Julius Randle and the Knicks have the NBA's longest winning streak | Bart and Hahn 

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Julius Randle and the Knicks have the NBA’s longest winning streak | Bart and Hahn
Bart Scott and Alan Hahn discuss the New York Knicks' seven-game winning streak following a win against the Charlotte Hornets.
0:00 Bart Scott says the New York Knicks have garnered national headlines.
1:55 Alan Hahn talks about the Knicks' win over the Hornets.
3:37 How much faith do you have in the Knicks?
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Apr 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
NBA on ESPN 27 days ago
0:00​ Bart Scott says the New York Knicks have garnered national headlines. 1:55​ Alan Hahn talks about the Knicks' win over the Hornets. 3:37​ How much faith do you have in the Knicks?
Luis Luciano
Luis Luciano 23 days ago
The difference between good and great is doing the little things routinely. - Bart Scott
Jake Goldberg
Jake Goldberg 23 days ago
11 games to go, knicks still #4!!
Steve Horn
Steve Horn 23 days ago
His name is Bart lol
D Grailz
D Grailz 23 days ago
New York fans were happy to get RJ! Was this guy watching the draft???? 😂
Jorge Ulloa
Jorge Ulloa 24 days ago
The knicks have to win all these before they go on a crucial 6 games western road trip against all the playoff west team
Bon Ryan Ligeralde
Bon Ryan Ligeralde 24 days ago
If only kd went to knicks and won a chip he would be to the goat talk now but he will be the greatest cupcake scorer of all time
420protoman 24 days ago
crazy , the underdogs have risen ..
Mello Mark
Mello Mark 24 days ago
Thunder fans been knew randle was good
Jason Dataram
Jason Dataram 25 days ago
Knicks Are Best
Dankkk 420s
Dankkk 420s 25 days ago
Knicks are back!!!
MarkieD 25 days ago
I liked Randle since LA.. never thought he was given a fair chance to lead or grow
Silent 2K
Silent 2K 25 days ago
if this team ko the nets with kd,harden and kyrie playing. by far will be the greatest story in nba history.
MrFortune1995 26 days ago
If you could see outside MSG how the Knicks fans celebrate the 8 winning streak as if the Knicks won the the Eastern finals! This is the real Knicks fans! NETS will NEVER be a NY NBA team. They will always be a NEW JERSEY team! I could guarantee you even if they win the Championship no NY NBA die hard fans will be on that parade! Even now NETS is 2nd seed nobody even the press is really talking about it! GO KNICKS!!!
jake 26 days ago
the fact that all the journalists and the whole league are praising RJB, Randle and Quickley, while completely ignoring D. Rose's contribution drives me mad. He's what they've been missing. He's playing with joy every game, averaging over 13ppg (over 17 in the last 5 matches), they are 18-7 with him playing and he still gets no recognition. that should be considered a crime.
NYSportsFan1129 26 days ago
Titus Brown
Titus Brown 26 days ago
8 straight now
dark41969 26 days ago
Thibs is definitely coach of the year. This team is showing all the haters they got fire. I always knew r.j. was Broadway Barrett & bought his jersey on day 1. He's improved greatly & will continue 2 work, especially after the NBA team snubs & doubters. Go knicks!!!
tony84 26 days ago
Good show with Bart and Hahn. Need to put them on more.
Anthony Murguia
Anthony Murguia 26 days ago
This dude Bart Scott still B getting me Pumped UP....CANT WAIT!!!!!
john beardshall
john beardshall 26 days ago
Ownership will mess it up he's a man child who can't take criticism
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias 26 days ago
Raising a fourth seed banner in MSG!!
kyle45999 26 days ago
I see Zion Williamson lost some weight?
VMan29397 26 days ago
This team gives me 2017 yankee vibes
ijg83 26 days ago
The 99 knicks weren't contenders either and they made it, the east conference isn't that good, the nets are barely beating the knicks and the knicks have injuries as well
The Motivational Tap In
Lowry and Kawhi to the Knicks, if not, then Lowry and Derozan to the Knicks and pick up another shooter then resign the rest of the guys except Elfrid Payton.
Abayomi Togun
Abayomi Togun 26 days ago
9 winstreak don't mean nothing knicks will get swept in the playoffs just like the la clippers did
Abayomi Togun
Abayomi Togun 26 days ago
All you atlanta hawks haters let me ask you when was the last time knicks made the playoffs or got a ring atlanta hawks will be beat the knicks in the playoffs asap enjoy it now because the playoffs will tell it all
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 26 days ago
Just goes to show we really in the last days😂🍻🍺
Bernard Vasquez
Bernard Vasquez 26 days ago
They Did Already... 8-Game Winning Streak 🧡💙🏀
W W 26 days ago
Alan Hahn the only actual analyst in ESPN speaking facts
1973Deluxe 26 days ago
Knicks are winning it all.
