Kyle Kuzma Crazy Game Winner vs Nuggets! Lakers vs Nuggets 

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Kyle Kuzma Crazy Game Winner vs Nuggets! Lakers vs Nuggets August 10, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 10, 2020




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Comments 100   
B W 4 months ago
Plumlee is the real deal!
avatarofwoo 5 months ago
Man when Clive doesn't make a single joke you know it's 100% love for kuzma
Heaven Studios
Heaven Studios 5 months ago
Alex M
Alex M 5 months ago
He walked.... LOL
That Can Don’t
That Can Don’t 5 months ago
Seen lebron in the background on the last shot.
Noo Heart 4 You
Noo Heart 4 You 5 months ago
Cash nasty still thinks otherwise 🤣
Jacob Bell
Jacob Bell 5 months ago
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
us-first.info Guys this channel does sports highlights around the world please go and subscribe to his channel he's been grinding hard and please watch ads for support he just needs a little bit more money for better content I personally really enjoy his content and his other channel you can find I his home page and go to channels and you'll find it thank you for your attention.😊
Isiah Garcia
Isiah Garcia 5 months ago
Kuze is 🚮
The3MinutesReview The3MinutesReview
For all Drake lovers dude got you covered. us-first.info/player/video/iNKWgI2feaB2eqc.html
CynxWyd 5 months ago
Flight:Kuzma thinks he’s nice
A.M.E 5 months ago
You've had breakfast, right?
big baller squad bbs
I hate this dude voice
i suffice
i suffice 5 months ago
He’s still young he’s still got it lol
Neegachu 5 months ago
When he heard LeBron was looking to trade him
sleepingdragon 5 months ago
The last play looked like what GSW ran like 5 years ago lol
Giannis Antetokounmpo
nobody gonna ignore how bol bol missed a wide open layup and what would that do for his team ? like they still gonna lose even if he made it. i would shoot a 3 just to try to get a overtime
Fotosynthesis858 5 months ago
It’s so refreshing to finally see Kuzma operating at full potential 💜💛🏆
Keyvis Wright
Keyvis Wright 5 months ago
Even though his age still going up strong 😂😂😂
JayUppercase 5 months ago
LeBron is such an incredible passer
Ericko Hartanto
Ericko Hartanto 5 months ago
Kuzma getting better, he play more aggressive now
Jaquan Jankins
Jaquan Jankins 5 months ago
richyunge1 5 months ago
I hate yo damn voice 😂😂😭😭
Cash M
Cash M 5 months ago
“And right here.....” ur voice is annoying but funny asf.
Sweatshirt Earl
Sweatshirt Earl 5 months ago
Now he thinks he’s Micheal Jordan in interviews lmao.
Phenomenal_Mikey 5 months ago
Kyle said fuck all that I refuse to get traded
Andy M
Andy M 5 months ago
Man gets one good shot and thinks he is Kobe
unphased 5 months ago
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao 5 months ago
lucky lakers with all those players and winning bij 3??? It just LEFRAUD steriods
John Penagos
John Penagos 5 months ago
Why the foreign writing ?
Immense 5 months ago
Why does kuzma look so fat in the thumbnail
CryingNibba 5 months ago
0:57 that pull up was smooth as hell 🥵
crappie killah
crappie killah 5 months ago
You need your own podcast I like your channel
CL8 5 months ago
Its not the same buzzer beater without the crowd
freddy Flores
freddy Flores 5 months ago
Its so weird we talk like this in 2020 but damn "shit was nasty" 🔥🔥🔥
BigHead Covers
BigHead Covers 5 months ago
No matter what. I won't challenge Jesus.
Antwan Brown Jr
Antwan Brown Jr 5 months ago
Kuzma Been hooping ,
Zube Ofoma
Zube Ofoma 5 months ago
Lakers Defense is suspect.
scenczyk1429 5 months ago
LBJ knew as soon as he shot that haha
ryan tozer
ryan tozer 5 months ago
It was going to be OT, it was a shot to nothing so gg kuzma.
armorofgod 5 months ago
idk about you but i'd rather have my team score a game winner while its tied than having to go into overtime
armorofgod 5 months ago
game winner tho
Dmitri Medvedev
Dmitri Medvedev 5 months ago
Too bad they had to win like that against Denver’s BENCH players... Denver’s bench gave the Fakers work
Strong lil Chick
Strong lil Chick 5 months ago
Kuzma working hard to become a starter
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 5 months ago
Lol look at LeBron as soon as Kuzma gets the ball.
JUSTDO IT 5 months ago
Kyle kuzma never getting traded after this
DJROMAXTION S 5 months ago
dyam he got alot of subscribers lol listen lakers gonna win this ring ok mark my words they aint turn on the heat yet
DNYG 5 months ago
Clive don't bring the same energy for the light skinned niggas
STYLE STUNNER TV 5 months ago
LeBron rare footage us-first.info/player/video/jcaddo2Ic6-TZn0.html
Name Here
Name Here 5 months ago
Bro how are they playing
Kolby Fulford
Kolby Fulford 5 months ago
What do you mean
Lord Alvaro
Lord Alvaro 5 months ago
He still ass
amjan 5 months ago
Wes Cottongim
Wes Cottongim 5 months ago
The sad thing is LeBron is gonna trade him
Argel Dela Cruz
Argel Dela Cruz 5 months ago
Need a GO moments Kyle Kuzma card
Happy Hepi
Happy Hepi 5 months ago
Kyle kuzmas body movement and kobe has so many similarities.
