kemokazi 😂😂 

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Apr 30, 2021




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Emily's gaming vidoes
Emily's gaming vidoes 58 minutes ago
I don’t know but he is a nosy and sneaky one 😺
Ultimate 12 hours ago
Trash ass hair
Vladimir Putin
“Even for a man like me. That’s cold” -joker Also he’s not funny he’s just an asshole
Scarley E
Scarley E Day ago
No see🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itsyoboiasher Master
I’m worried
Pure Music
Pure Music 2 days ago
Not yUS-first
brayan 2 days ago
Jasmin Diaz
Jasmin Diaz 2 days ago
pingu hingu
pingu hingu 2 days ago
Why tf ur head face and hair built like that😫😫😫
the sharkwarrior856
Uhg im tired of nosy idiots trying to impersonate tiktok becuase there too lazy to make there own acount
Rowan Evans
Rowan Evans 2 days ago
Please do another vid about this if there isn't one that is SOOO funny
Mortal gamers
Mortal gamers 2 days ago
Me wondering why a teenager doesn't have a lock on their phone when they have a older brother who does mean messed up pranks on them.
Jackson Hale
Jackson Hale 2 days ago
Buzz The lightyear
dogwater 2 days ago
His hair look like something not pg
Big Shaq
Big Shaq 2 days ago
That hair due burns my eyes
The part where there was slow music
Mohnish Verma
Mohnish Verma 2 days ago
Why do you have a bird's nest on your head
Shark Jaw
Shark Jaw 2 days ago
Why is she acting like he caught her cheating, they on some alabama type shit?
Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis
Give be a break
Reeva Takhel
Reeva Takhel 2 days ago
enex 2 days ago
Yo why is his face built like that
yunho 3 days ago
Their hair really be looking like a goddamn nest
AMX M4 45 100
AMX M4 45 100 3 days ago
Secret achievement unlocked😂
Lauren Clive
Lauren Clive 3 days ago
"I know who jack is" The look on her face 😂
simple_ softwood
simple_ softwood 3 days ago
You look more feminine than your sister
THE WEIRD KID 3 days ago
The look on her face 🤣🤣🤣
Sabah Zaki
Sabah Zaki 3 days ago
Why Sophie put a lock on your phone pls
Dayton Boudreaux
Dayton Boudreaux 3 days ago
Slush muda
Slush muda 3 days ago
My favorite hobby: being a jackass to my siblings
Mohammed Saad
Mohammed Saad 3 days ago
Why do you look like milad mirg
JamManBolitics 3 days ago
This guy is pure example of the degregation of society 😒
Mr Blunderbuss
Mr Blunderbuss 3 days ago
S. R.
S. R. 3 days ago
Man doesn't even looking like a man 😅
Mustafa H
Mustafa H 3 days ago
Who told him that hair is a good look? Most of TikTok is cringe, but this guy takes it to another level.
ThatOneGuy 3 days ago
Man i feel bad his parents and his siblings for this failed miscariage that looks like its 75 plastic
Blauertee 345
Blauertee 345 3 days ago
You are so lame delete you
William Pollare
William Pollare 3 days ago
What is this hairdo? Is it the FkBoy one? He looks like a girl. Wtf
DaRoyalSaif 3 days ago
He is an Arab, we all expect cringe from Arabs (coming from an Arab btw)
Jack Park
Jack Park 3 days ago
U don’t know me
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein
You're her brother? 😂😂😂😂 Damn what's happening to boys these days.
anja dubarrage
anja dubarrage 3 days ago
What on earth are you thinking with this hayball on your head!? So "one flew over the cuckoo s nest!" This will follow you for the rest of your live, hahahaaaahh...
Pvt-Backpassage 3 days ago
Single gayest haircut I have ever seen
Myke Lowry
Myke Lowry 3 days ago
Plot twist: With that much makeup hes banging jack. 🤣🤣🤣ps. I love my gay family , but I cant stand ppl like this.
Shivertron The epic
His hair be lookin like some sorta deep sea creature that somehow grew hair
Kiera xxoo
Kiera xxoo 3 days ago
Why doesn’t she have a lock on her phone.
Notisaac 3 days ago
**I am very worried that US-first is slowly transforming to a degenerate cringe tiktok platform please help me spread this word** -by •
Abdel Boudefcha
Abdel Boudefcha 3 days ago
Jose Antonio Herrera Guadarrama
Do a second part
AndyJamison 3 days ago
marwa naguip
marwa naguip 3 days ago
Her face dropped
Scout 3 days ago
Congrats you invaded someone’s privacy for content on the worst content platform in the world
Venom 3 days ago
Yeah I'll take "things that didn't happen" for 100
Abdullah Zakaria
Abdullah Zakaria 3 days ago
I want a brother cause I’m also as noisy as can be
uknown person
uknown person 3 days ago
Why are you so annoughing
peachyevren 4 days ago
Yayyy, let's disregard our siblings rights to privacy😍
BreadBrothers 4 days ago
Why do you look like a microwaved James Charles.
