Justin Fields introductory press conference | Chicago Bears 

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Quarterback Justin Fields meets with the media Friday afternoon from Halas Hall via video conference call.
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Apr 30, 2021




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Rob Free
Rob Free Day ago
I definitely don't think he's unhappy because he's on the Bears. I believe he was pissed due to the fact, he started out as a top 2 pick and dropped to 11th, which can be a bit demoralizing. Possibly mentally fatigued from the whole pre draft and draft experience too and besides he's more emotional on the field than he is off it, at least in public. I'm still ecstatic that we got him!
GoodKarmaNiles 2 days ago
He’s so sad to be in Chicago 😂😂
Don Blu
Don Blu 3 days ago
Hope your ready kid I know Ohio state has a amazing fan base but this is Chicago totally different animal then anything you will ever experience were all rooting for you kid destroy the packers and don't forget to 🐻👇
Tim Last
Tim Last 3 days ago
So excited
L 'audace, I'audace! Toujours I'audace!
Hub Arkush was pushing Chance Womack AND WAS A STRAIGHT UP BUST -Fields is a good pick for the Bears though
Joe 6 days ago
I really liked this pick.
Christian Carino
Christian Carino 7 days ago
I hope he is “The One” 🐻⬇️
Da Bears
Da Bears 7 days ago
Bears could actually be like a good playoff team next year great draft
Abisha Uzzi'ah
Abisha Uzzi'ah 7 days ago
I love this pick up
Daniel Blue
Daniel Blue 7 days ago
tyrone rousell
tyrone rousell 8 days ago
bear fan is gon love this pick
jhon paura
jhon paura 8 days ago
I hope rodgers stays in gb so we can whoop there ass no excuses
Grumpy Old Man
Grumpy Old Man 8 days ago
Still with TTUN. Damn I love this kid.
Mister Sister
Mister Sister 9 days ago
Congratulations Justin!
patrick bouchard
patrick bouchard 9 days ago
49ers made big mistake well done Bear's that comming from a KC FAN
Steve Osborn
Steve Osborn 9 days ago
Dude looks thrilled to go to Chicago haha. Good luck Fields…
Nico Munoz
Nico Munoz 9 days ago
Congrats Justin! Been following your career since your Elite 11 years. Glad you landed with the BEST team in the league. Bear down!
John ofMalta
John ofMalta 9 days ago
Regardless of what Mr. J Fields was/is/or might be would you trust Matt Nagy to get the best out of him. And remember, (this is very important) Ryan Pace think highly of Mr Fields as a prospect while K Shanahan, J Daniels and S Payton think highly of Mac Jones. Just a thought. Gl to all
John ofMalta
John ofMalta 9 days ago
Please don’t hate me the way you hate Mike Lombardi when he talked about MVP Mitch. Too soon?
Horacio Corral
Horacio Corral 9 days ago
He's average.
Horacio Corral
Horacio Corral 9 days ago
He's still a kid. Why are people praising him. He's got to prove himself.
Lorenzo Dawkins
Lorenzo Dawkins 9 days ago
Looking forward to him having success
RomelloSkuggs 9 days ago
Raiderfan here. I'm rootin hard for Justin and I will be watching him and the Bears. Protect that kid and let him learn. Don't rush him
Orlando Jones
Orlando Jones 9 days ago
UGA vs LSU...Fromm was struggling, Justin came in and drove the team down the field for a TD..and was never put back in the game. I knew he was gone after that.
No bull and borderline
Love the fact he referred to his dog as his best friend.
byron douglas
byron douglas 10 days ago
the football Gods really blessed Chicago, he really fell to 11 wild shit
drewcliff82 10 days ago
I'm a lifelong Buckeyes and Bengals fan but I will be lowkey rooting for the bears this year.
