Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Choke After Disrespecting LeBron James! Nets vs Wizards 

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Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Choke After Disrespecting LeBron James! Nets vs Wizards January 3, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Jan 3, 2021




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jack woods
jack woods Day ago
Last i checked Kyrie had to SAVE Lebron and Lebrons LEGACY at the end of game 7...And last time i checked Durant took a DUMP all over Lebron in Finals and hit EVERY single BIG shot at the END of EVERY CLOSE Finals game as Lebron was NOWHERE to be found in those CRITICAL moments
Jadious Graham
@jack woods stfu
jack woods
jack woods Day ago
@Jadious Graham Painful facts cut deep huh...Be well sir
Jadious Graham
shut up
DaPrimo 3 days ago
Shunsui Kyoraku
Shunsui Kyoraku 5 days ago
You’re suppose to say Kobe when you miss lol more accurate that way
upscale cartel
upscale cartel 5 days ago
Kd don't put no type of oil n his head bron got dawg going bald
Shockwave 117
Shockwave 117 7 days ago
Kyrie: KOBE 1:57 Kobe Bryant in Heaven Bean: he must be reffering to Kobe White.
Candice Cowens-shaw
James harden on the way
Ralph Morales
Ralph Morales 7 days ago
Couldn't watch the video, he said poetic justice and I just had to go listen to it real quick.
Youtube Compte
Youtube Compte 8 days ago
1:58 ... ummm ok but did they decide who is THE Clutch player ???? Cuz it looks they dont 🤣🤣🤣 kyrie or kd ??? You ! No its you!! Okay its dangelo russell ! Wtf hes been traded bro !! Oh ok my bad 😂🤣🤣🤣
ace matitu
ace matitu 10 days ago
Wow. You start with hate. You end with hate. Kyrie is trash bball. New old school who trying to create. No respect for kyrie since 2017
keith warren
keith warren 10 days ago
KD is better than Lebron. Lebron is better than KD in picking superstar teammates just to win a chip.
Violet 2luvs
Violet 2luvs 11 days ago
That happens to everyone,so don't make it a big deal,ok????!!!hater!!!!!
Jay Bando
Jay Bando 12 days ago
You dragging it w this video
Zero Ch1ll
Zero Ch1ll 12 days ago
Kobe...na son thats a miss!!😂😂🤣🤣
Juan Dela Cruz
Juan Dela Cruz 12 days ago
Stop Crying..... being swept twice is very painful so stop crying and move on....
the king adam
the king adam 11 days ago
Blowing 3 1 lead is painful
Camera Tv
Camera Tv 12 days ago
ur mom is a urban legend bruh.she the truth 💘
Camera Tv
Camera Tv 12 days ago
Westbrook act like a ex gf.. I'm better than your last and your present lol he always beat kds first game they meet lol.shit is mad funny yo
Camera Tv
Camera Tv 12 days ago
LeBron is chilling lol
Camera Tv
Camera Tv 12 days ago
Camera Tv
Camera Tv 12 days ago
gematria scripted reality . the ball is mechanically magnetized to go in the rim at WILL. kd can ball. kyrie can ball..even paul g can ball stop with the non sense..i know im speaking a foreign language to 99.9% of yall. i pray yall get it one day!! 🙏🏼
Beating Boxes
Beating Boxes 12 days ago
I saw a logo for a Motorola razr. They still make those?
Than Hassle
Than Hassle 12 days ago
Nets vs Wizard Healdline: Lebron Smh.
Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett 12 days ago
This b said kd couldn't pull up when he did it to lebron 2 playoffs in a row
nykel washington
nykel washington 12 days ago
That big ass logo he shot at
nicholas obiero
nicholas obiero 13 days ago
“Kobe! No! Kobe what you mean?”😂😂 Still KD though
Arvin Gaming
Arvin Gaming 13 days ago
lakers fanboi...now lakers lost in home vs spurs..nets won with huge lead against 76ers
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 13 days ago
Anti hof
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 13 days ago
Bag shopper
Royal Me
Royal Me 13 days ago
KD was surrounded by Curry and Klay. Both are better shooters than Kyrie.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 13 days ago
Well how many times did queen kong choke?
