Justin Bieber's One Of One Rolls Royce | West Coast Customs 

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It is finally here! When @Justin Bieber walked into West Coast Customs over three years ago, we never knew it would turn it this. The one of one Rolls Royce has never been seen before until now! We hope you enjoy watching the journey!
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Rory Kramer
Jack Bell
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Feb 19, 2021




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Oscar A. Rodriguez
In the words of the wise poet Randy Jackson, “that’s a no for me dawg”
Jeremy Bishop
Jeremy Bishop 2 minutes ago
Its a nighttime car, cause its so fugly during the day.😱
Javon Maclean
Javon Maclean 4 minutes ago
The third port notablely disappear because limit lamentably report given a defeated vessel. selective, wistful height
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 21 minute ago
I'd take a Honda Prelude with a 9 foot spoiler before I took this.
saksit247 30 minutes ago
So basically a body kit and sound system?
Rich Headd
Rich Headd 34 minutes ago
Shit no one else has one that shit is sick i dont care what no one says
Silly Human
Silly Human 39 minutes ago
Royal Diamond
Royal Diamond 51 minute ago
Wtf!.. just wtf.
Ray Powell
Ray Powell 55 minutes ago
That’s definitely a night time car. That’s thing looks classy as f at night
Bullet Shard
Bullet Shard 56 minutes ago
What an ugly ass car😂🤣
Anders Beckes
Anders Beckes Hour ago
put that thing on some bags so u can lower it !
Marcos Flores
Marcos Flores Hour ago
Victor Cano
Victor Cano Hour ago
I would have tried something to where a rim is seating still but can see the whole tire. We are not at that technology right now.. I hate that I see the tires at the bottom... But amazing thinking!!! Just the start of what's coming!!!
WuPiDu Hour ago
All I wanna know is the retail price for this built? Not to sound negative but what would really suck is after this built the actual prototype came out of production line a couple of months later for consumers that cost 10x less than this car except the real one actually hovers and it drives itself! Man.... I’d be pissed 😡
Dark Mattter
Dark Mattter Hour ago
Does it turn by braking one side only?
Dirty Bird
Dirty Bird Hour ago
The space between the wheels and the wheel covers makes it look like it should be on a train track 🤦🏻‍♂️. Love the effort they put into it but failed with the final look 👎🏼
:-0 Hour ago
the paint doesnt even match wtf
RebelTV r
RebelTV r Hour ago
I didn't like it at first, but now I'm digging it. Really, it's the front end that's not that great. Otherwise, especially when it's rolling (floating?), it looks good.
Milan Pešut
Milan Pešut Hour ago
A. Hâm Nguyên
Bad taste
I I Hour ago
Why u need this Justin? Help people u will feel better
GOMEZ gomez
GOMEZ gomez Hour ago
CHEESY....like the show
Just Fun and Games
Just Fun and Games 2 hours ago
I think Bieber wanted the car to "look like it's floating" not "look like a float". I picture his freinds sitting on the roof and hood waving as he drives this.
sue lob
sue lob 2 hours ago
If you were going for one of the ugliest custom cars ever built, YOU NAILED IT!!!
Bradley B
Bradley B 2 hours ago
I feel like it could have been lower but besides that it’s extremely cool and unique.
Jerry Weaver
Jerry Weaver 2 hours ago
So you’re telling me it doesn’t have push button or did I miss something?
William Reimund
William Reimund 2 hours ago
Interesting for sure! The lacks the classic beauty of the Rolls-Royce!
A B 2 hours ago
This is second to Will-I-Am's car as the worst celebrity cars, and they call it a urinal! They taking the piss and Beibers. money for this thing...
Jeremy V
Jeremy V 3 hours ago
It looks good!!
Mountain Child
Mountain Child 3 hours ago
ParadisWest 3 hours ago
The car may be cool, the owner is STILL a DB.
J. A.
J. A. 3 hours ago
u forgot to put some spinners on that b*
michael majewski
michael majewski 3 hours ago
TNV Racing
TNV Racing 3 hours ago
Everyone's freaking out as if it was their car 😂
Big Brown Boy Production
Should have but bags on it so it can sit on the ground when it’s not driving
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 3 hours ago
For 3 years to make
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 3 hours ago
All he did was cover the tires and add a few designs wtf fire this man fr
fred banda
fred banda 3 hours ago
Job well done, what a build👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
oke olakunle
oke olakunle 3 hours ago
chills !! definitely game changing
Malcdawg 3 hours ago
Shit is hideous 😂
ShitRocker 3 hours ago
“How does it turn” was my question
Hasnain Haider
Hasnain Haider 4 hours ago
I Am Kani
I Am Kani 4 hours ago
*Los Santos Customs*
Big Ball
Big Ball 4 hours ago
I'd rather drive a Aztec.
Tay 4 hours ago
Dope dude deserves it
illiam way
illiam way 4 hours ago
Looking like a monopoly piece
Confederate Pride
Confederate Pride 4 hours ago
Might be cool on another car, but not on a Rolls. A Rolls is perfect already.
RamiK. TV
RamiK. TV 4 hours ago
garbage what a way to destroy a beautiful car.....
Jukka Miettinen
Jukka Miettinen 4 hours ago
How ugly is that..
