Kevin Durant Calls Kendrick Perkins A 'Sellout' For Criticizing Kyrie Irving Sitting Out NBA Return! 

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Kevin Durant Calls Kendrick Perkins A Sellout For Criticizing Kyrie Irving Sitting Out NBA Return! "Kyrie Irving, right now, you are the distraction!" Perkins said. "You're distracting the whole situation. It's crazy to me."
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Jun 17, 2020




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Franklin Williams
Franklin Williams 6 months ago
I hate KD butprops to my man Kyrie man was spitting facts about life, life is more than ball
Franklin Williams
Franklin Williams 6 months ago
The snake can go **** himself how could he say that when he betrayed an organization, as a matter of fact if I see KD im gonna knock him the fuck out skinny ass dude who has no intellect whatsoever when it comes to loyalty. Dont hate just my opinion bro
Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Sanchez 7 months ago
Why this guy sounds like a lil bitch??
schoolblitz 7 months ago
Kyrie aint a distraction. He is a brave one protecting the league from covid19 not being selfish and resuming the season to get the championship trophy.
DUNK POWER 7 months ago
Start the season already, protesting for racism where?
GWrench9 7 months ago
Fighting racism by not playing basketball? If you really think that, and not just on the bandwagon, youre a fool. I suppose you think looting and burning public property is also a way to fight racism....
Carlos Reina
Carlos Reina 7 months ago
I think pat bev have a better opinion, “Hoopers, say what yall want, If lebron say we hooping, we all hooping, not personal, just business
Lotta talk about Kobe and MJ in here. But no Thomas Sowell. That's why you still think there is racism.
Hoopers Domain
Hoopers Domain 7 months ago
Racism doesn't exist. It was implemented on a weak mind. GOD ABOVE ANYONE!
Jay Vas
Jay Vas 7 months ago
If protest is so important for most of these athletes. Fire all of their jobs and cut their wages and salary in their paychecks. Will se if they’ll still be protesting. Hence why you see all the non playoff contenders players and trash athletes recommending canceling the season
Jay Vas
Jay Vas 7 months ago
they’re still getting that paycheck so if they fuck up that’s on them. if protest is so important then the whole nba should stop paying these dam athletes. Absolutely zero dollars in their paycheck, if that was the case, I bet u a whole lot of nba players will come crying back to play back in the nba season.
NotYourAverageReact 7 months ago
All this protest is really annoying
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 7 months ago
Also Kendrick Perkins: flexing his handles on ig
Tyrel Douglas
Tyrel Douglas 7 months ago
I fully agree 💯
Adapt Gaming
Adapt Gaming 7 months ago
Lol kd is a sell out him self, he snaked and left OKC, now he’s calling others out.
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave 7 months ago
Sorry but their job is to play basketball not social justice work...they are paid lots of money to do this...do your job and shut up...
OMB Kev 7 months ago
Kevin Durant you should not be talking.
Jonathan London
Jonathan London 7 months ago
I hope Kyrie and kd stay on the same team for a long time. They’re both incredibly smart black mind that like to think for themselves and should be able to win many championships together
Brendan van Rensburg
You Muppet's are payed to play ball not virtual signal, there is not enough diversity in the NBA now. The NBA is a racist organisation.
loke senpai
loke senpai 7 months ago
By the time racism is actually beat this season rookies will all be to old to even walk or dribble, this is a long fight unfortunately. If all entertainment has to stop for racism to be a thing of the past I’m all in but I don’t see the connection. BLM🤜🏿🤛🏻
Stefan Batory
Stefan Batory 7 months ago
Its easy as that players who dont wanna play should get their contracts terminated by players foult, what means they should pay huge peneltys. They shouldnt be able to get any other contracts in NBA. They are basketball players, they wanted to be political comentators they could study politology.... They are calling peopls who earns milions of $$ as slaves...... what a bullsh1t. They are one of most privilaged peoples on world, and still feel opressed what a bullsh1t.... Those snowflakes will never get enough. And now becouse of their actions peoples with real problems will not be able to work, and could not be able to support their families.... but hey who cares.... for sure not NBA superidiots who dont wanna to play their privilaged asses.
Romulus 7 months ago
IDK why Perkins is crying like a baby.. His dumb ass had no business calling out Kyrie to begin with unless your starving for attention (which he always seems to be doing these days) There was absolutely no reason for Kyrie's name to be mentioned from your mouth unless your looking for what I just mentioned (ATTENTION). It had no place for you to even bring up!!
