Klay Thompson Cleared For Return To Practice & NBA Giving Players Smart Rings In Season Return! 

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Klay Thompson Cleared For Return To Practice & NBA Giving Players Smart Rings In Season Return!
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Jun 19, 2020




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Orland Paul
Orland Paul 6 months ago
Bro it will be insane if curry Klay and Wiggins average each 20 ppg
Fewa Adeyanju
Fewa Adeyanju 6 months ago
I am really glad that Klay Thompson can play right now.
Fewa Adeyanju
Fewa Adeyanju 6 months ago
come you make a next year about the Giants antetokounmpo join the Golden state Warriors
Dat Boi Mikey
Dat Boi Mikey 7 months ago
“James harden needs any ring he can get”😭😭
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor 7 months ago
1:35 and 1:53 is the same play
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor 7 months ago
This is amazing!
Dakota Carr
Dakota Carr 7 months ago
This man commentary makes my day!!😭😂😂
Borninvincibl3 FPV
Borninvincibl3 FPV 7 months ago
Hmm, a ring that tracks what? Why that shit sounds like something that will be pushed on to the public?
WhoEvenCares 7 months ago
Wear it during games? That would be useless, your temperature goes up when you’re breaking a sweat, that would diagnose any and every player with COVID-19
Jasmin x
Jasmin x 7 months ago
If their temperature is normal before they work out then they don’t have it , I’m sure they’re going to make sure every player is at normal temperature before practicing & playing. Only tricky thing is for those who don’t show symptoms
Hxmiz Beats
Hxmiz Beats 7 months ago
Tht LeBron step back was high key clean doe
Cullen Cosgrove
Cullen Cosgrove 7 months ago
I’ll agree that warriors had a terrible season, but even with the guys we had on the bench, we still beat the cavs 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂
Jake Rodina
Jake Rodina 7 months ago
Make longer videos bro , you’re the best NBA news channel
cesar godinez
cesar godinez 7 months ago
Bro your vids are hilarious! 😂😂
Warriors basically a “get a shot at winning an NBA championship starter pack” lol
Mz-Fighterz ___
Mz-Fighterz ___ 7 months ago
if Donald trump can have is rally with his supporters in attendance which is the most stupidest thing I've seen a "president" do, then sports should be able to come back.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 7 months ago
I’d give props to a player who walks onto court with a Green Lantern Ring
Orlando Carcamo
Orlando Carcamo 7 months ago
He do it to harden 0:50 😂😂
RNPNS RNPNS 7 months ago
The boy "Harden needs all the rings he can get".... I'm weak🤣
Kevin 7 months ago
Just in time for the nba finals...
VloneIcyy 7 months ago
Bro cant wait he my favorite nba player😁
Bucketz NBA
Bucketz NBA 7 months ago
Bucketz NBA
Bucketz NBA 7 months ago
Warriors got bad luck everyone getting injured
Bucketz NBA
Bucketz NBA 7 months ago
Lmaoo clive mad funny
Cory gray
Cory gray 7 months ago
That's good news. I know steph is always the one getting the shine,but it is definitely klay who is the most important player on the team.
Mxsdemeanors 7 months ago
1:15 poor kuzma
Simon Sez
Simon Sez 7 months ago
It’s really not like he’s coming back abnormally quick... it’s basically been a year and i think that’s pretty standard if the season is in play during that 1 year deadline
Maxwell H
Maxwell H 7 months ago
Very nice video please make more of these. My friend who lives in Omaha, NE loves your content please check him out @Smidge.
j cappo
j cappo 7 months ago
Lebron watching this video thinking about next year 👁👄👁
Nathan Galvez
Nathan Galvez 7 months ago
All of the NBA players gonna get a championship ring after all
SALTY_ EYEZ 7 months ago
NBA season 2020-2021
David Duncombe
David Duncombe 7 months ago
Tracking rings 😂 it is to bad that the nba players are so vulnerable and ginne pigs for the nwo’s agenda so they can continue to play under cult sacrificial policy, wow
Epic Mummies
Epic Mummies 7 months ago
Bro I LOVE how he just roasts/jokes (about) James Harden with ease lol
Joey Plays Games
Joey Plays Games 7 months ago
Im not a warriors fan but am still excited for this
B E L I E F 7 months ago
If one person gets it then rip💀💀
Jesse Sowah
Jesse Sowah 7 months ago
The warriors will be real contenders if Green averages 20+ points, klay averages 24+ points, Wiggins averages 16+, green averaging 15+ and curry averages 27+ points, no infact curry should average his MVP numbers, but should still average above 27+ and at least 8 ast, but I don't know if all of this would be true
Not even a warrior fan. I hate their cocky ass fan base to the death of me, but im still glad and excited to see klay coming back😀
Z3N17H1U5 7 months ago
The virus is a hoax. If (almost) everyone who gets it is asymptomatic, what are we worried about? Plus, the survival rate is 99.98%, and it's mostly elderly (80+ yrs old) people who die, just like the flu. It's about social conditioning and population control. Insanity.
