Killer Ant Swarm Butchers Lone Scorpion | Superswarm | BBC Earth 

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Driver ants have a gruesome reputation for killing everything in their path, from defenseless worms to a full-size scorpion.
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Superswarm (2009)
When animals swarm they create a super-organism of incredible power. They can attack our food supplies, immobilise our transport systems, undermine our cities and even attack our energy supplies. They can stop us in our tracks. Using state-of-the-art photography, Superswarms reveals the collective intelligence behind the animal invasions, and how man fights back.
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Pets & Animals

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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 99   
ihopeyoulikeit 2 hours ago
I have one question for God.... W H Y ?!?!?
mechasentai 3 hours ago
1:26 that legitimately sent a shiver up my spine starting from my foot.
STF 3 hours ago
I hope the small cameraman is okay 🥺
MrGumbwit 3 hours ago
Me seeing these ants in the beginning: "BAD ANTS! I HOPE YOU ALL DIE!" Me seeing these ants kill a scorpion that can kill humans: "GOOD ANTS! GOOOOOOOD ANTS!"
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 4 hours ago
Theirs strength in numbers
Sheralee Ripikoi
Sheralee Ripikoi 4 hours ago
These ants are badass 😮
Raza Riza
Raza Riza 5 hours ago
They’re programmed to keep moving ! Or die trying-EPIC
s4jb 8 hours ago
Ant colony: WE ARE INVINCIBLE!!! Bug Spray: no
mark . m
mark . m 8 hours ago
wow they eat ant-ything
Victor Sagastume
Victor Sagastume 9 hours ago
I like how the cameraman is watching the people getting tortured by the ants suffering and starving and he’s literally just sitting there filming them
roger wiltz
roger wiltz 10 hours ago
Killer ant tries to bite me Me: i have to move
Seun Oyelayo
Seun Oyelayo 10 hours ago
Killer ants is a more suitable name. So chilling
Caesar 10 hours ago
Imagine if cat-sized ants existed
A. W.
A. W. 10 hours ago
All Ants on Earth have approximately the same Weight as all Humans. 😧 As a child there was a movie that causes nightmares...Phase IV.
Сергей Алопин
Ants... Ants always win
Juuk 11 hours ago
I'm Scorpio and this is fake news!!! Paid actors!
Ross Watson
Ross Watson 12 hours ago
Will that’s mildly terrifying
PANZERFAUST90 13 hours ago
How do people live like that? wait now How does their government let them live like that? oh right power
Alex Cedeno
Alex Cedeno 13 hours ago
TaValexShinobi 14 hours ago
Dang that’s crazy *Dumps a half gallon of raid*
Dollynho Uzucrack
Dollynho Uzucrack 14 hours ago
Scorpion: *screams for help* Killer Ants: GET YA'R ASS BACK HERE BOY
Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths 15 hours ago
When called to arms a soldier may, kneel to supplicate his gods and pray, For courage and cunning to win the day, But for the ant there's another way. The ant knows not of orders given, But by pheromones is mightily driven, A life to be given for the mighty whole, To sacrifice the mote - of her soul, There are no gods to whom she prays Just instinct and loyalty to the end of her days.
rubah 15 hours ago
Gregory Shields
Gregory Shields 16 hours ago
2 cans of RAID and ballgame for their ass
Zak thisispublic
Zak thisispublic 16 hours ago
Meanwhile you behind the camera you have the director instigating these fights hahaha
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 17 hours ago
After watching this video, I now know who will rule the world after us.
DewdBro Watch
DewdBro Watch 18 hours ago
:( poor scorpion
c_minus 19 hours ago
i love when there is a bug nightmare massacre going on the people clapping and being chill
David McManus
David McManus 19 hours ago
So, basically, ants are an unstoppable zombie force.
Екатерина Молчанова
нищета в головах!!!
Der Bannerträger
Der Bannerträger 20 hours ago
Do somebody know where the movie material and music of the outro at minute 04:17 come from? Which BBC production?
simon peter
simon peter 20 hours ago
Pets controllers 👍
Prathamesh Pawar
Prathamesh Pawar 20 hours ago
Ants together ,strong !
Glob 16 hours ago
monke together strong
Michael N
Michael N 22 hours ago
Ummm, I'm staying home.
Gareth Hook
Gareth Hook 22 hours ago
They are nasty
Yea Its Me Matt
Yea Its Me Matt 23 hours ago
This reminds me of that one Pixar movie... I forget the name of it though...
SwotlStudios Day ago
Why yes, I´d like to see one animal murdered by a group of other animals
SwotlStudios 14 hours ago
@Glob Not complaining, it's just interesting what's getting recommended by youtube
Glob 16 hours ago
why are you watching this in the first place
DANCERcow Day ago
The best way to deal with these pests is get with the times and stop being a third world country. Isn't there like large parts of Africa that are extremely wealthy, like Princes and such. If they cared about their nation's poverty and third world status you'd think they would share some of their wealth and provide actually technologies and help form a more modern Africa in the more traditionally 20th century areas! ._.
Glob 16 hours ago
what the fuck
Jubesh Joseph
U should have saved that scorpion 🦂 rather than filming
Glob 16 hours ago
shut up
Kimpan Day ago
i have a dying urge to lift my feet off the floor
Jairo A.H.
Jairo A.H. Day ago
Where was this filmed?
Samuel Capritta
Get the flamethrower...
Tobenna Nweze
Admit it,at 1:26 you got a shock .
