Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup 

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Watch my mom do my makeup.
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Oct 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
Hailee Johnson
Hailee Johnson 8 minutes ago
Did Kris give anyone else ASMR tingles!? 😍
Dees Vadivaloo
Dees Vadivaloo 13 minutes ago
Yep Kris does like Kylie more than the rest
aya nadhm
aya nadhm 23 minutes ago
we want a " travis does my make up" video
Wahida Mahzabin
kris is so sweet ❤️
josie orozco
josie orozco Hour ago
14k ppl talking to themselves in the comment section 😱 IV never seen her interact in her comments like most US-firstrs, cuz shes not ur average US-firstr she's already famous so y do ppl even bother 🤦🏻‍♀️
roy Hour ago
Why kylie look like she need help 😂
swirlhack Hour ago
Idk why but she looks much younger without makeup
Lizzz B
Lizzz B Hour ago
It’s the 80’s 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
krystal diamond
Lol gave me a good laugh ❤️❤️ Kylie was adorable love the mommy and daughter bond
Bridget Ramatlhako
Bridget Ramatlhako 2 hours ago
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nobody 2 hours ago
We want a stormi does my makeup video .
Viih Alves
Viih Alves 2 hours ago
Alguém do Brasil ? Que não entende nada mais esta assistindo
Куралай Абдилданова
Мне кажется или половину коментарий они удаляют..
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez 2 hours ago
kylie seems like a really sweet blair waldorf
Rosyela 2 hours ago
Theyre so cute!
Totinichi Love
Totinichi Love 3 hours ago
Relax!!!! it just makeup not surgery🙄🙄🙄🙄
Sonia Reyna
Sonia Reyna 3 hours ago
Omg this was too funny 😂 love you girls!!
LeVaughn K
LeVaughn K 3 hours ago
I feel like Kylie wanted to get that booger for her LMAO.
Magaly Fausto
Magaly Fausto 3 hours ago
I wish I had that realitionship with my mom
anyways chile
anyways chile 3 hours ago
yall can say whatever yall want about the kardashians/jenner but kris jenner literally set all of CHILDREN GRANDCHILDREN FUTURE CHILDREN OF THEIR CLAN FOR LIFE
nuclear war
nuclear war 3 hours ago
Make up🤣🤣🤣 in tones of makeup
CLAYTÁI 99 4 hours ago
This make her look so adorable
Luna Michell Gutierrez
I love you You're Kylie Your aré insporatecion😍😍
Susie Meza
Susie Meza 4 hours ago
Mommy-daughter, goals!! 🥰❤️❤️
Gabriella 4 hours ago
“You have a tiny little booger” “on the left side?” “Mhmm are you gonna keep it there? “ 😂😂😂😂😂
Kittysuit Saves the Princess
>literally a "self made billionaire" >cant upload in 1080p LOL
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez 4 hours ago
Good results
Hanna Bo
Hanna Bo 4 hours ago
Kylie screeching inside lol
KhemRaj ParaJuli
KhemRaj ParaJuli 4 hours ago
Kylie can't stop her laughing
KhemRaj ParaJuli
KhemRaj ParaJuli 4 hours ago
Rachel Olson
Rachel Olson 4 hours ago
So cute
Adelaide Bertolina
Adelaide Bertolina 4 hours ago
Love how Kris is just complementing everything about Kylie 🥰 They have such a cute relationship
Jennifer Ahluwalia
Jennifer Ahluwalia 5 hours ago
Kris is special yesss❤❤❤
Melanie Gayle
Melanie Gayle 5 hours ago
this is really satisfying... their voices
Karimy Cornejo
Karimy Cornejo 5 hours ago
Kris is giving me Bob Ross vibes 😂🎨
Nicole Salazar
Nicole Salazar 5 hours ago
Do more videos togetherrr
grace klemme
grace klemme 5 hours ago
kris putting bronzer on the chin and the eyes kylie- what are you doing mom it’s on my eye and my chin kris-it’s my new technique that i’m trying today 🤣
Hayley Hayes
Hayley Hayes 5 hours ago
I love the fake botox cheeks lol
Mrs Ulloa
Mrs Ulloa 6 hours ago
Ayra Farzanaa
Ayra Farzanaa 6 hours ago
Kylie be like watch her mom with her phone every step she do AHAHHAHA
Mrs Ulloa
Mrs Ulloa 6 hours ago
Loving this mom and daughter makeup video. Cherish Mama Kris, she is so loving and giving to her children . I wish my mom was still here to have fun with her like this ❤️
Zykerria Cooper
Zykerria Cooper 6 hours ago
Kylie is so triggered in this video 🤣🤣
Soliloquios el Averno
I like kilye is good girl one angels in the dark world this girl is my favourite girl do you like some one?
B Escobar
B Escobar 6 hours ago
Melissa Guzman
Melissa Guzman 6 hours ago
Its the "oopsie" for me Kris is so funny
Linda Lam
Linda Lam 6 hours ago
Relationship goals
Fam. of 5
Fam. of 5 6 hours ago
Gotta love Kris Jenner!!🤣🤣👌👌
Angie Lopez
Angie Lopez 7 hours ago
Too funny 🤣
Charissa Corona
Charissa Corona 7 hours ago
I love how when it’s makeup videos and its up close to her face, the camera quality suddenly isn’t as great as the other videos 😃 lol 720p?
