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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
S.A Creates
S.A Creates 2 hours ago
tommy is trying a bit too hard
The WILD 2 hours ago
I like the brotherly love when Simon kills tommy in the last cuz Tom bullied ksi
Camren Ramirez
Camren Ramirez 2 hours ago
16:32 then next Travis Scott
l d kツ
l d kツ 3 hours ago
tommy should join sidemen
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 3 hours ago
The domineering piano alternately back because shape spectacularly clean on a crowded friend. endurable, nosy laura
Nathan Pitts
Nathan Pitts 3 hours ago
Tommy not a nice person
olivia28 3 hours ago
fair play to the kid , he earns 300k a month , more than most 16 yr olds
RandomName 4 hours ago
5:39 why does Ethan have a picture of Elz in his wallet?
Faheem Abbas
Faheem Abbas 4 hours ago
Tommy is so dumb
Chill Time TV
Chill Time TV 4 hours ago
pause at 5:38 , i bet $100 you'll smile
Daniel Currie
Daniel Currie 4 hours ago
Minecraft donnie’s ruined the video
Aadi 4 hours ago
5:39 Did anyone notice someone's photo on the wallet? is it in the game or they edited the photo in??
Shadow 21
Shadow 21 5 hours ago
Jeez I really getting annoyed of tommy
Nicholas Bailey
Nicholas Bailey 5 hours ago
the great thing is this came out on my birthday
Alexander_ Jack
Alexander_ Jack 6 hours ago
Tommy at (16)playing with sidemen Me at (16) eating chips
Natasha Burrows
Natasha Burrows 6 hours ago
3:38 what is that picture of in the admin swipe thing.
GDH 6 hours ago
It may only be me but tommy was annoying
Shockerz1000 6 hours ago
Replace Vikk for Tommy, New sidemen
Helan Lawand
Helan Lawand 6 hours ago
Wow both Virgos- josh and Simon- were really good at not getting caught, it’s an honor to be a Virgo 😌
Bliss Makafui
Bliss Makafui 6 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: This Tommy guy isn’t funny
Isa Yt
Isa Yt 6 hours ago
Tommy at 16 gassing hes 6’3 Me at 16 :6’6
punisher hybrid
punisher hybrid 7 hours ago
who else feels bad for ksi
COYS 11 7 hours ago
We need sidemen and vanoss crew collab
Dianne Mason
Dianne Mason 7 hours ago
The shallow frown intriguinly remove because wrist lily tow by a whispering archer. waiting, outrageous ocelot
SpamPingsYouMuted 7 hours ago
Looks like Ethan's getting pink eye
James FLETCHER 7 hours ago
Bro I hate Tommy
Hussein Termos
Hussein Termos 7 hours ago
Yommy will be the beeeest member for the sidmen especially with he's enemie with ksi
Just Deimante
Just Deimante 8 hours ago
this is a fight no one can get in between👑
MGO 8 hours ago
That I title is the way to get views Jesus Christ
Oscar Hamblin
Oscar Hamblin 8 hours ago
21:49 that’s your answer
Gooner 8 hours ago
Can't be the only one you can't stand this kid. Guess I've gotten old lol.
doctormanton 8 hours ago
wilbur looks like her wants to pass away
Kian 9 hours ago
anyone seen that w2s clip where he says he doesn't want to talk with tommyinnit? hah
Jack x
Jack x 9 hours ago
Anyone else see elz the witch when Bez was doing card swipe 😭😭😭
gin 9 hours ago
nobody is talking about how smart tubbo is?? and hes neurodivergent mind you, being dyslexic that effects with your everyday life and managing it so well during investigating these things is just incredible
Malley Jackson
Malley Jackson 9 hours ago
Tommy is trying too hard to be funny and he plays mine craft
Anna Pham
Anna Pham 9 hours ago
The feeble feigned table uniquely bake because modem coronally yell unlike a late lyric. addicted, understood dime
Emily Barnard
Emily Barnard 9 hours ago
Tommy should join the sidemen he’s hilarious 😂
Rossy ඞ
Rossy ඞ 10 hours ago
Title: KSI VS TOMMYINNIT ON AMONG US Video: A 16 year old vs 20-30 year olds
Jasleen Sekhon
Jasleen Sekhon 11 hours ago
This was so entertaining 😂😂
Harry McNair
Harry McNair 11 hours ago
this is just a old cod lobby😂
AQUA_clan 11 hours ago
i have watched this atleast 10 times lmao
Isabelle Arthur
Isabelle Arthur 11 hours ago
thist so funnny i need more of this oooohhhh do a rap battle tommy vs KSI
Dwight Wilson
Dwight Wilson 12 hours ago
16:30 just leaving this here for me........
