Kawhi Leonard Laughs Again But At Robotic Voice Then Gets Ready For NBA Season Return In Practice! 

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Kawhi Leonard Laughs Again But At Robotic Voice Then Gets Ready For NBA Season Return In Practice!
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Jul 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Tai Weaver
Tai Weaver 5 months ago
He was probably roasting someone or making a joke and kawhi was the only one to understand
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez 5 months ago
He was actually receiving a coded message
Smokn Auxotroph - Nitro855gaming
Zeno 6 months ago
Karen in the background
Casual_DropoutYT 6 months ago
Dude was on 5000 ping
rick calib
rick calib 6 months ago
I was close to get evicted and this helped me, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*
Isaac Behdadnia
Isaac Behdadnia 6 months ago
Subscribe to my US-first channel it’s called Isaac behdadina if you subscribe I’ll shout you out
Angel M
Angel M 6 months ago
Kawhi had a blast - G.O.Z.
BloodDemon 723
BloodDemon 723 6 months ago
Last time Kawhi laughed, he won a championship.
Travis James
Travis James 6 months ago
Hey does anyone know what the beat is called in this if u do please let me know
jii koo
jii koo 6 months ago
You guys just too over tuned from Kahwis laugh is stupid af
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers 6 months ago
You have entered the matrix
thekidtrey 6 months ago
Update available - Vocal features update (natural, smooth etc)
bono hiuson
bono hiuson 6 months ago
How's the nike case? I hope he wins that.. Greedy Nike..
Aesthetic Performance
Anyone know the Song??? SHAZAM don’t work on it😒
Ruben Palusci
Ruben Palusci 6 months ago
Omg he can laugh
Vyx 6 months ago
Kawhi looking younger after all of that time off
Trist mas
Trist mas 6 months ago
Kwahi's happy to hear from his robot cousin
Evan Zate
Evan Zate 6 months ago
Let's just say kawhi is a simple man
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa 6 months ago
Clippers in fawhive
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 6 months ago
Terminator Kawhi is most MVP in NBA. NBA is much valuable league soon Kawhi destroyed Bron Bron.
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose 6 months ago
You can tell that kawhi reprogrammed his laugh cause theres way less effort and its more natural
DFH 6 months ago
His shot is like a fat kid's shot. But lethal
MadlyCoolAlden 6 months ago
Anyone else think of that Key and Peele skit when they hear Kawhi laugh. He reminds me of Laron. Doesn't laugh a lot but when he does it's odd
sp ce
sp ce 6 months ago
karen doesn't fw andrew
Carnegie Koh
Carnegie Koh 6 months ago
Honestly people shouldn’t make fun of him.Thats just his natural self.
Ram 6 months ago
Laughter aside, he has the smoothest mid range game since Kobe
D3adeye2k 6 months ago
Kd wtf
Zach Charles
Zach Charles 6 months ago
Person speaking Kawhi’s language: 🤖 Karen: I think you should mute him and take the next question
Allan Meze
Allan Meze 6 months ago
The claw is on the loose 👀
J Ro
J Ro 6 months ago
Kawhi has nicely worked what KOBE taught him, in to his game 🏀 🐍
CarCar Stz150
CarCar Stz150 6 months ago
Kawhiiiiiii i how's it go o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o i i i i i i
DarkTimes 6 months ago
This Kawhi guy should should try out for the NBA he looks like a baller.
Krish Dwivedi
Krish Dwivedi 6 months ago
It was better when he was in toronto
Bryan Otokunrin
Bryan Otokunrin 6 months ago
kawhi back at it
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 months ago
kawhi happy cuz the reporter have a lady terminator that he can fall for
Ethan Luke
Ethan Luke 6 months ago
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Jean K. Katabarwa
Jean K. Katabarwa 6 months ago
The robot made a joke and kawhi laughed🤖🤖
iiss ss
iiss ss 6 months ago
Kawhi laughed because he knew the language already ,😂
ziche ngwa
ziche ngwa 6 months ago
Plot twist: Kawhi only laughed because the guy told a joke in his language
Bruhmoment 6 months ago
Bring back the parody’s
D3adeye2k 6 months ago
They dont get views but I'm with you
Sheezy Kane
Sheezy Kane 6 months ago
My boy don’t miss !! 💪🏾💪🏾👑
Royce Burns
Royce Burns 6 months ago
He sounds like the gta edm radio station 0:14
Y A C H T Y 6 months ago
like i say in every video.... instrumental?????
khalil husain
khalil husain 6 months ago
One of the GREATEST
Collin Reid jr.
Collin Reid jr. 6 months ago
I think kawhi is getting better with his human skills
Mishael973 CAMON
Mishael973 CAMON 6 months ago
0:16 sounds like electro Music or a remix 😂👌🏾
Jay Patel
Jay Patel 6 months ago
As a LeBron fan who want LeBron to win a chip this year, this guy scares me. Giannis too.
Kintama S
Kintama S 6 months ago
Rip Cameron it was finally his chance to interview kawhi😢
BornReady Jones
BornReady Jones 6 months ago
What beat is that playing?
Joskus 6 months ago
Reporter: 00110001 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110011 Kawhi: HaaaHaaaa.
BrokeCarFan 6 months ago
Kawhi can only let out 1 laugh per year...and there it goes
Your a Genius.
Your a Genius. 6 months ago
Spurs fan here 🥺😫😭😥 Kawhi Come back
Sweaty Nipples
Sweaty Nipples 6 months ago
That's what she said....
FelixGaming HD
FelixGaming HD 6 months ago
Kawhi: *Laughs* Everyone: Interesting
DrGreenThumbNZL 6 months ago
Degen fuckboi: makes lame comment
DyLemma 6 months ago
He's a fun guy
tyreekmoses_yt 123
tyreekmoses_yt 123 6 months ago
There was nothing wrong with his laugh before
Anonymus ?