Magna2k 10 days ago
🐻 ⬇️
Michael Greene
Michael Greene 10 days ago
Yes this is real welcome Justin "Mr. Football" F1elds to Chicago! Bear Down
Deaf Savage
Deaf Savage 10 days ago
You know if somebody's good if you know
bretcarr2001 10 days ago
WOW...so many great young QBs....Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, TuaTagovailoa, Mac Jones, Jalen Hurts...Don't know much about Trey Lance and Zach Wilson...I'll definitely be watching these guys
bretcarr2001 10 days ago
The Bears got themselves a killer at the QB position...Justin Fields is the best Quarterback in this class as time will prove this
K Lay
K Lay 10 days ago
Some of these questions are garbage but he's handling them well.
Daniel MacDonough
Daniel MacDonough 10 days ago
Shanahan worked with Fields since he was a teen and still didn’t draft him. That says a lot. Bears about to ruin another QB.
Katie Caddle
Katie Caddle 7 days ago
no he didnt lol 49ers are trash lol they passed on rodgers for alex smith and mahomes for jimmy g lol
melanchxlic 10 days ago
proud of him, wish he could’ve went higher but nonetheless the bears seem like a great fit for him.
mmeatheaddd 10 days ago
boom bear attack!
Eric Page
Eric Page 10 days ago
Welcome to the Bears, and Chicago, young Brother! God bless!
spanky2284 10 days ago
Justin Fields were glad your a Chicago Bear i know you were hoping to be pick top 3 but it didnt happen so make the best out this we need you here show the world that you are what we throught you were 😁 be the best for Chicago ask Jordan thanks. Spanky Texas
Rich Lo
Rich Lo 10 days ago
Make them all 11 teams pay..that includes the Giants who traded out
Redfirewolf 23
Redfirewolf 23 11 days ago
Even though I said he was going to be a bust I take it back I watched his college highlights and OMG this guy can run the ball he has a canon of a arm I am excited to see what he can do
Smoreo 11 days ago
It's nice to see many Bears fans. As a fan myself, I don't see many Bear fans where I live.
Matt W
Matt W 11 days ago
Is that Kid from Kid N Play?! 🤔 Welcome to Chi-town my man...
Ashok Das
Ashok Das 11 days ago
I saw him play HS football! In my opinion, he is the best out of the group! Bear fans you got a good one! Please give him a chance to grow! Strong arm, fast and smart! Good luck Bears!
Biggs Jones
Biggs Jones 11 days ago
It's amazing, I hated this guy at Ohio St because of how good he was, and that he demolished my Clemson Tigers. As a Bears fan when they drafted him, I love him.
Reif West
Reif West 11 days ago
I'm a 49er fan but I really love Fields and I'll be cheering for the Bears whenever they aren't playing the Niners congrats to Fields and the Bears fans
jhon paura
jhon paura 8 days ago
Open arms come on down
alecisaplaya 11 days ago
To anyone saying he looks unhappy to be in chicago. The only thing he has be unhappy about is his protection, but he has weapons and we also just picked up the most violent college OT in teven jenkins. This guy is going to be a chicago hero the city will love him. You cant get a better deal than being the best quarterback in a franchise’s history. Hopefully we can get us a bowl within the next few years
alecisaplaya 7 days ago
@Katie Caddle if thats the case thats a good thing then. Hes got people to prove wrong
Katie Caddle
Katie Caddle 7 days ago
hes not upset about protection. he was upset cause other teams that needed qbs passed on him.
Brian McMahon
Brian McMahon 11 days ago
This guy can turn this franchise around and regain the respect to the organization that’s been missing since the peak of Urlacher era! Welcome to Chicago, bro!
Tom Grubbe
Tom Grubbe 11 days ago
I can already tell he's smarter than Mitch. He doesn't speak in canned answers and sports cliches.
nicholas gerdak
nicholas gerdak 11 days ago
I’m about to order his jersey!!!
Tub X
Tub X 11 days ago
Looking at the highlights, Justin Fields is the most electric of all the so-called top 4 or 5 QB's in this draft. Fields could easily have been taken 1st overall. We can see this guy has the physical tools, but he also displays the fortitude to lead and win. Let's hope Fields pans out for Da Bears.
