Kane’s fire still burns as he becomes a Hall of Famer: WWE Hall of Fame 2021 

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After more than 25 years in WWE, “The Big Red Machine” Kane finally takes his place in the WWE Hall of Fame. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
jack rawlezz
jack rawlezz Hour ago
Thank you Kane Thank you for all the memories for all these years....
Hello Ji
Hello Ji Hour ago
Josh Anthony Faulkner
Thankyou Kane
Kinder game
Kinder game 2 hours ago
Thank you kane! 😭
TM Michael
TM Michael 4 hours ago
Congrats and thanks for making our childhood awesome..
Gold Finger
Gold Finger 6 hours ago
One of those videos where, even the small number of dislikes are actually expressing gratitude to the subject. May be they disliked the treatment meted out to him.
R. Srinath Rengarajan
All childhood heroes are retiring.thank u Kane.😣
LeBroskiey 7 hours ago
ONE ABOVE ONE 8 hours ago
Thank you kane and Wwe network to the best childhood memories......forever🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
edhiller papamac cataquian
thank you kane
Sujoy Chakravarthi
Sujoy Chakravarthi 9 hours ago
There will always be some questionable inclusions in the HOF but this is so richly deserved. Childhood Hero, Childhood Nightmare - now an icon and legend. Thank you Kane
Anime DrawHolic
Anime DrawHolic 10 hours ago
Thank you Kane 😊👏👏👏😭
Harvey Dent Nika Marie
Noooo....I'm not crying...you are!!
Rgoid 11 hours ago
Mayor Glenn Jacobs, this is your night.
Scott Kitchingman
Scott Kitchingman 11 hours ago
My childhood right there
Alvaro Antonio Arias Pérez
U know u r getting old when u see all the legends becoming hall of famers or getting retired, thanks for all those moments and memories, I think he deserved more, he was a real monster back in the day
My T.O.N.G
My T.O.N.G 14 hours ago
ตำนานจริงๆ ดูมาตั้งแต่เด็ก ชอบมาก Kane กับ Undertaker 😘
Tec On Tech
Tec On Tech 15 hours ago
Classy speech. Absolute legend. Great human being. Thank you for the memories Glenn.
Noel Leon
Noel Leon 16 hours ago
Me after work 1:26
Kelly 17 hours ago
I actually met Kane as Mayor
Squarebiz 17 hours ago
This is AWESOME....This is AWESOME.....This is Awesome.....
Subhra Raj Bhaumik
Subhra Raj Bhaumik 18 hours ago
James 18 hours ago
I am a big fan of KANE ❤️
aryaman acharya
aryaman acharya 19 hours ago
thats motivating but unfortunately he missed the part where not everyones a 7ft tall giant
Ravi Atal
Ravi Atal 19 hours ago
Thank you Kane
Shane Beard
Shane Beard 20 hours ago
Aloha I’m shanebearddj I’m biggest fan ever awesome
Donald Davis II
Donald Davis II 21 hour ago
Where is the WWE Hall of Fame?
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi 21 hour ago
Attitude Era 💟
The Public Potato
The Public Potato 22 hours ago
Thank you Kane for making my childhood you are one of the all time greats
Victoria Sierra
Victoria Sierra 22 hours ago
I’m on my mom’s phone
Victoria Sierra
Victoria Sierra 22 hours ago
I love you Kane I’m a very very big fan you are the best wwe best super star and hall for famer
brandon faletti
brandon faletti 22 hours ago
Kane deserved a run. Only reason I was ever interested in wwe. Wish I got to see his old mask one more time
Parth Dey
Parth Dey 22 hours ago
I still remember the time when he and xpac were a tag team . I used to watch wwe in 1999 . when wwe was fun to watch
Bishal Raj Biswas
Bishal Raj Biswas 23 hours ago
❤️kane will always be one of my favourites.
Storm Russell
1:27 just made me smile... 😁😁
AZo 33
AZo 33 Day ago
The beast has gone💔
My all time favorite character.. congratulations kane👍💐
FacTick Day ago
Thank you for all the memories dear Kane ( the big red machine )❤️
___Bibek___ Kafle
Thank you
Lux gil
Lux gil Day ago
That ending. I had goosebumps
Calogero Navarra
O myyyy itsss itsssss itssss Kaaaneee !!!!!
ALICAN.A GAMING 23 hours ago
the big red monster
Krishan Attanayaka
One of my all time favourite wrestlers and my favourite theme song (slow chemical). Thank you kane.
Shashank R S
Shashank R S Day ago
A very deserved moment for all time favorite KANE....very few superstars are as ethical as him....!!! Great applause for you Jacobs.....!!! Lots of fan following from India
joker 91
joker 91 Day ago
The best!!!!!!
Rohit Tangade
Pure Gold Legend 💯🔥💥
Balaji Ananth
A Kid.
A Kid. Day ago
Should’ve played slow chemical.