KnicksFanTV 26 days ago
Lord Quas
Lord Quas 26 days ago
We just beat the hawks hopefully we beat the raptors and get the record to 9
Bishop 26 days ago
Knicks 16-10 w/0 Rose 17-7 wit him, anyway u break it down he's the true catalyst for their success of late
Brandon Gordon
Brandon Gordon 26 days ago
Randle has been amazing... Barrett has broken out and their defense is amazing
Fusionn 26 days ago
2021 NBA Finals New York Knicks champions
Fusionn 26 days ago
New York Knicks 2021 NBA Finals champions
Sha Alexis
Sha Alexis 26 days ago
Whose here after knicks beat hawks by 10 tonight
caper087 26 days ago
Knowing the knicks they’ll trade randle for a star and mess it all up haha
John Kim
John Kim 26 days ago
it's official 8 in a row!
KD Rusha
KD Rusha 26 days ago
Back to backs for young teams don’t matter, they grow up playing double and triple headers in a single day in the AAU circuit. They can ball forever
SWITCH GOD 26 days ago
Computers can't predict heart and the knicks have it I'm proud of my team
Mic Smith
Mic Smith 26 days ago
The media wants the Knicks to be relevant so bad
Ryo Fujiwara
Ryo Fujiwara 26 days ago
If Dolan wasn't owning the team, the headline that Knicks would have is strictly on what the team is doing, and their 7-game winning streak is worthy of a praise and a discussion. It wouldn’t be shocking if Knicks make yet another headline, like a Charles Oakley incident or Patrick Ewing incident again.
Richerichiam Theo
Richerichiam Theo 26 days ago
D ROSE ! End of story !!!
CL Supreme
CL Supreme 26 days ago
Randle’s playing now how he played in HS
gary bankston
gary bankston 26 days ago
You can give most of the credit to Thibodeaux for motivating his players. Makes me want Jeff Van Gundy to coach the Rocket's next year.
Tosh N
Tosh N 26 days ago
"ESPN's computer"? Probably some intern who lied that he knew Microsoft Excel on his resume.
cool wolf
cool wolf 26 days ago
And its a 70 game season right not 72 So only ten left
cool wolf
cool wolf 26 days ago
Nets were only 2 games over 500
Daniels Dad
Daniels Dad 27 days ago
Julius randle
Ken Ken
Ken Ken 27 days ago
against trash teams
NMoment 27 days ago
The way it's looking the knicks might have their whole lineup ready for the playoffs
Rahul Kaura
Rahul Kaura 27 days ago
PJ 27 days ago
Is it me or does Hahn sound different here than he does in the msg post game.. Bart sounds out of his element talking about other sports.. he’s a football guy
Benji Smith
Benji Smith 27 days ago
They are built for a long run with fresher legs because they didn't play in playoff bubble last year.
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez 27 days ago
If Tom Thibodeau is not the NBA Coach of the Year... it will be an insult for the New York franchise
Kosi Mncube
Kosi Mncube 27 days ago
It means the media doesn't know nothing.Stop sleeping on my wizards.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 27 days ago
Thibbs is going to be coach of the year if not the NBA should be banned!!!
Kenz D
Kenz D 27 days ago
Maaaaannnnnnn GO HAWKS
As a Knicks fan we really have no expectations for this team. We're just happy to see them make the playoffs and compete in the post-season. And maybe a few years down the line (As our young core continues to mature) we can acquire a big name free agent.
ShinyXD 27 days ago
"laughing stock last year", u mean a decade hahaha
MDTV 27 days ago
Listen... if the Knicks take the 4th seed to win home court advantage in the first round, I believe they will win the first round against either Atlanta, Boston. Miami has definitely given the Knicks trouble this year but the Knicks weren't firing on all cylinders like they are now. I BELIEVE!
YoungMoe500 27 days ago
BODEGA WiFi 27 days ago
Remember your future
Why is Randle not in the MVP conversation??? He has been playing his heart out!!💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥 GGs Julius
gary bankston
gary bankston 26 days ago
Usually MVP goes to the best player on the best team. Embiid is my pick to get it unless he gets a season ending injury. Harden was in the drivers seat for MVP until he got hurt.
Jalendashaun 27 days ago
Coppuccino Group
Coppuccino Group 27 days ago
RJ Barrett and the Knicks *
Joshua Yarbrough
Joshua Yarbrough 27 days ago
Never in the history of sports media has a team gotten so much coverage for merely being subpar.
John See
John See 27 days ago
They locked it down in the second half against the Hornet's
Antonio Rivera
Antonio Rivera 27 days ago
I believe!
Splash'n'Skillz #37
The Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Lakers, Clippers, Heat, Warriors, Mavericks, Almost all big market teams are good *AT THE SAME TIME* Edit: 76ers, Suns and Celtics too
Simplysie Celebrhaiti
The difference between good and great is doing the little things consistently.
bobby ben
bobby ben 27 days ago
The knicks are coming back!!!!💪💪💪
rexxtheawsome 27 days ago
Julius Randle All star Mip All nba
Daniel Dominguez
Daniel Dominguez 27 days ago
As a suns fan I'm so happy to see the Knicks doing good this year. It's the year the basement teams come out and regain their place as nba royalty. Two franchises that deserve better. Go suns!!! ....and the knicks
Sameer Syed
Sameer Syed 26 days ago
As I Laker fan I agree with you. I can’t imagine what it’s been like being a Kings, Suns, and Knicks fan for the last decade or two. All 3 teams had years they were threats but the amount of heartbreaks they’ve endured and losing records is super unfortunate from a fans perspective. Kobe spoiled us out here in SoCal.