Romulus 7 months ago
KD is right!! Perkins is a Sellout. Then cries like a bitch on TV. IDK why Perkins wants to be the controversy of everything NBA these days. He's not relevant and sucked as a player. Why are you all giving him so much attention? He sucks!! KD is RIGHT!!!
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez 7 months ago
here’s the thing though, if the season does continue, i doubt any players on seriously contending teams will actually sit out. so to your point of a championship being meaningless, i think they’ll always be an asterisk, but it’ll still count in the canon of the NBA
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 7 months ago
God doesn’t want anybody in hell because He loves us, but you must understand why we deserve hell and why those who refuse to live under His authority will go there. He gave us the law (Ten Commandments) not to make us righteous, but rather to show us our sin (Romans 3:20). We’re not sinners because we sin, but rather we sin because we’re sinners. Sin is the nature of our flesh that we are born with due to the sin of Adam in the garden. For someone to be justified before God they have to be sinless. We’ve all sinned (Romans 3:23), and the the law demands death for those who sin (Romans 6:23). God is righteous, so He must punish our sin, which is what He did through His Son Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus is Holy and sinless, yet He received our sin when He died on the cross, so that we can be righteous before God (2 Corinthians 5:21). When He died on the cross, He said “It is finished” (John 19:30), which means He paid the full price for all of your sins (past, present, and future) to be forgiven. He was buried and rose again from the dead. God will forgive anybody who puts their full trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. We aren’t saved based on our good deeds, but only by the grace of God (Ephesians 2:8-9). His precious blood that He shed is the only reason why we can be forgiven of our sins (Hebrews 9:22). If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead, then you’ll be saved (Romans 10:9). You are born-again with the Spirit of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), and are not only legally justified before God, but also are accredited His righteous (Romans 4:24). Start your relationship with Him today if you haven’t already. I recommend reading the book of Romans and the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), and watching Pastor Joseph Prince’s online sermons!
eadekolu 7 months ago
Nothing is going to work because you guys have not listened to your revolutionaries in the first place after all these years you-all don't pay attention to people like Louise Farrakhan etc etc etc etc you guys are just hard headed I don't mean to be rude but this is a fact
Denis Jerkovic
Denis Jerkovic 7 months ago
Protest what, not getting paid enough, NBA has bent its ass backwards for their players. Its why garbage like Bud Light in a cup is 10$.
RudeCorona 7 months ago
As an European guy living in a country that's 99,99% white, I won't pretend to understand what you guys over the pond are going through right now, though we have a virus too... but I don't think Kyrie is right on this one. If we disregard the facts, that it is much more effective to protest on camera than off and depriving people of entertainment usually isn't the way to bring them over to your camp ... just telling other people what they should feel is righteous doesn't sit well with me. Perhaps taking the entire league on a gulit trip is the right move, but from my perspective it's a douchy one. Like there's one player, American or international who said or did anything against the cause, he's supposed to advocate.
Callum Bronn
Callum Bronn 7 months ago
Nah we need the NBA to come back... and then the players could use their earnings to fund the movement
nathan nixon
nathan nixon 7 months ago
Lakers fans: "All trophys matter"
Cuckhead McGee
Cuckhead McGee 7 months ago
Kevin you’ve been a sellout the last 5 years. Shut your snake ass up
vinkata 7 months ago
Nba title is an nba title no matter what ...
Colby Midway Logistics
KD tries to act so bad with everyone like Kendrick Perkins won't slam his planky ass. He tried to act bad with LeBron as well like LeBron won't knock him out so fast
Nicolas Gütling
Nicolas Gütling 7 months ago
Kyrie is a princess
YISRAEL BRICE 7 months ago
Kyrie and the Brother's has a plan they just don't need to tell Kendrick Perkins GOOFY ass!!!!!He's nothing but a Flunkie!!!He's has an Agenda!!
Thibaut Platteeuw
Thibaut Platteeuw 7 months ago
In 20 years it will mean anything if LeBron wins another chip because a chip is a chip and they will say Lebron has now 4 instead of 3, and if he goes back to back next years he has a 3-peat, it means a lot though you where smarter
Tide Pods
Tide Pods 7 months ago
sorry to break the news to you, but racism will never end bro
bootsy williams
bootsy williams 7 months ago
The same for KD!!!!! He joined a championship team that KICKED his A#S out of the Western conference playoffs... Then he won his rings.... KD you're a SELLOUT.... SHOUT UP & FIND YOURSELF LIL' BOY
Phenomenal BasketballTV ph
Mga idol pabisita channel ko! "The Next Terence Romeo of NCAA?!!!" Uploaded na. Hulaan nyo nalang kung sino:) Salamat!