Kolby Fulford
Kolby Fulford 5 months ago
Not really
senin clan
senin clan 5 months ago
Had he missed that shot lecoach would of bench his ass come next game
a difficulty tweak
a difficulty tweak 5 months ago
Meanwhile in 2k he jumping at every center in the paint
Brett Odin
Brett Odin 5 months ago
If kuz can ball like this in the playoffs lake show def ain’t gettin touched
Christopher Anderson
That look like a tuff shot didn’t expect it to go in
BERKE UZUN 5 months ago
Level Up
Elon musk
Elon musk 5 months ago
What’s the best team on 2k20 expect lakers?
Ronald De Vera
Ronald De Vera 5 months ago
Lebron knew kuzma is gonna hit that game winner 1:15
Ram 5 months ago
This man future FINALS MVP
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 5 months ago
Kuz playing more aggressive and fearless, lakers need that big 3 to succeed
Moses Desauguste
Moses Desauguste 5 months ago
Wait till cash nasty reacts to this
Jalen Cay
Jalen Cay 5 months ago
Watched it live
Mob hitta
Mob hitta 5 months ago
And y’all wanted Brandon Ingram instead of kuz😂
Delia Maldonado
Delia Maldonado 5 months ago
you sound like my pe teacher when he talks
Sun rise
Sun rise 5 months ago
kuz pls play like this everyday
uncle vince
uncle vince 5 months ago
We want bol bol
Gorkie 5 months ago
who really won in this game?
Earl Lozano
Earl Lozano 5 months ago
Play it at .5x he sounds a drunk uncle lol
Kellen Moon
Kellen Moon 5 months ago
if this was Ben Simmons, its gonna be Highlight of the Year.
Vincent Abatol
Vincent Abatol 5 months ago
LBJ already know that its good 😀 #KingJames
WhosecOOl2 5 months ago
Kyle kuzma looks like a woman
Bigotón Bigotón
Bigotón Bigotón 5 months ago
..over Bol Bol!!!
Neo Martin ASMR
Neo Martin ASMR 5 months ago
Bee Black
Bee Black 5 months ago
That was a fine run play at the end and great job by Ad for passing, screening, and clock management..Hope Kuz can stay progressing through this playoff experience!
the king adam
the king adam 5 months ago
Kuzma going playoff mode before the playoffs
slick Rick
slick Rick 5 months ago
Overpaying grown man to play a kids sport and basketball is at an all-time low for views keep putting politics in the sport guys you're going to kill it
Lick _Tayvien
Lick _Tayvien 5 months ago
Can't wait to see oprahside reaction
Angelo jan
Angelo jan 5 months ago
Kuz had a game... But i wish he were more consistent
AlwaysBearded 5 months ago
When LeBron gives you one game to prove yourself before you get traded 😂
S L 5 months ago
Why everyone making big deal out of this, lakers were literally playing against the nuggets bench entire 4th quarter
Islah Khaza
Islah Khaza 5 months ago
Jayy Kau Indeed 💯
Jayy Kau
Jayy Kau 5 months ago
A game winner is still a game winner?
Who Cares
Who Cares 5 months ago
Nuggets are avoiding a first round match up with Dallas and made it way to obvious.
Who Cares
Who Cares 5 months ago
@Dmitri Medvedev Definitely didn't care to win that's for sure.
Dmitri Medvedev
Dmitri Medvedev 5 months ago
So are you saying that they wanted to lose?
YoDex 5 months ago
What the fook Kyle hit a game winner wtf🤯🤯
hut19cho 5 months ago
I prefer these videos when your annoying droning voice isn’t in them!
Rekan Ertaş
Rekan Ertaş 5 months ago
His a Great player but so inconsistent
Funny Stuff
Funny Stuff 5 months ago
This mans voice box said: 🦔
Tobyyy 5 months ago
I'm sorry but I hate him because of the thing he said he should not say about Jesus like that mannn
Splash God
Splash God 5 months ago
The Lakers gotta trade Kuzma and assets for either Beal, Booker, or Oladipo
Idontcare 5 months ago
Can anyone answer me why Denver need to use bench player in their last quarter?
Who Cares
Who Cares 5 months ago
They don't want to play Dallas first round.. If they win they are half a game behind Clippers for the 2 seed who play Dallas at 7.
Lone 5 months ago
Anggua k
Anggua k 5 months ago
Nuggets should've put the starters at the end.
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 5 months ago
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E Angeles
E Angeles 5 months ago
Neilbert Millar
Neilbert Millar 5 months ago
Ben Simmons punching the air
1 Hour Music
1 Hour Music 5 months ago
cash madd
#Bernz Entertainment
No more foolin up..ahahaha
Wengie Poops
Wengie Poops 5 months ago
Never seen Kyle Kuzma this aggressive!
Bryan Tan
Bryan Tan 5 months ago