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Oct 15, 2020




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Vikkstar123 7 days ago
If you guys enjoy, make sure you're SUBSCRIBED to the channel, just like JJ was! Be sure to check out & post some memes to my reddit: www.reddit.com/r/Vikkstar123/
try hard potato gaming
I thought u were the nice guy
Ladarius Singleton
This man viks built different im a new sub
David Gottlieb
ok,try this one us-first.info/player/video/ZtONdW2jZmqak2A.html 不不不不不不不不
Yasir Sha
Yasir Sha Day ago
Jacob Pedersen
Vikky Im not subbing after the fat sidemen vid
Kiran hk
Kiran hk 40 minutes ago
Wondering how people takes this when watch this without knowing who they really are.
Ahmed Alfeqy
Ahmed Alfeqy Hour ago
Vik is hunting that 7mil subs u know
Karen Brooks
Karen Brooks 3 hours ago
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SleeepyisHere 4 hours ago
does anyone know the acoustic guitar backing track name it sounds beautiful
Shay 4 hours ago
i love the expression on his face when he got scared by the toaster
Chaerin Wu
Chaerin Wu 5 hours ago
vikk was def nicer to jj than jj was to simon lol
key trim
key trim 6 hours ago
This man is a pro boxer but is afraid of a razor
I yearn for true gender equality
When JJ became a janitor. *DAX*
ChainsawChuck 7 hours ago
Why would you let a snake in your house
xin ming
xin ming 7 hours ago
Working Together to Stop the Atrocities Several experts and scholars from various fields were shocked to learn the details of the 20-year genocide in China. They left their contact information to obtain more information. Some said they would incorporate the information into their curriculum, or participate in research and study. Others said they would encourage government legislators to stop the killing. A man who is the vice president of an international medical and service non-profit organization, and the director and chief investigator of a US National Training Center, went to the COHRC booth and said that he had read the information the night before. He said that he informed all the people he knew about the issue. He solemnly said, We will soon let all the people in the United States know. Professor Bibeau of the Department of Public Health at the University of North Carolina is preparing to offer a course in ethics. He thanked COHRC for providing detailed materials, These research results are very timely and exactly what I need. This will become an important part of the course. A doctor from Chicago came to the COHRC booth and thanked the staff. She received the COHRC information folder the day before, and read the summaries of the 2019 new report and the 2018 report that evening. She said that she wanted to send the information to her sister who is an organ transplant doctor in New York. They had heard of the forced live organ harvesting before but they had difficulty believing it. She said she had great respect for Falun Gong practitioners.
3abdou souf
3abdou souf 7 hours ago
zane hijazi
Tarek Lahmar
Tarek Lahmar 7 hours ago
and heres ur coke i didnt know what coke u wanted so i got u this (cocaine)
Archie Partridge
Archie Partridge 7 hours ago
Vikkstar so rich but still wears socks with holes in them
zCottonCobra Z
zCottonCobra Z 8 hours ago
5:35 nice 69
Mystry - Gaming
Mystry - Gaming 8 hours ago
come and join my among us game im live rn
v LoJack
v LoJack 8 hours ago
relevent 10 hours ago
10:31 he said vik not sir
Mitchel De Vulder
Mitchel De Vulder 11 hours ago
So your a real vikstar fan? Time stamp every time he said Viking and not sir
Tia Lewis
Tia Lewis 11 hours ago
nvm jj and simon jj and vik if u want some good ss for a reddit go to 13:36
M Grant
M Grant 11 hours ago
ver dog
Jordan Carbonelli
Jordan Carbonelli 11 hours ago
JJ: I havent written anything in a while Jake Paul: Same here bro
Anthony Bryant
Anthony Bryant 11 hours ago
Logan Paul pinching the air right now
Sxvior 2
Sxvior 2 11 hours ago
Why does JJ look like a nervous child.
Kartik Mishra
Kartik Mishra 11 hours ago
You know what
Damion Finlayson
Damion Finlayson 12 hours ago
Well done vikkstar , jj deserved it
WTFStreetFightZ 12 hours ago
Vikk was to kind
RD DT P顫 T顫 12 hours ago
JJ needs to keep bullying Vick its hilarious.
PlaylistzOnline K
PlaylistzOnline K 12 hours ago
The beginning was just Vik being a teacher to KSI
Clifford Kiplagat
Clifford Kiplagat 12 hours ago
sub to sidemen
Villain And Friends
Villain And Friends 13 hours ago
Petition For JJ to call Vick Massa
tiger of soul's
tiger of soul's 14 hours ago
I didnt know slavery was still a thing
Tramaine Cooper
Tramaine Cooper 14 hours ago
U can see what Vics gonna be like when hes a dad
Leo Bro65
Leo Bro65 14 hours ago
Apologies, bulliged Turns out the Knowledge in his name is Stupidity
YXNG_A5HF4Q 14 hours ago
Man wrote apologies instead of apologise唐唐不不不
James on a Hill
James on a Hill 14 hours ago
5:33 noice
William Green
William Green 15 hours ago
Steal Viks plaques as a video
Khaled Algaadi
Khaled Algaadi 15 hours ago
pure revenge lol
Paul Davidson
Paul Davidson 15 hours ago
So everyone is okay with someone making a black person wait hand and foot and do everything they say.. Wow okay.. #BLM aged well..
Syphex 16 hours ago
*Everyone liked this.*
Oh No No
Oh No No 16 hours ago
Bully Vikk is scarier than Bully JJ
Aggro exotic Clan
Aggro exotic Clan 16 hours ago
The thumbnail scene it was acting like the 1800 racism all over again no cap
sumit aery
sumit aery 17 hours ago
jj the funniest of the sidemen.