Anonymus ? 6 months ago
Nba Champion 2020!!
linkinqueens97 6 months ago
It was actually a joke in his lanquage
McKenzey Daniel
McKenzey Daniel 6 months ago
Ps4 parties be like
WingitO MCGravy
WingitO MCGravy 6 months ago
He was about to answer the question, but the KAREN cut him off 🤣
zHadesOG 6 months ago
He said can’t hear that but you can try again .
samuel mcclelland
samuel mcclelland 6 months ago
Why Karen gotta end his call
brandon lewis
brandon lewis 6 months ago
This man was speaking in Kawhi's native tongue 🤖
Low Key
Low Key 6 months ago
I’m guessing they’re using zoom.
J B 6 months ago
The lady sounds like she’s fun at parties
Onkel Kurac
Onkel Kurac 6 months ago
He laughs because he Is speaking his langauage
M29 1999¿j
M29 1999¿j 6 months ago
Mub33b 6 months ago
Kawhi understood that completely, freakin’ Karen overstepping boundaries as usual talking about go to the next guy.
Samurai2K 6 months ago
Kawhi a goat tho stop playing wit him 🥺
faleo 10
faleo 10 6 months ago
why you put Chinese lyrics
La Isla Maharlika
La Isla Maharlika 6 months ago
Robotic Voice : ka... Wha...Iiii.. Cybord Kawhi: I know tht feels ..
Chris Topher
Chris Topher 6 months ago
What a fun guy he is
I Gonna Be Neenja
I Gonna Be Neenja 6 months ago
Toronto resident up in *HURR*
Grant Draper
Grant Draper 6 months ago
Damn, what a Karen though.
FeRas Hussein
FeRas Hussein 6 months ago
Song plz
Md Abidullah
Md Abidullah 6 months ago
Kawhi understood the joke
Michael Wong
Michael Wong 6 months ago
Having a laugh with his fellow robots
soran27 6 months ago
0:15-0:19 is the start of a lit track tbh
Esty Bendkowski
Esty Bendkowski 6 months ago
Nick Wrecke
Nick Wrecke 6 months ago
Erik Godinez
Erik Godinez 6 months ago
Kah wwwwwwwwwwwwwww aaaaaaaaaa yyyyyyyyuy
Default McGee
Default McGee 6 months ago
Kawhi laughed cause someone finally spoke his language😂😂😂
Tay Bando
Tay Bando 6 months ago
Lansing Moore
Lansing Moore 6 months ago
😂😂😂😂😭😭 lmao
Auc 2.0
Auc 2.0 6 months ago
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa 6 months ago
Kellastico 6 months ago
winnie the pooh
winnie the pooh 6 months ago
Respect kawhi even its funny
Pedja Krcedinac
Pedja Krcedinac 6 months ago
Is Kawhi putting his name on the jersey or a social justice message?
Bronny's Plug
Bronny's Plug 6 months ago
He’s just a fun guy
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner 6 months ago
Playoff gonna be lit. Klaw vs King, waiting for that series
Placyd 4 months ago
@Ball2hard_2k I thought out it right, The Joker's strong and Murray trashed on the Clips
Ball2hard_2k 4 months ago
They lost bum
Placyd 6 months ago
I don't see Kawhi getting pass Lebron through the west but i can see potential from Raptors and Heat again
kentcalumpag 1997
kentcalumpag 1997 6 months ago
Back to back FMVP!
Brandon Munro
Brandon Munro 6 months ago
@Anonymus ? Yeah we will, the raps
Shreyas Sharma
Shreyas Sharma 6 months ago
That was a normal laugh though
Louie2800 6 months ago
When all it takes is to laugh to be on video
Shmurda Hat
Shmurda Hat 6 months ago
Bryan D
Bryan D 6 months ago
Kawhi says he owns the NBA now. 👍
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 6 months ago
Dude be rockin cornrows for life; I respect that
LollipopPlayz 6 months ago
We miss the old Clive who makes nba2k parody
Dr Stone
Dr Stone 6 months ago
This beat give me nostalgia
Aesthetic Performance
You know the song name?????
Bardock Obama
Bardock Obama 6 months ago
Such a good laugh. He really nailed it this time. #puttinginthework
Wilper 6 months ago
What’s the song called?
Casual_DropoutYT 6 months ago
Nora Peace
Nora Peace 6 months ago
My boo thang 🤣🤣❤️💙😍
VCarry NL
VCarry NL 6 months ago
It was a normal laugh 😐
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 6 months ago
Clive please make a parody
dk Carlos
dk Carlos 6 months ago
The girl straight up said the guy has bad Wi-Fi mut him and take the next guy wtf 😂
theydidntnameme 6 months ago
She was a savage
JadenN N
JadenN N 6 months ago
Bro this man is becoming a legend. So sad after his career over we might not here from him ever again
Roger Toledano
Roger Toledano 6 months ago
@kentcalumpag 1997 are we sure of this lmao does he have a son?
kentcalumpag 1997
kentcalumpag 1997 6 months ago
Don't worry his son is coming also with huge hands! 😂✋
Wengie Poops
Wengie Poops 6 months ago
I read this comment every videos about Kawhi
ya boi Jevonte
ya boi Jevonte 6 months ago
Lmao mans gonna move to Cuba and not make a word once he retires
Yasiel Escalona
Yasiel Escalona 6 months ago
H Gome74
H Gome74 6 months ago
0:13 my friends on ps4
Yundengogo 6 months ago
That wasn't mish mash, that was a great joke in robot language that Kawhi found it funny