Anfernee Manansala
Anfernee Manansala 7 months ago
Lol kendrick perkins needs to stfu sit down and eat more donuts
avocado o
avocado o 7 months ago
How ironic
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 7 months ago
Hmm no, I wonder when you’re going to apologize to Kendrick Perkins calling him a sellout, do you even know where that word comes from? Get educated before you talk.
clarencegoshea 7 months ago
Perkins a sellout, simple
Music4life 47
Music4life 47 7 months ago
Nah man I’m a minority too and have dealt with racism my whole life but I still think there should be an nba season. I want my team to win man. If a team loses and you’re a fan of them then all people will say are excuses as to why they didn’t win. It’s a league full of competitors man. The nba should come back in July
Brenden Killough
Brenden Killough 7 months ago
National Bitch Association...no grit or intensity at all anymore
Jorge Soto
Jorge Soto 7 months ago
Plus let's not forget KD n kyrie still injured
Jorge Soto
Jorge Soto 7 months ago
Championships still have meaning no matter what There is great players that never won a championship I agree with perkins Kyrie n durant won titles so they can move on As for other players they have different ambitions Meaningless would be kd s championships since he joined the warriors
Johnny Lewis
Johnny Lewis 7 months ago
This is all stupid George Floyd killers are being held accountable every time someone is unlawfully killed in the United States they are held accountable
J Won
J Won 7 months ago
Did giannis make this video??
Josh Rodriguez
Josh Rodriguez 7 months ago
How is KD calling ANYONE a sellout! Like... holy hell!!!
Josh Rodriguez
Josh Rodriguez 7 months ago
I get what this guy is saying, but the “I won’t count it” doesn’t mean anything to the players or the history books. I say resume the season, while constantly promoting and protesting. You can do both.
lekobe jordan
lekobe jordan 7 months ago
bro why is there vc website promoters first it was self promoting then wanna be friends whats next fifa coin promoters l0l
sinai Estrada
sinai Estrada 7 months ago
This mans voice is so annoying
MASSACRE 7 months ago
“The best way to end racism is to stop talking about it.” - Denzel Washington
Derique Potillo
Derique Potillo 7 months ago
MASSACRE i love Denzel but that was the stupidest shit. In a normal world where race is just your nationality yes, but ppl are literally hating ppl because of their skin tone. When u push a problem under the rug instead of confronting it, it grows out of sight. Thats what America did with racism and thats why we still dealing with a problem that shouldve ended 2-3 generations ago.
NICK SAAp 7 months ago
Bruh racism will never end there will always be people who are racist
abcdLeeXY 7 months ago
You crazy if ONE more ring would not be significant to Lebron's legacy. No one would care how he got those rings 10 year down the road but they'll recognize the amount of rings he got.
abcdLeeXY 7 months ago
KD is the most infamous SELLOUT in the world of SPORTS since the beginning of civilization. He shouldve just kept himself quiet from this "sellout" debate.
Carson Weidner
Carson Weidner 7 months ago
Bro shut up. Yes it adds to their legacy
Joshua Ingram
Joshua Ingram 7 months ago
Nah I feel like my man Kyrie is right 🔥
Nick Molezion
Nick Molezion 7 months ago
Racism in a league with like 2% white people?
DJ Reems
DJ Reems 7 months ago
KD is not only a sellout but also a snake and a cupcake.
J D 7 months ago
Alright so my understanding of what the cop did was murder. But my question is how does anybody know it was racial? Other than the fact that one was black and the other was white. Did the cop say anything racist? When they worked together beefing with one another, did he say anything racist? If not then people have racialphobia
Clarence Oliver III
Clarence Oliver III 7 months ago
Yupppp...when the NBA Championship doesn’t matter if the season gets disrupted
Harambe Uzamaki
Harambe Uzamaki 7 months ago
If the nets was in the playoffs and KD wasn’t hurt Kyrie wouldn’t be saying a word
Mekhiedmonds 33
Mekhiedmonds 33 7 months ago
Everyone dislike this video
Mekhiedmonds 33
Mekhiedmonds 33 7 months ago
Your opinion doesn’t matter
Doe 7 months ago
Black community will miss out on Millions of dollars if they don’t play. There’s no larger organization of black ppl making this much money collectively in the world
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 7 months ago
If we gonna say that the ring don’t count cause someone didn’t play we gotta go back to last year and take the raptors ring away since half the warriors were hurt
Kem Kobi
Kem Kobi 7 months ago
Extremely well spoken points bro.