East Atlanta 34
East Atlanta 34 11 days ago
Congrats Chicago! I watched this young man as an athlete ever since he was a child. Yall definitely have a leader 💯
Real lion tv
Real lion tv 11 days ago
We just got a lot of Ohio State become Chicago Bear fans
Stevilkenevil99 11 days ago
All I can think of is Cordell Stewart
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 11 days ago
I take dilantin every night for epilepsy, I'm with you justin Buying that jersey for my epilepsy brother 😂
Mr Toxic
Mr Toxic 11 days ago
Man I wish the giants had taken this man
Mike Iverson
Mike Iverson 11 days ago
His falling to us at 11 was a miracle. Fields will have a chip on his shoulder and make every team that passed on him regret it. Embrace this kid and be patient bears nation. I believe we finally got a franchise quarterback we have been dying for.
Mike Iverson
Mike Iverson 11 days ago
This kid is a homerun and fits that KC offensive system with his deep ball and ACCURACY. Faith is restored and have real hope for the future
Mike Iverson
Mike Iverson 11 days ago
Stone cold killer. This kid has that winning mentality. The more he talks the more impressed I am with him. THAT DEEP BALL ACCURACY TO MOONEY HOLY SHIT. AM SO STOKED. BEST DRAFT IN DECADES. RESTORED MY FAITH IN THIS FRANCHISE. GIVE ME TOUGH PHYSICAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS. WITH CHIPS ON THEIR SHOULDERS. FIELDS WILL SHINE HERE IN CHICAGO. THAT OFFENSE WILL Have swagger and confidence. Cutting Leno restores my faith in the coaching staff.
attila suto
attila suto 8 days ago
@Mike Iverson yup, either one of those places will need a back up, maybe even a starter.
Mike Iverson
Mike Iverson 8 days ago
@attila suto sure need PICKS next year. SEND HIM TO GREEN BAY! HA HA. PHILLY? HOUSTON?
attila suto
attila suto 8 days ago
@Mike Iverson Mike, I didn’t say cut any of them. I think we could trade Foles. We don’t need two highly paid back up QBs. I know we got him for a fourth round pick, if we could trade him for a sixth rounder, I would love that.
Mike Iverson
Mike Iverson 10 days ago
@attila suto my understanding is we can't cut Foles or Dalton. Dalton is pretty decent and is an upgrade over Mitch or Foles in my book. We need salary cap room. But I see both Nick and Andy together as the best possible worlds because of all the knowledge that they possess. Fields would get one hell of an education. Foles is incredibly smart and is a great teammate. He's been through the fire and has seen it all. Dalton I am not sure how good of a mentor he is, but Foles is great. But we need cap room. 25 million is steep but is teaching Fields worth it? Yes he's going to be dynamic
attila suto
attila suto 10 days ago
@Mike Iverson So what will Dalton do? He can be a good mentor as well, especially, because he is a great guy too. Paying 15 mil per year to Foles is a bit too much don’t you think? I don’t care which one, but one of them has to go. 25 million to 2 players that are redundant is a waste of money. I still feel that we might get a late pick for Foles. (Like Green Bay). After all that money saved could be used quite wisely on few more depth players.
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson 11 days ago
Congratulations Justin! You will bring glory to the Chicago Bears.
G_Vegas 12 days ago
Been a fan of this young man since QB1 and now he's a Bear 🙌🏾
Robert Redmon
Robert Redmon 12 days ago
🐻 ⬇️ Justin fields let's get this championship
Stealthy Mongoose
Stealthy Mongoose 12 days ago
has this dude smiled once since he was drafted? lol
Gregory Hamilton
Gregory Hamilton 12 days ago
We love you man Chicago loves you this city takes care of there own I hope you are happy to be here!🐻📥
James Kinnear
James Kinnear 12 days ago
Long overdue, GO BEARS!!
