Klay Thompson Achilles Injury Out For Entire NBA Season! 

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Klay Thompson Achilles Injury Out For Entire 2019-20 NBA Season!
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Nov 19, 2020




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Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy 9 days ago
sauske fc
sauske fc Month ago
Man I was a big warriors fan for a while and after they lost to the raptors they just feel apart with a whole bunch of injuries it just got me sad for the warriors
Icy Hott
Icy Hott Month ago
Career over, torn ACL and now torn Achilles. It's a wrap. Hang it up Clay, you can always be an assistant coach though, maybe head coach at the high school or college level. Maybe.
Samuel James
Samuel James Month ago
Wait he’s out for 2021 🥶
Darren Avery
Darren Avery Month ago
I hurt my pinky toe does klay feel bad for me???? lol
ZekyBoy YT
ZekyBoy YT Month ago
Curry is gonna carry the team to playoffs.. But theres 10% that they can win championship... But i still cant believe klay's injury.. First ACL and then Achilles injury comes..
Jay Robins
Jay Robins Month ago
I tore my Achilles no surgery came back 9 months no surgery better than I was b4
KenTzy Month ago
damn You 2020 now the nba got no fcking thrill lakers will surely win
KenTzy Month ago
Fuck 2020
Jose Smith
Jose Smith Month ago
Nico will probably take over for him until he comes back from this injury get some time on the court
Logan Spence
Logan Spence Month ago
He’s done. Just too much injuries.
Macabree Month ago
I know. Tore ACL, MCL and now the infamous archilles? Smh
Sina Alam
Sina Alam Month ago
Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I waited a lot to see them on the court😩😩😩😩😩
RiruKrypto Tempest
Damn I hate the Warriors but this doesn't feel right. Hopefully he can come back from 2 nasty injuries.
The3pleThreat Month ago
Looks like Clay got his feelings hurt again...
IDK IJS Month ago
Man either He's just unlucky, overplayed or just doesn't eat enough vitamins or something. This is super. Shitty
Avi D
Avi D 2 months ago
To whoever's is saying retire klay u need to stop watching b ball. Kobe was 35 when he got hurt klay is 5 years younger. Klay will recover fully because he never relied on athleticism. His defense will be be affected but not to the point where his defense will be bad. Klay will come back and warriors could trade their first round picks and andrew wiggins for Bradley beal
Macabree Month ago
But no one is saying for Klay to retire so calm down. Hes young. No one is calling for retirement
Ryan Zhang
Ryan Zhang 2 months ago
f in the chat
DJ AidonYG
DJ AidonYG 2 months ago
Thing is Clay will still have his shot
RedDeadRyan 2 months ago
I was really looking forward to the warriors coming back. Damn.
Spanish Montana
Spanish Montana 2 months ago
I think he will retire soon
Mister Knucklez
Mister Knucklez 2 months ago
This is the reason contracts had no open run clauses in them.
Neriza Himarangan
Neriza Himarangan 2 months ago
ohhhhhh myyy
Ram 2 months ago
Lol GSW for the BIG L
George Hornsby
George Hornsby 2 months ago
You have the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard
Darren Russell
Darren Russell 2 months ago
He'll be back in 2023 lmao
NoooT_ RobeEey
NoooT_ RobeEey 2 months ago
Wait again?
Jeremiah Jaden
Jeremiah Jaden 2 months ago
nah he goood he just want to see how the teams and the new teammtes gonna play without him.
Relentless Gamer
Relentless Gamer 2 months ago
and everyone talking bout "wait till curry and klay to comeback" lmao L
Elizabeth Adlawan
Elizabeth Adlawan 2 months ago
Really bro? Can you just fvcking emphatize a bit? No one really cares about who get W here
Anas Nav
Anas Nav 2 months ago
We don't need to worry His game is catch n shoot we don't need to be concerned so much if cause he did not centre his game on athleticism.
home9dog2blue 2 months ago
home9dog2blue 2 months ago
WELP. OH WELL "I guess he just got his feelings......i mean Achilles* hurt" 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
SLATR 24 2 months ago
This makes me so sad man
Misael Soria
Misael Soria 2 months ago
This is so sad !What is going to happend whit steph?