Katherine Sara Dcruz
scary he electrocuted Shane msmohans testicles
sOuL YT Day ago
The great khali ❤❤❤🔥
Rodney Rodriguez
You will be always in our memory legend kane
Make Kane Next US President
Akash ashok
Akash ashok Day ago
me Day ago
KANE has a huge fanbase in India 👍
Glad to be a Loser
This guy is my mayor ,I’ve worked out with him in my gym,he’s amazing and such a down to earth guy.
agradewa channel amatir
Thank you Kane...my fave alongside latino heat and the rabid wolverine
Joshua Vargason
Wish Undertaker had inducted him. Bet Mark is very proud of Glenn either way.
Kamodo Jones
Kamodo Jones Day ago
Kane will always be the GOAT
Skittles Rainbow
Kane was my favorite Wrestler ❤️♥️💯
Great childhood memories watching Kane performing. One of my favorite wrestlers! Well deserved spot in the WWE hall of fame! Congrats! 🔥🔥
Creator Studio
90s wwe is over 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Elver Ghalarga
Thank you Kane
tinguban Day ago
A chapter of my childhood is now closed. Thank you, Big Red Machine, Kane!
Your ܐܵܒܵܐ
Kane the monster
Christian Jara Luna
Who else got chills at the end
Rodrigo Carrillo
And when will Undertaker enter the hall of fame? He has his place more than deserved there
Inuy Inuy
Inuy Inuy Day ago
I was hoping you'd have the 1998 mask Kane up there or atleast a collection of all of the masks and attires lined up like the bat cave like how Bruce Wayne has options..
Adam Robinette
What a class act. Just seems like a really good guy.
The Bong Explorer
Love u Glen.. thanks for my childhood..thanks for giving us a kane to grow along with ❤
Kohyaar Ansari
I am growing, that sounds good but my childhood is retiring. Love you Kane, you were used to be the subject of cousins fight. Still I say you are most underrated wrestler ever.
Señor hidrógeno dos oxígenos
And Kane would like to leave you with this....(JR Voice)"It's a CHOKESLAM FROM HELL....A CHOKESLAM FROM HELL...MY GUD"
Hugo Moraes
Hugo Moraes Day ago
Kane will always be remembered in the history of WWE
The Baron
The Baron Day ago
Farewell, Kane. See you at the next meeting, Glenn 😂. I watched Kane for 20 years in the WWE, and now I get to work alongside a man named Glenn Jacobs that I call my colleague. More than a wrestler, more than a man. A true legend.
He is indeed brilliant. :)
Strangepete Day ago
At the end of the day..... there is NOTHING like pro wrestling / sports entertainment when it's done well and performed with genuine passion. Glad I stumbled on this incredibly weird fascinating and strange form of entertainment in my life time. The older I get, I get more perspective and I honestly realize that pro wrestling is one of the very few things as sad as it might seem, to actually make me feel genuine child like joy and excitement, when it's real good. God damn it's weird how something as fundamentally silly as fully grown people pretending to fight and acting out these made up storylines and fictitious battles can really bring out so much joy, fun and appreciation even from intelligent, well read, informed and thoughtful grown people.
Michael Myers
Thank you kane for being part of our childhoods you deserve it and much more
Alberto Felix
Long over due. Kane is a LEGEND!
LatinGod x
LatinGod x Day ago
they could let him used his old theme song
Good talk
SSJP96 customs
Goosebumps . I wonder why mark wasn't inducted
Manuel Torres
They should’ve played his attitude era theme song. That one was better than this most recent one.
Hurricane Gaming
I love you kane, you ll always be in my heart ♥
Glenn Mark Salgado
Ned Flanders finally got him...
Sabir Sardar
Sabir Sardar Day ago
He deserves a lot . my icon in wwe should have got a lot better farewell . But congratulation Sir . the fire still burns
suraj kumar
suraj kumar Day ago
Dion Ruffin
Dion Ruffin Day ago
I remember being a kid seeing Kane tear down the hell in cell door and tombstone the undertaker I feel old
Siddharth Das
We want Undertaker and John Cena also. Very happy about Kane and Khali totally deserving👏👏
Damvge Beatz
Damvge Beatz Day ago
That exit was just perfect 💪🏼
Jakari Wilson
The Big Red Machine...
R EMPIRE Day ago
*Old WWE > new WWE*
MLD Day ago
A very humble guy. Glad he’s finally in the HOF.
JackooStreaM Day ago
Damn, I feel old, thank you for childhood memories
Brandon W
Brandon W Day ago
I'm kind of pissed he accepted as his politician personality instead of in character as Kane. Mask...long hair...wonky eye....Electro Larynx speaking tool. The whole nine. "If I don't get into The Hall of Fame...I will set myself on Fiiiire!"
Night Rage
Night Rage Day ago
My favorite wrestler ever and my first choice in every game I played. Thank you for the memories.
Firzen Day ago
No one can replace his Coke slam.
Josh S
Josh S Day ago
Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for the great entertainment Kane provided. Like the Undertaker, there will never be another Kane. 👍
Black Diamond
My favourite wrestler from my childhood till now my dr Kane. Love u a lot. Great fan from INDIA🖐️.
Pasquale D'Amato
Pasquale D'Amato 2 days ago
Thank you Big Red Machine
Suen Terry
Suen Terry 2 days ago
brothers of destruction
Gambit_Toys 2 days ago
It's not strong men you should fear. It's weak men!
Julian Presbitero
Bella twins HOF.... really...
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