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GayTik Toks
GayTik Toks Hour ago
Why do people have to cancel people for a little mistake
Armand Guerrero
Armand Guerrero 3 hours ago
Karl needs hugs
Jonathan Marquart XD
Karl ruins Mr. Beasts videos just like cardi B ruins every song she features in
-Smile_Fruit- 4 hours ago
We love you forever Karl ❤️
Weebsic 5 hours ago
we start a cancel party on cancel culture, and cancel people canceling stupid things? Agreed?
Nathan Coleman
Nathan Coleman 5 hours ago
He is the coolest guy. Twitter is dumb and toxic
Glitched Sapphire
Glitched Sapphire 8 hours ago
He hasn’t done anything wrong yet Twitter is still hating on him for doing absolutely nothing at all. This is just disappointing
LeighPlays ROBLOX
LeighPlays ROBLOX 8 hours ago
this brought me to tears. twitter is so toxic. hes shaking, when he lifted up his hand and i saw him shaking and i started to tear up.
Ray101sunflower Plays
People are going on a rampage like Danny Gonzalez, Danny’s friend and now him 😑. “Oh he’s racist” people are so dumb these days I fucking hate people. And people are probably going to say “IM RACISTS” for say that lmao
a queer you should fear
He is such a sweet little potato boy..... Fuck Twitter. I use it for only acctual creators tweets and the moee how is Twitter free side.
mia and the gang
mia and the gang 9 hours ago
THE creation
THE creation 10 hours ago
When Karl joined mrbeast i loved him still love him no homo lol
Matthew Watson
Matthew Watson 10 hours ago
He deserves it he’s annyoing and unfunny
You're literally 8
CottonCandy Q.T
CottonCandy Q.T 11 hours ago
He sounds so innocent- why would anyone hate him for being himself? 😭
JuiceeDROPS 11 hours ago
If y’all don’t forgive him ima be so mad cus Charlie or Dixie on of them did some racist things to and there fans just forgived her
Assassin 12 hours ago
what did karl even do "wrong" I lvoe the guy man hes hilarious and awesome
Anmapea 12 hours ago
You can tell from the moment he started talking he got really anxious and started biting his nails, 2017 was in the past and he didn’t know they were bad people back then. 2020 Karl knows that they’re wrong and he’s explained multiple times he accepts everyone who for who they are, so why the hell to people think to cancel someone who has done nothing wrong, he’s perfectly and it may have offended some people but he knows they’re wrong people. He’s apologised for something that really wasn’t even his fault, and you can tell he got scared and nervous at people’s reactions.
ZeusLord 12 hours ago
i feel so nad for him, he is one of the most genuine, kind, and amazing people on the internet
ICY_PLAYZ_GAMEZ 12 hours ago
Well his fault for ruining mr beast
Jarl Cohnson
Jarl Cohnson 11 hours ago
@ICY_PLAYZ_GAMEZ I looked at your bio, I dont think I get the joke here
ICY_PLAYZ_GAMEZ 12 hours ago
@Assassinhe didn’t do anything lol look at my bio you’ll see my whole account is a joke and whatever I say is cap
ICY_PLAYZ_GAMEZ 12 hours ago
@Jarl Cohnson LOL I guess you missed the joke
Assassin 12 hours ago
what the hell did he do
Jarl Cohnson
Jarl Cohnson 12 hours ago
how is it his fault?
Logic Skateboarding
Logic Skateboarding 12 hours ago
I am SO TIRED of great people like Karl getting attacked for mildly offensive jokes. People are so soft nowadays and need to grow up. Even if someone said something like the N-word in the past, they shouldn’t lose everything, people can change and we shouldn’t judge people on their mistakes, rather how they have changed. Thats besides the point because Karl has never said something like that but I just felt like adding that to the comment.
xHuskyyx 12 hours ago
Bruh God Bless Karl! He’s the most amazing and fun youtuber ever :)
Blue 13 hours ago
So as you can see, people in this comment section are really nice but when you go to Twitter that place is filled with toxic children and people who like to troll and that platform should be shut down immediately
Mr Icy
Mr Icy 13 hours ago
This shit actually needs to stop people are harassing for no reason why would you make fun of someone that is not doing anything that people have said he was doing he is literally the One of nicest person i have watch like this people disappoint me spreading false rumors about him so he will quit youtube i genuinely hate anyone that has been doing this to him or supports this
Sebastian Mcmahan
Sebastian Mcmahan 14 hours ago
Whats up with the “Night in the woods” music? Lol.
Leonardo Torres
Leonardo Torres 14 hours ago
People act different on Twitter
Camden Quick
Camden Quick 15 hours ago
Try smoking cannabis bro give appetite helps with anxiety and helps adhd just try edibles low dosage or dry live resin or regular flower one or 2 hits relax and you’ll see help do research
Bansi 15 hours ago
Who is he talking about?
