Kevin Durant Nets Debut With Kyrie Irving! Nets vs Wizards 

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Kevin Durant Nets Debut With Kyrie Irving! Nets vs Wizards December 13, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Dec 13, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jacob Fowler
Jacob Fowler Month ago
When the ball gets in kyries hands it sticks. He’s a loser, why do you think Boston was better when he was off the court? Flashing handles don’t win rings
Jacob Calvin
Jacob Calvin Month ago
did he just say the playoffs?
DVE Dropz
DVE Dropz Month ago
Did I see Russell Westbrook and KD get along??
Johnron Tangaro
Johnron Tangaro Month ago
E. S.
E. S. Month ago
15 points for KD???
E. S.
E. S. Month ago
I wish Westbrook was playing cuz then he would see his former teammate not just hugging :/
Abobby Month ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣is this guy serious
LIAM Carter S
LIAM Carter S Month ago
KD our here shredding his skin😂😂😂
Dat Boi CJ
Dat Boi CJ Month ago
A healthy KD and they for sure are playoff bound
Zetachi Yt
Zetachi Yt Month ago
" He was out there shedding his skin" I burst out laughing 🤣🤣
PLUG Month ago
KD hair tho lol
Nick Nack
Nick Nack Month ago
When brooklyn wins a ring, I know it Kyrie's gonna go and join some other team and leave KD on his own.
FTK Hanzo
FTK Hanzo Month ago
Drop the background music
Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson Month ago
Clive can u do more parodies
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez Month ago
Big L if they don’t make playoffs
Donny 2x
Donny 2x Month ago
Nets making the playoffs on everything😈😈😈😈
Kyle Sheehan
Kyle Sheehan Month ago
Did you really just ask if the Nets can get to the playoffs?
SuperDefD Month ago
7-11 only wins on the first roll. They'll eventually crap out.
Carlo 1995
Carlo 1995 Month ago
0:18 🤣🤣🤣
Ron Lerner
Ron Lerner Month ago
Avdia has the same stats as KD this game, why is there no hype about that?! He's a rookie!!!
Rossell Carajay
Rossell Carajay Month ago
I think that duo will be fearuis
Rob and Abe’s Channel
I love this mans voice it’s soothing
spacestar28 Month ago
Scripted rigged bball is back😂😂🤣🤣
Happy Turtle
Happy Turtle Month ago
I mean i don't know i always trusted the snake 🐍🐍 but this snake look a bit old
crappie killah
crappie killah Month ago
This guy voice is legendary
YouShouldntBeSo Cocky
Kyrie cut his hair now he looks like how he was in the Cavs
keanyon Month ago
Mama got a mean bald spot KD getting old 😭
Joey Skar
Joey Skar Month ago
As long as these two stay healthy they could even get a championship. Is LeVert still on that squad? He's going to be so nasty this year.
Gabren Williams
Gabren Williams Month ago
Yeah they getting to the playoffs bruh chill
Thien Truong
Thien Truong Month ago
“Can they get to the playoffs?” Of course not.
Thunder Month ago
Clivenbaparody vs duke dennis commentary
Hawk Eye LOWE
Hawk Eye LOWE Month ago
Playoffs really playoffs
CBaez13 Month ago
Hey cut it with the music, you are just making more of a joke of yourself. Get a real job
zyroFN Month ago
7 11 lol
Walter Flowers
Walter Flowers Month ago
Can you do 2K21 challenges again
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat Month ago
Glad to see kd and westbrook hugging in the beginning.
Alrasyidin Fajri
Kevin “Snake” Durant 😂😂😂
Wenn White
Wenn White Month ago
Can someone put this on reddit for JJ : us-first.info/player/video/ntOMn2qFZZtomJM.html
Herbbie Baybee Tv
I’m taking them ova the Lakers
Jazzy J
Jazzy J Month ago
They r in weak East soo they will b in playoffs so just talk abt will they b in con. F n go to finals? 🤣 I doubt
Jazzy J
Jazzy J Month ago
Aka snake hit me hard 😂 Ur amazing dude 😂
Johnrey Dondoyano
Even Caruso can guard this nonsense kyrie
pawpaw&domo desilva
KI and KD how many points if you add together 32 wow Horton 33 points wow
Terrell Noodles
Terrell Noodles Month ago
Man fr I'm glad they back
teej 0_o
teej 0_o Month ago
Kd the snake 🤣😅 since when?
MEGAman Month ago
Boils down to health nothing else
Yako Zukinako
Yako Zukinako Month ago
Omg Russel wrestbrook
Zaid Month ago
AKA Kevin Snake Durant ... Lmaoooooo
AbombOO7 Month ago
Ssssss Ssssssss Sss Sssss -Kevin Durant
nelly baez
nelly baez Month ago
Even tho the nets won they blew a massive lead
So nobody gonna talk about how the wizards was putting up a fight without their stars?
Big Papa
Big Papa Month ago
One of them will get injured before the playoffs.
Vive La Gauche
Vive La Gauche Month ago
Stupidest voice on youtube.
Clutch God tv
Clutch God tv Month ago
Manmeet Singh Khanna
Did he just say Kevin Snake Durant😭😂
Notaidan 380
Notaidan 380 Month ago
Also Westbrook wizards debut
Notaidan 380
Notaidan 380 Month ago
@Lamar Goat I know I didn’t mean playing I just meant I’m general
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat Month ago
No, he didn't play that game.