Loganbay 4 hours ago
A fool parted with his money... now that is entertainment. How many underprivileged kids could have been educated with the money spent? This does nothing for anyone. Congratulations
Saj Shaikh
Saj Shaikh 4 hours ago
Really I seen ugliest car in my entire life . Playing with rolls Royce reputation . Company should sue this people .😀😀😀😀😀
Rick Maldoo
Rick Maldoo 5 hours ago
Drey Warmheart
Drey Warmheart 5 hours ago
Out of season aprill joke
1stvett 5 hours ago
Victor M D
Victor M D 5 hours ago
bad taste in the shape of a RR
Evan Rain
Evan Rain 5 hours ago
there is very little line flow, and the new panels aged it 10 years
jeylful 5 hours ago
I like how the wheels are concealed... however the rest I am not a fan of. I think the original looked better.
Nick Hyslop
Nick Hyslop 5 hours ago
What’s with the gap between the hood and the front clip? How long before that fiberglass begins to start showing hairline cracks in the paint? That’s a lot of unsupported weight being thrown around if you were to drive it. Back looks good but they truly did destroy a beautiful car. At least the dumb shit liked it it’s his money to throw away. Rolls Royce did a incredible job with their prototype. This looks like some Fast and Furious crap. Sorry
chidizzy 66
chidizzy 66 5 hours ago
Looks shit !
jordaniel 5 hours ago
Made it sound like making a body kit is rocket science lol
Antwon Mcneill
Antwon Mcneill 5 hours ago
I like it
Gr8 Dane legend Langley
Love it awesome work 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐
KBtube 5 hours ago
how do you power park that? you don't.
truth light
truth light 5 hours ago
Shoulda taken a buick and turned it into this ugly thing haha
Terence Dempsey
Terence Dempsey 6 hours ago
Absolutely crap
Terence Dempsey
Terence Dempsey 6 hours ago
I would blow it up
chris murphy
chris murphy 6 hours ago
well thats shit
christian Aldrich
christian Aldrich 6 hours ago
icecube2T8 6 hours ago
When you buy your Rolls Royce from Wish.
TyfoiD75 6 hours ago
ugly AF. Apparently money can buy about anything but taste.
RUSH & CO. 6 hours ago
What a waste of time and money. Spent 3 years to look nothing like a rolls Royce or the prototype.
Elementalist 6 hours ago
I don't know if it was due to the editing, but this was the worst example of "How we created a custom car" that I have heard (and i have watched a lot). Very disappointed with it!
SofaKingStoked !!!
SofaKingStoked !!! 6 hours ago
Real men drive classics, what a douche bag!
James Ketchell
James Ketchell 6 hours ago
100% a night time car. The darker the better.
Space Soup
Space Soup 6 hours ago
Dudes been playing too much gta
dvonzell 6 hours ago
word is that Justin Bieber is the real owner of West Coast Customs , Bailed out shit brains when they moved from Corona Ca.
Chris Doe
Chris Doe 6 hours ago
Poor Justin. How’s he gonna change the tires in case a blowout?
Jaka Kužner
Jaka Kužner 7 hours ago
another reminder to let the designers do their job and not a bunch of mechanics
Jaka Kužner
Jaka Kužner 7 hours ago
Justin: i want a rolls royce from the future! West Coast Customs: we have a rolls royce from the future at home.
Monroe Schmidt
Monroe Schmidt 7 hours ago
Thumbs down sorry...looks horrible..
DJKloop 7 hours ago
with the car being in the background of the interview, you can kinda guess he didn't want it no more
Cameron Russell
Cameron Russell 7 hours ago
Ummm... nah.
andybaldman 7 hours ago
What a plastic looking piece of ass. Bieber got taken.
ALEE .3XV 7 hours ago
Dustin Ledford
Dustin Ledford 7 hours ago
Yup definitely don't like it.
Vince Kuehnl
Vince Kuehnl 7 hours ago
Absolutely hideous
Kings Carlinsky
Kings Carlinsky 7 hours ago
Terrible 🙆🏽‍♂️
Saul Mynssen
Saul Mynssen 7 hours ago
Based in the comments section, it seens like 63k people (at this point) hit the wrong button
Oisin Tormey
Oisin Tormey 7 hours ago
6:21 I thought that was someone telling him to ssshhhhhhh
Mr Hunt
Mr Hunt 7 hours ago
Ugly as f
TheReaLConstricts 8 hours ago
would look better bagged too
TheReaLConstricts 8 hours ago
the color ruins it and makes it look cheap, should’ve done glossy black
Hans Meier
Hans Meier 8 hours ago
Good work from India...
Sam Duffin
Sam Duffin 8 hours ago
Ugliest car of the century 🏆
Urka Dron
Urka Dron 8 hours ago
Watching this in my geometra. It's very unhappy whit me.
Coin Snatcher
Coin Snatcher 8 hours ago
Absolutely awful 😢
mbaez1014 8 hours ago
It was beautiful brand new. 3 years for that ? Poor Rolls 🤦‍♀️👎
H Dee
H Dee 8 hours ago
dixler mudflap mudflap
Cluster Fuck. Tattoo clown leading the circus should be jobless.
Jim Holecek
Jim Holecek 8 hours ago
This car is fuuuuugly