Samuel Joseph
Samuel Joseph 7 months ago
Now Ring ....Later RFID chips
Lincoln Bothang
Lincoln Bothang 7 months ago
😂😂🤣🤣 why'd you have to do Harden like that
Christopher Spence
Christopher Spence 7 months ago
I Liked 💯💯🔥
OhhhThatBoi 7 months ago
0:32 not possible
ron burgundy??
ron burgundy?? 7 months ago
This quick??? It's been a full year dafuq you talking about
Mob hitta
Mob hitta 7 months ago
CP3 finally gets his ring😂😂
RixJoker 7 months ago
Warriors gonna be one of the most team this upcoming season.
Kimberly Gila
Kimberly Gila 7 months ago
Go warriors hopefully everyone will be healthy and not so much injuries but unfortunately this happens in professional sports
donte pierre
donte pierre 7 months ago
facts bro...goos point
Mark Mallorca
Mark Mallorca 7 months ago
LAC vs BUCKS Finals, don’t leave me out! I’ll cut my finger!
Taylor Humphrey
Taylor Humphrey 7 months ago
Hahaha he really did harden like that
HardtoFindNooB NOOB
HardtoFindNooB NOOB 7 months ago
Blame Lebron he wants the season to start doesn’t care about anything else but a ring but if he wins it idc it won’t count
BLACK PANTHER 7 months ago
No it counts bitch
2KtEddY BAYETA 7 months ago
now next season is gonna be exciting
Mondo Torre
Mondo Torre 7 months ago
Lmao why u did harden like dat😂😭
1122 Ahmad Husnain
1122 Ahmad Husnain 7 months ago
Stupefying bro
Anthony Gamer
Anthony Gamer 7 months ago
nice info and news - #ABFplayersWithStatue #imAnAvidBasketballFan
Colby Ford
Colby Ford 7 months ago
Curry gonna be cooking up those threes with klay
Judas Escariote
Judas Escariote 7 months ago
666 is also in the nba hahaha
A D 7 months ago
This doesn't really matter
Jerry V
Jerry V 7 months ago
You're an asshole for that low key diss to harden Lmao I love it!
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 7 months ago
Killer Klay should go to the lakers and replace danny green...
i-Slxp 7 months ago
It’s been a year fuck you mean he came back quick 🤣😂🤣😂
easydollasniper canada
Bruhhh u r destroyed James Harden’s career 😂😂😂😂💪🏻💪🏻🔥🔥 you the GOAT man
SOB Hijo
SOB Hijo 7 months ago
That’s good for the warriors I just hope they don’t rush him like they did kd, take all the time he needs🙏🏽
SOB Hijo
SOB Hijo 7 months ago
Arjun a lot of people hate someone who joins the warriors then like them when they go
SOB Hijo
SOB Hijo 7 months ago
Marcus G ikr
SOB Hijo
SOB Hijo 7 months ago
Marcus G understood
SOB Hijo
SOB Hijo 7 months ago
Joseph joinville 🙏🏽
SOB Hijo
SOB Hijo 7 months ago
AFTC 2# I know kd wanted to play my point is kd wanted to play they wanted to make kd happy as possible so they still let him play which they shouldn’t have done
Notfrom Thisworld
Notfrom Thisworld 7 months ago
His back splash time
zeek deputy
zeek deputy 7 months ago
Mark of the beast
Phenomenal BasketballTV ph
Mga idol pabisita channel ko! "The Next Terence Romeo of NCAA?!!!" Uploaded na. Hulaan nyo nalang kung sino:) Salamat!
Anthony Gamer
Anthony Gamer 7 months ago
also here, visit this channel - #ABFplayersWithStatue #imAnAvidBasketballFan
g8[ 7 months ago
Waiting for the conspiracy theorists to say something about the ring...
Charlie Guwop
Charlie Guwop 7 months ago
Yeah harden could use any ring right now... wait, who are you? Nobody that's who. What a bottom feeder, watch an ESPN clip then recycle it like you had an original idea. Cant even understand what your saying half the time. ACL injury isnt as devastating as you say, people live and play sport with torn acl's all of the time. Grow up.
Aaron Sung
Aaron Sung 7 months ago
Your conclusion had no sense.. 1. NBA player's job is more valuable than most people's, but their live is only equally valuable as any other human being, so why cant they go back to work ina month while most of us will. 2.NBA player had been infected before. It wouldnt be a greater deal than any other human being being infected. 3. The worst case is shut down the season, so you suggest shutting down in the first place. Isnt that a RETARDED LOGIC? say a cancer patient has 50% chance of dying, you will tell him to shoot himself? There is a good chance NBA can proceed well, with the great quarantine plan.