Yassir Madih
Yassir Madih 17 hours ago
Its just even more obvious JJ was a ghost writer @ksi @ricegum
Necronoid 24
Necronoid 24 17 hours ago
vikk should have had him shave his beard
Samah Yahia
Samah Yahia 17 hours ago
Lowkey seems pretty kinky 不不
Ehab Mareey
Ehab Mareey 17 hours ago
Is this considerd slavery?
John Petrie
John Petrie 18 hours ago
that moment you realize this is a old state of the art slave video from 1852 in color
Stayce Reid
Stayce Reid 18 hours ago
The height and muscle mass of Jj and vik is so different, Jj legit looks like he can squish Vik with his pinky.
JellyBOB 18 hours ago
Imagine years from now when Viks grandchildren ask about JJs apologies letter
Stayce Reid
Stayce Reid 18 hours ago
revenge is sweet haaha
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 18 hours ago
2020 cant get any worse and then this video popped up on my recommendation seeying jj olatunji being a slave 毋
Lucas WE
Lucas WE 19 hours ago
VIK can you make the audio track of KSI reading his "apologies" letter public so we can help JJ make his next killer song? xD
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 18 hours ago
Vik would off deffo been a teacher if he didnt become a youtuber! Seems like that d**k teacher from school in this vid
Umer SHK
Umer SHK 19 hours ago
Deep down ! I don't like it because everyone have one friend like ksi ..
Matthew Finch
Matthew Finch 19 hours ago
ik jj snaked him but watching this video was just sad lols
EvilGameWizard 20 hours ago
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres 20 hours ago
Everyone is gonna ignore the fact that they already have the sidemen gold plac even though they have 9.5 million subs
Nines 20 hours ago
I love this
Dorjee Dhondup
Dorjee Dhondup 20 hours ago
Kezza 17
Kezza 17 20 hours ago
This isnt worth 90k 丐
AshtonH Gaming
AshtonH Gaming 20 hours ago
Racism making a black man ur assistant in 2020
Anne T
Anne T 21 hour ago
When he stole that 90k he was just KS After this video hes just S Lmao mans just Strength now
Omar Saleem
Omar Saleem 21 hour ago
i like how vik insults the sidemen when he is one of them
Anne T
Anne T 21 hour ago
15:53 oh he is so right though. Vik doesnt need the money, but that right there. All of this stuff money cant buy.
Anne T
Anne T 21 hour ago
15:05 yeah, youre here to help, not for small talk, so stick to it BRUV
Anne T
Anne T 21 hour ago
8:06 Im sorry sir, Im sorry, hshs ahshs shhsh afhsh hhfha fhahh fhhsh oh god
Cian Leahy
Cian Leahy 21 hour ago
William -
William - 21 hour ago
Bruh is JJ dyslexic
Shorty Boy
Shorty Boy 21 hour ago
Vik would off deffo been a teacher if he didnt become a youtuber! Seems like that d**k teacher from school in this vid
Adam Ghali
Adam Ghali 21 hour ago
bruh i wish he cut jjs hair i would have been dying of laughter
Timboyasis_269 22 hours ago
Entertainment 100%
Joanna 22 hours ago
*ksi scares dax off Dax:Ight lets check his mopping record Ksi:No i dont take no l's
Annabelle J
Annabelle J 23 hours ago
I love how they mimicked the thumbnail from when JJ had Simon as his 'assisstant' for 24hours
Joanna 22 hours ago
This whole video was a miss from the start till the end .....
0 0
0 0 Day ago
C'mon guys where are the slavery jokes?
Daniel B
Daniel B Day ago
Seb Hodson
Seb Hodson Day ago
All hail king VIKSTAR123
you know wht..... you know wht...... viks new statement
Anthony Amituanai
Bulletproof 不不不
thebaconator Day ago
No more vik abuse
Aeisha Rodriguez
Vik moving like a Caribbean parent bai
Tejaan Music
Tejaan Music Day ago
Never give up us-first.info/player/video/q5d4iIJfgpyWo5M.html
Hominum Day ago
Jj cant spell, do math, or even mop right. Someone help this man
Risheet Govardhanam
Daniel O'Connell
Not gonna lie JJ is lookin big with the shirt on idk about without
Ali Azizi
Ali Azizi Day ago
Vikstar the only person in this world to make jj his b*tch
Angela Day ago
I would like to see the other sidemen take their revenge as well tbh
XaydenPlayz Day ago
People who know this is a reupload because the previous title "KSI WAS MY SLAVE FOR 24 HOURS" got demonitized:
MCG T4ngent
MCG T4ngent Day ago
Why does he sound a little bit like Batmans butler P.S love the vids VIKK
Aymen Bandar ALHASHDI
This whole video was a miss from the start till the end .....
I want him to do this all over again, except cut his hair.
Fiazan 4real
Fiazan 4real Day ago
Whats the brand name of ksis T-shirt
Dylan Denniston
I feel like its only right if we make this vikks most viewed and liked video
PhantomLess Day ago
Vik: lets make him my assistant for the day Also vik: literally enslaves him
Danendra Firzan
next ksi video : im leaving the sidemen 2.0
jabba thehutt
Ksi cant spell
Koolboy JOEL
Koolboy JOEL Day ago
Koolboy JOEL
Koolboy JOEL Day ago
Make the longest l chain
Adarsh Venkateswaran
Isn't there something call COVID-19 restrictions and regulations? Guess everyone just doesn't care anymore.
Astro-_- Khxotic
13:08 ayoooooooooo
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Day ago
tbh this is slavery not being a assistant
7:26 Vikk with all that dolla and bangs out a 瞿10 mop