Albert Beatz
Albert Beatz 7 hours ago
Plastic helped her look better
Christian Inson
Christian Inson 7 hours ago
Kris: You have cute eyes Kylie: thankyou, You made them Later that day..... Kris: Kylie I booked you in an eye modeling magazine shoot! Kylie: I-
Beatriz Ferreira
Beatriz Ferreira 8 hours ago
Picasso would´ve said: BYE HONEY, GET OUT OF MY STUDIO
Mikki Y
Mikki Y 8 hours ago
maybe im just too high but the video really made me laugh so hard 😂😂 kylie looks so funny omg…hahahha i love this video ❤️
Lenny 8 hours ago
I still cant believe Khris is a scorpio .
priti 8 hours ago
I just love them for being like normal people doing makeup given the fact that they are iconic celebrities 🥰🥰 Kylie’s skin looks so good even without makeup ! I Wish I had skin like hers !!
Yonce Fanbase
Yonce Fanbase 8 hours ago
2 queens
Britt Jenee
Britt Jenee 8 hours ago
Omgeee best part is when she blew on her eye! Kylies face = priceless
Nupur Mogha
Nupur Mogha 9 hours ago
She is a momager.. She made millions selling videos of her girls.. Still doing the same after 30 years ... Wow hats off.... 😂
Nupur Mogha
Nupur Mogha 9 hours ago
She doesn't look any diff.. Initially she was wearing makeup.... End of the video she's just wearing a red lipstick.
samantha rivera
samantha rivera 9 hours ago
i’m so glad kris had fun i love her so much she’s so funny.
missy carr
missy carr 9 hours ago
i love the way that when she asked her for help she just went “no i’m good at it.” we live for a girl with self confidence
Mfundo Ngcobo
Mfundo Ngcobo 9 hours ago
I’m so sorry but kris is hilarious 😂 😂😂
Leia Skywalker
Leia Skywalker 9 hours ago
did they shoot this in the 80s as well?
Linzy Dinara
Linzy Dinara 9 hours ago
I love
Maria Golikova
Maria Golikova 10 hours ago
заходите на мой канал
hannah !
hannah ! 10 hours ago
Idk Why but Kylie looks suddenly so young again, almost child like but I loveee the vibe of the vid
Payton Holston
Payton Holston 10 hours ago
Kris goes : You are? 😂😬 that made me laugh so much
iamcharlotte 11 hours ago
She is so cute🥺❤️
Nandni Ramchandani
Nandni Ramchandani 10 hours ago
Kelly 'Kelsfitx' Louise
if people wouldn't mind checking out my new youtube page it would mean the world!! 💗💗
Nandni Ramchandani
Nandni Ramchandani 10 hours ago
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Ibadat Kaur
Ibadat Kaur 12 hours ago
Must see us-first.info/player/video/qp2Ae4hkeKCbgps.html
Nandni Ramchandani
Nandni Ramchandani 10 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/kJp8dKKiiJZpaZs.html this too
Daymi 12 hours ago
El que se detuvo a leer este comentario que tu y tu familia sean bendecida por Díos y que los proteja de todo mal y peligro (picale a mi fotito solo si deseas).
Rachel Loyns
Rachel Loyns 12 hours ago
I love this video ! Had a right laugh your mum did a good job !
Jayshree 13 hours ago
Kris is so swweeeeet ❤
Nandni Ramchandani
Nandni Ramchandani 10 hours ago
Kay Rulez
Kay Rulez 13 hours ago
Wow. I loved this. Kris's voice sooo relaxing. Great asmr feels
Josefina Papagni
Josefina Papagni 13 hours ago
Hello How are you Kylie greetings from Los Angeles
ANIYAH CLARK 13 hours ago
Nah kylie could rock anything she is snapping love you girl !
Jonain Esmail
Jonain Esmail 14 hours ago
So gorgeous kyliee
CAROLINA MORETA 15 hours ago
beatifull kylie
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 16 hours ago
Я так привыкла к видео от "вилкой в глаз", что не могу представить Крис и Кайли с их настоящими голосами.
I’m in BTS world
I’m in BTS world 17 hours ago
You are so beautiful without makeup
Cele Rosso
Cele Rosso 17 hours ago
Momager rocks
Chantal Elysee
Chantal Elysee 17 hours ago
Their relationship is so great because her mom help her making a lot of money and because Kylie is a mom too
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 16 hours ago
I think she needs some paint thinner to get all that paint off. Oh my lord, layer upon layer upon layer
Triparna Bordoloi
Triparna Bordoloi 18 hours ago
Kris was giving me bob ross vibes while doing kylie's makeup XD
MAlAk ،،،
MAlAk ،،، 19 hours ago
فلوس فلوس 💔💔
Hell 22 hours ago
Prisha Mangla
Prisha Mangla 22 hours ago
when will the next video come.....waiting eagerly plz upload fast muahhhhhhh!!!!!!! love xoxo
muniir cali
muniir cali 22 hours ago
marry your race . your race is dying your race will become minority
Accidental VHS
Please can we have Kris every week on here, I live
Pointless. Day ago
👍 Super Schön Video. 🥰🧿
Ruby By Beauty
honey demayo
honey demayo Day ago
Queen Dekk
Queen Dekk Day ago
Why’s Kyle’s face look like can’t even smile?
Naomi Gomez
Naomi Gomez Day ago
Estaría bueno que pongan subtítulos en español para los seguidores de Latinoamérica
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Katie tullos
Katie tullos Day ago
Kylie and kris are such a mood together
Lorisa Christensen
"This needs work" but she still looks flawless.
T H Day ago
I think she needs some paint thinner to get all that paint off. Oh my lord, layer upon layer upon layer
JANETH Constanza Rodríguez Bahamon
A question you speak spanish
JANETH Constanza Rodríguez Bahamon
I love your videos
funniest and most adorable video 🤣❤️
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