Team SMSD 12 hours ago
he’s probably thinking about R A P & B O Y S
Team SMSD 12 hours ago
How the FUCK was mini not caught
ali shamma
ali shamma 13 hours ago
tommy: being a a fucking champ vik: YEAHHHHHH
Suhayle Mahomed
Suhayle Mahomed 13 hours ago
Tommy is a literal pain in the asss
Callum Porter
Callum Porter 13 hours ago
Tubbo is like the Dream of among us
Qais Usaimin
Qais Usaimin 14 hours ago
Tommy has a double chin
Mystery_ Current
Mystery_ Current 14 hours ago
x0Poppy0x 15 hours ago
And no-one noticed that Tommy’s stream music at the start was from cuphead... Never mind it’s all from cuphead😅
Simp 16 hours ago
Tommy is just build different
monkey 69
monkey 69 16 hours ago
Have you gone uckers Me searches up the meaning wow
Tashi-kun's dungeon
Tashi-kun's dungeon 16 hours ago
This is one of the funniest collabs ever
Nik Stan
Nik Stan 16 hours ago
I just want to say that Wikipedia says that JJ is 6' 0", so it is official that Wikipedia is fake
Winter_Arts_ 16 hours ago
For those of you upset in the comments, maybe consider that if you don’t want to respect who the Sidemen want to hang out with, don’t watch the video in the first place? There’s a ton of videos that would be better suited to your tastes, especially if you don’t enjoy watching certain people. You’re allowed to dislike certain content styles and you’re 100% entitled to your own opinion; just don’t subject yourself to more pain by watching and don’t bother complaining in the comments. It’s disrespectful to both the Sidemen and the people they’re collabing with. And if you really don’t enjoy anything about this video, at least you can enjoy the fact that the communities of the minecraft youtubers have been exposed to the Sidemen, meaning more support for this awesome group!
D-Max 16 hours ago
anyone else thinks tommys voice is annoying af
Pizza II
Pizza II 16 hours ago
Sofia R
Sofia R 17 hours ago
Okay, I get some people find Tommy annoying, and everyone's opinion is valid, but can we not make fun of a 16 year old? It's just going to cause drama and arguments, not like it already hasn't. But please, for the love of god, do not make a big fuss about it.
WAIT did anyone notice ksi screen had a mask on but on ethans there was none 4:40
Rish Da Great
Rish Da Great 17 hours ago
Can you play more with tommyinnit >:)
Bluskyツ 17 hours ago
Don’t like him I’ll be honest
Novelist 17 hours ago
@Carl Rainier Mañalac - 7 yr old
Carl Rainier Mañalac
Shut up
Fabian HD
Fabian HD 18 hours ago
This the tiktok kid with the basketball?
John Pearson
John Pearson 18 hours ago
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Tristyn Standeven
Tristyn Standeven 19 hours ago
I came to watch the sidemen not some Tommy kid
Tekton MC
Tekton MC 14 hours ago
“Some Tommy kid” lmao that kid is more relevant then half the sidemen right now. Tbh I’d argue he’s funnier than a lot of them too
Yshuna 19 hours ago
Why Tommy is angry with KSI
_Shadow_ 19 hours ago
tommy is fucking jokes man, get him on some more videos
FatAsYourDad 19 hours ago
I click on the video expecting it to be a fun video to watch but then Wilbur Soot comes up on my screen
Hooprocka 19 hours ago
re-watching this again because this video is just too good!