Devlan B
Devlan B 17 hours ago
Why is he getting hate he doesn’t deserve it he’s my fav out of the mrbeast crew
Blue 13 hours ago
He's my favorite as well, Twitter should be shut down
Ilikecomedies :p
Ilikecomedies :p 20 hours ago
Poor Karl he doesn't deserve this at all 😔 I really hope Karl is doing ok Where gonna need some backup to kick these people into twitter jail 🚓
• L i k a C h u •
I simp myself to Karl But I'm so worried about Karl He is so sad He is beautiful Handsome We love you karl
Hmm What Name
Karl looks depressed or its just me?
😄 Day ago
Nobody can cancel u man your fandom is far more supportive then 14 year old kpop stans
DayBravo Day ago
Who was the streamer?
I’m not hugged enough
Calling someone a try hard 7 is racist? Isn’t try hard someone who goes way too hard in a game? Like cmon wtf is this world
Wesley Colin
Wesley Colin Day ago
Don’t let them make you become a potato
Kartha Guart
Kartha Guart Day ago
Omg Karl bro u need a hug ? Im here for u
YO HO Gamer
YO HO Gamer Day ago
A good person like him shouldn't have to stress about stupid things like this, when he ain't bothering anyone..He's literally like everyone ,makes small mistakes and apologizes ..don't see whats wrong with the big deal.
Lucky Taco
Lucky Taco Day ago
twitter crusade? pog? cancel twitter?
Amia Turner
Amia Turner Day ago
poor thing he just needs to delete twitter and any platform where he's getting hate because he just doesn't deserve this hate he's too sweet
Colson Kai
Colson Kai Day ago
i genuinely believe that this guy brought unecessary drama into mr beasts career knowingly and is at least playing it up a little bit
Amelia Mae
Amelia Mae Day ago
Karl is my spirit animal
Gamer GG
Gamer GG Day ago
his voice sounds like he trying to hold in the tears
Gamer GG
Gamer GG Day ago
i never thought of u in anyway karl
Gamer GG
Gamer GG Day ago
why is he apologizing like this 😰
Icey3x Day ago
Social media bad
Trimkee _
Trimkee _ Day ago
Everybody is being very dramatic
Samantha Maxis
666 views the devil comin 👿
Lmao bozo just eat
shyanne ferris
my friends and me are painting our nails for you you are our idol were painting them black and red for you
Ava Marie
Ava Marie Day ago
He shouldn't apologize, WE ALL SHOULD
Kristina Arlan
This man does not diserve this shit he shouldn't have to apologize for something he didn't do to hurt anybody people make others feel horrible and this man dosent disserve it.
G4lactik Day ago
I mean personally, he did kinda fuck up the mr.beast channel for me. But hes not a bad guy either.
Evie Docanto
Evie Docanto Day ago
Why are all these youtubers getting canceled for bull fish
A box of milk
A box of milk 2 days ago
• Anxiety Check •
This is insane. Karl shouldn’t have to go through this. I just hate Twitter so much!
Anna-Maria Pineda
Karl is literally adorable and so sweet he looks so scared he deserves better cancel cancel culture now
lolzen 2 days ago
dude im so done with toxic stans who cancel people, most of them are 14 year old white girls who want attention
Macaroni Guru
Macaroni Guru 2 days ago
he look so musty
patty boy
patty boy 2 days ago
Suck it
Sophia Langdon
Sophia Langdon 2 days ago
Twins._.4life ._.
I feel like Karl makes everything better and funnier!!
Army Hooah
Army Hooah 2 days ago
I like how you guys are saying “gosh dang it Twitter!” yet you probably tried to get trump off Twitter
eastbobb 2 days ago
Anika Pillai
Anika Pillai 2 days ago
Awww I feel bad for Karl since he is not eating bc of hate the haters sux
official scream
official scream 2 days ago
Karl is such a nice and guy, and people are being so rude to him.
Keira Johnson
Keira Johnson 2 days ago
The fact that he actually has to do this is so stupid cancel culture is such a bad thing they're more toxic than the people that they're canceling. Like bro, I bet that personally, Karl is the most pure and wholesome being in existence, and he made a few mistakes when he was a bit younger and more immature. We all do. We're all human. He's apologized, and explained that he does not support those things now, so stop trying to dig up dirt on people from the past. Like c'mon, you have better things to do, like homework.
Sarah Cl
Sarah Cl 2 days ago
it’s always good to hold people accountable but he honestly doesn’t deserve this
Karl was a teenager when he liked said persons stuff 5 years ago, like he’s literally not the same at all.