SoCool 1
SoCool 1 13 days ago
Kevin Ducant and Cryrie Irving
LeBron James
LeBron James 13 days ago
And now KD thinks trading Kyrie for Harden 👌
tdot6ix 13 days ago
is it still even a debate who's the best in the nba? after 17 seasons? ya'll are just trolling at this point 😂😂😂😂
MeLli Davis
MeLli Davis 13 days ago
Hell yea 😂 don’t let that man live cuh
Mariques Alexander
Mariques Alexander 13 days ago
Too early In the season ...it add shouldn't matter who takes the last shot jus be in the best high percentage position to make the shot
Carl William Clarin
Kobe saying ohhh god!
Carl William Clarin
This is a big problem
kade bonath
kade bonath 14 days ago
KD been trash in the clutch
Albert Montejo
Albert Montejo 14 days ago
The problem about Brooklyn is there's no leadership
LFS FRANHEGO 14 days ago
kd can do anything lebron can do you chattin son😭🤣🤣KYRIES THE GOAT🗣🗣
Ja zz
Ja zz 14 days ago
Well this is funny admit it brooklyn fans😂
Malcolm Bennett
Malcolm Bennett 14 days ago
😂😂😂🤦‍♂️.. 💯
Pill Cosby
Pill Cosby 14 days ago
You’d suck lebron off if you could man don’t lie 😭
Colton Zahner
Colton Zahner 14 days ago
Kobe 14 days ago
i love plot twists
HFtak 14 days ago
"Durant pulls up, he's like "kobe!" 😂😂
LU E GI 14 days ago
The New York Knicks have a better record at the moment 🤣🤣🤣 nuff said.
My Channel
My Channel 14 days ago
I like Lebron, but I wouldn’t say they choked. People miss shots. Is this really gonna go on all season long, jeez
Barrack Afrobama
Barrack Afrobama 14 days ago
kd's hair look like a ballsack
Daniel Chase
Daniel Chase 14 days ago
Comparing a time when one great missed and then showing another great make it is the shittiest basketball argument ever. This shits garbage bruh
Chris Perine
Chris Perine 14 days ago
Please stop with the degrading...hate, hate, hate....LBJ, LBJ, the media is being an apologist and protector for some great player in LBJ who doesn’t need it...Basketball players are dragged through the mud daily on the National media circuit...NBA is a Soap Opera unwatchable due to media propaganda....SMH...enjoy everyone else✌🏾
Phillip Rhinehardt
Phillip Rhinehardt 14 days ago
Karma is a bitch isn't it?
Роман Башнянин
damn dude. Your voice is soooo disgusting! Are you gay?
RA RERK 14 days ago
Im convinced this channel is a BRONSEXUAL 😂😆
H Magique
H Magique 13 days ago
He did say in one of his video "I am not a LeBron fan, I'm a "LeBron Windmill"😂
Ehmran Amin
Ehmran Amin 15 days ago
Ok but like when did kd disrespect Lebron, at this point ur just hating on kd
los los
los los 15 days ago
Put that fucking brooklyn nets into finals againts lakers... lets see what kd and irving what they got!! Shame on kd and kyrie
Peter H
Peter H 15 days ago
Great Video and Point you got my thumps up
Rich Hustle
Rich Hustle 15 days ago
KD still don't know how to brush his damn hair before he go out into the public. look like ground beef on his head, nigga just brush yo shit, it only takes literally 1 min lol
Kangman02 15 days ago
Lbj fans have forget 2011 finals but talking about a regular season game lol. I'm not even Kyrie fan but damn y'all trolling
I entered Ur gorl
I entered Ur gorl 15 days ago
I hate your voice
Kabsです 15 days ago
"Usual russel westbrook stuff" lol
Camera Tv
Camera Tv 12 days ago
ur mom is an urban legend bruh. she the truth 💘
Cuda 15 days ago
these bronsexuals in the comments bro y'all sound fucking stupid
Lab Clinics
Lab Clinics 15 days ago
Poetic justice indeed. When you come for the King you best not miss 💯👑🙏🏿
Lab Clinics
Lab Clinics 15 days ago
People have to remember what KD was before golden state. He literally couldn't even get to the finals unless he had both harden AND Westbrook. These two probably won't win a ring together. Neither of them has the playmaking or team first mentality to do it.
Gaming Academy
Gaming Academy 15 days ago
That's what we call Karma 😂
Lachie King
Lachie King 15 days ago
IMONSMOKO 15 days ago
I thought they clutch ????
