Katt Williams tells Fat Joe How all Comedians Sleep with Men for Fame like Richard Pryor, Kevin Hart 

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May 1, 2021




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Pauline Diggs
Pauline Diggs Hour ago
Joe is high
Pauline Diggs
Pauline Diggs Hour ago
Katt Williams is 💯
JEDASE 3 hours ago
Mk glitch joe
Costello bang
Costello bang 3 hours ago
Katt Williams, Eddie Griffin and Dave Chappelle living Legends
scorpio 3 hours ago
Cherry 🍒 Pepsi?
ronnie g
ronnie g 4 hours ago
Joe looks and sounds totally clueless 🤦‍♀️
Question Everything
Jesus was physically killed by the Roman government, BUT, he was set up to be killed by the Jewish religious leaders....read yo Bible Joe! 😂
Mr Osaka
Mr Osaka 5 hours ago
Joe is ignorant and unintelligent and uninformed
Mr Osaka
Mr Osaka 5 hours ago
I like Katt but he's a hater. He need new material and stop Pimp Down..its over
BUTLERU 5 hours ago
I didnt care when the Richard Pryer issue was mentioned. People are people, and that is the old past. 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷
Blicky Mouse
Blicky Mouse 6 hours ago
What Katt saying is true, you gotta get through me if you want to be a Disney star
Sir Kay
Sir Kay 7 hours ago
Joe just shut up and lean back already.
Pat Tatt's Power Channel
3:48 that fake laugh joe did was priceless 😂
PancakesAnd Wine
PancakesAnd Wine 10 hours ago
Fat Joe hit that wall fr. He's not aging well. Boring.
Brittany Butler
Brittany Butler 11 hours ago
Btw...I was more entertained by Katt making this man look like a sucka( literally) and the comment section. Don't interview intellects who will expose your hand. Just advertise your Pepsi can.
Brittany Butler
Brittany Butler 11 hours ago
Interview was off. Not one time were they on the same subject. Joe thinks Katt is nuts and Katt dropping jewels like ik what your kind do. Make me look crazy because all u fools be on your knees including Mr. PEPSI can. ( sponsored) 🤔
Willy Nymbus
Willy Nymbus 12 hours ago
Joe reacts like a lagging NPC.
Tem Ra
Tem Ra 12 hours ago
I like you Katt Williams, EYE feel your rising to another level beyond money, frame. Eye like watching ya.
Macey Jones IV
Macey Jones IV 13 hours ago
Joe protecting the energy of a coward
jukee67 14 hours ago
The See Eye A checked into this convo. Katt is probably being followed by a drone 24/7. He is real and speaking from the heart putting you on the road to truth.
Access Foundation
Access Foundation 14 hours ago
Fat Joe needed a co host for this. Everything went over his head. That red cup don’t prepare you for all guests on a podcast
DarkEmpress81 15 hours ago
Joe is a fucking puppet. This interview just showed his true colors. What a fucking sod 🥴. Kat Williams must be protected at all costs!!!
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 15 hours ago
Clearly joe has SOLD OUT...., listen to the woken one say that "Jesus was killed by the police's" at 4:37... promoting that bullshit about the public servants who keep order in society. I guess it's A-ok for people to manifest their beliefs by burning, looting, and assaulting. What role models for the youth
Sayan Bandyopadhyay
Sayan Bandyopadhyay 16 hours ago
That laugh. 1:14
Tannishia Cheatum
Tannishia Cheatum 16 hours ago
Man ..l love katt williams...
Leonora Augustin
Leonora Augustin 17 hours ago
If you know Katt Williams' childhood when he said he read thousands of books, he literally read thousands of books. 📚
Brodiee B
Brodiee B 18 hours ago
Darryl Brooks
Darryl Brooks 19 hours ago
Joe tryna stop Katt from speaking bad on Richard Pryor like Pryor hasn't already said these things 🙄
Angela Daye
Angela Daye 19 hours ago
Things that make you say ummm! Truth anyway! Speak Kat! Learn something F.Joe he know truth being spoken
los javier
los javier 19 hours ago
Wooow joe frooze 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 was Joe being reminded about his oath he did with the Illuminati????