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 2 months ago
Haha another losing season for the golden turds maybe try to win without 5 all stars oh wait you can't
Anthony James
Anthony James 2 months ago
Damn that’s Fucked up 🤦🏾‍♂️...Derrick rose went through the same shit 😢🙏🏾
Ïx Statix
Ïx Statix 2 months ago
He won't be the same anymore when he comes back, reminds me of the D. Rose🌹 situation.. His career is over from the looks of things😩😓
Hamilton Basa
Hamilton Basa 2 months ago
d rose still playing great
Chetan Kurkure
Chetan Kurkure 2 months ago
0:54 was this not a foul on chriss lol?
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese 2 months ago
is giannis running this account
Lack9ine HD
Lack9ine HD 2 months ago
NBA is fake
TimeCat5907 2 months ago
Will he ever get to play like dang bro
Ingemar Kenyatta
Ingemar Kenyatta 2 months ago
It's fair to ask some hard questions about what's happening in the GSW training under Kerr. 2 starters tear Achilles back to back.
Simeon RF
Simeon RF 2 months ago
Phantom Video
Phantom Video 2 months ago
The curse of KD still with the warriors, its worse than the Kardashian curse
Lenny Hards
Lenny Hards 2 months ago
As a Lakers fan I'm so sad that we couldn't challenge the warriors next year
Alberto De La Cruz
Alberto De La Cruz 2 months ago
He’s done
Angry Joe
Angry Joe 2 months ago
The warriors are having to pay the fulll price for KD. Goodbye Warriors :))
Jonathan London
Jonathan London 2 months ago
League is slightly boring without splash bros
Muchammad Adriyan
Muchammad Adriyan 2 months ago
He's done
VevEy. YT
VevEy. YT 2 months ago
iKnowEverything 2 months ago
Not a GS fan, but it's still hard to hear about it. It's a tough injury.. Hope he will be back strong. The league need players like him.
OTG King Lenny
OTG King Lenny 2 months ago
Wtffffffff fuck 2020 I’m done with this nba
mumicah18 2 months ago
What the fuck is this mann
mumicah18 2 months ago
Iam so mad we need trade this for shooting guard james harden
KING COLLINS 2 months ago
If only danny green didn't try to block him
ericka luise
ericka luise 2 months ago
Gsw will never be champs again no more bandwagon 😂
Vjeran Magdalenic
Vjeran Magdalenic 2 months ago
Achilles injury is really common diese days. Something is very wrong with trenings. For Thompson is probably career over, because mentally is very tough to come back, but we will see.
virusyete 2 months ago
Carry cant Curry the Warriors
Demon Lord
Demon Lord 2 months ago
Jesus, the warriors can't get a break man.
Oscar 2 months ago
I'm not a warriors fan but klay was always one of those guys you put your support behind. Class act and dangerous shooter. Hopefully this will not end his career.
Marc Ray
Marc Ray 2 months ago
Dang this is bad for him
Mc4est 2 months ago
Im a LeBron fan and I want the Warriors back so people don't have any excuse about the West .. but now its looking blurry for them.. prayers out for Klay, I hope the same thing wont happen to Curry.
Jerick Tabligan
Jerick Tabligan 2 months ago
Hehe boi, good news
mikail shakes
mikail shakes 2 months ago
At this point , Warriors will need to rely on Giannis to win another chip
Armando Castanon
Armando Castanon 2 months ago
Dang that sucks wanted to see full squad in this team see if they can comeback and want to see all the team what they made of this new season let’s see what’s up
Oscar Argueta
Oscar Argueta 2 months ago
Someone is doing witchcraft!