TANDUAYLAPAD 7 months ago
"James harden can use any ring he can get" lmaoooo Btw, these comment section people are just copy pasting the statement, they even got it wrong jesus. These idiot people
FB G slug
FB G slug 7 months ago
Clive u dumb as hell. “Yeh this ring predicts corona virus 3 days out with 90% accuracy guys...”. This is just a next gen. slave collar. You’re the idiots that’ll be first in line to get your new collar fitted just to avoid a case of the sniffles.
Ali Yusuff
Ali Yusuff 7 months ago
Lucky for klay
The2k GOAT
The2k GOAT 7 months ago
Cant wait for the warriors to be in the playoffs. Dinasty not over yet
Nub _
Nub _ 7 months ago
Foreign Material
Foreign Material 7 months ago
Karl Malone probably wishes he could play now so he can get a ring.
Yuri_ drawingflow
Yuri_ drawingflow 7 months ago
Yes! We are ready! Go Dubs nation!
Steven Gutierrez
Steven Gutierrez 7 months ago
Bro I knew you were going to own a player about getting a ring finally lmfao
Savagekilla 7 months ago
Shots fired at Mr Harden.
Uncivilwaterboy 078
Uncivilwaterboy 078 7 months ago
Bruh why is everyone on of your videos lakers highlights
SNIPERHEEM 7 months ago
Man they got these rings for players but not for the people?
Rowdy Wolfy
Rowdy Wolfy 7 months ago
Look like James Harden will have Weakness against the Warriors and Nightmares he might leave the Rockets if he lose again against the Warriors
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 7 months ago
Clive: “Now we know that James Harden can use any ring he can get” Me: Stop it 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
J.R Bam Curry
J.R Bam Curry 7 months ago
Samlay Jay
Samlay Jay 7 months ago
Yes sir klay Thompson.....I want to see the warriors will dominate next season
quackie 7 months ago
"James Harden needs any ring he can get" LMAOOOO
S P Y D A M A N 7 months ago
You can't catch what's not real
Tino TheSauce
Tino TheSauce 7 months ago
Good to see Klay coming back😇😇
Elmer Lappay
Elmer Lappay 7 months ago
Stupid! Are you paid by jordan brand now? Do you think this will be gone soon?.. Your fcking Lebron hater! If this season cancelled . The next season will be cancelled too !
Albert Tano
Albert Tano 7 months ago
The warriors are 🗑
BLACK PANTHER 7 months ago
@Raza Kids ?
Raza Kids
Raza Kids 7 months ago
No they ain't trash because that looks like an open basket to the championship 🔥
Nothing 5
Nothing 5 7 months ago
Yeah exactly! They will basket the basketball next year!! #2021Champ
Jack Liu
Jack Liu 7 months ago
Any top 4 seed in the first round next season would definitely not want to face a healthy warriors team with Splash Bros back at it!!!
Raza Kids
Raza Kids 7 months ago
@BLACK PANTHER you haven't seen anything but I ain't gonna waste my time with a delusional person like you
BLACK PANTHER 7 months ago
The warriors are washed they've lost their winning squad
Jack Liu
Jack Liu 7 months ago
Killer Klay
MclovinYoMom 7 months ago
Look at klay man so inspirational
Princeharry Pahila
Princeharry Pahila 7 months ago
Is it real?? That giannis going to warriors? Trading klay and draymond???
BLACK PANTHER 7 months ago
@Uncivilwaterboy 078 then who are they trading smart guy
Uncivilwaterboy 078
Uncivilwaterboy 078 7 months ago
They not trading klay
CollinTheSage 7 months ago
Clive didnt need to do harden like that 😂
Jaycob Boyd
Jaycob Boyd 7 months ago
Clive stay sneaking in those comments 😂
beyou 8980
beyou 8980 7 months ago
Big golden state fan!!😉 at lest hopefully my team can me better next year!!
Nico Savage
Nico Savage 7 months ago
Klay Mamba Thompson is the best player in the NBA to me. He does everything literally and is the greatest shooter of all time
Toxicity Games
Toxicity Games 7 months ago
I agreed with kyrie on shutting the season down
lebron Jay
lebron Jay 7 months ago
harveyscott 7 months ago
*OP I HOPE YOU READ THIS* The NBA needs to try to revive the season even if it fails to. It has to do with its economics. If they sit this out, those billions of dollar deals(in total) from all the television & content deals from its team and the association's deal with the overseas network will be ruin. And that billion loss will going to bite their backs not just in this season but also in the future. If you can imagine paying up a million dollar contract for NBA rights only you didn't get your end of the bargain, that's what's going to happen. Also, those people who work in in the NBA and their teams especially those in the bottom really needed the job right now. Most importantly, those money that the players pledges to give to the racial injustice organization does make a big difference.
IN THE VAULT 7 months ago
This cool and all but I dont see the warriors winning a ring anytime soon as long as both LA teams stay as strong as they are
Ayo Pacq
Ayo Pacq 7 months ago