ShadoHiro S
ShadoHiro S 4 days ago
Ngl that wasn’t cool to go through her phone and see that, you should at least show some respect and not be a complete dirtbag
Fat Kiwi
Fat Kiwi 4 days ago
He is the kind of guy that would punch a clock to freeze time
Intelligent Being
He exudes soy vapors
Wah! It’s PoPo
Wah! It’s PoPo 4 days ago
“So my sister has a friend, and me being the degenerate dickhead that I am, formed a staged TikTok that I can gain clout with.”
exophthalmos1 4 days ago
Where was the brother? I saw two sisters.
Nonbinary banana
Nonbinary banana 4 days ago
God you need to let kids have there privacy
Anissa Malone
Anissa Malone 4 days ago
Omg*girls today* I'm not even like that but there like this omg Dj is so fine omg imma see if he like me imma ask ohh nvm u ask him for me* and who she talking to is her so called bff* I'm like🙄
STEADY CALLIN 4 days ago
Do you wear makeup
6-4 4 days ago
Fuck you, people deserve privacy
Peak of the Apex
Peak of the Apex 4 days ago
I strongly dislike you
Elias Hawn
Elias Hawn 4 days ago
Henryk Gawrysiak
Henryk Gawrysiak 4 days ago
Totally not staged
TheMilkSpills 4 days ago
Your the subway guy right
manpersonguy 4 days ago
boy robbed a poor birds home and glued it to his head, damn.
Trodaire 4 days ago
Your hair is shit
James Kiley
James Kiley 4 days ago
Man I’m blocking you, this is the dumbest shit I’ve seen all day
noober29 4 days ago
What is his cut
The Red Comet
The Red Comet 4 days ago
Ah so you like being a douche.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 4 days ago
The way she just paused after he said Jack was so funny
I Eat Batteries
I Eat Batteries 4 days ago
Why can't siblings just not do this
Franko Feliciano
Franko Feliciano 4 days ago
꧁A S H L E Y꧂
“ I know who Jack is” The sister: I’ll do anything you want just-just don’t tell mom. ( this is my POV from when the sister said “what do you want?!?!”)
Jaden Kennepohl
Jaden Kennepohl 4 days ago
What kid nowadays has no lock in there phone this videos cap🧢
Mr. Kneecaps
Mr. Kneecaps 4 days ago
lmao this is just an invasion of privacy
Ø U B A D Shippuden
It looks like he did a plastic surgery
Hyper-ZX 4 days ago
Anne frank x jack 🖤🖤
Chiken is good
Chiken is good 4 days ago
Bro shut up dont go through your sisters phone jackass
عبدالله القحطاني
yee yee
yee yee 4 days ago
What the fuck is your hairstyle
Teodor Andrei Voiculescu
Who tf doesn't have a password in 2021 Thought yt stories were better than that shit called tik-tok Looks like... my disappointment is... immesurable
aceshighest 4 days ago
And the award for stupidest hairstyle on US-first goes to...
Turki AlAnezi
Turki AlAnezi 4 days ago
davian holland
davian holland 5 days ago
Infinity Universe
ViLena Cavitt
ViLena Cavitt 5 days ago
Your hair is cool 👨‍🦱
shunem 5 days ago
My brother also takes my phone and I hate him for that
Masters of Shadows
A gay? Ugh
D Moon
D Moon 5 days ago
How come vine was so great but tiktok is so ass
Forza 5 days ago
Brandon Browere
Brandon Browere 5 days ago
What’s with the umbrella on your head? Ahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jang WYoung
Jang WYoung 5 days ago
Idk how to exactly describe it and Idk if y’all will understand what I mean... but his hair looked h3lla crispy. Like... it looked like it has been deep fried or smth like that... 😆 Or search the word “roti sai mai” (it’s a thai sweets) and you’ll see what I mean. His hair looks as crispy as that thing they have in the middle of the roti roll... 😂
Epic 69
Epic 69 5 days ago
What the fuck is this dude's haircut...
CandyFalcon19 5 days ago
14 year old girls: Did you see Dom today? He's so cute. Dom:
Davi Souza
Davi Souza 4 days ago
His hair looks like a degenerated version of yellow cotton candy 😭
shae 4 days ago
That fucking trim though it’s horrendous 💀
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