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861 20 hours ago
Click bait there was no fight
M 20 hours ago
Tommy tryna act road is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day 😂
Lewis Bundy
Lewis Bundy 20 hours ago
jesus i need some headache relief from tommy alone
McLovin 20 hours ago
Dead video tbh
Mike Gorman
Mike Gorman 20 hours ago
KSI will clap tommy
GA Xbox Gaming
GA Xbox Gaming 20 hours ago
It kills me how all the Bois have no idea what Tommy will and tubbo are talking about
Dee One
Dee One 21 hour ago
Who tf are these 15 year olds ? They literally ruined this video for me
A 2
A 2 3 hours ago
Johnnied Yurmum
Johnnied Yurmum 8 hours ago
Tekton MC
Tekton MC 14 hours ago
There’s absolutely no way you’ve watched the side man content and Wilbur without possibly knowing Tommy
Tekton MC
Tekton MC 14 hours ago
Lmao I hope this is ironic
Pandora PlayZ
Pandora PlayZ 17 hours ago
Christopher A Tajudeen
Bruh we find a guy cringe and then ppl just assume we're younger, more cringe or just irrational like bruh we just dont find him funnny, is that a crime?
Tekton MC
Tekton MC 14 hours ago
Nah it’s like the grammar and way people say it. Sort by newest and half the comments r un-ironically “that 15 year old ruin video for me” lol. It’s just that a reasonable person wouldn’t go out of their way to hate on a random kid on the Internet. It’s childish because there’s no need for it and it’s not like the sidemen r gonna see it and stop making vids with Tommy
Manliketats2 21 hour ago
When did jj get a sidemen xix tattoo lol you can see it at 0:41
Some Randy
Some Randy 21 hour ago
All of these minecraft lot are just cringey
Some Randy
Some Randy 21 hour ago
Tommyinnit is not funny
Koliko CVastro
Koliko CVastro 22 hours ago
Tommyinit and Wilbur are the cringest things iv ever had to experience
Err0r madne5S
Err0r madne5S 22 hours ago
here we see the fall of the sidemen and the rise of tommyinnit, much faster and cunning than you lot
Ianis Mata
Ianis Mata 22 hours ago
I can’t be the only one that hates Tommy and his group
Tekton MC
Tekton MC 14 hours ago
No lol sort by newest there’s a bunch of triggered children
Lama Gaming
Lama Gaming 22 hours ago
TALIQUE GAYLE 22 hours ago
TommyInnit vs KSI *Logan Paul entered the chat*
Telstar -Yt
Telstar -Yt 22 hours ago
I go into electrical and KSI standing there probably thinking about rap 😂😂😂😂
Corner Back
Corner Back 22 hours ago
Shouting = funny
Madox Mitrevski
Madox Mitrevski 23 hours ago
16:14 ... ok KSI
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 23 hours ago
Ain’t nobody gonna talk about how tubbo went full Sherlock Holmes on wilbur
Sonny B
Sonny B 11 hours ago
Jacob Sills
Jacob Sills 23 hours ago
I don’t like tommy much tbh
James Smith
James Smith 16 hours ago
@Big Muscleman to express his opinion
Big Muscleman
Big Muscleman 22 hours ago
What’s the need to comment that?
Sam Hawkins
Sam Hawkins 23 hours ago
lets go
Miwa Sofie Meling Dimmen
This is legit gold
Alex Japhet
Alex Japhet 23 hours ago
16:32 LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 23 hours ago
1:17 1:24 1:44 4:26 15:41 15:54 21:18 21:30
SHAK dee
SHAK dee Day ago
Ksi vs Tommy this vid needs 300k likes
SHAK dee
SHAK dee Day ago
Tommy from dream smp
Max's Cherry Shop
5:38 the editors did a nice touch there on the wallet :]
JevPlayGames Day ago
Tommy and jj are the funniest🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leonard Higgins III
favorite sidemen video of all time
I'm bored
I'm bored Day ago
Mia Poluchuck
Where’s the Phil bit man
illuzic Day ago
tobil nit
sofoklis Day ago
This Tommy kid is so cringy.
Tekton MC
Tekton MC 11 hours ago
@Ned Angeloo Vlogs ye agreed idk why everyone hates him in the sidemen community lol it’s bizarre
Ned Angeloo Vlogs
Ned Angeloo Vlogs 12 hours ago
Tommyinnit is good in my opinion ._.