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar 2 months ago
Warriors need to release him...he's done. Highly unlikely that he'll ever be the player he was before these two devastating injuries.
trebledc 2 months ago
That's what happen when injury in knees comes other parts compensates. Well another cakewalk for lebron.
Michael Joe
Michael Joe 2 months ago
Bro wtf
Riven Joe
Riven Joe 2 months ago
so sad to hear. Warriors done
Bat Wayne
Bat Wayne 2 months ago
That sucks. No one deserves to go through any injury like that. I hope he heals well.
Oscar Guzman
Oscar Guzman 2 months ago
Lmao Klay is trash
Marshwuzhere XD
Marshwuzhere XD 2 months ago
I’m Daniel best
I’m Daniel best 2 months ago
Undefined Sitting Object
Man. Two years with no basketball and an injury that makes it hard to reach max potential after recovery. I hope he can still play at a high level in 21-22
Chris Turner
Chris Turner 2 months ago
I was so excited to see the warriors comeback in full strength but this happened, god bless Klay because i know he feels so sad and angry right now🙏🙏🙏
Domagoj Gregurić
Domagoj Gregurić 2 months ago
I hated the Warriors franchise when they were rocking and beating LeBron in the finals, but after they started getting injured and sucking, i kinda cant hate them. I even kinda like them, but only when they are not a threat. Even Draymond who is very loyal to LeBron as the Klutch client.
Alec Bader
Alec Bader 2 months ago
This Secret Base collapse video is gonna be hefty...
bkw 2 months ago
This is karma for not visiting white house
v. Sic
v. Sic 2 months ago
I pray for Klay’s speed recovery I love watching him shooting better shots than chicken curry
hung pham viet
hung pham viet 2 months ago
rayniel malate
rayniel malate 2 months ago
I see derrick dilemma all over again
Please don't end up like Demarcus cousins😭 🙏
페르난도 2 months ago
Warriors are such a joke
pz z
pz z 2 months ago
Once a player suffers achilles, he will nvr be the same again.. just look at cousins. He was a beast and now a shadow of himself compared to when he rly was dominating in terms of points and the paint.
Madhan Kumar
Madhan Kumar 2 months ago
I thought this was old video 😭😭😭
Deadmanlyndon 2 months ago
dddddaaaaaammmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn achillies injury is no joke
reilly pitzer
reilly pitzer 2 months ago
He’s Gonna Be Another Derrick Rose
1M_ Venom
1M_ Venom 2 months ago
Bruh this sucks
Casson Harrison
Casson Harrison 2 months ago
The warriors is dumn they should've pick lamelo but he finds on the hornets
SeahawksFan4L 2 months ago
No cap
Shawnie 2 months ago
Cmon dude!
Alpha X
Alpha X 2 months ago
It’s okay guys, we don’t have the splash bro’s, we have the BRICK BRO’S!!!!!!!!!!! They are Ben Simmons and Danny Green!!!!!! 🧱 bro’s 👌🏼
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 2 months ago
Its not that bad ? He ain't to play for another year cause of this injury, he won't be the same anymore
Grzelsonable 2 months ago
2020 is the worst thing that ever happend in NBA history. Get well Klay!
Dark Ninja101
Dark Ninja101 2 months ago
dsmn, now NBA teams have hope to win for themselfs
lydia & Quynn fun world
And again NBA rating will going worst again this year since Klay is out again. People want to ase teams against the true warrior.
Ameer Khan
Ameer Khan 2 months ago
thats actually awful man
Coffee Thoughts
Coffee Thoughts 2 months ago
Two seasons in a row without playing. Man that sucks. Really wanted to see him back.
Lonnie Ford
Lonnie Ford 2 months ago
Durant. Boogie. Clay. What's going on with the warriors trainers?
LynTheGamer 2 months ago
Im not a big gsw fan but this is just the worst.. imagine missing a season then missing another like what the fck is wrong with 2020
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