John Asaro
John Asaro 27 days ago
Amen suns are great ty
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol 27 days ago
I'm happy for D Rose.
Travis Tchokotieu
Travis Tchokotieu 27 days ago
fr bro, just want rose to be happy
javier book shadows contributor du
112th comment
Sean Reyes
Sean Reyes 27 days ago
Ahmed James
Ahmed James 27 days ago
We back baby NYK for life !!!! Great coaching Great players playing on both sides of the court playing for each other Great team management we have a future n that’s all we wanted was to compete
Marcus Goff
Marcus Goff 27 days ago
Lowkey Hahn kinda sounds like adam22
sanjay singh
sanjay singh 27 days ago
Kp had talent but was soft and wanted everything easy rj has that fire to win in New York
Adriel Jabez
Adriel Jabez 26 days ago
True! KP soft azz European.
I'm dying how Bart doesn't really let Hahn get a word in lmfao
Juan S
Juan S 27 days ago
You mean Hahn not let Bart?
Frank Masselli
Frank Masselli 27 days ago
Probably because Hahn says a lot every Knicks pre game on MSG.
Romeo Jones
Romeo Jones 27 days ago
RJ is a gonna be a legend
Knicklyn 27 days ago
When the Knicks are good, the NBA is 5x better no cap
Ye FG 25 days ago
@Adriel Jabez that gets taken out of context all the time. The phrase is the Mecca of college basketball. Look it up.
Austin Powers
Austin Powers 26 days ago
@Tanveer Ahsan because I like sports and the nba, not because I care about the knickerbockers lol
Adriel Jabez
Adriel Jabez 26 days ago
@Austin Powers nyk is the Mecca of Basketball. Stay in yo lane b!
Alpha H
Alpha H 26 days ago
@Austin Powers really cause we’re arguably the most popular team
Mic Smith
Mic Smith 26 days ago
I disagree
Larry McReynolds
Larry McReynolds 27 days ago
I love Alan Hahn, but today BART IS KING (PREACHHHHH)
Lil Yarrr
Lil Yarrr 27 days ago
Wait until Randle meets Capela 😉
Aj Jabbi
Aj Jabbi 27 days ago
He had 44 last time they played
A Real Good Guy
A Real Good Guy 27 days ago
Never thought I would live long enough to witness this.
TonedOutStep 27 days ago
Nsilo Thomas
Nsilo Thomas 27 days ago
Stop disrespecting Rose! You don't forget game! If you think his whole game was speed and jumping, stop talking about basketball. Talk about the olympics, but not olympic basketball...
Cochise 27 days ago
Knicks got tired of tanking just to not get a top 3 pick in the draft .
Cochise 26 days ago
@Phyuck Yiu and the knicks finally realized that . Hopefully they keep up the good work since that isn’t an obstacle anymore .
J Jones
J Jones 26 days ago
lol exactly
Phyuck Yiu
Phyuck Yiu 26 days ago
The draft doesn’t work the same way anymore anyway so that doesn’t apply.
Victor Nunez
Victor Nunez 27 days ago
If the Knicks finish at 4 place can randle be considered MVP candidate?
Victor Nunez
Victor Nunez 27 days ago
Yea i see the argument if they don’t get to top 4 th placed, But if the knicks are their who deserves it more the him? Joker maybe but media needs to start putting his name out their,
Allmight Tay
Allmight Tay 27 days ago
I’ve been saying this like put respect on Julius name he is bringing knicks to top 4 seed after being a lottery team also thibs should be consider coach of the year
TheHubshnuckle 27 days ago
I thought the day would never come where I would see this header
A Dizzy
A Dizzy 27 days ago
Knicks are slowly becoming like the 90’s Knicks
Haiasi Eel
Haiasi Eel 27 days ago
I find it hilarious that BSPN has David Fizdale as an "Analyst" and was so quick to defend his completely INEPT coaching... My, my, my, how times have changed with a coach with a functioning brain.
taye Davis
taye Davis 27 days ago
Ok Stephen a happy bout his knicks
codejjm 27 days ago
Look at how the media treats big markets compared to small markets. The Suns have had two 7 game winning streaks won ten straight and are two games away from1st seed but not a word. They cry white privilege but when a black Gm and a Black coach are creating a winning culture after years of garbage minimum coverage.
Kananelo Sekonyela
Kananelo Sekonyela 27 days ago
This is a good show. Could listen to these two the whole day
Absolutely Pro
Absolutely Pro 27 days ago
Shits dry af what are you on
Louie Khay Karamihan
Ya'll about to jinx it man. I bet on them the next game 😒
We broke up.
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We broke up.
Views 2.9M