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo 7 months ago
Kevin Durant is not lying. Kendrick Perkins as a player did not earn the right to become an analyst
JeevS 7 months ago
To be honest, its not racism at all. Its purely discrimination between the cops and the black people that started all this hate. The US needs to start implementing certain laws on police brutality especially in the US. Its so sad to see even black kids are afraid to live and walk around in the country that they are born in. I'm really glad even though I'm a minority, I'm just lucky to be born and live in Malaysia! 3 major races living and having fun together in such a lovely country #peaceout #ripkobe #ripgeorgefloyd
T SMACKS 7 months ago
Yeah. Drop b-ball for the rest of the season. It’s protest time ✊🏿
It'z Twon Tweez Baby
I noticed you always show games that the Lakers lost🤣
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 7 months ago
KD just needs to do his own impression. "Hold up, He's an idiot, don't listen to him. He's an idiot."
elements1985 7 months ago
What's the situation? The media/BLM narratives of police violence (daily occurrences of George Floyd) are absolute lies. The real issue is economics, sitting out hurts those efforts. Nobody cares what KD says about anything he's a poser.
Ache Prime
Ache Prime 7 months ago
THE LEGACY Jordan got a flu but still play Kobe got a torn Achilles and still shot free throws. Lebron: Pandemic but still won a ring. The Real Goat.🤣
Alex Kostanjsek
Alex Kostanjsek 7 months ago
All lives matters. Now be triggered you pussy
ThePerdo7 7 months ago
Kyrie is a pussy and this guy is full of shit cmon men lets play ball
akhozil nkangana
akhozil nkangana 7 months ago
Any team that wins really cant take it as a chip!! The season should he cancelled. Period.
Arthur 7 months ago
who cares
itz JB
itz JB 7 months ago
Its their job though, they can protest and play.. they could use the tv platform after the games to broadcast their message if they choose to. Talking about the championship won’t matter if they win it. That’s YOUR opinion, who cares? You’re one person. There is no official guide of what they should do, but if it does resume.. it’s up to players to stay in shape juz like they normally would during a regular off season. A chip would still be a chip
Guillaume Bibeau
Guillaume Bibeau 7 months ago
1:53 i dont agree, even tough the regular got disrupted, at the end the best basketball teams in the world aare going to compete to know wich one is the best. Thats all championships are about. That championship will crown the best team. And on top of it, i think that all the disruption will help show us who is really strong mentally off and on the court, if there is something, this championship means more, to me eyes.
The kingg Thomas
The kingg Thomas 7 months ago
What you mean kd is a sellout he aint loyal all he care about is rings all is teams were basically superteams
Luke i
Luke i 7 months ago
Using the platform to share their message to millions basically daily would drive things forward more than sitting back and posting inspiring quotes. Also the nets have no chance so sit the f out then, who cares kyrie
Nemo’s Paradise
Nemo’s Paradise 7 months ago
Bro you don’t make sense. End racism what? How? Absolutely no way u can end racism? I think what you mean is end police brutality
David Wyman
David Wyman 7 months ago
Demand for sports is elastic--- careful what you wish for Kyrie.
Jay 7 months ago
What accent is that lol
Paul Prejean
Paul Prejean 7 months ago
Team Kyrie on this one. 🍞 and 🎪 are a distraction. These sports leagues need to be lobbying the state houses for more action.
Billy Chaloeurn
Billy Chaloeurn 7 months ago
KD is like a girl whose still in her rebellious phase.
Ibrahim Diakite
Ibrahim Diakite 7 months ago
U not shit lmao😂🤣
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz 7 months ago
Meh!!! Your point is not valid!!! That means KL championship with the raptors didn't mean anything, because injuries!!! Golden State 2015 Championship didn't mean anything, because injuries!!! Your point didn't make senses!!! Meh
Royal Me
Royal Me 7 months ago
Kyrie does not want Lebron to win 4th ring and he want to give KD all the time to heal. Nothing else
GuitarD30 7 months ago
KD is the biggest coward in nba history. Just be quite and hopefully in 10 years people will forget your punk ass bitch move to join the bully on the block you almost beat
Don 7 months ago
The systemic racism is bullshit in the first place.
MrTrOuB1eSoMe 7 months ago
Kobe would play hands down
MrTrOuB1eSoMe 7 months ago
Naw I disagree
Walt Walt
Walt Walt 7 months ago
Shid that Championship will mean sum
Jefferey Klein
Jefferey Klein 7 months ago
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Margie Moulton
Margie Moulton 7 months ago
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Keith CookII
Keith CookII 7 months ago
This the same dude who almost passed out dribbling ??
patricia friend
patricia friend 7 months ago
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