Report 2.0
Report 2.0 15 days ago
kyrie *chokes* : fu** i fk*d up kd: hold my beer
touch meme
touch meme 15 days ago
KD the best choker
Mat Cole
Mat Cole 15 days ago
Westbrook is Kryptonite to KD.
[AP-Alumni] Jan Kenneth Raphael Nicerio
the voice is sounds like giannis?? lmao 😂😂
chezka condor
chezka condor 15 days ago
It's karma for Kyrie Hahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson 15 days ago
Damn yall hate KD like that huh funny thing he was a hall of Famer before we even heard of steph kyrie Draymond and what ever name you want to pull out of the hat when KD hit that 3 in lebron face did steph shoot that also was that clutch my oh my how we forget
vageesh ram
vageesh ram 15 days ago
bruh I dont agree on kyrie disrespecting James but don't disrespect kd bro kd is an offensive god even lebron can't match that level
Kiowa 15 days ago
Lbj all day
Nedim Cinar
Nedim Cinar 15 days ago
Kyrie fucked all haters now Against Jazz y'all had to see that Kyrie can ball better than any other player in the league
Deitrich Houston
Deitrich Houston 15 days ago
😭😭😭😭 So you spinning a Reg season game for Lebron? Nigga its jus a regular season game. KD aint even 100%. Wat was da whole point of this vid other than to rub balls
Jaz23 15 days ago
Why does this man talk like this it’s so dumb
Rene Ceballos Atay
Rene Ceballos Atay 15 days ago
LeBron James haters Cry all Day 😂😂😆
Lillian Magee
Lillian Magee 15 days ago
Also who did you ever know that made every clutch shot that they threw up
Lillian Magee
Lillian Magee 15 days ago
The nets had so many missed shots and turnovers had nothing to do with clutch shot
Joe Cosgrave
Joe Cosgrave 15 days ago
I mean I’d probably miss if I had a trim like Durant’s Jesus Christ
Hans Howard
Hans Howard 15 days ago
So you mean KD cannot hit from where LeBron did? He did it in his face
Philly Native
Philly Native 15 days ago
“That’s a miss” -😂😂
Strive 4 Greatness
Strive 4 Greatness 15 days ago
What U say Clive, Look @ your Majesty..That's Right The 🐐 King 👑 💪
Lebrun Jums
Lebrun Jums 15 days ago
Lebrun James 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🙈🙈🙈🙈🤯🙈🤯🤯🍌🤯🍌🤯🍌🍌🙈🙈🤯🍌🤯🍌🤯🤯🙈🙈🍌🤯🙈🤯🤯🍌🙈🤯🍌🍌😤🙈😤😤😤🙈😤😤😤😤🙈
KINGhotaru11 15 days ago
havocdope 15 days ago
lebron trash
Michael Franklyn
Michael Franklyn 15 days ago
Karma is definitely a bitch..😅😅😅💚🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲..mr Irvin!..👀
Trigger Tre
Trigger Tre 15 days ago
Kd underated
Arthur Vega
Arthur Vega 15 days ago
❗ LEBRON AIN'T TO DAM KING 👑 🚫 ❗ Curry 105 3s non stop.. amd 62 more than LeBrony and KD and Ervin so THE GOAT 🐐 IS CURRY.... hands down....
jayylove 22
jayylove 22 15 days ago
2:00 😂😂😂😂
Nicolas Giacomelli
Nicolas Giacomelli 15 days ago
😲😲😲😲 Don't speak about the king👑
XwTeam 15 days ago
Harris should have the last shot
FinesseThaProphet 15 days ago
I feel like this was suppose to happen the fact that they both had good look at it and missed is something out of movie this is what will probably motivate them to go tf off for the rest of the season
A S 15 days ago
Is this dude commentating autistic?
Héctor Saúl Maldonado
Dumb comments by Kyrie, yet at the same time he's still clutch... Don't know of anyone who's 100% in clutch shots. They're both still clutch
Damond2cool 15 days ago
“Kyrie you ain’t Kobe”💀🤣
Lebron da goat no cap
Hey it’s AyDee
Hey it’s AyDee 16 days ago
I just don't get why Kyrie would say that. LeBron has made so much career clutch shots too, No doubt throwing shades at Bron.
Addicted to TORTILLAS
Addicted to TORTILLAS