Falyn Arabie
Falyn Arabie 3 days ago
He sound like he wants to cry the whole time 😔
azul villagomez
azul villagomez 3 days ago
Isella Ward
Isella Ward 3 days ago
Karl’s the best tho
Ari 3 days ago
you can tell he was panicking and his hand was shaking a bit :( i love karl ily sm and how he turned off his camera at the end you know he couldnt hold it in anymore
Stan Loona
Stan Loona 3 days ago
the way y’all let people like this slide and don’t even care how the people were affected is getting weird
Fortniteman2016 3 days ago
This bozo 🤐🤐 L L LLLLL🙏😐😐😐😂😂
Aaliyah Gallegos
Aaliyah Gallegos 3 days ago
That’s sad he has to apologize for other people because STUPID and he sounds like he was going to cry 😢 THATS SAD THAT HES MAKING A HOLE VIDEO ABOUT APOLOGIZING FIR OTHERE PEOPLE IF YOU HATE HIM LEAVE
Stan Loona
Stan Loona 3 days ago
Your obviously 10 and know nothing about the situation shut tf up
Alyssa Owen
Alyssa Owen 3 days ago
Karl........................................ Your outfits are the ✨BEST✨
Double helix
Double helix 3 days ago
Fr, I feel bad for him, I wish people would take the time to do research than just blatantly say someone did this or someone did that without any proof or evidence, possibly ruining a person's life, especially with karl, he clearly doesn't like those types things that people are claiming he supports, idk if karl will read this or anything but if he does then karl, I'm sorry you're going through this in your life and I wish I could help you in some way
WhatKindChee 3 days ago
a genuinely good guy being canceled because of who he has supported.. welcome to 2021.
Clair See
Clair See 3 days ago
Karl don’t be sorry ur amazing I always watch mr beast and u in it so don’t be sorry 😢
Stan Loona
Stan Loona 3 days ago
No he should be sorry shut tf up
Zaidee Youtube
Zaidee Youtube 3 days ago
I don’t know why but I don’t want to eat any more it hurts me to know someone is doing this to Karl
Finn Lofgren
Finn Lofgren 3 days ago
Honestly at this point, the people who are canceling the “toxic” people are worse than the actual “toxic” people. Cancel culture is honestly so messed up.
josuke yoshikage
josuke yoshikage 3 days ago
Yeah those people are the toxic people
Kitt Animations
Kitt Animations 3 days ago
This just makes me feel like i wanna cry and im slightly disgusted with twitter
Mayje 2 days ago
Why only slightly? They cancel anyone for anything, they’ve become more toxic than the people they’re trying to cancel
Kitt Animations
Kitt Animations 3 days ago
Stan Loona
Stan Loona 3 days ago
People like you are genuinely disgusting, what Karl did AFFECTED many people who supported him but y’all rather threat Karl like a baby. Karl is a grown ass man.
Burn in heck please
ok but did I ask?
mInInG aWaYyYyYy
mInInG aWaYyYyYy 3 days ago
Twitter, really?
Aude 3 days ago
This hurts man why does twitter dig up shit years ago to cancel someone, like this happens too often can we unironically cancel cancel culture. No one deserves to feel like this and by my standards if that person knows they’re wrong and doesn’t do it on purpose again they’re fine
Charlenna McIntyre
Oh no you are not a bad person :(
0_apx _0
0_apx _0 3 days ago
Poor man... Y'all need to hop off and touch grass. He's just tryna live a good lifestyle. Mans hadn't done anything wrong
Vaiagibu 4 days ago
Bru fuck Twitter
oLilacs 4 days ago
i genuinely love him so much and he DOES NOT deserve this wtf
AZAT William jansson
Why are there only deppressed 15 year olds here. This community is sad
AZAT William jansson
Dude the dream smh community makes me wanna do meck rope
Omega Blue Moon
Omega Blue Moon 4 days ago
Twitters is messed up :/
lorrin c
lorrin c 4 days ago
he looks so sad omg :((
lorrin c
lorrin c 4 days ago
i feel so bad for him. he deserves no hate that he’s getting. i honestly dont know y people hate on him :(
michelle Swango
michelle Swango 4 days ago
michelle Swango
michelle Swango 4 days ago
We all support you
michelle Swango
michelle Swango 4 days ago
Demon The Retard
Demon The Retard 4 days ago
I’ve been getting threats so I’m not gonna eat
cryinqtoast _
cryinqtoast _ 4 days ago
it's upsetting to see him so worried. he's physically shaking... Karl is a literal sweetheart who doesn't deserve hate or be "cancelled"
Teeth toilet
Teeth toilet 4 days ago
I hate when people make other people make apologies for stuff they didnt even do. It isnt okay. Twitter fucking sucks and im going to stick with that
roivs 4 days ago
He should have gone like 73 more years without eating ngl
roivs 3 days ago
If I wanted attention I would put my real name and show my face but since im very homophobic and racist I cant show that just yet
lindsey the spy
lindsey the spy 3 days ago
@roivs we all know you just want attention. happy now? okay. now shhh
CatPlayz 13
CatPlayz 13 4 days ago
The three comments under me stupid as hell (If you don't understand put it on newest comment first)
Quagmire 4 days ago
Quagmire 4 days ago
I do not support Carl
@lindsey the spy i want to see him cry
lindsey the spy
lindsey the spy 3 days ago
then why are you here?
WarrZ 4 days ago
@Max Bear he seems like a little baby
Max Bear
Max Bear 4 days ago
Fuckin why