Rob Swift
Rob Swift 12 days ago
He's going to bust and set your franchise back for the next decade. Should of went Mond
rob daniel
rob daniel 12 days ago
A D 12 days ago
I’m a NY Jets fan & I’m not gonna lie I really wanted this guy as the #2 pick. But now I guess I’ll also be rooting for the Bears!
EMZjester 12 days ago
Good pick. Welcome to Chicago Justin ! I am so excited to see you play and I do NOT want to watch one down of Dalton or Foles. You have a good head on your shoulders and hope you do well. If you do well in Chicago, this City will treat you like gold, you will be a legend. The questions you journalists have are insufferable, good job handling them Justin !
Thiago Feliciano
Thiago Feliciano 12 days ago
As Chicago Bears fan I was expecting an OL doing that interview stuff.. instead of that we have our QB1 our franchise QB ! Thanks Ryan Pace. I forgive you.
Thiago Feliciano
Thiago Feliciano 11 days ago
@attila suto ohhh yeah baby !!! Outstanding draft made by our team.
attila suto
attila suto 11 days ago
We also got the ol too!!
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 12 days ago
You can tell by his body language that this is a CONFIDANT dude. I don't have any concerns the lights will be too bright for him. Did not get this 'vibe' from Trubisky's initial press conferences. And plus... he's a dog person!!!
Jay Ar
Jay Ar 12 days ago
Not a Bears fan, but I have a strange feeling (as long as management doesn't F things up) this kid is going to be on a mission... I think he feels very disrespected and it's gonna be go time when he gets his shot.. I wish him the best.
frank zappa
frank zappa 12 days ago
As a Michigan fan I love that he can't say their name ha ha. I wish the Wolverines could get competitive again with team from south.
StuDogg81 12 days ago
I honestly can not believe they pulled it off and drafted Fields!!! So hyped to see him in Da Bears uniform!!
J 12 days ago
This is gonna be difficult for me being a buckeye fan and a lions fan lol. Congrats Justin!
Mark Norman
Mark Norman 12 days ago
He certainly is a tough guy playing with the rib injury etc and he means business. We’ll see if he’s solid or a star. I can’t see this guy failing like Trubisky did. Too much talent and too much of a winning pedigree. Good luck Justin Bears fans need a good, tough QB like you.
Goo Jun Pyo
Goo Jun Pyo 12 days ago
Redfirewolf 23
Redfirewolf 23 11 days ago
Watch him go off under a new coach and general manager next season he’s not gonna be your boss
Trey Bens
Trey Bens 12 days ago
Is it my phone or is he stuttering a lot ?
Skitzo Heavy
Skitzo Heavy 12 days ago
Great move by the bears 4sure bout time lol
Kyle Hedvig
Kyle Hedvig 12 days ago
Guys still hanging onto Clemson game hahaha BUST
attila suto
attila suto 11 days ago
They broke his ribs, so he wasn’t healthy for the championship game. I’m sure it’s a sour spot for him. Jordan never forgot any grudges either, just ask Isaiah.
Cubsfan122112 12 days ago
i don't ever remember this much hype for trubisky from fans or media. especially asking trubisky about his hope for a franchise quarterback.
dddtrump 12 days ago
Cant wait for him to Start QB and get a freaking haircut.
SIDE EYE 12 days ago
From Atlanta, I'm buying a Fields Bears Jersey!
bigbro9395 12 days ago
I feel bad for the kid. Such a talented QB who’ll get ruined by that moron Nagy. Chicago truly is the place where QBs go to die. We don’t deserve a talented QB. SELL THE TEAM!!!
attila suto
attila suto 11 days ago
That’s dumb. This guy is already set up to succeed. Great wide receivers, awesome tight ends, super running backs, and a revamped tough o line.