Tony Baze
Tony Baze 19 hours ago
Katt to real n ppl like fat Joe scared because he know the industry thats why he keep laughing it off n trynna switch it up
Smooth Hawkins
Smooth Hawkins 20 hours ago
Kev hart definitely had to, you can tell in his last project jokes. Definitely was uncomfortable
los javier
los javier 20 hours ago
There has to be a god for you to be able to laugh🙏🙏 never thought about it that way!!! Joe is still lost wondering w he is talking about.....
Tronne Caracciolo
Tronne Caracciolo 20 hours ago
Fat Joe seems fake Af. He even taking shit personally that aint got shi to do wit him. Sigh...he gone man.
Renee Evans
Renee Evans 20 hours ago
Richard Pryor did not say in his book that he gave a b****** he talked about how when he was 10 years old a man took advantage of him katt Williams needs to stop. I don't think he's funny at all katt Williams and he needs to be quiet before he doesn't have a career how about that
Fuzzy Butkus
Fuzzy Butkus 20 hours ago
Katt always trying to be the smartest cat in the room but just comes out sounding like a crackhead.
takemethere78 21 hour ago
So do rappers and actors. Thts how they get them contracts. I bet he has some skeletons in His closet also
Reshme's Rasta
Reshme's Rasta 21 hour ago
Joe seems slow
Jim B. Coffee
Jim B. Coffee 22 hours ago
"Jesus was killed by polices" -Joe 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️Joe a goof
Monique F
Monique F 22 hours ago
Flew right over Joe's head. 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️
M H 23 hours ago
The difference in intellect between these two is unquestionable.
JustBeYouTy 23 hours ago
Fat Joe don’t read.
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 23 hours ago
This is the most awkward Fat Joe interview
Beyonce's Adam's Apple
Fat Joe glitched on his ass 😆😆
Always Smiling
Katt is truly intelligent! People not ready
I really hate fat Joe
Devonne Wilcox
Katt Dogg
Kratos Day ago
Man come on with the Pepsi joe. Lmao
L!V3 4ever
L!V3 4ever Day ago
The industry run by a sexual mafia
L!V3 4ever
L!V3 4ever Day ago
I heard Richard Pryor never wrote his comedy
L!V3 4ever
L!V3 4ever Day ago
People would do anything for fame & their always would be consequences.
I am enjoying Katt's responses but Fat Joe is an awful interviewer. Please do better.
Natasha J
Natasha J Day ago
Whenever Katt says Sir/Ma’am you’re about to be schooled. I don’t rate Pryor btw because he sold his soul.
Crazy Chick Sheena
Richard Pryor was a great comedian but very dark pass and that's scary 😐😈
Pearl Ebron
Pearl Ebron Day ago
Polices 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Kay N
Kay N Day ago
My opinion is that Fat Joe is a whole culture vulture. Like the rap version of Vlad. Katt was real, honest, and open as per usual 💪🏾. Joe was all over the place, interrupting, and trying to steer the convo away from the focus and reality of things.
Shantorey Wilkins
NBA Quinn
NBA Quinn Day ago
Every since Katt exposed them on that standup about them private parties. He got into a fight w; some random kid. If they don’t kill you they’ll do whatever to break you to make you wish you was dead. It’s to obvious now. Fat joe gives off weirds vibes or is it just me….? Katt a smart man he knows what’s up && see through all of the bs that comes his way! True king 👑. We not dumb , we may play dumb but trust me we from STOOPID!
Kimery Wilcox
A pimp called slick back..say it with me na...still makes me laugh! Much love to katt❤❤❤😘😘
AL Info
AL Info Day ago
All these dudes are gaye.....King Jesus coming soon. Men don't fear God nor believe his Holy commandments.........truly in the last days as king Jesus warned..
Frank III
Frank III Day ago
We ain’t gone mention that MK Ultra on Joe’s end?😭 katt spoke up immediately. That’s not meee. That’s you.
Brittany Butler
Brittany Butler 11 hours ago
biscu!t Day ago
Well, apparently Katt too! Can't talk about it unless he been about it or shut up.
