🥺
Isabella Becker
Isabella Becker 4 hours ago
Me just focusing on how they put “your welcome” instead of “you’re welcome”😂
Ivory Low
Ivory Low 4 hours ago
I am in love with her 😍
Sofía Tuya
Sofía Tuya 4 hours ago
That little girl is so well-behaved.
test oneclicks
test oneclicks 4 hours ago
everyone: stormi is so cute me: y'all misspelled "you're welcome"
Jolita Young
Jolita Young 4 hours ago
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more adorable.❤️ Good stuff Kylie and cute little Stormi!
la pelotuda xd
la pelotuda xd 4 hours ago
Kylie por favor ADOPTEME!!! puedo ser el gusano de tu patio, pero, por favor, ADOPTEME!!! ☹️😭😭😭👌
Renu Sharma
Renu Sharma 4 hours ago
Rashbari is the cutest
Kat Hill
Kat Hill 4 hours ago
Stormi: bites into the side of the cupcake Kylie: uses a fork to eat her cupcake
Miel Carlos
Miel Carlos 4 hours ago
I love u Kylie, you are the greatest mom💞😝
Iyanu Banks
Iyanu Banks 5 hours ago
Rena Park
Rena Park 5 hours ago
Luna Yamilet Gutiérrez Moctezuma
Que hermosa mi Kylie
Yasmin 5 hours ago
Algum BR ???
syd !
syd ! 5 hours ago
why does a billionaire need ads on her videos 🙈✌️😹
Rhylees World
Rhylees World 5 hours ago
kylie say by to that camera Stormi: Bye that camera ME: So cute :)
Rhylees World
Rhylees World 5 hours ago
stormi me eat with hands kylie: eats with fork
Claudia Babajano
Claudia Babajano 5 hours ago
Love You Stormi love You Kylie
Violet McPickels Arbulu
Kylie seems like an amazing paren t ❤️😂
Charlotte Morlock
Charlotte Morlock 5 hours ago
"You got this mommy!" -Stormi
Skarleth Delgado menay
Este es el comentario en español que estas buscando
Autumn Foss
Autumn Foss 6 hours ago
I am stunned with how polite stormi is. Your such a good mom Kylie. Raising a beautiful respectful baby girl
Jp-_- 6 hours ago
sion madrina como estan saludos a mi prima stormi
Azariah Cosme
Azariah Cosme 6 hours ago
So cute
netra network
netra network 6 hours ago
stormi: says please and thank you my cousins who are older than her: GIVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Mudlee BamFam
Mudlee BamFam 6 hours ago
Kylie you are a good mom I have to say
Mudlee BamFam
Mudlee BamFam 6 hours ago
Kylie you are the best you tuber ever in the world 🌎
Mudlee BamFam
Mudlee BamFam 6 hours ago
CEP it up girl 👧
Mudlee BamFam
Mudlee BamFam 6 hours ago
Stormy is so cute
Eleni Lafuente
Eleni Lafuente 6 hours ago
stormy a cloud
Eleni Lafuente
Eleni Lafuente 6 hours ago
when your mom is made out of plastic
TwentyØneMelødy 6 hours ago
say what y’all want about kylie but she’s a damn good mom
Ene Marie
Ene Marie 6 hours ago
Why does she look like 30+ 😫
daveyon Smith
daveyon Smith 6 hours ago
What happened to you and Travis Scott
Leena 25
Leena 25 7 hours ago
BRI Griffith
BRI Griffith 7 hours ago
your daughter is so polite!
Ellie Connolly
Ellie Connolly 7 hours ago
i hate how people say kylies a bad mom. shes probably the best mom out of all the kardashians and jenners.
Trin Ellis
Trin Ellis 7 hours ago
OMG she so cute she make my heart smile she everyone heart smile. You both look so beautiful love you guys ❤❤😍❤😍😍😍
Mesha Ta’Queen
Mesha Ta’Queen 7 hours ago
She’s sooo cute 😍😍😍😍
Elizabeth Romero
Elizabeth Romero 7 hours ago
Stormi is so cute ❤
Elizabeth Romero
Elizabeth Romero 7 hours ago
Brittney Medina Mendoza
What zodiac are you??