bevrosity 12 days ago
mama Thayer makes a mean chicken sandwich
Mason Peters
Mason Peters 12 days ago
Really hope the Bears don't fuck this up. This guy is a gift
Breon Sturdivant
Breon Sturdivant 12 days ago
Not a bears fan but your defense is so nice!!! anyway start fields by week 3 I dont care what anybody say it is hard to replicate live action with "MENTAL REPS"
David Fauntleroy
David Fauntleroy 13 days ago
Only thing I can say,😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂🤗🤗🤗🤗
DaBear Talk
DaBear Talk 13 days ago
Anyone else notice how much he says “you know”
Darvin Valentine
Darvin Valentine 13 days ago
It's a beautiful 2021 when it's a black QB the head of a chicago bears team wow 🐻 ⬇️
Andrew Hiedelburg
Andrew Hiedelburg 13 days ago
I need that jersey!!!
Redfirewolf 23
Redfirewolf 23 11 days ago
I need a Jersey as well
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo 13 days ago
My new favorite player!!!! I have been a Bears fan all my life and I'm 43. It brought tears to my eyes when he was picked!!!!! DA BEARS!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS AN AMAZING DRAFT TOP 2 BOTTOM!!!! GREAT JOB PACE AND NAGY!!!!
Justin Booker
Justin Booker 13 days ago
Let’s goo!
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson 13 days ago
Why wouldn't a team want this guy? He's extremely athletic, smooth, a GQ guy, intelligent, answers all the questions correctly and with stall. He's a franchise QB in purest form... I love this kid!
keveni78123456 13 days ago
I'm scared. Fields played horrible against Northwestern! That is what the NFL is going to be like every game for him. I'm very scared about this pick for my Bears!
Dangerna 13 days ago
bears haven't had a QB since McMahon and they still don't,,, this guy overrated, overhyped and exposed like the majority of buckeyes.
Ryan Sliva
Ryan Sliva 12 days ago
Every single draft analysis disagrees with u and 12/20 nfl scouts said that he is the best in this class but hey let’s say he’s trash cuz he played at Ohio state u a bozo bruh
Alexander Valdivia
Alexander Valdivia 13 days ago
I love this guy's mentality going into it. He's hungry, wants to be the best, and as a Bears fan I love his mentality going in and I can't wait to see him excel. BEAR DOWN!!
Phil Vollman
Phil Vollman 13 days ago
The fact that this dynamic QB fell all the way to #11 just shows how many morons occupy GM jobs! The Bears will be pleased with this fine young man and in five years no one will remember Zach Wilson or Trey Lance! Justin Fields is gonna be a big-time QB in the NFL!!
V MJR 13 days ago
Welcome to Chicago MR QB of the Present and future
True Patriot
True Patriot 13 days ago
He’s gonna bust so hard. He’s pissed he’s going to the dysfunctional team in chicago.
Erick H
Erick H 13 days ago
I'm not gonna lie as a Green Bay Packers fan I am shaking in my boots we've dominated you guys since the early nineties Eventually the table does turn But I never remember any Ohio state quarterback ever being any good
Erick H
Erick H 7 days ago
@Katie Caddle Bart star ,Kenny stabler Hall of fame Alabama facts are facts you gotta break the mode truth be told he's a transfer from Georgia Into further notice Da bear still suck
Katie Caddle
Katie Caddle 7 days ago
i never remembered alabama qbs being good. stop talking about the college he went. texas tech sucked before mahomes and so clemson before watson.
Ryan Sliva
Ryan Sliva 12 days ago
Meh they said the same thing bout Clemson qbs before deshaun watson I’m not concerned about that at all
montez smith
montez smith 13 days ago
Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger started their rookie seasons and look how those two turned out!!! And yes I understand that everybody's different and the offensive systems are different, but hopefully Fields will eventually start in 2021 when he's ready!!! Wilson was the 75th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft and won the Super Bowl his rookie season!!! And Roethlisberger was the AP NFL offensive rookie of the year!!!!! So there should be hope among Chicago Bears fans!!!!😄
Steven Simonovic
Steven Simonovic 13 days ago
This kid has determination & fire. You can tell.
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