Lawrence Randolph
Fat Joe himself should be an comedian,class act preach Kat.
DeMarrius Jackson
SMH...Y’all Peep How He Said Twice “EVEN JESUS WAS KILLED BY POLICES” That Was Wicked
Rafael Andrade
Maaaaan, I lost respect for Fat Joe on this one... I kept him at level with Big Pun..... and then I watched this video....
van man
van man Day ago
Is that Kat Williams gay, himself ?.. Surely he is....
Eric Furrow
Eric Furrow Day ago
Lol look at this chuckle head haha just smiling and nodding
Fat Slow after this dialogue...wow
branden burks
All of them except him right? 🤔
Yung KuB
Yung KuB Day ago
Dont belive everything you hear. Was a good troll tho
Gamer Guy.
Gamer Guy. Day ago
Katt Williams is woke.
Rebekah Willis
Katt's IQ is 160
Orange Turtle
Kat Williams never minces his words you get uncomfortable facts 100% Kat don’t give a shit but he gives you the truth. And if anything he won’t let you lie to yourself 😂 you gonna get it! feel offended and then laugh your ass off and be like yeah, it’s true 🤣
Musical09 Day ago
Cringe Lvl 9000!!!!
Melanie – pronounced Melanie dash
Gotta appreciate and love Katt! He stands on truth and won't give in to the agendas. Much respect to him💯
Stupid stupid stupid. You lose any credit you could have had by denouncing people because they’re atheists. That automatically shows you are not a rational thinker.
Connie Maria
Connie Maria Day ago
Did Joe say POLICES??? I’m done.
kay s
kay s Day ago
When did he speak on Kevin Hart as title says?
Yvonne D Macklin
Why do ppl try to interview an enlightened Katy? 😂🤣. They always get lost. Katy is so far removed from so many ppl that it’s hard to understand him.
Bruce Nome
Bruce Nome Day ago
The M.
The M. Day ago
An ppl wonder how KATT fell off...
keema315 Day ago
I've always said comedians are the realest ppl, they say what ppl won't say or scared to say..
Joy Lopez
Joy Lopez 2 days ago
Good job Katt Williams Jesus is the only way much respect my brother in Christ Jesus
DETROIT BORN 2 days ago
Thank you
Dubem 2 days ago
That laugh tho 😶🥴
J. SHEP 2 days ago
Joe shouldn’ve been the one interviewing him, he is a horrible interviewer.
Johnny Bgood
Johnny Bgood 2 days ago
Kat slept with men too 🤣
Pidi Pecan
Pidi Pecan 2 days ago
The Pepsi Joe Alibi
Honey Daddy
Honey Daddy 2 days ago
Katt staring joe down like are you "deaf, dumb, and blind stupid?"😢😂
Chris Sanca jr
Chris Sanca jr 2 days ago
How does katt look like snoop and Martin at da same time😎 1 of da goats
black out
black out 2 days ago
he spittn facts
Dji 102
Dji 102 2 days ago
Kat is the funniest
YaYa502 2 days ago
I would like to see Katt and Amanda Seales have a candid conversation... I like Katt and he drop nuggets but he’s always correcting and coming from a place of he has all the facts. 😂😩
AnmweyFre P
AnmweyFre P 2 days ago
Kat under the program also don’t full by him
Cris LeRoi
Cris LeRoi 2 days ago
Everyone is talking about how unintelligent Joe is and how he's not on Katt"s level. I don't believe that. I think Joe underestimates the intelligence of his audience so he "thinks" he's speaking to them.
MamiRicaaaa 2 days ago
KATT is beyond.... big time GOAT! Jesus was killed by policesss🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🥴🤣
James Smith
James Smith 2 days ago
Fat Joe stay fresh 👟💈 ✂
George Bell
George Bell 2 days ago
So is Katt referring to himself as well?
z BILLS 2 days ago
Fat Joe was scared as hell 🤣😅🤣😅 he was hoping kat didn't go too deep.....Richard Pryor was at a award ceremony and he went to the podium and said he had gay sex with Paul Mooney
Less Than Perfect
Katt is spitting FACTS!