Team Sauls
Team Sauls 7 hours ago
She is a great mom Kylie has taken time to bake and cook with her and teach stormi good manners
Yana Vrubleuskaya
Yana Vrubleuskaya 7 hours ago
I came here for Stormi. And she didn’t even let her do anything 🥴
•Analeidy Martinez•
"Stormi complimenting Kylie for 5 minutes straight"
Lenajah Pocknett
Lenajah Pocknett 7 hours ago
imagine saying, "my moms kylie jenner"
Paula Valderrama
Paula Valderrama 7 hours ago
I love you
Vala fly c
Vala fly c 7 hours ago
She looks like me when I was a baby lol Stormi is funny lmaoooooo si
EdenDaBest 7 hours ago
Novia Ananda
Novia Ananda 7 hours ago
Stormy lancar bgt bahasa Inggrisnya🙂
Sarah 8 hours ago
Kylie: decorates a cupcake and stormi does little to nothing. Kylie: aight should i decorate one. Like girl what about Stormi?😂
Aleida Gil
Aleida Gil 8 hours ago
Hello you Cook very good
Sophia Daley16
Sophia Daley16 8 hours ago
Ughhhhh I can’t get over how pretty stormi is!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerline louis
Gerline louis 8 hours ago
Me: looking at Kylie's lip store me clearly thinking about buying EVERYTHING 🤩😝
Paola Zurita
Paola Zurita 8 hours ago
Alguien español :v ?
indiekiid 8 hours ago
kylie is such an amazing mother. i have so much respect for her.
Mia Oso
Mia Oso 8 hours ago
🤮🤢 really "baking" with those nails disgusting
Francine Corrêa
Francine Corrêa 8 hours ago
Stormi is so cute
Chavi H
Chavi H 8 hours ago
And the mom of the year award goes to.... KYLIE JENNER💗
Elvina Silalahi
Elvina Silalahi 8 hours ago
Cute bgt
Misses Kim
Misses Kim 8 hours ago
Baby is so cute and polite...well done momma
Tayla 8 hours ago
I love her soooo cute 😊
The Couple Challenge
Stormi is giving me baby fever!!! She is so cute and well-spoken!!!
Fazlin Greeners
Fazlin Greeners 9 hours ago
am i the one who doesnt know at all about kylie kendal and about their crisis???hnnn
Evelyn May Diaz - Dy
Stormi is soo kind like her mom
Amanda Morales
Amanda Morales 9 hours ago
you and stormy look so pretty
Ganhando o Mundo -
Ganhando o Mundo - 9 hours ago
Veronica Garcia
Veronica Garcia 9 hours ago
Stormi you're the cutest little bundle of joy ever 😍 so kind and sweet just like her momma. Btw I love your cupcake Stormi you're such an amazing helper 😊😢
Anette Nylved Nova
Anette Nylved Nova 9 hours ago
Amix, se te iba a salir la crema jajaja mija, se agarra de arriba hacia abajo
Maylin De La Torre Bautista
Love you stormi
Maylin De La Torre Bautista
Awww stormi
kayleigh ghyselinck
Like si hablas español
Kassi Keshane
Kassi Keshane 10 hours ago
oh my gosh shes so cute I am gonna cry
bxmbi 10 hours ago
I love how Kylie talks to stormi Like a real kid and not a toddler. At her age she is speaking really well, like..- REALLY well. When I was her age I would only be able to say words. But she can actually speak full sentences really clearly! And she raised her up gentle, sweet, kind, and happy! Good job Kylie! You thought her well!
Diana Chávez
Diana Chávez 10 hours ago
Did someone actually make this recipe? Is it good? Stormi is great but really need to know if It’s a good cupcake recipe 😂
Kassi Keshane
Kassi Keshane 10 hours ago
shes so fricking cute
Pennie Goodridge
Pennie Goodridge 10 hours ago
Omg stormi is so polite and cute! Love her 💞💖
Mel Burn
Mel Burn 10 hours ago
You both are adorable . Sweeter than the cupcakes . 😀😀😀💕
ZoZo 10 hours ago
I want stormi
kindly Kelly
kindly Kelly 10 hours ago
Am pretty sure all of us rn want a little Stormi cause she is the cutest and most polite baby I have met❤️❤️❤️
MrLovreta 10 hours ago
You're welcome*