Anas Nayab
Anas Nayab Day ago
That tunnel formation had my jaws dropped.
Drones VS Tank
The comment that "the bites are only defensive" when they swarm the village is kinda laughable. They would happily swarm a person (or baby) and add them to the 'larder' if they could.
Hypnotised World
These ants are more civilized than humans. It's amazing how they work together, united as one
a2pha Day ago
Look how FAST they move compared to normal human walking.
Atthan Cro-Magnon
Seferino Day ago
Man. Living in Africa sucks . Deadly ants everywhere.
NP Loda
NP Loda Day ago
syed ishtiak
syed ishtiak Day ago
1:25 😂😂😂
Is that David Tennant?
Ahmad Syahmi
Ahmad Syahmi Day ago
Scorpion: Behold... I'm death coming! Ant: You mean, your death coming? Done it.
zestsu Day ago
Doctor Who narrates Killer ant swarm
Chàng Rể Gangnam
Scorpion: You can't beat me! Ant: I know, but he can (Point into another ant) Scorpion: He's an ant too. Ant: I know (Point into another ant)
The Gaming Robin 2000
Yo is that David Tennant narrating this?! Love that guy's performance
Numbers beat courage...
ShohJ Day ago
Ants together strong!
Evil Erub
Evil Erub Day ago
0:51 "WORLD STAR!"
niklo322 Day ago
Two of my favorite insects are Ants and Bees! Those guys are just awesome
John Lorenz Docor
2:59 **Flips tail** . Ant : *O O F*
raffa tamson
raffa tamson Day ago
0:28 a ant in camera
Cynical Miscreant
Mert Özkan
Mert Özkan Day ago
My classmates when I open the pack of bubblegum
The BandZ011
The BandZ011 Day ago
Scorpion king killed by ANT man New movie 2030
Picasso CT
Picasso CT Day ago
This is what nanobots eating away on the world would look like ..
The BandZ011
The BandZ011 Day ago
0:05 great intro hit by those truck wheel otws
dave batinkle
Bloods gang
NJ 2 days ago
Wow that person stepping on that ant column bare foot😅
Al Rivera
Al Rivera 2 days ago
Those ants must be the inspiration for the movie "A Quiet Place".
hotcoolboy 311
hotcoolboy 311 2 days ago
Stop recordinghelp the children
Benchmarq Rondina
him invincible army me. how do ant like flamethrowers or explosive
Zeke Jeager
Zeke Jeager 2 days ago
"They are read to take on enemy. Including F E E T" Ow yeah
desmond anthony
desmond anthony 2 days ago
@0:51 I want to see this in 3D
BLATINO40 2 days ago
glad they are not in the usa...DAM
Seán C
Seán C 2 days ago
A great short story to read is Leiningen Versus the Ants by Carl Stephenson.
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 2 days ago
We are all ants.
Nice strategy
Steve Z
Steve Z 2 days ago
This guy's accent is identical to Sean Connery's
charles Kacirek
charles Kacirek 2 days ago
Clearly Africans did not care much. One thing will repel them though. Casava flour will mess them up. Not kill them but causes them to retreat.
TheLiving Legend
TheLiving Legend 2 days ago
Clicks videos, watches car crush a tone of ants 🤣
Riley Whidden
Riley Whidden 2 days ago
is that David Tennant narrating? cool. cool.
ogugua obidike
ogugua obidike 2 days ago
4:02 ... Did, did that any just suplexed a whole beetle? Yeah nah I'm good
ogugua obidike
ogugua obidike 2 days ago
2:36 onward: Ants: yeah yeah run them meat hooks cuh, you in the wrong neighborhood cuh Scorpion: I'm just walking here dude don't want no tro- *chomp* "AYEYYOOO" *ChomP* "AAAAHOOOOWWWWW BRO CHILL, CHILL IM LEAVIN AYE!!" *ChOmP CHOMP CHOMP* "IMM GETTING JUMMPPED!! CAMERA MAN STOP FILMING!! HELLLLLLLLP!!! ME!!!!!!"
History of Video Games
Ah yes. The Doctor narrating animals.
Jay Silver
Jay Silver 2 days ago
This is an uncomfortable watch 😬
I didn't need to see them biting human skin.
Brian Lee • 82 years ago
0:51 this ant wants to be part of the vlog
Damien Morales
Damien Morales 2 days ago
Is that David Tennant voice
SxxnMD 2 days ago
Top 10 organized terrorist organization Number 1 : *Ant*
Nick Kline
Nick Kline 2 days ago
Camera: moves Ant: It’s free real estate!
Ayush Zaveri
Ayush Zaveri 2 days ago
Large soldier ants create a protective tunnel for the tiny workers inside. We had to get special permission from the queen to allow the BBC Earth Camera through as well.
Victor Hendricks
Victor Hendricks 2 days ago
David Tennant, the only acceptable replacement for David Attenborough
Hector Rivera
Hector Rivera 2 days ago
Anybody else start thinking about Starship Troopers while watching this?
Freeston213 2 days ago
Ants are crazy. us-first.info/player/video/nqeXdZ6IaYNmZoU.html
Jesús Trejo
Jesús Trejo 2 days ago
I would love to spray them with, like, a whole can of aerosol or paint
Mr. Mothly
Mr. Mothly 2 days ago
Scorpion: oh hey a snack conveyor belt Scorpion: wait NO AAAAAAÂÆÆAÄÃÃÀ
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