Gaz Coleman
Gaz Coleman Month ago
They're going far this year for sure, kd looks like he didn't even miss a whole season & kyrie is on fire in this game hitting all those shots.
MJ Month ago
Hopefully both of them can stay healthy 🙏
wah lue
wah lue Month ago
What happens if Durand gets injured in a game 5 playoffs game again Lol
Muszolini Jutsu
Muszolini Jutsu Month ago
Can they stay free from injuries?
Nc Gaming
Nc Gaming Month ago
i think they won’t do as good in the regular season you have to keep in mind that they are facing bench players
geriallo Month ago
Siamo alla sifona.
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza Month ago
Kd the goat
χρήστος geo
aka Kevin "Snake" Durant
Kesivan Naidoo
Kesivan Naidoo Month ago
You should use “snake in the grass” instead of just Snake. That way it would imply his sneakiness !
Reginald Knight
Reginald Knight Month ago
Hell yea they making the playoffs
DA GAL!!! Month ago
steph and klay are way better
RayDeil Month ago
What happened to 2k challenges can you return to that please
MonkeyDLuffy Month ago
Shed that skin 🐍
Alex Trevisani
Alex Trevisani Month ago
They're scary...
shannon minnnis
shannon minnnis Month ago
Make it to the playoffs? I think he meant to the cf or the finals
Johnny Rib Cage
Johnny Rib Cage Month ago
God pls keep Kev healthy 🙏🏽
Dr. Nathan Thomas
God your voice is the most irritating sound I can think of
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson Month ago
You still watching this marxist league? F the lewoke james nba.
Juan-Carlos Elguera Cuellar
At last!!! Long time waiting for you KD but now story will be different, NBA will be different at least tha's why I hope! 🤔🤔🤔
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe Month ago
We all know Kyrie will get injured. And missed the entire playoffs again. It’ll be just Durant by himself
bert ferrero
bert ferrero Month ago
Play one preseason game. Can they get to playoffs? Bruh you trippin. But yeah they probably could.
Enretta Month ago
KD finna prove everyone wrong and win a ring.
Jsasi Complex
Jsasi Complex Month ago
Your Trash!!
Daniel Suriel
Daniel Suriel Month ago
Mann in my mycareer they each averagin under 10
Daniel Suriel
Daniel Suriel Month ago
Mann in my mycareer they each averagin under 10
Andrue Williams
Andrue Williams Month ago
kyrie kinda hogging the ball kd and spencer were open and he keep dribbling
Lucid Perc
Lucid Perc Month ago
imagine them both untucked in the finals. that s disgusting🤢🤢🤢
Genesis Vidal
Genesis Vidal Month ago
haha. kevin "snake" durant lol
oogabooga72 Month ago
Every clip of kyrie you showed is him going against 4-5 dudes lmao No they are not going deep in the playoffs..
Josiah John
Josiah John Month ago
Kd attempted more shots than Kyrie?
Rusty Grove
Rusty Grove Month ago
Harden is selfish too. But I'd take Harden over Kyrie anytime. No brainer trade right there.
Fenix_Flame 321
Fenix_Flame 321 Month ago
my east prediction for the playoffs 1 Miami Heat 2 Brooklyn nets (LETS GO) 3 boston celtics 4 bucks 5 sixers 6 washington 7 hawks 8 toronto raptors This is just how i see it my opinion
str8klowninu Month ago
In the East can they make it to the play offs come on man they finna come out the East
Joe Pirela
Joe Pirela Month ago
They can make playoffs but lakers gonna be champs again
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat Month ago
They might be a bit of a challenge to the lakers tho.
Carl Darl
Carl Darl Month ago
The east got a new finals contender imo. When you have two players of the caliber of KD an Kyrie combining forces.
Red Red
Red Red Month ago
He said Kevin snake Durant lol
future62 Month ago
If they can stay healthy watch out
aaron ervin
aaron ervin Month ago
One of them will get hurt before the season is over.
Argiris Sergiannis
Quitan Wilson
Quitan Wilson Month ago
Kd and kyrie gone win lots of games
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Month ago
Dude shed his hair 💈
Tyrone Vince Tamayo
What's your nickname to LBJ clivenbaparody?
Sal M
Sal M Month ago
This dude really asked if they can make it to the playoffs lmao are you on crack ?
Joey Skar
Joey Skar Month ago
As long as they stay healthy.
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat Month ago
They will make it to the playoffs.
Miguelito Miguelito
I'm praying for both of them to stay healthy through out the whole season. I still get nervous everytime they dribble and run.
Wenn White
Wenn White Month ago
Can someone put this on reddit for JJ : us-first.info/player/video/ntOMn2qFZZtomJM.html
Miguelito Miguelito
@JSD3R3 • it's true hahaha 😆
JSD3R3 •
JSD3R3 • Month ago
cmon stop acting like they built from frosted flakes, they'll be fine
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy Month ago
dang when i saw KD i feel nostagic for the Parodies he made before 😔
BredResells Month ago
If Kyrie and KD both manage to stay healthy all season, I don’t see why they won’t be championship contenders.
Comic Sans
Comic Sans Month ago
KD still landing with one foot after dunks after Achilles recovery, worrying stuff.